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Wentworth Miller Makes a Paris Prison Break

Wentworth Miller Makes a Paris Prison Break

Wentworth Miller poses with a few female fans at the Georges V Hotel in Paris, France on Saturday.

The 35-year-old actor has been busy promoting his hit TV drama Prison Break.

10+ pictures inside of Wentworth Miller making a Prison Break from Paris…

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wentworth miller paris prison break 01
wentworth miller paris prison break 02
wentworth miller paris prison break 03
wentworth miller paris prison break 04
wentworth miller paris prison break 05
wentworth miller paris prison break 06
wentworth miller paris prison break 07
wentworth miller paris prison break 08
wentworth miller paris prison break 09
wentworth miller paris prison break 10
wentworth miller paris prison break 11
wentworth miller paris prison break 12

Photos: KCSPresse/Splash News Online
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  • shakalakaboomboom

    35 year old? He is sooo old! Blueeghk.

  • Mrs Miller

    Oh my God, he’s so hot I wanna fuck him

  • legs

    what happened to his face? it’s kinda bloated.

  • :)


  • mel

    Zzzzzzzzzzzz :I

  • Scofield_Girl

    Oh My god…. he´s soo beautiful <3 I love him!

  • nearly


  • diama

    C’est super ça!!!!!!!!
    vu que je parle français

  • sam

    he kind of looks constipated.

  • LadyN

    The close up…the outfit…the long fingers….

    KILL ME NOW!!!

  • Suz

    HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!!


    WoW……. who knew he was soooo PoPuLaR!

  • top billin

    #3, bitch. It’s your face that’s bloated, not his. You have an ugly disfigured face and you make a Chernobyl child look like a Miss World winner

  • Lore

    He is amazing, my favorite actor in the entire world and i WANT TO MARRY HIM!!!! :p

    he does seem a little chubby in the face, but that doesnt change annnnnnnnything.. i mean he has been seen drinking ALOT of starbucks. yum yum.

    AAAAAAA i love wenty. u dont understand IM CRAZYYYYYYYY bout him

  • Jennifer W

    Wentworth is amazing and very HOT and Im hope for a new season. I have watched every season since they started prison break and its awesome and I cant wait for another season and i know it will be good also.

  • sunny

    He looks amazing!!! And he is so kind to pose with fans…ya gotta love him!!!!

    Have a great trip, Went!!!!!

  • garther

    ew he looks like a tranny
    those eyes! yuck!

  • danz

    I didn’t realize he was that old. He does look a little bloated, maybe he gained a few extra pounds during the Writer’s Strike.

  • Quatre Saisons

    Dude is a little too close to AARP age for me … but I do admire his taste in Paris hotels! :)

  • Coco

    Wentworth your fans in Japan and Canada love you!!! Love your smiles! Make France Happy!

  • nicole

    i love him but he gained some weight
    he should lose some and work out

  • [marie]

    OoooHhhh La La Wenty…..

  • anon-anon

    Why is he the only ambassador of promoting this busted show. Doesn’t he have any other acting gigs lined up..He’s like a D-List actor that nobody recognizes here in the US but they love em in Europe..Jessica Simpson is big in Romania…
    Not to mention the dude is bloated. Is he a boozer?

  • RC

    Prison Break is going nowhere here in the US. What a shame :(

  • Huey\’s lewis

    It\’s always amusing to see women go crazy over a guy who is GAY.

    Hello! Ladies, Wentworth isn\’t interested in having sex with you, he likes DUDES! (Not there\’s anything wrong with that…)

    Oh yeah, and he\’s getting FAT.

  • Suze

    He just looks tired…jet lagged. Still very handsome…

  • Suzee

    He probably is just tired and little jet-lagged. He’s still handsome..

  • http://--- Me !

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!
    He is THE best !!!!!!!!
    OmiGOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sima

    Why are there so many people hating on him? I hope whom ever I’m with at 35 looks half as good as him.

  • anon-anon

    btw, it looks embarassing these’s like’s standing there with a goofy grin waving with his only 2 (oh wow 2!) female fans that look like house wives …there’s no mob of fans of hot sexy beautiful women. Boy he’s washed already.

  • elle

    i loved the season premier of keeping up with the kardashians! i think kim is
    beautiful! i just found this clip online of a new episode and now i can’t wait for the next episode on sunday night on E! anyway, for all of u interested in checking out the clip heres the link:

  • elle

    i loved the season premier of keeping up with the kardashians! i think kim is
    beautiful! i just found this clip online of a new episode and now i can’t wait for the next episode on sunday night on E! anyway, for all of u interested in checking out the clip heres the link:

  • dany

    i wish i was in paris right now :( he looks so beautiful

  • carter

    To JJ, I’m so disappointed you didn’t post any pix from WM’s visit to Israel…. :(

  • MARY

    How is 35 OLD…. 50+ is old

  • mimi 78

    You people must be 12 or simply stupid to think 35 is old…

    Wenty, you are hot as ever. Bit tired, hon? And keep the scruff ;)

  • nika

    Old? Bloated? Who are these ppl? 15-year old brats??? Went is the hottest MAN on the earth!

  • Corinne

    Ok :

    - No 35 is not OLD !

    - Yes he looks a little bit..chubby (too much texans steak and falafel ?) but still..he is so handsome

    - Who cares whenever he is gay or not ? because honestly ? what are the odds to sleep with the guy ? ;-)

    - No there is not a bunch of crazy fans because it seems that the pictures where taken inside the hotel..I suppose the security didn’t let all of the inside..

    - To Conclude : he is still so sexy, I hope I’ll get the chance to see him :->

  • Selena

    He just has a cold, that`s why he looks tired… anyway, he`s goergeous, so, for those who doesn’t likes him, don`t look at him!

  • http://justjared sara

    wentworth I wish there was something I could do to help. Do not like it when u look so tired and so sad. Where do u go to my lovely, when u’re alone in your bed …

  • mariah

    Went looks great considering his busy schedule.He flew half the world in just few days.We Europeans really like him and support him all the way.Big kiss Went

  • Nika

    This is him in Israel a couple of days before Paris. And you say he’s old and bloated! Go have your eyes checked! He’s amazing! I love his voice so much.

  • mimi 78

    ….tell me the thoughts that surround you I want to get inside your head….

  • anibaby

    There are a lot of crazy women! He is only a dream for every women! Please, take! :)

  • Raichill

    Good grief, he isn’t chubby. He actually looks good with a bit more weight on him. Kudos to him for having pics taken with fans. So what if they aren’t glamorous supermodels.

  • sally18

    i think wentworth is tired that what explains the weird looking face..i’ve heard that he took a fairy to milan then a plane to paris…so he must be tired..also let’s get back to the clinic news and the starbax coffee..
    it’s really a lot of caffeine so i guess while he was quiting smooking, he changed with coffee addiction..that’s also why he seem to be gained some weight…
    another thing,wentworth is defently not jewish,,cz hz said so while he was in israel…
    p.s:look after the man he’s really tallented..and he always look cute..

  • Ellis

    thank you :)


  • balumina

    JJ you’re great!!! tnx
    Went looks handsome as usual!
    he’s coming to italy …and…
    he’s going to meet the hottest fans in the world, so..
    I guess he could chose to stay here!!!

  • warda

    there are starbucks in Paris so maybe french fans should go to every starbucks trying to see him!!! i hope to see him in a tv show or heard him on a radio station…..