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Brad Pitt & Bill Clinton are BFFs

Brad Pitt & Bill Clinton are BFFs


As reported yesterday, Former President Bill Clinton met up with Brad Pitt to greet volunteers and break ground for new homes in the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans, Lousiana on Sunday.

Clinton hosted his Clinton Global Initiative University while Pitt represented his Make It Right Foundation, which he founded.

Clinton said, “The way to really get New Orleans all the way back and all the way back in a hurry is to rebuild in the right way and make it a long-term, five- to six-year commitment, to create a much higher base level of jobs through this whole energy efficiency endeavor.”

10+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt and Bill Clinton

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545 Responses to “Brad Pitt & Bill Clinton are BFFs”

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  1. 526
    new pics Says:

    Angie’s boobs. *shocked* LOL

  2. 527
    new pics Says:

  3. 528
    ginny Says:

  4. 529
    new pics Says:

    this is bigger picture of it.

  5. 530
    ginny Says:

    I love princess Z

  6. 531
    lady T Says:

    Goodday Bampzsville!!! I can’t believe how much I missed over the weekend…I just caught up with all the wonderful pics, videos, links and posts esp the link to the jjb thread. The Jolie-Pitts looks happy and healthy. I am so happy Angie and the kids came along and Brad’s MIR project is getting the well deserved recognition and support. I want to make another donation soon. Good God it’s just happy news all around today…

  7. 532
    Andrómeda Says:

    thanks so much for the new pics. it´s wonderful that Angie went to the event to support Brad. And she looks beatiful, btw.

  8. 533
    LL Says:

    Evreyone looks great healthy and happy. Even Shiloh probably forgot about her boo boo 2 minutes after it happend. The JP are like any other family out there.

  9. 534
    African Girl Says:

    For Cook

    Hi Vickifromtexas and guli and everyone on board this morning. How are you all doing? Oh Shoot! I’ve just commited one of the cardinal sins…I….I gave…a shoutout. I guess I’m gonna have to punish myself. Now what punishment will be painful enough for this grave offense? Oh I know, I’m gonna go to the New JA thread and write I Love JA” a thousand times. Sounds fair, no? I think so too.

    Alright, here I go….

    *under my breath*
    God please don’t let there a JA thread, I’ll do anything…I’ll give up my 1st born…2nd born…11th born child.

    *Thinking to self*
    Hehehehe….good thing I plan on having only 2 children.

  10. 535
    cook Says:


  11. 536
    carolina Says:

    (((NEW THREAD)))

  12. 537
    nyc Says:

    Just a thought @ 03/17/2008 at 6:23 am She is so adorable along with other kids.specially Zee.she is still my favorite.I wishe she would have shown Papz one of her WTF’s look.LOL
    I was cracking up looking at Zee pics. One pic she was sticking her tongue out to the papz like ‘you again?’ look. And one pic where Shi was crying carried by Mom Angie she has the look like ‘What a cry baby’ look. She’s too funny. Shi is such a beautiful baby and pretty tall too. Angie is really an amazing woman. A good Mom, a great actress, Humanitarian and a devoted partner. What a lucky man Brad is. Well, both of them are lucky to have each other.

  13. 538
    botoxface Says:

    jq @ 03/17/2008 at 5:44 am sasha @ 03/17/2008 at 4:55 am
    It look more weird and eerie , just like some actresses who totally frozen their face with botox in trying to stay young
    I know who you meant. She’s 40 and her face is full of botox and surgeries that it looks like a piece of meat you took out of the friges.So
    stiff that even when she smiles her face does not move.

  14. 539
    Ohyeah! Says:

    sasha @ 03/17/2008 at 4:55 am
    So what if his face was broader. he still look good for his age .

    ITA. The older he is the smarter and wiser he gets. Brad looks happy and content and still handsome as ever. Unlike somebody that is nameless who is already 40 and still acting like a teenager. I think she’s trying to compete with Zanesa H.

  15. 540
    Besane Says:

    sasha @ 03/17/2008 at 4:55 am

    Brad is 44, working on very respectable projects, raising his huge family with a pregnant partner. It is a lot classier than some 40-yr old sitcom has-been who has been flaunting her butt-crack in Miami for all the papps to see for sale, trying to compete with 20 yr-olds. Tell me which type of person you want to be when you are in your 40s.

  16. 541
    senior Says:

    African Girl @ 03/17/2008 at 10:23 am

    Good Afternoon to JP’s the fans guli, Mondo Bongo, carolina
    thanks for those extra pictures I am loving seeing the children with their Mom. I may have missed a thread or two so glad to see AG post I hadn’t seen her name and when I took a look at this thread I wondered where she was; strange I don’t know her but you get accustomed to certain names, don’t know why I suddenly noticed I hadn’t seen her posts. I feel better seeing her back. Going back to read the thread
    Happy St Patrick’s day to all!

  17. 542
    hello Says:


  18. 543
    u wish u looked like her Says:

    i hope to god brad pitt is not a hillary supporter cause i will return all of my brad pitt fan club items. my instinct is they are obama fans.

  19. 544
    lsam Says:

    Whoever they are supporting is their civil right and it does not matter if they are supporting Hilary or Obama or MacCain, it is none of our business. They are great humanitarians. Brad looks hot and also Angie from the other thread. I like her outfit.

  20. 545
    nice Says:

    Nice, very nice…

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