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Brad Pitt & Bill Clinton are BFFs

Brad Pitt & Bill Clinton are BFFs


As reported yesterday, Former President Bill Clinton met up with Brad Pitt to greet volunteers and break ground for new homes in the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans, Lousiana on Sunday.

Clinton hosted his Clinton Global Initiative University while Pitt represented his Make It Right Foundation, which he founded.

Clinton said, “The way to really get New Orleans all the way back and all the way back in a hurry is to rebuild in the right way and make it a long-term, five- to six-year commitment, to create a much higher base level of jobs through this whole energy efficiency endeavor.”

10+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt and Bill Clinton

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bill clinton brad pitt 01
bill clinton brad pitt 02
bill clinton brad pitt 03
bill clinton brad pitt 04
bill clinton brad pitt 05
bill clinton brad pitt 06
bill clinton brad pitt 07
bill clinton brad pitt 08
bill clinton brad pitt 09
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Photos: Cheryl Gerber/AP Photo
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  • whole family in NOLA
  • vickifromtexas

    they are two admirable men. brad of course looks gorgeous as always. = )

  • genovese

    but that means he might smell. he cant be with the prez and smell

  • bmk
  • guli

    Hi there–Alex, bdj, lookwhaticando, anustin, Clini and all JP fans who are here now :-)

  • Ha

    Clinton sux but Brad Rocks! It must be nice to be in New Orleans on Palm Sunday.



    New pics of AJ and ALL the kids carrying Shi in TX…SHI is soooo beautiful her hair is LONG!! Zeee is precious…the boys are adorable….OMG Angie is GORGEOUS!! at JJB….OMG!!!

  • piper, with a low

    Some people want Brad to become Posh — never wearing an outfit twice.

    So sorry — not going to happen.

    Some people complain that Brad’s face is fuller… and? Kfed has a gut, despite his past as a back-up dancer, having two young kids to run after, and being 10 years younger. Another younger buck, Vince Vaughn, has as many chins as foreheads, and yet, Brad, with chubbier cheeks, is falling apart? Okay, right!

  • vickifromtexas

    #101, that is such a cute picture.

  • Alexanderina

    # 92 bdj @ 03/16/2008 at 5:40 pm

    bdj, thank goodness that you like to surf the net, cause you always find some great articles regarding Brad and Angie and the great things that they do. I for one don’t like to surf the net, so I am grateful for the articles you post here :). Thanks again.

    Have a wonderful evening. Bye

  • Tijen

    OMG The pics of Angie and the kids from PageSix are so adorable!!!

  • anoble

    Waves to vickifromtexas, guli, bdj, felinelilly, anustin, lookwhaticando

    Papa Pitt is lookiing good and doing good – you can’t beat that in a man :D

    anustin – LOL

  • bdj

    whole family in NOLA
    Wow!!! That is a beautiful picture. Not even Page 6 snarkiness can dim the beauty of that family photo. AJ is gorgeous. Zahara and Shiloh are beauties. Maddox and Pax are two handsome gents. You know you have just killed the troll(s) rant with one single picture. GOOD JOB!!!!

  • vickifromtexas

    hi anoble how are you today? = )

  • lookwhaticando

    guli @ 03/16/2008 at 4:51 pm A wonderful new video of the BAMPZS
    Very Nice

  • Brad Fan

    The picture of Angelina and her brood is darling? Shiloh’s hair id growing. Cute pic.

    Brad is looking younger in these pictures. Very sexy.

  • vickifromtexas

    hello guli, felinelilly, anustin, alexanderina, and everyone else. = )

  • carolina

    hi lookwhaticando
    thank you for the pics.
    shi is so beautiful

  • Jill

    Cute photos on PageSix. Shiloh’s hair is growing long and Pax is growing taller.

  • anoble

    vickifromtexas @ 03/16/2008 at 5:58 pm
    hi anoble how are you today? = )

    great, how about you? will keep it short because according to the “blog police” they don’t like personal stuff here -son’s birthday today so am trying to catch up on the news :D

  • Beck

    Thanks for the link.
    The children are adorable, Shiloh in special, because we don’t see very often, she is big, and looks like mommy., btw Angie looks like a greek godess.

  • jess0

    The page six photos are awesome! Thanks for the link.

    Maddox is so funny the way he hides behind Angie in the 2nd photo and Shiloh looks sweet in that white dress. Wonderful photos!

  • Alexanderina

    # 101 whole family in NOLA @ 03/16/2008 at 5:49 pm

    OMG so freaking adorable, thanks for posting.

  • julia

    Thank You for the link the Angelina and Their Adorable Children.. What a Beautiful Family… !


    Awwwwwwwwwwwwww, I bet Brad wants back to his brood STAT! They are sooo precious!!

  • genovese

    jp kids have bad bad eating habits. shiloh looks fat. i like zahara and her pants. her hair looks nice. i never thought we would see angie with all the kids by herself.

  • vickifromtexas

    anoble, yeah i saw all of that. whatever, they don’t own the blog. everyone has pet peeves, you have to live and let live. happy birthday to your son, he is a teenager right? = )

  • anustin

    ‘morrows headline must be “mrs obama along with the x factor went to the upper ward to promote the “make it wrong”.nah!crazy government!

  • julia

    should read **Of Angelina not **The Angelina.. But You know There is only One.. lol..

  • lookwhaticando

    anoble @ 03/16/2008 at 5:57 pm Waves to vickifromtexas, guli, bdj, felinelilly, anustin, lookwhaticando

    Papa Pitt is lookiing good and doing good – you can’t beat that in a man

    anustin – LOL

    Waving, at you~~~

  • ha

    OMG Shiloh looks like Angelina now.

  • sharon

    lookwhaticando @ 03/16/2008 at 5:39 pm

    sharon @ 03/16/2008 at 4:16 pm thanks jj for another new thread. brad looks so hot and sexy.

    hi, lookwhaticando. omg, the whole family is in NOLA. Angie looks so beautiful. Shiloh grows so much and she is soooooooooo beautiful and her hair is so long.

  • katie n

    # 101- thanks for the link to the photo

    It is really cute how the older children walk in a line.

  • carolina,3
    i love this pic :)
    she´s so adorable.
    it´s great to sse angie with all of her kids ( and the the one in her belly, of course :)).

  • Ritzy has a New Name


  • Macdowell

    Orange Clockwork @ 03/16/2008 at 4:08 pm

    He’s boring.


    And so are you, Orange Clockwork. Can you just leave ‘cuz you really are boring us to death. HO-HUM

  • http://justjared susieqt

    Hi fellow BAMPZS!
    I love how Brad looks even when he gains a little weight. He is always amazingly hot no matter what.
    He also looks content and absolutely happy with his beautiful family.


  • anoble

    vickifromtexas @ 03/16/2008 at 6:07 pm
    anoble, yeah i saw all of that. whatever, they don’t own the blog. everyone has pet peeves, you have to live and let live. happy birthday to your son, he is a teenager right? = )

    yeah, I was thinking whatever too – couldn’t resist a dig at them, maybe they are upset that we didn’t ask their birthdays or about their animals on the last couple of threads :roll: He’s sixteen today -sometimes I can’t believe I let him live that long :lol: JK-he’s a good kid, he can’t wait to get his license now. I’ve seen him ride a bike maybe he shouldn’t be in a car :D

  • ñññ

    ha @ 03/16/2008 at 6:09 pm OMG Shiloh looks like Angelina now.
    to me shiloh has a lot of angie, and brad´s mouth

  • ?

    poor Angie, 3 running and carrying 3 more

  • zanessa110

    Brad looked stressfull.I read earlier that he called off marriage since he thinks Angie is not taking care of their relationship well.although I don’t believe it but it can have some kind of truth in it.since with 4 kids for sure Angie won’t have enough time with brad.and i don’t think new baby will do any good thing for them and their baby) means less mommy and daddy time.

    btw,brad looked sexy in new pics,but in yesterday pics stress and tiredness was written all over his face.

  • sharon

    Jolie-Pitt family is the most beautiful family on this planet.

  • bdj

    CLINIQUA @ 03/16/2008 at 6:06 pm
    Thanks for the link. The Pictures are too cute.

  • anoble

    Hey carolina,
    How my “lion” today? :D

  • genovese

    lol ritzy

    for the 1st time i like brad’s hat.

  • http://Justjared Felinelilly

    Hi vicki and anoble. :smile:

  • genovese

    i agree…brad looked stressed yesterday.

  • anustin

    was this means shitzy is italian?oh mafia!nah!fuckfia is closer.

  • bdj

    zanessa110 @ 03/16/2008 at 6:16 p
    Shhhh Don’t tell anybody, but I heard that Vanessa and Zac broke up and now Zac is dating Chace from that TV show. The stress is showing on Zanessa face but they are not ready to make an announcement. You heard it here first.

  • vickifromtexas

    hello susieqt. hope you are having a great day. : )