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Ellen Pompeo is a Basket Case

Ellen Pompeo is a Basket Case

Ellen Pompeo purchases a large basket at a Hollywood boutique in Los Angeles on Saturday.

The 38-year-old Grey’s Anatomy actress must be preparing for next Sunday, March 23–EASTER!

Accompanying Ms. Pompeo to the boutique and Starbucks was music exec husband Chris Ivery.

New episodes of Grey’s Anatomy return April 24!

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ellen pompeo basket 01
ellen pompeo basket 02
ellen pompeo basket 03
ellen pompeo basket 04
ellen pompeo basket 05
ellen pompeo basket 06
ellen pompeo basket 07

Photos: Jennifer Buhl/PCN
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  • violet

    She’s so cute!

  • http://Jessss Jessss

    She looks great, I can´t wait for new Grey´s episodes.

  • izzy

    she looks amazing!!

  • kamy

    Thank you JJ
    I missed her, she’s beautiful.

  • michael

    she looks adorable…
    thanks jared. easter seems fun with ellen and chris :D
    can’t wait for Grey’s next month, love meredith love Ellen.

  • MARK

    She’s stunning, I love her!!!!
    I can’t wait to see her in GA.


  • Grace

    Sorry I just don’t see whats so great about her. Shes average.

  • loverboy

    That’s my girl, she’s adorable!!!
    I can be your bunny Ellen, if you want!!!! ;)

  • funfun



  • Sandy

    #8 Grace @ 03/16/2008 at 9:24 am

    Sorry I just don’t see whats so great about her. Shes average.
    Well, she leads a show watched by 20 millions viewers, she’s simple, beautiful, down to earth, class, she doesn’t put herself ahead, I have an endless list of thing about why she’s so great.

    Thanks JJ

  • Paul

    I can be her Bunny when she wants ;)!!!

    She’s pretty as always!!!! Bump for Ellen!!!

  • Selena

    #11 Sandy @ 03/16/2008 at 9:30 am

    Well, she leads a show watched by 20 millions viewers, she’s simple, beautiful, down to earth, class, she doesn’t put herself ahead, I have an endless list of thing about why she’s so great.

    Thanks JJ
    You said it Sandy, Ellen is just fabulous!!!

  • tamer th

    She’s very pretty.
    love her outfit.

  • tamer th

    selena.. AMEN to your post.. and I can ad to that list :)
    love her she IS fabulous

  • ohyea

    She is cute. Isaw her on w ea l t h y R o m a n c e.c o m last wee. Is she just alllone?

  • lenny

    Ellen looks GREAT!

    can wait for Meredith next month. miss grey’s a lot.

  • Carry

    I was at the Good Medicine benefit, I was not especially fan of Ellen POMPEO, but after seeing her, she’s definitely my favourite actress, she gives off so much generosity, kindness and she’s really pretty.

    Thank you JJ

  • mary

    Love her!!!! So pretty!@

  • Irena Murena

    his husband let her take that heavy basket by herself??? He is very rude. DUMP HIM ELLEN!!! DUMP THAT UGLY FELON!!! instead, Patrick is a real gentleman… ;)

  • jen

    yay for easter yay for grey’s anatomy sooooon. i miss meredith.

  • #8 grace sucks

    #8 Grace @ 03/16/2008 at 9:24 am

    Sorry I just don’t see whats so great about her. Shes average.


    Oh please, Grace! Let’s see what kind of stunner you are. Ellen rocks!!!

  • The OC Fansite
  • Grace

    I didn’t realize you weren’t allowed to have an opinion here

  • Grace

    You Ellen fans are real class acts.

  • J

    she’s sooooo cute

    and i love that basket

  • Justice

    I agree with Grace. I’m not saying she isn’t a good person or attractive but you fans act as if she walks on water. She does nothing that the average celebrity doesn’t do. And sorry haven’t a hit show doesn’t make you an amazing person. Have any of you ever watched CNN’s special on heroes?? Average people that go above and beyond. They are amazing

  • KIKI

    I agree. She is bog standard average. Very plain jane.

  • Justice

    Having a hit show I mean.

    I like EP but I get tired of the fans that act like she is a Saint or something.

  • Y456

    she’s gorgeous
    love her!
    thanks JJ

  • martin

    nice pictures. she’s pretty.
    good actress.

  • kiara

    To Grace and Justice:
    Ordinary people, I see them when I go out, extraordinary people are doctors, firefighters, volunteers, help the needy, the sick … and I’m grateful they exist.

    The actors, singers, artistes … are there to distract us from the worries of daily life, and when actorss like Ellen Pompeo come to make us forget the woes of the world, I find them extraordinary.
    Criticizing EP’s fans , it’s also criticizing the fans of Angelina Jolie, Katie Heigl, Kate Walsh, George Clooney … because they all receive the same comments from their fans.
    Justice and Grace, you must appreciate an actor or someone and say well about them?

    For my part I appreciate Ellen POMPEO, if it disturbs you, too bad but like you said everyone has the right to think what he/she wants!!!

    Thanks JJ, I really appreciate to see pic of Ellen!!!

  • Justice


    I’m not saying its not alright to appreciate her but anyone who doesn’t think shes all that most EP fans bash and jump down their throats.

    I appreciate her as an actress but I don’t worship her.


    #32 kiara, I agree with you!!!

    She’s too cute, I love her outfit, Ellen rocks!!!
    Thanks JJ, More pic of her please!!!

  • kiara

    Justice I didn’t jump to you throat, if you feel attacked, sorry it wasn’t my attention.
    But I also can say, why every time EP’s fans make a nice comment about her, people jump to their throat and consider them as weak/idiot persons?

    I don’t worship her but I find she’s a good actress and I always read good comments about her from people who met her, that’s why I appreciate. her

  • sandra

    SO CUTE!
    LOVE HER!!!
    She’s finally back on GA! YAY!

    Ellen rocks!

  • Justice

    Kiara I wasn’t meaning you on attacking. I myself am an EP/Meredith fan but I find very little other EP/Meredith fans I can relate with. Many of her fans think everyone has to think she walks on water or they get bashed. Sorry this is just my opinion from what I’ve witnessed on other boards.

    Anyway back to the topic at hand, its good to see EP out and about :)

  • tamey

    Great pictures. thanks JJ. missed her…

    Kiara I agree with you.
    and I find it very normal for her fans to love, respect even idolize her if they want. You see Ellen has shown to be very down to earth respectful person. and that means a lot to her fans. plus she respects her fans and gives them her time whenever she can and that in return makes them really LOVE her. As Kiara said, all these fans are doing is watching her show, keeping up with her news and showing their love to her. I find it very normal and actually very deserving for someone like Ellen.

    now for those who do attack you for simply saying you like her only. or don’t in a respectful way, then those are few and really we can all do without. just please don’t generalize that ALL HER FANS are like that. because I’m sure those are a very few. a few we shouldn’t encourage. :)

    I think Ellen Pompeo deserves all the love she gets, because she sure gives the time and effort to give it back to her fans. She has something a lot of Hollywood stars don’t, and thats humility and respect for everyone around her. and she’s a really good actress.

  • TJ

    Thanks JJ
    been a while. she looks great.

  • kiara

    JUSTICE, I totally agree with you some of her “fans” can be a little violent when you don’t agree with them, in my case I don’t worship her, like I said, I find that she’s an excellent actress, she’s pretty and seems to be very kind. If someone doesn’t like her my world won’t stop, there are also actors I don’t like.

    I just thought that you were generalizing all her fan. I’m happy that we’re ok about that. Bye JUSTICE! :)

  • lara

    i love Ellen.
    these are great pictures. thank you JJ.

    I am one of those who would love to idolize Ellen Pompeo because she is simply AMAZING. I like her and respect her and love her work. and her show… Ellen rocks! :D

    can’t wait for Grey’s to return.
    GO Ellen!

  • kiara

    #38 Tamey, I like what you said!!! I also totally agree with you!!!


  • PAUL

    I really love Ellen POMPEO, she’s a fabulous actress, she’s cute, kind, generous funny and simple, like it was said there is an endless list of nice thing EP is.
    If people don’t like, the world won’t stop, she has a huge fanbase and that’s what it count!!!!
    And the aggressive people who called themselves her fans are not her fans, her real fans are respectful and prefer spread a nice spirit than being violent and vulgar.
    But I have to add it’s sad when people who don’t appreciate Ellen POMPEO came in her thread to insult and attack her and her fans.

    BUMP FOR POMPEO and thank you JJ

  • ADAM

    Wow great pictures. Ellen looks fab. fresh and all. her hair is nice.
    thanks JJ. been a while.

    I hope we get more from the set of Grey’s as well.

  • Justice

    Paul where in this thread has anyone attacked Ellen??? This isn’t a site just for people who adore EP. People can comment what they want in a respectful manor.

    Kiara :) I’ve enjoyed “chatting” with you!

  • Fan

    Ellen rocks!
    more Ellen pics JJ please. :)

  • Omalley

    aren’t they on set yet??

    please JJ bring us some pictures of Ellen from the set of grey’s :) thank you

    she looks great here. I really admire her.

  • Gorgeous

    they should go back tomorrow.
    i hope we get on set pictures or interviews with Ellen.
    thanks for the wonderful pictures Jared.
    Ellen looks gorgeous.

  • lilo

    lovely pics. thanks jj Ellen is lovely.

  • lilo

    and I think today is the day they go back to set. or tomorrow maybe. but its sometimes this week.