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Gisele & Tom Brady are the Village People

Gisele & Tom Brady are the Village People

Tom Brady and model/girlfriend Gisele Bundchen took a stroll through the West Village in New York City on Saturday.

In case you missed it, Gisele nabbed the latest Vogue cover along with basketball star LeBron James. It’s a slam dunk!

More pictures of Gisele & Tom Brady, the new village people…

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gisele bundchen tom brady village people 01
gisele bundchen tom brady village people 02
gisele bundchen tom brady village people 03
gisele bundchen tom brady village people 04
gisele bundchen tom brady village people 05
gisele bundchen tom brady village people 06

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  • bolishopin

    the veredict. GUILTY.

  • natalie

    I really like Giseles sunglasses. Anyone know which designer they are?

  • dd

    nice body – too bad she has a horse face

  • Sara

    Ahh what a sweet couple!

  • Gisele

    Thanks for your support! i will be making a special appearance in a tijuanna horse show coming up soon.

  • Larry

    Shes so hotttttttttt

  • sweet kisses

    Gisele has such harsh features, not attractive at all. She is very overrated. Tom on the other hand has got it going on.

  • Star

    Beauty at it’s finest. I guess someone here has a personal vendetta against her.

  • Sweetface86

    what a good looking couple. congrats to them

  • LOL

    The one negative poster who post over and over
    Well If you really don’t like her looks you didn’t have to post, you could have just move on to the next picture but your psychosis just will not let you move on will it.

  • bolishopin

    Gisele, you can contact me i’ll explain the entropy you generate.

  • Lori

    I find them both overrated. Sometimes he looks gorgeous, other times like a caveman. As for Gisele, great body and hair, fug face. I bet the minute he is not a star quarterback she will dump him. Though, I must say, in some pictures he doesn’t look all that into her.

  • bataglio

    sweet mother, those legs!

  • erin

    # 3, natalie, i was just about to post that! i wonder too! i love them!!

  • bolishopin

    i have nothing against gossip. but, it’s really necesary to pack her like a bag of cigars? Gisele come to me, i’ll wait. everything stay as i told you.

  • carlie

    wonder how that baby boy is doing, you know the one without his dad?

  • girliegirl

    Hey Tom, how’s your son doing? Oh yeah, that’s right, you don’t know because you never see him!

  • Looks like

    Gisele has an adam’s apple! JUst look at her manly throat. Gross!

  • The OC Fansite

    She’s freaking HOT!

  • alohaland


    And to those of you saying he doesn’t see his son, how the heck do you know that?? Do you know Tom or Bridget personally? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

  • julia

    She’s the best model ever !!!!! You can say that MAYBE she’s not the most beautiful one , but for sure she’s the best. I really don’t know or care about him at all, but they look very happy together. So thank’s very much for posting her picture here once and again.

  • lolita


  • ihavenolife

    giselle is drop dead gorgeous! tom brady’s a lucky dude. she’s got the smarts, the looks & that omg bod. i like what lebron said ’bout her. he said he can see why she’s the top supermodel, she’s very professional & actually has fun doing it.

  • lolita


  • lolita


  • lolita


  • lolita


  • eira

    #3 and #15!!
    the three of us want the same thing!!!lol!
    i love her sunglasses!!i want them!

  • Kelli

    They are so adorable together!

  • COCO

    He might be the sexiest man I have ever seen. Hey, thought he had those hair plugs…….how do you explain long hair to short hair in the matter of days?

  • pookey

    What is so pretty about her her big nose?man face? or the adams apple?

  • oya

    How’s your son? LOOSER ….Hope she worth it

  • lola


  • Anna

    Love this couple!! I thought Gisele & Leo were cute together,but Gisele and Tom take the cake. Can’t have to many pics of them!!!

  • EE

    All you that screech about him not seeing his son..whatever…you have no idea if he sees his son..If you saw pics of him with his son you’d probably say he was pimping him… The bottom line is,you don’t like his football team. Who cares about the Patriots..Gisele and Tom are gorgeous couple,and seem very in love. More power to them!!!

  • bb

    Tom may be good looking BUT being a bad father makes him so ugly, So their just perfect for each other because she is NOT pretty at all.

  • Janie

    They are a gorgeous couple. A lot of you posters seem so jealous of Giselle.

  • Diane

    Tom Brady is beautiful.

  • Jay

    They are a gorgeous couple. A lot of you posters seem so jealous of Giselle

    Janie I agree with you^ but it’s not alot of posters it’s one poster posting all that junk about her being ugly and he not seeing his baby. A sad person connected with the baby momma. Posting bitter cr@p is their way of getting back at Tom. Too bad it has not changed anyone’s mind. Honestly, she should get on with her life and find another man because this one wants Gisele.

  • dd

    i have no respect for a man you dont put his son 1st in his life

  • angel

    She is not a good person. He is a fool.

  • Major League

    Just because Tom does not have the whorish need like his ex Bridget Whorahan to be snapped by that paps with his kid, does not mean he is neglecting him. She has cash and the means to travel to see Tom, what isn’t she ever on a plane going East? Her parents live 20 minutes from his home in Boston. Not his choice to have a kid and not his choice to have a kid live 3000 miles away. If anyone is responsible for him not seeing the baby more consistently, it is Whoreahan!

  • bad girl

    Tom is so hot. OMG! Gisele is too feakin lucky! They are an amazing couple. I wish they would have their own reality show. Love them, want him badly :)

  • MArc

    Why should Brady put his son FIRST?????? He didn’t want that rotten kid in the first place and didn’t plan on having a kid. Bridget was desperate to keep him and planned the baby without his knowledge. As far as I am concerned he should send the checks and leave them both alone. He has traded up, moved up and given up on Bridget being a responsible person. She is bitter and still feeling sorry for her aging d-list arse. Tom is happy and in love with Gisele. Can life be any better for him, really? Who needs a spoiled baby screaming in your Porsche when you got Gisele by your side telling you how hot you were in bed last night!?

  • bad girl

    marc, so true!
    Tom doesn’t need his son to come first. Football is first, then his family (which includes Gisele), then the baby. He didn’t want a kid and made that clear. Bridget wanted a kid and made that clear. The baby is hers and I am sure he is fine with that. She can keep him. Tom will have better looking, smarter, well adjusted kids with Gisele. No need to spend time with the bastard you didn’t want.

  • bobbi

    Such a sweet looking couple. I truly hope they make it work.

  • angel

    no matter how “hot ” you think they are, WHAT GOES AROUND COMES Around. He made a choice to have a relationship with Bridget, and that relationship was still going long enough to produce a child. THAT IS WHERE HE S HOULD BE!!!! And Geselle knowingly has stepped in and helped to break up a family. I don’t see anything to applaud them about.

  • dd

    #45 and #46 if every one thought like you this world would be in bad shape you are sooooo stupid and need to be a shamed of yourselfs

  • girliegirl

    Well said, dd. Bad girl and Marc, the baby IS his family. They ARE related. And who are you to say that he won’t be smart? I hope that neither of you have children. If he really didn’t want a kid then he should have worn a condom. It’s not a hard thing to do and one would think that he, of all people, could afford some. He also could not have had sex with her, especially if he knew he wanted to end the relationship with her.