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Ben & Jen are Team Obama

Ben & Jen are Team Obama

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner host a fundraiser for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama at a Boston nightclub “Rumor” in Massachusetts on Sunday.

Sold-out “pre-party” tickets ($250 each) allowed some one-on-one time with the couple. Regular $50 tickets allowed entry into the club, where Bennifer mingled.

Ben and BFF Matt Damon recently agreed to help judge a contest sponsored by to find the best ad supporting Obama‘s campaign.

Jen has a run in her stockings! But cute Christian Louboutin Mary Janes…

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jennfier garner ben affleck barack obama 02
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Photos: Shane Conway/Splash News Online
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  • Laura


  • jj

    She’s got a run in her stockings.

  • ann


  • ginny

    WOO <3Boston and <3Ben&Jen

  • kay

    OBAMA!!!!! ben looks haggard

  • korli

    I have officially lost respect for both Ben and Jennifer now. I will know longer support or watch either of them on tv/movies.

  • leslie

    Yayyyyy OBAMA!!

  • hill


    hill 08

  • alright then

    Who cares which candidate they support? And yep, their candidate has a chance of not winning. Why because it’s 50/50 someone wins and someone doesn’t.

    What really does that have to do with them or thier movies???????

    If you find out that Ben wears boxers and you are a briefs kind of person, does that mean you won’t watch another movie they are in?

    Well, ok, then. Well, I guess you are going to be lonely, not going anywhere, and not watching a lot of tv or going to movies. Because there are a lot of celebs that support Obama. Google it to find out.

    And nope, I am not voting for Obama, just think it doesn’t make a difference in whom celebs support.

  • Nicole m

    Why is Obama so liked? If he does become president, I hope to God he doesn’t, he’s going to screw America over just like George Bush.

    Hillary, I believe, will change things around.

  • tk

    I think both are so irrelevant at this point. Jen pimps out her kid to get attention and Ben looks beat.

  • sara

    LOL at the picture of Ben holding Jen’s lipstick for her!

  • tb

    How can you tell Ben looks beat???????????????????

    This is one pic of him looking in a different direction. If there was 5 or 6 different pics then you could tell if he looked beat or not.

  • legs

    oh, they’re together.

  • tb

    to funny, I was wondering what he was holding.

    A sign of a true husband. Either that or the lipstick is his and he is going to hook up with Jimmy Kimmel after the party. LOL!

  • Looks like

    somebody had their lips enhanced with collagen!
    LOOKS BAD ON YOU JEN GARNER! Really awful.

  • hues


  • MEKA

    F>U>C>K hilliary…………GO OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tb

    Wow, some of you should be detectives as you can tell so much from so few pictures. Like Ben is beat, and Jen had her lips done.

    Wow, amazing, all that from a few pics????????????????

  • Bella

    You really can tell something is going on from a picture.

  • esther

    I wouldn’t pay two cents to see these two….ie I wouldn’t pay a cent to see either.

  • Jenny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE HER :)

  • :)

    wow haven’t seen them in such a long time

  • monrose15

    i haven’t seen Violet for a long time!Where is she? :)

  • KarenA

    They’re very cute. Go, Jen and Ben! :)

  • buckeyegurl

    Love them! It has been a long time since they have been photographed. YAY!

  • screw obama

    GO MCCAIN!!!!!

  • Paulie

    HILLARY ’08!!!!


  • mary

    jen looks lovely as usual. ben’s looking good too.

  • Oberser

    I think they are nice people, but just can’t imagine what goes in their minds to support Obama. One thing I suspect is true but cannot announce. The most stupid thing I can think of then is that it might have to do with the run in her stocking.

    Ben does not look good in these pictures because of his eyes

  • tINA!!!!!

    I’m sorry…but i don’t thik Obama will win.

  • LD

    Unfortunately, I think Obama will beat Hillary for the Democratic nomination. If that holds true, McCain all the way.

  • sara

    McCain is crazy and truly scary

  • anna_germany

    i would choose Obama!

  • Katie

    Ben looks either stoned or really tired. Jen looks great!

    To poster #6… get a life! If Ben and Jen choose to support one candidate over another than whats it to you? America, and much of the free world, is based on fundamental rights, including freedom of expression.

    I don’t think your respect makes or breaks them …

  • Katie

    Ben looks either stoned or really tired. Jen looks great!

    To poster #6… get a life! If Ben and Jen choose to support one candidate over another than whats it to you? America, and much of the free world, is based on fundamental rights, including freedom of expression.

    I don’t think your respect makes or breaks them …

  • Just a thought

    I think whether Ben is using drug or he is drunk,he looks weird and high.and I think Jen should always have her wide smile on,she looks so cute and adorable when she smiles.

  • montana

    geeez ben looks horrible and yup jen has done something with her lips I read a sighting on a jen forum and the source said she was spoted with “new” lips!geeez announce the seperation damn it´s getting so frustrating to look at these two unhappy ppl especially jen she´s sooo phoney,always pretending she has a great marriage if my husband would always look like that when I´m around I would totally flip.I saw a pap video from Ben at the airport he was nice,smiling about the jokes the paps made(mmmh I though Ben hates the paps!!!??weird!!)he seems so much more realxed without her!

  • lola

    He never looks happy. Have a drink Ben

    GO HILLARY!!!!!

  • bb

    He looks like he’s ready to jump ship, They don’t look happy at all..

  • princess


  • Bella

    The funny thing is when asked about Obama’s Pastor, Ben knew nothing about it at all. How can you back up a candidate and not know the controversy going on in our country about it. Maybe we shouldn’t be influenced by celebrity’s choices of candidates if they don’t watch the news.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    everyone’s for obama. he’s killing bill’s wife, what’s-her-name.

    obombya in 08!

  • janeway

    Go Obama and go Jen and Ben. Every time someone wants to do something for their country everyone is always suspicious and negative. Jen and Ben can use their celebrity to raise money to help their candidate of choice- they don’t expect you to vote for him just because they like him. Obama wants to help lead this country in a new direction and most certainly we need it. If you want McCain (more Bush) then you want more of the same -more wars, more high gas prices, slumping economy, failing health care system- the list goes on. Bringing up Obama’s preacher is just more of the dirt that goes around in elections, Obama has already condemned the statements that he made. McCain has a spiritual advisor preacher who basically said Islam is a devil religion- think how that attitude will play with the rest of the world. I prefer to give peace and HOPE a chance. It is time this country came together to solve our problems instead of being ripped apart.

  • paula t

    The freedom to choose the candidate you want to be our President is one of our precious fundamental rights as Americans, and is one of the many things that makes America the great country it is. In many other countries, some people don’t even have the right to vote, and others are killed for voicing their support for one candidate over the other. We may not agree with each other on who we choose to support, but that’s okay–someone will win and someone will lose. We are lucky to live in a democratic country. I haven’t decided yet who will get my vote; I applaud celebrities who are actively involved in the process but they don’t influence who I ultimately support and I don’t think any more/less of them for who they’ve chosen as their candidate. And yes, Jen looks great!

  • great

    they both are great

  • ???????

    They are such bandwagon people!!! When Bill Clinton was running they supported him???? Maybe they are just chauffanist pigs. Matt and Ben should support Hillary more b/c she is more gay rights, that is perfect for them!!!

  • Bc

    Do you really think he hadn’t heard about it????? A polite no comment.

    And for those that say they look miserable, again are looking at only 1-2 pics.

    Check out for more pics…………..and guess what???????????………………they are smiling!!!!

  • she looks great :)

    I thought I was the only one who has noticed that Jen has had her lips enhanced. Especially the top lip looks off. She is a nice cute girl, I hope she refrains from the lip frenzy otherwise in a couple of years she wont be able to recognize her face. Ben is a dressed like a teenager with those shoes,, please it was a political fundraiser, why dress like you are going to a club while his wife is formally dressed.

    Such a looser!!!!