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Matt Damon's Cipriani Saturday

Matt Damon's Cipriani Saturday

Matt Damon shares a hearty laugh with his pregnant wife Luciana Damon after sharing a romantic dinner at the London’s ever-popular Cipriani restaurant in England on Saturday.

The cute couple recently announced that they are expecting their second child together. Luciana also has a daughter, Alexia, from a previous marriage.

It was announced earlier this week that Matt, his BFF Ben Affleck and musician John Legend have teamed up with to sponsor an “Obama in 30 Seconds” ad contest. The trio and a few others will judge finalists’ ads on April 10th.

10+ pictures inside of Matt Damon‘s Cipriani Saturday…

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  • e l e n a

    I simply LOVE Matt!


  • dicaprio lovaah

    They are such a cute cupple and their love is so genuine, you can tell their relationship isn’t a pr trick so Matt Damon gets puplicity or something like that.

    And Isabella is soo cute,I wonder if the next kid is a boy or a girl?

    Talk about a BabyBoom in hollywood!!

  • http://slackerchic slacker chic

    these two are ridiculously adorable.

  • RIPheath

    I love him! He’s such a nice guy too. I was fortunate to meet him, and he’s really sweet. He’s an amazing actor, but is a real stand up guy.

  • A

    She is great!!!!! congrats Matt!

  • Kim

    After Brad, Matt is my favorite.
    That girl is so luuuuuuuuuucky!





  • Sanny

    his wife is so ugly!!

  • chris

    Matt is an ugly guy, too! Don`t like both.

  • john

    holy cow what the hell happend to this two? how can he be an actor? he is so ugly and the worst part is that this woman is freeking ugly and disgusting…i saw then at a miami beach restaurant back in december my god they are so odd. people were commenting that she was a bartender at a really bad bar in miami . my opinion he has no selfsteem the woman even has kids with a cuban realtor .disgusting …

  • Adoring Fan

    Congratulations! Love Matt and Lucy. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Much love forever.

  • rob

    this is a good example of lowwwwwwwwwwwww selfsteem this guy is so disgusting my brother knows her from crobar she was a bartender all the guys there knows her very well… sorry matt butt what the hell ? well he is ugly too with big dentures but he is an actor an a public figure don’t come in the day time please.

  • mia

    So hooked on this guy right now I like the way he loves his wife and kids thats such an attrctive quality




  • john

    OMG what the hell is this guy doing with this ugly girl from crobar my brother knows her she is freeking disgusting and very into money . well this matt is ugly too with big dentures but jesus!!!!!!!!!! why do they go outside in the public if he only knew…

  • Arial people who are dissing Matt& Lucy need to get a grip!! Lovely couple…baby #2 will be darling!!

  • john

    betsy honey do you know her? she is very ugly and was a bartender at crobar ..nothing wrong with bartenders but she was there for other reasons find out were they meet i’ll bet you anything it was at crobar she was there fishing for older rich man,at least she found someone nice and ugly like her .but

  • Alex

    people don’t fall in love with looks just the person you dipshits. Shows what kind of people you are with your comments. Sounds like your jealous.

  • Jonny

    This couple is not good looking.

  • will

    john you are so rigth unfortunate this guy has no idea who she is . and yes she is ugly but the guy is not good looking either. they came to a golfcourse in miami beach and she has nothing interesting she can pass for someone who just came from the border and i don’t mean canada….plus latinas are whores looking for americans with money and green cards…..why you think she was working in a bar she is an imigrant with no green card…

  • Donna

    I love them!! I hope they stay normal

  • glenda

    what the hell was matt damon doing at crobar ? that place is mad you only go there for sex or drugs (extacy ) lucky girl she score good. don’t blame her the idiot was him….plus she already had a kid with a black cuban guy.. she likes cubans she was in love with her cuban man ..

  • Love them

    Wow it a good thing these two non goodlooking people found each other and are living a fabulous life while all of you good looking people are posting on a blog. Matt is very very talented. he does a lot of charitable work as well:

  • carlos

    in my opinion she is ugly but this guy is ugly as well..they do look odd not because she is ugly but because they come from different cultures.they have nothing in common in order for a relationship to work they need to have the same culture. they are together now but for how long? she is smart getting pregnat from him he has some money not much because he dosen’t have that many movies , but he has some money . for sure she will never work at crobarrrrr..

  • LOL

    LOL Matt & George Clooney are getting big kudos for going out with regualr women who are not actresses or models. And surprise, on this blog Matt is getting blasted for marrying a regular woman. You can’t win can you? lol

  • carlos

    5:18 what the hell do you know about thisguy doing charitable work ? he has a 10million dollar house in miami beach oh and purchase the one next door for 7 million to do a pool house..what ? charitable my asssssssss. buy a 1 million house and donate the rest to africa…yes i know this because they are my neigbors 2 houses away from me, don’t like them they are odd and he is a hipocrite. telling the world to donate money to africa when in fact he is doing a ppool haouse for more than 2 million dollars ? please don’t you know no actordoes anything for free is all about the publicity and promotions of films..

  • esteban

    george clooney is paying that woman to be with him the fact is that the guy is gay…. so he has to pay her to be in public with him if not women won’t go see his movies.. matt damon sucks as an actor , his private life is boring too..

  • love them

    Please jealousy does not become some of you. Who cares how much money they have? who care’s what they do with the money? If they keep it all to themselves, they are called selfish donate some and they get blasted by dummies who complain about the amount. Who cares what they look like? who cares how they met? GEorge is going out with a escort! Please it’s not you so why would some of you care? Matt is admired all over the world. Just look at his Bourne films. Made more money than that stupid Pirate movie with a really ugly guy with a dirty teeth girfirend by the name of Johnny Depp. People can and will like who they want. Mental illness is not becoming of haters.

  • Raichill

    They are both average looking so are well suited to each other. Matt is a good actor which makes up for what he lacks in the looks department.

  • Thanks

    Love them @ 03/16/2008 at 5:18 pm Wow it a good thing these two non goodlooking people found each other and are living a fabulous life while all of you good looking people are posting on a blog. Matt is very very talented. he does a lot of charitable work as well:


    Thanks for the website. I knew he was involved with some of the charities that the Oceans guys were involved in but didn’t know about the others.

  • um

    What is all of this about the way he looks? I mean hasn’t he always looked like this? Please explain.

  • mm

    What a great couple! I wish them all the best.

  • madonna

    Dress up, Matt!

  • pookey

    She is not ugly at all! she is just not all made up

  • Love Matt

    Matt Damon is hunkilicious!!! :D My favourite male actor and nice to see him so happy. You’re terrific, Matt, love ya!!!!

  • sara

    whY SHOULD Matt and George GET KUDOS FOR GOING OUT WITH “REGULAR” WOMEN ? At least with women with their own careers they would know they can pay their own way and arent going to be depenedent on them for money (or be golddiggers). I guess they like their women depedent on them because they are afraid of being left. Low self esteem ON THOSE TWO GUYS!

  • say what????

    Excuse me #16 but what the f#ck are you talking about. What does this have to do with Jlo and Marc…you must be one of their haters. Did you just come from Univision???what an idiot!!!!

  • katie n

    They are a lovely couple. it is rare among hollywood couples to see this kind of jenuine laughter. Good for them.
    And it is really nice to see his devotion to his wife and two daugters 9soon the new addition). Just like Brad, he became more attractive to me due to his commitment to his wife and kids.

  • katie n

    oh, an for those people (most probably the same person with many names; carlos, will, john, whatever) who talk about ugly;

    All actors do not have to be pretty boys. It is onlya certain kind of men who like pretty boys. Women like rugged, normal looking men. And especially actors’ wives, significant others do not have to be pretty. People fall in love for many reasons. It is only very shallow people who pine after barbie dolls with tons of make up.

  • KC

    carlos/john/will — sounds like someone has a bit of peni$ envy going on…did you get dumped recently or something? You could have made your point in one post — I’m wondering where this obvious need to put down is coming from? You sound like a third grader who had his little heart crushed. poor you.

  • Julianne

    I am glad to see people who genuinely seem to enjoy being together and having a good laugh – nothing bonds more than a good belly laugh. Well, there may be a couple of other more bondable moments…

    I have always loved his work, and respect his work as an actor. Does it matter how much money they have? Once you have made your first 10 or 20 million, does it really matter? Maybe to some people, but I bet he would be one of the humbler actors who say that “we get paid a riducously high amount of money to get paid to do what we love to do”…..sound familiar?

    Hope they have a healthy baby and it’s a boy….not that it really matters!

  • peter

    OMG what a ugly couple

  • TiredofthisCrap

    I think Luciana is very pretty woman and Matt is a nice looking man. She may not look great in every photograph, because she is not a professional actor or model. She’s just regular folk and we don’t look great in every photo we own.Their daughter is so cute. Why does she have to have low-self-esteem because she worked as a bartender. Being a bartender isn’t a lowly profession. She has no crotch shots on the internet or is linked to prostitution.

    Please don’t compare Clooney’s hooker to Luciana. They are entirely two different cases. Luciana isn’t trying to be a celebirty as a matter of fact she works hard to keep her family out of the limelight.

  • lady T

    Love, love, love, these two together…I am so happy for Matt and Luciana. God bless them. I take Matt over Ben and Clooney any day and Luciana over Jennifer Garner-Affleck or Sarah Larson any day. Just an opinion…I wonder when the next Damon/Jolie-Pitt play date will be…

  • Jenny

    Very cute and normal couple.

  • shammy

    VERY INTERESTING! We have the Damons out and about having laughs and enjoying a sweet dinner together. Then we have Ben and Jen who are supporting a candidate instead of spending intimate time together with love and laughter. I would like to see Jen and Ben living a bit more like the Damons. I care and deeply adore Ben and wish him the very best. Go out Ben and Jen and get some eats and enjoy each others company please. Follow Matt and Luciana they have the golden ticket it seems.

  • Ari

    Whish them the best. Matt is a great father and even a great step-father. Luciana is very lucky to be with him, hope she always makes him happy. Love Isabella and this new baby to come!

  • alright

    What do you mean the guys know her pretty well! just curious