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Kate Walsh: It's a Red Tie Affair!

Kate Walsh: It's a Red Tie Affair!

Kate Walsh wows in Hervé Leroux at The American Red Cross of Santa Monica’s “Red Tie Affair” fundraiser gala held at Fairmont Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica on Saturday.

The 40-year-old Private Practice star wore an element of red in her attire (a red cross), which signifies her support for the American Red Cross and for the thousands of individuals helped by the local Red Cross every day.

Gourmet dinners were designed by celebrity chef Nick Stellino. The gala honored the humanitarian spirit of those who have shown courage, unselfish character, and have saved lives.

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Photos: Karl Larsen/, Darnell Walker/WENN
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  • desireé

    you can see a little bit of her nipple… LOL

  • jamie

    Thank you so much Jared!

    Kate looks gorgeous! I love the dress, it is very simple and elegant. Love that she supports a good cause.

  • marina

    desiree could be, coulbe a small shadow of her chest being pressed by her dress, whatever

  • erana

    Shes just so damn awesome. =]

  • Brit

    She looks fabulous!

    Thanks JJ.

  • .

    She does not dress appropriately for a 40-year old woman. Stacey and Clinton from What Not to Wear would disapprove.

  • me

    #12 The dress she is wearing is totally elegant. It is long and not showing anything inappropriate. It is unfortunate that you weigh 400 lbs and can not fit into a dress as lovely as Kate can but that my dear is not her problem.

    Kate is stunning. The dress, hair, jewelry is perfect.

  • legs


  • mary

    She’s really pretty but that one close up picture of her is kind of scary for some reason. haha

  • TJ

    Looks gorgeous.
    And about the age thing- Kate doesn’t even look 40, well at least nothing like all the 40 year olds I know! She looks way younger and can totally pull off about anything, including this dress, and she looks amazing and appropriate!

  • Gy!

    woooow! She looks gorgeous!
    Thanks JJ!

  • gia

    lola…tell us how you really feel.

    she looks great. i hope i look that good in 20 years.

  • jamie

    Awwww #12 decided to show her holiday (St. Patrick’s Day for USA anyways) “green” with envy thru her post. That doesnt count silly, you will still get pinched. Ouch.

    Can someone tell me does her dress look grey-ish, blue-ish, or purple-ish? I cant decide on the color.

  • sabine

    loverlyyyy :)
    not my favorite dress, but the lilac is a pretty colour and brings out her eyes. thank you jared!

  • tam

    wow kate fans are mean.

    She looks funny in the close ups, like her smile is scary but m\aybe its the angle, hopefully it is.

    Probably the most age appropriate thing i have seen her wear actually.

  • zoe

    she looks awesome as a 40 year old. great grey dress, simple and sleek

  • Meme


  • sarah

    very nice! Love you kate!

  • McHot

    I think she looks absolutely gorgeous. And the dress suits her pretty well. Still.. I miss the red hair

  • Reese

    Gorgeous woman. Not my favorite dress though, I must admit.

    To the age appropriate thing: She’s 40, not 70. She dresses like everyone else, IMO. You never see too much or whatever it is that inspired this conversation. She’s always very elegant and stylish. My mom’s turning 40 this week and she dresses the same.
    I want to look like her when I turn 40 in 20 years, guys. She’s beautiful, and I love her style.

    Thanks for the pics Jared.

  • S.

    Thank you JJ.

    Now this is the way to wake up on a Monday. When Kate smiles you just have to smile back. She look so happy. The dress is great, and she is looking fan-freaking-tastic.

    It’s age appropriate if you can pull it off. I find it terrible annoying that women that have the figure, and the face to carry something really nice go around all frumpy, and boring just because the calendar and some idiots with no taste tell then they should. Find it more disturbing to see minors dressed like streetwalkers, than a beautiful adult woman in a beautiful dress, When is comes to adults there is no such thing as age appropriate, but body, and face appropriate. Kate is looking so damn good that the comment is really laughable.

  • btank8

    Kate looks amazing! I love the dress! Thanks for the pictures!

  • Natasa

    #27 S. WORD! Great post.

    The Walsh always supports a good cause. She is amazing!

    Thank you JJ.

  • Jen

    Kate looks stunning. Thanks for the photos Jared.

    Apparently during the auction Kate bid for a lunch date with Santa Monica firefighters !! I hope she won it.

  • Lucy

    Love the pics. Kate is so very beautiful. Love the fact she always supports a good cause.

    Jared – have you found any pics of Kate & Sara Ramirez together at the event ? I’ve only seen one.

  • Kate walsh is a cow

    UGH! She’s ugly! Plastic surgery…. Plastic surgery……

  • yousra

    same as LOLA!

  • LanieCroft

    Kate looks stunning.
    I wish she would go back to red hair again. That’s the kind of dress I like simple, elegant and classy, perfect for her.
    thank for the pics JJ

  • Yeah

    Yeah this is what today’s 40 looks like so you all better get cracking. Older women know how to dress better than younger women. this dress is perfection IMO. ELEGANT!!! not skanky. The color could have been more wow but anyway, she rarely misses fashion wise. she’s like Charlize Theron in that way.

  • John

    Kate is a hot woman. SEXY! SEXY! I would prefer her to wear alot lot less and be in my bed.

    When you turn your car on does it return the favor? Everytime I am thinking of you, Kate.

  • Katie

    THANK YOU JJ!!! gosh, Kate is a goddess on earth.

    fangirling much. <3

  • Rae

    She looks beautiful! So classy. Her hair looks less red here than it did in the sunlight in her last pics. This style is very flattering on her.

    Sometimes I think people equal 40 to 80. Women are still having children at 40. They are not old.

  • Jolie

    Kate is a natural gorgeous stunning woman. I love her look here. The dress is sleek, simple, and well fitted not overpowering. Kate does not need a costume dress only women who are not naturally stunning and gorgeous should wear them so the dress with overpower their plain looks. On a gorgeous and stunning woman like Kate, simple is the way to go.

    The cute posters who were questioning my comment in the last thread about the “baby announcement in June.” It is a iobservation. I was right about Angelina Jolie before the obvious baby bump.

  • MiMi

    Naturally beautiful. Gorgeous lady.

    Thanks Jared :)

  • jake

    Most beautiful women on Greys hands down.

  • EMMA

    I agree with Yeah ! Kate rarely puts a foot wrong fashion-wise & she’s got a great figure & most beautiful face (those eyes, bone structure & hair). With the talent to back it up as evidenced by promotion to her own show. Envious much ;)

  • Karen

    Well, it appears that whoever it was (I refuse to take the time to go back that far) that thinks the dress isn’t age appropriate is all alone. I’m 48, and I teach college and am around 20 year olds all the time, so I can tell you that if you never see her rear end or her stomach, she’s not dressing like a 20 year old. Kate’s obviously not worried about her age and not desperately trying to shave years off. I think she has a better grasp of who she is than just about anyone else in Hollywood that you could think of.





  • Carry

    Please stop being hypocrite, she makes her age, nowadays, a lot of 40 years old women look like that, they take care of her more than before, they wore more sexy clothes, they are in good shape.
    A lot of actresses look great at 40: Debra Messing, Hally Berry, Vanessa Marcil ,Jodie Foster, Julia Roberts and personally I find them more beautiful than Kate Walsh (ps: I’m not saying that Kate is not beautiful)…



  • Jolie

    #45 Your does not even make sense. Do you know what the definition of a hypocrite is? Noone is being a hypocrite here.

  • Jim-Jam

    Anyone who thinks she dresses inappropriately for her age either is a 12-yr old who views anyone over 25 as ancient, or seriously needs their eyes tested !!

    She is a beautiful, classy, funny, elegant, down-to-earth woman.

    Thanks Jared x

  • Jolie

    I meant “your post does not make sense”.

    Sorry reading people’s poor unintelligent posts are rubbing off on my own posts.

  • Kelly

    Kate is so pretty. I love the dress. You can’t really see it in these pics, but it has a train. See