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Katie Holmes is Yummy in Yellow

Katie Holmes is Yummy in Yellow

Katie Holmes gets mobbed by paparazzi as she leaves one of her favorite lunch spots, Joan’s on Third, in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon.

Mrs. Tom Cruise wore a striped black-and-white dress over a pair of black skinny jeans. She topped off her look with a yummy yellow trench by Fay.

Seems like Katie goes there at least once a month! See: January and February!

Katie in currently filming her new movie, The Other Side. Synopsis via IMDB: “An over-achieving science scholar tries to solve a bizarre mystery involving the residents of a remote island and ultimately discovers something she could have never predicted.”

Sorry, gotta ask: Where’s Suri??

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Photos: WENN, Fame Pictures
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  • Rayt


  • Diama


  • lana

    i think she’s really pretty and her daughter suri is adorable

  • the shiznack

    Jared, Suri is currently in orbit via Tom’s orders

    she has been sent to hunt down Xenu

    i think its sad a kid who is barely able to think for herself is getting brainwashed by $$$cientology – i hope she rebels against Tom when she’s older

    Nazi’s didn’t create psychology Tom – it has been around well before Nazi’s u dumb mongtard

  • Chey

    Probably her monthly meal.

    Girl looks sickly.

  • Lana

    pretty and I miss her.

  • red


  • ugh

    They deserve peace and privacy. I miss Suri but I dont mind not seeing her again tho it breaks my heart. They are a wonderful family and I thought the laws were enforced on the paparazzis but how come they mobbed her way too close?????

  • jkl

    Suri is either 1) recovering from rhinoplasty to disguise her L.Ron nose or 2) has retired her job as “Suri” because Tom and the hobot are in search of a girl that looks like Tom and Katie and who looks 2 years old, not 2 and 1/2. The more believable Suri will be on display soon.

  • ann

    They’re not “way too close.” Besides, her publicist is probably the one who called them in the first place.

  • me

    She looks like all the blood has been drained from her. The cult must be giving her a transfusion.

  • me

    She is really dumb. Who wants to see her? Does she have no pride left? I don’t see how she can show her face anymore. Nobody has any respect for her, least of all her strange “husband”. Tom will dump her soon. She has cursed him.

  • Rory

    I cant see her full attire but thank you anywayzz JJ.

  • karma

    Best family in Hollywood. Katie is beautiful,fashionable and very graceful. Trashing a family especially an innocent child..that’s mature and the high road. *pity really*

  • where’s suri?

    Suri has probably been taken to live with her minders. I’ve heard all the horror stories how they take children away from their parents and the children don’t get to see their families but once or twice per year. Just read the horror stories on David Miscavige’s niece is just one of the ladies who recently launched the website. Many young people that have escaped the cult have posted their stories there.

    Poor, poor Suri, she didn’t ask for this!!!!!

  • frenchy

    Katie is adorable and that’s a pretty attire she has on. Ditto Jared she is yummy in yellow!!!

  • Team Hilary

    Wonderful people with a good heart.

    God Bless them.

  • jewel

    It is good to see that Suri is not being dragged around everywhere in the middle of the night, without the proper clothing, and with that stupid bottle. I didn’t kno how much longer they would go on shoving her in front of the camera flash. Hopefully somebody has finally convinvced them to quit using her for publcitiy.

  • DOMS

    To the trolls if you hate the stars that much then move on with your miserable lives and dont visit this sites or look at their pics.
    Its beyond pathetic reading their news and following everything they do and make comments on them when you hate them and most of all know nothing of this people.

  • Summer

    good-looking mother and very devoted one…….

  • 5471

    Just beautiful and I wish Katie and Tom the best. Love for them to stay together. Thanks JJ and Happy St.Patricks to everyone :)

  • Wendy

    Like the yellow trench

  • Jennifer W

    I have looked up to Katie Holmes and she has been my role model since i was 13 and now Im almost 24. Katie is awesome and has a beautiful daughter.

  • sad

    must be sad to know that you gave up EVERYTHING for NOTHING. No career, no family, no religion, no education……all to join a dangerous cult.

    I don’t care who it is. I have no respect for anyone that was a Catholic (or any religion) for 25 years then threw it all away to join a dangerous cult and puts an innocent child in it. Anyone that likes her is no better than she is.

  • #19 U r FUNNy

    #19 – I don’t have to know them. It is pretty obvious what kind of people they are. Where have you been, in a cave? I suppose you have the same “values” they do? No wonder the negative comments bother you…….hit just a little close to home, huh?

    Nobody likes the two freaks. You don’t either. Your just looking for attention when you post your b.s.

  • tnt

    Scientologists like the rest of the religions have downsides. The Catholics and Evangelicals condemn Heath Ledger and dont really like the Hollywood folks especially the gay community.
    Obama’s Pastor is racist and creepy, Pastors that advise many U.S. Presidents were not so fond of the jews and the no.1 booming state in the U.S. is Utah thanks to the Mormons. Fanatical Muslims threat to kill democratic and freedom loving nations.

  • bored

    she’s too pretty to be hiding her face.

  • rush


  • David

    AMERICAN ROYALTY! loooooooove the cruise’s :D

  • peaches

    I saw pics of Katie on other sites and she looks really lovely and her outfit is so stylish. She looks pregnant tho.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    looking cute.

  • bored

    she should cover the feet instead of her face.

  • wanj

    ugly feet!!

  • omg

    tOM, give her some friggin money to buy some socks. Her toes look like the legs on a granddaddy long legged spider. Seriously, has she not looked at her toes?

  • superfreaks

    i’ll bet she broke her mamma and daddy’s heart.

    daughter went to hollywood and joined the freakshow.

    wonder if she’s making cult videos like Tom and saluting sperm donor l rons gigantic poster

    it scares me to think what could on at the cult behind the doors and away from cameras

  • zoe

    katie really knows her way around fashion. she looks great. suri is cute but tom scares me.

  • chessa


  • Shiloh is SOOOO beautiful

    Katie said on David Lettermen that Suri goes to bed at 11 pm when they do. How ridiculous is that! Children so young need as much sleep as possible…and the earlier the better. 11pm is just not good for the body. A lot of growing and repair work is done while a toddler is asleep.

    Tom and Katie are fcuked!

  • qantas

    How adorable and nice pix Jared but I dont have the glimpse of the entire get up and her face.

  • ….

    I have other fave actresses but KH looks gorgeous and love her style I must admit. Her hubby is hot and her baby is just precious.

  • lynne

    cute outfit but she should not wear open toe shoes. her feet are scary.

  • Sharpie

    Someone should just staple Katie Holmes mouth shut because her so-called acting is just torturous . . .The New York Post critic, who called her acting in her last movie flop Mad Money, “the most cringe . . .making return since Love Boat: The Next Wave” was being kind . . .Her acting talent is miniscule at best.

    Plus she now looks like a forty-year old woman that’s had the life sucked right out of her . . .She’s dressing like an old woman from Europe circa 1955, she’s let someone put a bowl on her head an cut of all her long beautiful hair and she now talks in a bizarre vague monotone . . .She appears different is a brainwashed sort of way . . .and dam she still has those hammer toe and her acting is still bad!!

  • Shiloh is SOOOO beautiful

    Just continuing from my previous post # 38….

    Suri goes to bed at 11pm….I guess it may be because they think that Suri is already an adult….you know how Katie thinks Suri is “such a strong WOMAN”

  • tom c

    She doesn’t seem to have any real friends. Just Suri, of course and her bodyguards. All she does is shop all day.

  • dean

    she was there because her mater made her appear for a prearranged photo-op

  • McLovin

    “I don’t have to know them.”

    You typically have to at least know someone to judge them

    “It is pretty obvious what kind of people they are.”

    No. It’s not obvious. What kind of people are they?

  • Kim

    The walking dead, and the dead walking.

  • pr person

    She could at least stand up straight and hold her head up high.

  • espn

    some are envious because this woman has it all so
    get over it.
    Keep it coming Jared.

  • orca