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Miley Cyrus is a Palm Sunday Pyscho

Miley Cyrus is a Palm Sunday Pyscho


Miley Cyrus goes to church with her family and swats her brother Braison with a palm tree leaf after Sunday service at Montrose Church in California.

The 15-year-old Hannah Montana star was accompanied by momager Leticia (Tish) and father Billy Ray, who pointed a palm leaf at photogs.

Earlier, Billy Ray was seen inviting the paparazzi into the church with the Cyrus family. What a way to evangelize!

10+ pictures inside of Palm Sunday psycho Miley Cyrus

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Photos: PhamousFotos/Splash News Online
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  • me

    aww. yeah, apparently she goes to church most sundays. The entire family is adorable! I love the cyrus bunch :)

  • Mo

    good for him!

  • becca

    apparently she does spend her time wisely, instead of taking pics of herself in like next to nothing…i don’t like her shoes

  • haha

    hahaha. Billy Ray- funny!

    She looks super cute- i like the outfit!

  • hey

    cute cute cute! She’s adorable.

  • LINA

    6th i love miley she is so cute


    holy scarf.
    is she trying to turn into an hsm girl…
    just cus she had a cameo in the 2nd movie
    doesn’t mean she can go galavanting the streets of LA where the other kids frequesnt and wear the scarves like vanessa and ashley.

  • kat

    yeah it’s palm sunday, if your catholic. i got one too at church


    Wow Miley Nice Hair! Well Glad you Go To Church!! And Nice To See Her Not Taking Pictures Of Herself And Insted Going To Do Something Productive!! Love ya!!

  • gracie

    i love that miley is christian!!…..and she looks totally cute in the pics

  • lauren

    OMG I love Miley, she is too cute!

  • michelle

    MIley looks very pretty as usual. It must suck that the paparazzi are following her to church. can’t they just leave her alone. It’s good to know she goes to church, well since she’s christian and all.

  • amy

    who cares if she’s wearing a scarf. everyone does not just the hsm girls. I love MIley, she’s a great actress!!

  • amy

    who cares if she’s wearing a scarf. everyone does, not just the hsm girls. I love MIley, she’s a great actress!!

  • Nina

    the scarf suits her.
    she looks pretty.

  • Chelsea

    that’s her brother.

  • KiSs

    yay miley. ps i have that scarf!

  • imogen

    wohoo miley actually goes to church
    its good to spend time going to the church and mixing with regular people

  • 007

    She actually looks good in these pictures.

  • Nayzie

    is that her brother tat shes smackin the palm fron against, cause he looks kinda hot, but i havn’t seen his face. if theirs a pic of his face and he looks hot i bags dating him LOL (but if he’s like 11 or somtin i didn’t say he was hot lol). but anyway to the fashion part. WOW that scarf looks great on her and the dress with the pants look even better so does her hair :).

  • sunsmart

    just something bout her doesnt sit right with me maybe its her voive maybe its the way she hitting the spots where we usually see vanessa or it could very well be her annoying youtube videos but im sick of her! she needs a break or the public does anyway

  • the shiznack

    her mother looks like she just sucked on a lemon

    is it just me or does anyone else think that paps who stalk a 15-year old girl about is kinda wrong and quite deranged

    #7 u are so pathetic, its a goddamn scarf u imbecile those HSM skanks werent exactly the first ones to be wearing them – plus vanessa and ashley just plain STINK

    now go eat a toilet brush!

    i also think miley is overrated – i hope she thanks the jeebus everyday

    tata teeny boppers

  • zoe

    i never really cared much about her but its good that she’s a devoted christian. i like what she’s wearing but those shoes do not match her outfit. #7 and #21 are sooo lame. i mean seriously, ‘hsm girls wearing scarfs’ and hanging around spots where vanessa is usually seen? that is plain pathetic.

  • Nikka

    … S-L-U-T

  • super sasha

    miley cyrus, I support you 100%! you’re great, talented, beautiful and so on.. never listen to people said…




  • mike

    i like her.shes a good role model unlike slutnessa who most of u s//lu..ts worship over here.
    the hsm girls ddnt invent scarfs child..go die.
    the dress is pretty.

  • / miranda

    EW She’s ugly!

  • / Melanie

    I don’t like her

  • Cindy

    Ohmigoodness! They went to church dressed up like that? Looks they all when to the mall called The Church.

    Sorry, but when I go to church, I show respect and dress accordingly… no jeans. SH!T!

    Thank you for you site Jared!

  • sino!!!

    she copy ashley and vanessa to much!!!

  • sino!!!

    i will not surprise one day she will in Urban Outfitters… because she also go where ashley and vanessa hanging out.

  • Savannah

    so. she went to church on palm sunday and whatnot.. she’s christian, she’s not even catholic.

  • thedominatrix

    Hmmm… Those things are supposed to be blessed with holy water. I don’t think it’s a good idea to ‘flagellate’ someone with it.

    Just sayin’ :P

  • gia

    okay, people need to realize that ashley tisdale and vanessa hudgens were not the first young women to ever buy clothes at urban outfitters. the store is almost 40 years old, and has been popular among college students for a long time. and guess what? people have been wearing long necklaces, skinny jeans, scarves for at least two, three years now.

    thinking that someone shouldn’t be allowed to walk down a street is very extreme.

    also, #30, some churches are more formal than others. most people at my church only get dressed up for easter sunday and christmas, but not on any other holidays. maybe that’s how it is for miley’s family.

  • #1JBFAN

    Well #30… Not all churches are formal. There are alot of christian churches near me that are casual, and alot that are formal. It all really depends. I think Miley is a great rolemodel, for EVERYONE even those HATERS out there who just need to shut up cuz they have absoluetly no idea what they’re talking about. Miley is awesome, and JJ thats her little brother… Yeah… great pics but work on the info…

  • WTF?

    what kind of church lets people in wearing the get up she’s wearing? It must be one of those liberal come as you are churches. Come as you are as long as you bring money with you churches.

  • um

    She looks like that because she’s Christian, not Lutheran or Catholic which stresses modesty & repectin a house of worship. Some churches still stress covering your head so that’s why you see so many hats on Sunday. Don’t forget, she’s country y’all.

  • Oo.

    When i first saw this pic i instantly thought of Vanessa when she went to the recoriding studio wearing something very similar to that. Hmm..

  • Oo.

    See here is the link.

    I know she’s wearing pants and not a dress but you can’t tell me they don’t look similar. I’m not saying that she’s trying to copy her or anything but i do think that without her matching a tank top with a scarf (not very commnon) Miley wouldn’t have gotten that idea. Or if she did, she wouldn’t have the balls to wear it since it’s so mix and match.

  • joyce

    she look lyk shes playin about

  • joyce


  • http://YoutubeaccountBamcookie22 Beth

    palm sunday isnt for catholics its for christians

  • legs

    i don’t really like miley but the photos we’re too funny and too cute. lol.

  • Happy St. Patrick’s Day

    # 43 Beth @ 03/17/2008 at 10:58 am

    Obviously you are not Catholic with that uneducated statement you made.

    Oh and St. Patrick’s day isn’t for Christians it’s for Catholics

  • hey


    Those saying she’s coping vanessa and ashley need to get a life and open your eyes. vanessa and ashley werent the first to wear scarves, shopping at urban outfitters etc… soo childish.

  • Emily

    She looks very pretty in these pics.
    stop hatin on her!
    wat did she do to you ??
    i love miley whatever she chosses to do!


  • omg

    i know people have been wearing scarves for years, but what teen starts started wrapping them around their neck like that…vanessa and ashley.

    i shop at urban outfitters, and so have many other college kids that i know…i love their style…but really outta nowhere if she showes up at UO the same way she showed up at paty’s and robeks…hmm the same places hsm kids go to…

    i don’t see my opinion as HATING i see it as bringing credibility to others posts and predicting the future.

  • someone

    Cindy, when you go to church in southern cali, dress codes are different…jeans are totally okay.

  • someone

    oh, and because i didn’t finish reading all the comments, palm sunday is both a catholic and a christian holiday, along with christmas, easter, ash wednesday, maundy thursday, good friday, and most other holy holidays.

    also, it’s one thing to say church should be modest and respectful, but guys, she’s dressed totally appropriately. maybe not by the standards of everyone’s church, but certainly by the standards of most in southern california, like i said before.