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Orlando Bloom From Behind

Orlando Bloom From Behind

Orlando Bloom heads out to Malibu with a mystery male for lunch on Sunday afternoon.

Is it just me or does Orlando look exceptionally happy these days? CoughMirandaKerrCough.

Orly, 31, has been reportedly getting fit to be in the Johnny To-directed kung-fu film, The Red Circle. He’s been receiving martial arts and other types of physical training. Production in Hong Kong begins later this year.

“Air Rift” sneakers by Nike.

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344 Responses to “Orlando Bloom From Behind”

  1. 1
    erana Says:


  2. 2
    elle Says:



  3. 3
    bree Says:

    Eric Bana does the best impersonation of Orlando! It’s hilarious!

    They are really good buddies too, which is soo cool.

  4. 4
    irish lassie Says:

    Yeah hes happy cos Miranda isnt with him lol

  5. 5
    to jared Says:

    jared, better read your last thread on her before you assume so much.

    I have a feeling Miranda doesn’t want anymore post about her here.

  6. 6
    irish lassie Says:

    Jared, I see thru your wind up’s, 1st we had “Orlando likes em flexable” on MK’s post yesterday and now hes happy cos of Miranda??? LMAO I get you are trying to wind us up- it don’t work hun well not on me it doesnt lol

  7. 7
    Aussie Says:

    Miranda Kerr is the shiz.
    Don’t diss her.
    I reckon they make a cute couple thank you very much.

  8. 8
    irish lassie Says:

    Actually.. maybe Jared has seen the last thread.. think about it anal- “orlando from behind?” bit of a coincidence

  9. 9
    irish lassie Says:

    Aussie… and then you woke up.
    Is Miranda still with Orlando??

  10. 10
    bgl Says:

    Yuck. Can’t stand him.

  11. 11
    b!tches Says:

    *******!!! ******* *******!!!!! HATE YOU! HATE HIM!!!

  12. 12
    legs Says:


  13. 13
    @11 Says:

    If you are who you say you are from the other thread. I think you should have a friend email Jared-or do it yourself- and tell him to stop linking your names. It will keep coming up in the same threads.

  14. 14
    b!tches Says:


  15. 15
    corey Says:

    Orlando is so damed sexy, if he is single then I can forgive him! PMSL Wow is that an ass I see… woo hoo! let me squeeze it hunni pie!!!

  16. 16
    jamie Says:

    he’s so hot!!

  17. 17
    corey Says:

    You can’t beat pics where he is on his own- no distractions He looks so gorgeous though, I want to jump on his behind ;) lmao!!!

  18. 18
    becca Says:

    miranda kerr is so ugly! ewww i think kate bosworth and orlando was cuter…too bad they broke up

  19. 19
    irish lassie Says:

    Ok, now this might be hard for some but how about we dont mention or talk about MK in this thread? Let’s not give her the link to his name. As far as I’m concerned she isn’t in the pics so why discuss her? Let’s not give Jared or Miranda any satisfaction.
    Lets just admire the sexy. Lets try=PLEASE??

  20. 20
    Sigh Says:

    What a handsome man!
    When he smiles like that, I can’t help but smile too.
    Love the bum shot.

  21. 21
    why Says:

    so if he isn’t in Hong Kong already, why the need to drop out
    of the other movie?

  22. 22
    Take it to the bridge Says:

    This lucky b*stard is doing the gorgeous Miranda Kerr, i’m soooo jealous

  23. 23
    abc is as easy as 123 Says:

    I’ve just seen some other pictures and i think that mystery dude is Eric Bana

  24. 24
    Aaaw Says:

    Orlando is cute and Miranda is beautiful.

  25. 25
    Hi there, how you doing Says:

    It’s a shame that there’s no pics of sexy Miranda :(

  26. 26
    ~K Says:

    Is happy because he is “in love” or he is happy because he is relieved that she is gone…either way, I’m glad that he looks better now. He always seems to look a lot better in the pics where he is not with her. Just an assessment…*shrugs*

  27. 27
    Jaded Says:

    He looks just fine to me. Been kinda miserable lately but he seems to have a good time here. Maybe it has nothing to do with girls, he might just be happy to be working again soon.

  28. 28
    mouche Says:

    The mystery dude IS bald Eric Bana lol lol !

  29. 29
    Nope Says:

    Orlando was best with Naomie Harris. She was the only naturally pretty one among the ugly dogs that chased him (Kate, Penelope, Miranda, Rumer).

  30. 30
    Mmm Says:

    It seems he’s off the An Education project for certain. Check out the following:

    I wonder what “the misunderstanding” was.

  31. 31
    ghost of gene rayburn Says:

    Hey dumb@$$, that “mystery male” is Eric Bana.

  32. 32
    xenu Says:

    I wonder what “the misunderstanding” was.


    It’s called a “scheduling conflict,” and it happens all the time. Sorry, no scandal to be had this time. For once, he didn’t do anything wrong. But don’t worry, I’m sure he’ll do something else unforgivable to get tongues wagging, like returning library books late, or not looking both ways before crossing the street.

  33. 33
    fired Says:

    He was probably fired. Be real, the writer is hinting at more than just a scheduling conflict.

  34. 34
    Chrissie Says:

    No photos of the mystery lunch companion ie Eric Bana. What a shame – I’d rather see his ar$e. Never mind.

  35. 35
    An Education Says:

    Orlando left the production in a huff because his role was cut down. His ego couldn’t handle it and everyone on the prod. was bitterly dissappointed. Ugly situation.

  36. 36
    annaspain Says:

    waou!!!!she is so hoottttt!!!!and really handsome!!!SPAIN love you,orlando!!!!!!

  37. 37
    Thirtyone ai Says:

    Wow, I’d say Miranda you scored yourself a real winner, a boy who likes it from behind and wears Mary-Janes, aw!

  38. 38
    @35 Says:

    What makes you think that? Not saying that isn’t very possible, just wondering if you are speculating or actually have some info on it.

  39. 39
    random Says:

    i love my air rift shoes. i am on my second pair which are totally worn out. i wear them to walk my dogs because the velcro is so easy to get on & you don’t have to wear socks. i wanted to get a pair for my dad but i can’t find them for men. they aren’t on the nike website. thanks for the post as i now know they make them for men so i will continue my search!

  40. 40
    Sarah Says:

    Proving yet again Orlando doesn’t give a sh!t what anyone thinks… look at the shoes… 90′s flashbacks. Regardless I’d still take him!

  41. 41
    Googler Says:

    Where is this mystery man you speak of? Am I blind???

  42. 42
    [☆F a m o u s☆] Says:

    what’s that smell?

  43. 43
    anonymous Says:

    wow this is the first time i’ve seen him smile in a long time he looked so miserable in the other pictures

  44. 44
    black Says:

    Looks just like the front….

  45. 45
    more pictures Says:

    here’s the ones with eric bana

  46. 46
    @35 Says:

    so has he been in London but just got back to LA after the AE mess?
    If thats true I’m sure it will come out in the open.
    How can he do something like that if a contract was signed?

  47. 47
    Karen Says:

    Lovely men, scruff and all. Don’t care why Orlando is smiling, just that he IS.

  48. 48
    Pam Says:

    Mary-Janes? WTF? The slammers are even stupider than usual today.

  49. 49
    It's Me Says:

    Orlando dropped out of An Education because he’s allergic to London. That happens when you become a Hollywood sellout. He looks terrible scruffy does not work on him.

  50. 50
    Orthopaedic Mary Jane Says:

    Those shoes look like a cross between an orthopaedic shoe and Mary Janes for little girls. Otherwise the man is scruffy good! I still dig him just not the shoes but then again he seems to like the crazy throwback shoes.

  51. 51
    Agus!! Says:

    yes he looks happy. Love him!!!!!

  52. 52
    Happy without MK Says:

    Oh, your info is so old, Jared. Didn’t you see her crying when he left her apartment in Feb? They are SO OVER. She started telling everyone “her secret” in her shoots in Jan/Feb and had her publist call the PAPs everytime they went out so he broke up and went public deep throat with long-face Willis in March just to piss her off. Someone’s now doing limbo in Miami and hooked up with “someone we E! Keep UP with” while the other one is in Malibu getting buff for the next movie. Oh yeah, he’s happy he doesn’t have that sap-sucker around!

  53. 53
    @52 Says:

    NY was just the last straw. I think after what she did at Christmas she was able to cry and beg her way back. Then she was quiet for like a minute, then she started doing it again. Yeah, she defintely called in all those silly sightings that second week. I think the London pictures might have been him giving in out of guilt as he was trying to ween his way out of the whole thing since Christmas.
    If she did spend his birthday with him in Jan, then she was back in NY right after that for a shoot so it was only that one week and then the miserable week in NY when they split.
    Since it turns out the Daily Mail was right about his movie thing it makes me wonder if they were also giving the ‘scoop’ on that Jennifer Aniston thing since they have the same pr team. Maybe it was to take the focus off of her since it said he was “casually linked” to Miranda only

    So are you saying she hooked up with Brody? There was a sighting of them in a blog hanging out after the event and also a pic of them in a picture booth that someone thought was maybe a way to say something to OB after his booth pics with RW. It wasn’t a romantic pic at all so I doubt that-just a coincidence.

  54. 54
    Nina Says:

    I HOPE ORLANDO KICKS ASS IN THIS FILM. GOOD LUCK BEAUTIFUL AND I HOPE IT’S A REALLY BIG HIT.And yes i agree, he’s happy because that fish eyed girl is not around. Did I mention, I LOVE ORLANDO!

  55. 55
    education Says:

    for Hornby to make that much of a comment is pretty telling. He is letting everyone know that it was Orlando’s fault, and he may have shot himself in the foot with his prima dona act there. He has left a bad taste in alot of peoples mouth with that act, and they are people who are important in Brithish films. Any bets on which movie will be the more crtically acclaimed. I think that a British film with respected actors may do better than an Asian kung fu type movie. The boy doen’st make great choices does he. And it seems he does everything possible to stay out of London, I wonder what the whole story behind that is. He went from loving London to not wanting to set foot init. I wonder if his mom and sister and old friends have told him that he is acting like an ass and they want to kick that ass, like he said they would if he started to act like a Hollywood sellout, oh wait he is acting like a Hollywood sell out

  56. 56
    Karmakey Says:

    Love him, love the smile. Don’t care about anything else except that he’s working again. Can’t wait for buff adventure/kung fu Orlando! Finally, a new movie on the horizon. Will definitely keep me smiling.

  57. 57
    @ education Says:

    Other than knowing that Hornby is ticked off about the situation, I don’t think that you can read anything else into his blog comment. He says “misunderstanding” – for all we know the producers/director misunderstood something about Orlando’s availability. I don’t think we can assume that the situation is Orlando’s fault.

  58. 58
    Jaded Says:

    Oh, WTF, around Nov-Dec we heard news of Brad Pitt getting out of at least two or three films. It probably happens all the time, except screenwriters don’t necessarily blog about it that often. So he left. Deal with it!

  59. 59
    education Says:

    quote from Hornby’s blog

    Orlando Bloom, by the way, is no longer a part of the cast of ‘An Education’. There was – ahem – a misunderstanding. It’s best not to say any more than that.

    That sounds like more that a scheudling conflict, that sounds like Bloom was acting like an ass and he could say something more that would not be flattering to Bloom, but is choosing not to. Very different than schduling problems. Sounds as though he made some enemines, not a very wise move for someone whose career is on the skids

  60. 60
    education Says:

    quote from Hornby’s blog

    Orlando Bloom, by the way, is no longer a part of the cast of ‘An Education’. There was – ahem – a misunderstanding. It’s best not to say any more than that.

    That sounds like more that a scheudling conflict, that sounds like Bloom was acting like an ass and he could say something more that would not be flattering to Bloom, but is choosing not to. Very different than schduling problems. Sounds as though he made some enemines, not a very wise move for someone whose career is on the skids

  61. 61
    ~K Says:

    @#59: I can’t read that “ass-behavior” anywhere in this text but maybe that’s just me. Sure there could have been something that went seriously wrong but on the other hand it doesn’t have to be on Orlando’s side.
    I will start to scratch my head if he is not starting to shoot anytime soon cause that would mean that there were no schedule-problems but maybe the $$ was not big enough…
    It doesn’t help to complain about spilled milk. And “The Red circle” was a great movie and I will give him a chance to ruin it before I definitely say he will.

  62. 62
    even if.... Says:

    ….he got out because his role was cut I don’t think that is a huge deal.
    His choice. He signed up for one thing and then it turned into something else that he didn’t want. If I agree to plan A and then you give me Plan B instead, I feel I have a right to change my mind.

  63. 63
    OMG Says:

    OMG FCUK ME!!!!!!!

  64. 64
    @education Says:

    Your right.
    The fangirlies just don’t want to believe it; they’re just relieved that the VS model affair seems to be over, so they’re willing to forgive and forget and resume worshipping at the temple.

    If it were just a schedule conflict, then everyone would be saying it; it does happen all the time–no shame in it. But instead we get the blog entry.
    Bloomie’s shot himself in the foot again. Enemies indeed. Amongst people who didn’t hold him in high esteem to begin with; people who are important in the film AND theatre business.

    Sad to see, but he is spiralling, and for the usual reasons, even if his fans don’t want to admit it. Some of his fans at least.

  65. 65
    @education Says:

    Yes, avoiding London at all costs.
    Seems he beget quite a few problems for which he doesn’t take responsibility. His rep isn’t going to get any better after this round of sh**e.

  66. 66
    @64&65 Says:

    show some proof then maybe people will believe it.
    You can assume all you want from the blog entry but it is just that
    your assumptions.
    Maybe more news will follow but until then it is anyone guess

  67. 67
    Jaded Says:

    BTW I love the thread on the MK-Soho pics. No one gives a damn for half a day, and then boom! A group of shippers post “omg she’s pretteeee” in a row. Makes me LOL.
    Sorry to mention here but I didn’t wanna post there. :)

  68. 68
    @66 Says:

    Just like a small number of fans assumed a few things about those Atelier pictures a year ago and were shouted out as “crazy to assume” from pictures and tab spin.

    Sorry honey, but I’m sticking with MY gut instincts when it comes to Bloom– I think he was the ugly misunderstanding behind the pullout too.

    Face it. He’s changed–and not for the better.

  69. 69
    erika Says:

    aww i love him i think him and miranda are a good couple

    if they even are

  70. 70
    @68 Says:

    fine. Stick with your gut feeling. But you admitted its just that. No proof yet.
    If they changed what was offered in the first place then he has a right to change his mind.

  71. 71
    kate Says:

    Orlando left An Education due to the fact that it conflicted with the timing of his other movie; Le Cercle Rouge. It has nothing to do with his ego.

  72. 72
    hmmmm Says:

    Wonder how long before we hear he and his UK management have decided to go their separate ways? He definately has chosen Hollywood and everything that goes with it.
    I feel sorry for his old friends and family.
    He really has seemed to turn his back on the UK. Too bad. He could still learn a lot from people over there. They just don’t kiss his celebrity ass enough I guess.

  73. 73
    @ 72 Says:

    I’m not so sure that you’ll see them go separate ways. He took his UK manager with him to the BAFTAs, she also encouraged him to do ‘In Celebration’. On the other hand, I haven’t seen Aleen, his US manager for awhile.

  74. 74
    question? Says:

    So Valentines Day promo is over, so I guess he’s into the “off-again” segment of his on-again /off-again “relationship”?

    Why does he always look happiest during the downtime portion of his relationships?

    So he fu/cheats around and renigs on contracts?
    Gee. Why don’t I like this new “I’ve turned thirty and won’t be so serious” Bloom so much?

  75. 75
    LOL Says:

    Now I get it. Those two g*d-awful, cheesy, groaners of UNO commercials were really just audition tapes for this kung fu movie?
    Groan 3.
    Please, oh please. I thought this Red Circle was supposed to be a serious suspense film, not a silent Orlando Bloom and his Eyebrow action film.

    @73. That would be a very interesting twist if these commercials and this new asian film were actually generated by his UK team, wouldn’t it? Maybe you’re right and its the Other that will be…whatever.

  76. 76
    commercial Says:

    you know I heard yesterday that the new 2009 Corrola gets like 34mile to the gallon or something like that. Right up there with the pirus anyway.
    thought that was interesting since he got so much flack for doing the commercial for that and it wasnt a hybrid but yet it gets better milage then some of the other hybrids

  77. 77
    irish lassie Says:

    Actually the RED CIRCLE is apparently doubtful to be a kung fu martial arts based movie so people are saying, I agree he seems to be doing a lot of work in HK lately, I’m sure some here would say that maybe the SGI leader is to do with that? I can’t say because I know nothing about that Ikeda man. All I know is Orlando seems famous in Japan, I dont hold out much hope for him being really good in this movie as he seems to act the same in everything, and I can’t see that changing now.

  78. 78
    irish lassie Says:

    Oh and regardless of whether it is “over” between him and MK, I still dont think he is a GREAT guy anymore, so nah I havent resumed anything , still think the same.

  79. 79
    the truth Says:

    You tossers. You all speculate without knowing c**p. His part in An Education wasn’t cut down – he was already committed to Red Circle and it ended up the training and shooting schedules conflicted. He had hoped to be able to do both, and it didn’t work out. It was always a possibility when he signed for An Education because of the prior commitment. Nick Hormby got his knickers in a twist because of him dropping out and took it public. Classy.
    And he spends time in L.A. because that’s where his business is – Hollywood is a company town. You’re a Wall Street banker, you live in NY. A U.S. Senator, you have homes in both DC and your home State.
    But then neither explanation would make for juicy gossip and ripping someone apart, would it?

  80. 80
    Sam Says:

    The truth- are you british I recognse 2 Brit words there lol
    I agree with you though. People- why care what movie he is doing- he is working, and thats good enough IMO

  81. 81
    tripe Says:

    the truth… LMAO is that supposed to be inside info? It aint everyone knows that already. Everyone is saying the same thing all over his fandom :/

  82. 82
    Uh Huh Says:

    Hollywood is a company town. All actors have to live there to work. Oh, so that’s why I haven’t seen James McAvoy, Keira Knightly, Johnny Depp, Daniel Day-Lewis, Ewan McGregor, Jude Law, Collin Farrell, Ralph Fiennes, Cate Blanchett, Javier Bardem and Kate Winslet in any movies lately. Maybe we need to hook these folks up with a LA realtor so they can get some work.

  83. 83
    the truth Says:

    @#82, you’re absolutely right. I’ve never seen photos of ANY of those people in L.A. Ever.
    Just because one sees pap photos of someone in L.A. doesn’t mean they’re there full time. Sheesh.

  84. 84
    ricki Says:

    So we have him dropping out and he’s automatically the bad guy? Nick Hornby can’t possibly be the bad guy in this situation? Are you guys freaking kidding me? You act like a bunch of scorned harpies because he dared to *gasp* act like a normal guy and sleep with a beautiful woman that he liked. Get over yourselves.

  85. 85
    @84 Says:

    Well said.

  86. 86
    KC Says:

    I love orlando, but he’s wearing girl shoes…I hate girl shoes on guys.

  87. 87
    Oh Boy Says:

    I love the fact that you ex-fans are so damned predictable. If anything happens it HAS to be Orlando’s fault.
    Hornby never said that it was Orlando’s misunderstanding, only that there was one. He could be angry at the director for not getting the timing right, and losing a major name for the film. He could have been mad that they butchered his script, changing roles around and making Orlando hate the changes. He could be p!ssed that losing Orlando, means that he lost a chance to open his work to a larger demographic.
    We don’t know, yet you automatically rush to make Orlando the bad guy. As others have said, he is nothing but professional in his work, and has NEVER had a rep as being a Diva. Yet you want to hate him so bad, that you make stuff up just to spread your venom.

    What we DO know, is that we originally heard that filming would take place during March and April, now the news states that it would film through May. A month is quite a difference. That screams ‘scheduling conflict’ to me.

  88. 88
    sexy sailors Says:

    Oh come on ricki, with that then to you Orlando cant possibly be the bad guy tho can he? Think on this Hornby guy is a well respected writer and director, do you HONESTLY think that he is going to make up something, or pretend that he is pissed off just for no reason? Maybe YOU should face that Orlando isnt such a professional guy after all!!
    Sleeping with a beautiful woman he liked? FFS we arent kids here, he has prob slept with beautifuller women than plain jane Miranda with the shark nose- he has had one night stands since the age of 16!!!! He has prob slept with near 80 women, Im sure a lot of them were gorgeous- what the hell has that to do with why people are suspect because a respected british writer and director is hinting at Orlando being less that professh!
    Orlando is a joke here in the UK its more a case of Orlando who?? Nick Hornby is respected very much so, so I doubt he has just sour grapes that he had another film and couldnt do his- why would this experienced director give a two ton toss about something that apparently “happens all the time” added to that fact that Orlando must have had a “get out cluse” added to that said contract that Hornby himself will have agreed to, so why the hell would he be effed off about that if he knew it might happen anyway?? Think about it thicko!

  89. 89
    ricki Says:

    Or maybe you should face the fact that you lack objectivity and the ability to read. Did I say Orlando isn’t at fault? No because I don’t have all the facts and neither do you. Jealous harpy, jealous harpy, jealous harpy.

  90. 90
    ricki Says:

    Oh and Orlando most probably told them about his other committment, so they knew abotu his schedule before hand, and if they adjusted or changed theirs, then they had to have known it would affect if he could do the film or not. How’s that for logic? Is it hard for you to follow along?

  91. 91
    sexy sailors Says:

    LMAO jealous of what?? Tell me??
    It’s you who can’t follow logic!! CANT YOU READ? I said that he had a get out clause in his contract because of the other movie duuhhh!! So they will have already known that! FFS talk to myself it seems

  92. 92
    @truth Says:

    I see, he spent years building a house outside of London, a house he talked about, a house he went over budget on so it could have all the green elements he wanted, a house he shopped and cared about a great deal. And he built that house knowing that he would HAVE to live in LA. Sure the other actors mentioned show up in LA, Johnny Depp, Daniel Day-Lewis, Ewan McGregor, Jude Law, Collin Farrell, Ralph Fiennes, Cate Blanchett, Javier Bardem and Kate Winslet , but they don’t live there, Bloom has spent a total of four months in the home he lavished years in building. He has set foot once in London since September and then only for a quick weekend. This is the same guy that said the bad thing about making movies was missing his family and friends at home. And now when he has a chance to work in London, with the creme of London actors he backs out. And no it wasn’t scheduling problems because it has been announced that Red Circle isn’t filming until later this year. And since St. Bloom can do no wrong it is all Hornby’s fault for dropping a hint that he may have acted like an ass. Hornby who is a fantastic author, and a respected part of the British movie scene. If for no other reason is seems he should have kept the role to allow him sometime at home with his friends and family and to work in a respected British production that may have opened some other doors for him. His fans are the biggest bunch of ostriches I have ever seen. I truly believe they could find him with a bloody knife over a body while he confesses loudly that he did it, and his deluded fans would still say it wasn’t his fault. If anyone else but their sainted Orly had pulled half the crap he has and they would turn their backs in a minute.

  93. 93
    Jaded Says:

    @92 I don’t really see why couldn’t someone be a fantastic artist AND an a$$hole at the same time. Not saying NH is, just saying there’s no contradiction. I love his books btw. That blog entry hinting at conflicts was quite unprofessional though. Just my two cents.

  94. 94
    Lc Says:


  95. 95
    @93 Says:

    I am not saying that it is possible, what I find funny is that Orlando is the one who dropped out, and used the pathetic excuse that it was schduling problems, he dropped out just as the production was beginning, and yet NH is the one who gets the blame because he let it slip that he wasn’t too happy about it. Why blame him, he didn’t do anything wrong other then be a bit peeved that an actor who accepted a role dumped the whole production because he didn’t get what he wanted. I would put NH accomplishments up against blooms any day, and 20 years ago he will still be a wonderful author and Orlando may well be just yesterdays flash in the pan.

  96. 96
    set ups Says:

    you know I had always thought all miss kerr’s pap pics with bloom were set ups but wondered why the ones from the apartment she looked like crap. Now if what was said on the other thread is true, that she was planning on going with the buddha boy but he told her no at the last minute, it would make sense that she had called them thinking they would get pics of the happy couple going to the airport. Instead they got him going alone and her looking dejected holding the dog.

  97. 97
    the truth Says:

    #92, congratulations – for someone who appears to not like Orlando, you show an amazing ability to keep track of all of his comings and goings.
    And you must be up on international law as well. Last time I checked, it wasn’t a fooking crime to have homes in both the US and the UK. There are a LOT of people, show business or not, who own homes in both places. (Or, God forbid, like Brangelina, who have many homes all over the world. Why isn’t Interpol on the case?)
    Hornby is indeed a good author, but that doesn’t immediately make him a nice person. By blogging what he did for everyone to see, he shows that he has a complete lack of class as a person. BTW, and he only has one other screenplay to his name – Fever Pitch. In spite of Colin Firth, the movie sucked. Or should I say the script?
    Actors drop out of films for all kinds of reasons, and the reporting by the producers that it was due to a scheduling could mean it was just that. It isn’t some GREAT CONSPIRACY to screw up Hornby’s life, FFS. (Isn’t it also possible that the producers jumped the gun when they announced they had signed him, and citing a scheduling conflict is a graceful way to say they didn’t? Nah, that would never happen Hey maybe the script sucked. Did you ever think about that?)
    And by ‘crap he’s pulled’, I assume you base that on facts as well. I don’t think he’s a saint (I hope not, that would make him boring as s**t), but you seem to be basing everything on gossip sites and magazines. To be so well educated on top of having a knack for deduction of a person’s character must be quite a burden.
    Or it could just be that you’re taking the p*ss.

  98. 98
    irish lassie Says:

    I agree with that #96, it makes much more sense lol
    She looked like crap and he looked as though he didnt give a damn!

  99. 99
    @97 Says:

    so classic, number one attack the poster who may disagree personally. That way you diminsh their crediablity, never mind it makes you look as though you can’t come up with a valid arguement to support your position

    Yes people do own homes in more than one country, but typically they also live in those homes at least part of the time. He has been on a break, vacation or whatever since sept and yet has made no effort to spend anytine in his home that he says he loves in a house he lavished money and time on. No time living close to family and friends those who he said were the most important things in his life. Seems a bit odd doesn’t it

    He was a producer on About a Boy, and wrote the novel High Fidelity. so yeah I think he has some credibilty where movies are concerned.

    They jumped the gun, oh please it was in Variety and a number of other respected industry publications. I don’t think they would have announced in such reliable sources if they were jumping the gun. And if the script suckied why would he have signed on in the first place

    He hasn’t made some of the best choices in his personal life, pawing women, the accident, and that is something we probably don’t agree on, cheating with a woman who was in a relationship with another man.

    He has had several things annoucned that he would be in London for, film judge, etc and the only one he showed up for was the BAFTA;s and he spent like two days there and then left.

    I think you are so desperate to explain anything away that doesn’t fit the carefull built image of Orlando Bloom and mr perfect you can’t be objective about some of his possible problems. Dream on, eventually you will have to admit that the man has his problems and the image and the person are two different things.

  100. 100
    @92 Says:

    Just so ya know……tomorrow is “later this year”.
    If Red Circle starts in May, THAT would be a freeking schedule conflict, since Education will still be filming.
    What don’t you understand?

  101. 101
    @100 Says:

    you really believe it is gonna start filming tomorrow, that is kind of reaching don’t you think. It will be interesting to see when it actually does start filming. And if Orlando’s part is small it seems like they could have gotten most of his stuff done first. The whole scheuling conflict was his teams way of saving face for him.

  102. 102
    so Says:

    he is in CA and she is in NY, if there is true love why aren’t they together? Oh I forgot she has that important book to finish the one that is going to be such a inspiration for young girls about how to treasure yourself. You know the one that says live healthy, no jucie fast that makes you **** out everythink you eat, no jumping into bed with boys just because everyone is doing it, but to only sleep with someone because it is an important relationship, The one that says you should be secure in yourself as a woman and you don’t need a man to complete your or to make you valuable. Wait, SHE is writing this, Wow she must have one hell of a ghost writer lol Maybe Orlando will write a forward about how the reason he loves Miranda is she is a strong independent woman , who also loves anal sex, now that is something every young girl needs to know, anal sex will get you any guy you want.

  103. 103
    the truth Says:

    @99 – Yeah, what the heck, I’ll rise to the bait.
    so classic, number one attack the poster who may disagree personally.
    ~ You call that attacking? Shoot, I was aiming for sarcasm.

    Yes people do own homes in more than one country, but typically they also live in those homes at least part of the time.
    ~ And he does. I must have missed something, he own two homes but never lives in either one? Always stays in a Hotel? You are making no sense at all.

    No time living close to family and friends those who he said were the most important things in his life. Seems a bit odd doesn’t it
    ~ No, it doesn’t. There is such a thing as international telephone service, EMails, or flying said family and friends to L.A. when they can visit, as he has before. And, believe it or not, he may even have friends in L.A. (And family too.) In this set of pictures, he was with Eric Bana. OMGWTF??

    He was a producer on About a Boy, and wrote the novel High Fidelity. so yeah I think he has some credibility where movies are concerned.
    ~ Producer credits are often given to authors as part of the deal when film rights are purchased; sometimes they actually ‘do’ something, sometimes they don’t. As for High Fidelity, I didn’t know that selling film rights were part of ‘credibility where movies are concerned’. He certainly has cred as an author. In films, not really proven, but that may come with time. (Though appearing to be dissing actors publicly may not be the best move.)

    They jumped the gun, oh please it was in Variety and a number of other respected industry publications. I don’t think they would have announced in such reliable sources if they were jumping the gun. And if the script suckied why would he have signed on in the first place
    ~ Where do you think Variety and HReporter get their news on films and those in the film industry?? Producers or their publicists. And about the script sucking – it was a JOKE. Every other possibility that how it could have been Orlando’s fault has been mentioned, why not that?

    He hasn’t made some of the best choices in his personal life, pawing women, the accident, and that is something we probably don’t agree on, cheating with a woman who was in a relationship with another man.
    ~ Pawing women? Yeah, according gossip sites/magazines (‘according to our source’). Accident? Caused by paparazzi. Cheating with a woman (meaning Miranda, I suppose)? Again, gossip sites/magazines – and blogs like this – guessing as to when Miranda and he started seeing each other as more than friends, and whether or not she was ‘cheating’.

    He has had several things annoucned that he would be in London for, film judge, etc and the only one he showed up for was the BAFTA;s and he spent like two days there and then left.
    ~ Film judge: The press releases and articles about the competition said he was part of a panel judging the films, not that he’d be at the actual ceremony. I think Kevin Spacey is the only one who showed up, and that’s because he’s working there with his theatre company. They all likely saw the films via screeners, then cast their vote(s). Kinda like judging the Oscars, maybe? Speaking of Oscars, I noticed a lot of presenters, nominees and recipients flying to L.A. for only the ceremony, and leaving within a couple of days. Isn’t that the same?

    I think you are so desperate to explain anything away that doesn’t fit the careful built image of Orlando Bloom and mr perfect you can’t be objective about some of his possible problems. Dream on, eventually you will have to admit that the man has his problems and the image and the person are two different things.
    ~ I didn’t say he was a saint or that he was perfect. I do, however, think is he unfairly judged – as many in the public spotlight are – because of gossip and innuendo that has no basis in fact. We all have problems (including me, including you). But passing judgment on someone’s ‘image’ or character based on gossip and innuendo? Reminds one of high school.
    I think a lot of people in the public eye are given credit for a lot of things for which they don’t deserve – and a lot of criticism for things that simply aren’t true. It just isn’t right. Anybody can post something on the internet, be it MySpace, LJ or JJ. Choosing to believe it all reminds me of a diet pill commercial on TV these days – ‘we couldn’t say it if it wasn’t true’. Suuure.

  104. 104
    @103 Says:

    Great post!

  105. 105
    pam Says:

    #92 – Carey Mulligan, Dominic Cooper. Who?
    I mean: ooh, a bit part with the ‘creme’ of London actors! Orlando’s career is ruined!
    After all, it’s not like Orlando ever got to act with Ian McKellen or Cate Blanchett or Ian Holm. Instead he’s been stuck with international nobodies like Johnny Depp or Heath Ledger or Geoffrey Rush or Ewen McGregor or Tom Wilkinson or Kirsten Dunst or Edward Norton or…you get the idea.
    Also, does it make any sense to spend all that money building a house and not go there? How do you know he doesn’t?
    There’s a truly mind-boggling amount of talking out of one’s @$$ going on here. This board is peopled by those who think that anything they don’t read about doesn’t exist and fill in the gaps with their own prejudices and leaps of illogic. For example, #102 has somehow decided that she knows Miranda’s sexual preferences based on some stupid innuendo she probably misunderstood. For all we know, Miranda might like it that way, but leaping to the conclusion that you actually know….
    I have never seen so much hate and bitterness directed at someone who is not perfect but hasn’t done anything to deserve this.
    Except possibly for poor Rumer Willis when she was seen in Orlando’s vicinity.

  106. 106
    @105 Says:

    Pam, i love you.

  107. 107
    Take it to the bridge Says:

    well said PAM:D and as for all the haters haha your all idiots. You obviously hate the guy yet there doesn’t seem to be a single poster on here that knows more about him than you lot do lol Please don’t tell me that you actually go to the length of researching a person in order to help you validate your hate out loud for every body to hear duh! wow what sad little people you are. I think that some people on here are sporting some mighty egos and blatantly getting off on putting others down. All that energy that you waste typing out your bitter jealous words of hate could be spent doing things way more useful, like jamming your fingers in your eyes you sad little cretins haha seriously get a life or just shut the fcuk up :x

  108. 108
    Proof Says:

    These must be the pictures to prove that he’s not in rehab (unless it’s one of those places that let you out during the day). At least not yet!

  109. 109
    ~K Says:

    Oh, we are in that “everyone-gets-at-everyone”-status again. I won’t say that everyone disagreeing with me is sad, pathetic or jealous. If they have another opinion, let them be. As long as they don’t freakily go on my nerves and try to convince me that their opinion is the only one worthy to exist.

    But if you want to get at each other what becomes absolutely senseless in the end, go for it! Who am I to keep you back?

    @108: What exactly was it that some people thought he was in rehab? I kind of forgot. Was there a concrete reason or just a random shot?

    @pam: And since the HB-article we all know what her preferences are…LOL ;-) Never mind, just kidding!

  110. 110
    @109 Says:

    Or he’s simply not in rehab. I love how everyone here takes comments anons those turn into facts.

  111. 111
    wicked wench Says:

    EVERYONE: The world does not revolve around Orlando Bloom. Read a quality book or watch the news. You all need perspective.

  112. 112
    wicked wench Says:

    PS: I’ll take Orlando Bloom from behind any day. Okay, NOW I feel better.

  113. 113
    Amy Winehouse Says:


  114. 114
    @truth Says:

    Wow you have a lot of time on your hands.

    Sarcasm huh, well you missed

    No one said he wasn’t living in his house in Hollywood, but he has spent a total of four months in the one he spent years building in London, and it isn’t as though work is keeping him away, hmmm and with the writers strike it isn’t as though there was much in Hollywood keeping him away either. Wonder why he hasn’t been home for months to spend some time in this house he talked about in many many interviews.

    Not unreasonable to think it was his fault, he is the one who dropped out just a few days before filming started.

    email and visits and phone calls are great things when you can’t get away to go home, but that isn’t the problem with him and it hasn’t been for over five months. and while a visit for a week or so is great, why not go back to London, which he considers home, and spend some time with some of those friends who may not be able to drop everything and fly to LA?

    Hornby, respected, talented, responsible and not pulling out of his contract
    Bloom not so respected as an actor, leaving film and everyone in a lurch, many doubt his talent

    pawing women, yeah if it was reported only one or two places I would blow it off, but it is said about him consistently in many different sources while he has been in several different countries, hmmmm may be something to that after all

    Accident caused by paps, then why no charges brought forward, If it was for sure with witnesses and all it seems they would have an open shut case, yet nothing seems odd. Of course the fact that he looked a little wasted may have something with no one wanting to pursue it. He dodged a bullet with that one and I think he and his pr people know it. They just want keep quiet and let it fade away.

    It seems just as high school to ignore obvious problems the man has and to explain everything away by saying it is only gossip or tabloids. My that tactic then Britteny Spears is the sanest and most down to earth person on the planet and only the victim of those nasty paps who make her life miserable.

    I think you have a little hero worship going on with Orlando and you can’t stand the fact that he is has some flaws, some fairly significant flaws. Is he a horrible awful person, no he, in my opinion is someone who isn’t handling fame very well and could use some help from those family and friends he said he was gonna count on to bring him back down to earth.

    Now if you have another treatise you intend to write, give me some time, I actually have a job that I need to spend sometime on, I don’t have the endless amounts of time that you do to pen epics on the heroic attributes of Orlando Bloom

  115. 115
    mabye Says:

    The reason he looks so happy is he had finally decided to make it public that he likes it in the behind, must be hard to have to always pretend he likes the girls instead of admitting he is one of the girls

  116. 116
    sillybilly Says:

    I’d hate to do this just when the conversation was getting really heavy but, any of you gals got any pics of Orlando bare naked ass?

    All this talk about blah, blah, blah, …ANAL SEX… blah, blah, blah…LONDON has really got me wanting to put a finger or two up his ****! He seems like the type who’d giggle once it’s in.

  117. 117
    sillybilly Says:

    …and by ****, I mean cornhole. Thanks for blocking **** but not ass, Jared!

  118. 118
    @105 Says:

    might be wise to actually know what you are talking about before spewing forth, but then what can you expect from someone who probably genuflects before her Orlando’s shrine before getting in bed and dreaming of him. But I think Emma Thompson and Alfred Molina and Peter Sarsgaard are pretty well thought of. I realize that some people only go to see the Will Smith, Tom Cruise action movies, but others actually like to watch movies where things don’t blow up all of the time, I do realize it requires a bit more concentration and usually some kind of brain power, so you may not be familiar with some of these actors who just you know act. Maybe poor Orlando couldn’t cut it in a script that didn’t have huge special effects, and the big blockbuster names to relieve him from carrying some of the acting load. I mean he has done three movies that I can think of that weren’t blockbusters, and they weren’t exactly standouts in the indie movie field were they? Haven, horrible reviews, Ned Kelly they didn’t even like it that much in OZ where it was made, and Calcium Kid which I think went straight to video. Poor Pam now you look like a little bit of a fool don’t you.

  119. 119
    What I've Heard Says:

    Sorry, sillybilly, I don’t think there are any pics. I’ve heard that it’s because he’s like a Ken doll – no private parts, just a void. No gonads to release hormones; testosterone is so important for libido. That’s probably why Miranda couldn’t keep him around. Her skills were wasted on the eunic. As for him liking you, maybe you have a shot!

  120. 120
    @118 Says:

    lol that was good and made me laugh

    don’t you realize that pam, truth take it to the bridge are proably the same sad person determined to make their point. They post under a bunch of different names to make it look like everyone thinks like they do. They do it on almost all of the Orlando threads, everyone knows it and laughs about it. The poster will come back at you with a bunch of nasty posts all under different names.

  121. 121
    Cornholio Says:

    Amy Winehouse, you rock!

    Silly Billy, exactly in his cornholio, loves it, loves it!

  122. 122
    @119 Says:

    So that is why he has said he would never do nudity in a film? I think there was a brief glimpse of bare ass in some show he did before he was famous, but that is pretty much it. Now I understand why his love scenes seem so underwhelming, you need to have it before you can use it. Poor guy, all those beautiful women and nothing he can do about it

  123. 123
    sillybilly Says:


    Yeah I kinda figured he was a Ken doll when they “strategically” covered his nads in Troy. I remember feeling scared he might have a tiny, daycare-d!ck. How can a man with such a beautiful face have a gawd awful body like that?

  124. 124
    gay Says:

    I really do think he is gay, he is always so much happier when there are pictures of him with his guy friends. I don’t think I have ever seen him look this full of joy with a woman by his side. He isn’t even capable of admitting he is dating or seeing a gril. I think he hates that he has to live the lie so he tries to pretend he isn’t being set up so they can get pictures of him with a woman so people won’t figure out that he likes men instead.

  125. 125
    @122 Says:

    well, the kiss and tells’s have said he was very good.
    However, Matty Ford did say he was kind of selfish but
    she was a one night stand. None of them said he was lacking in ability.
    They were happy customers.
    Now, if an ex who was dumped should come out and slam him that can be taken as sour grapes.,especially if they didn’t seem to mind those same smelly things when they were in the relationship.

  126. 126
    yup Says:

    They don’t call him Back Door Billy for nothing, ya know!

  127. 127
    lol @ 126 Says:

    no wonder all of his girlfriends go on juice diets They got to get the ******* cleaned out for him, wouldn’t want any nasty oders or ahemmm other stuff comming out back there.

  128. 128
    @124 Says:

    I have only read two kiss and tells, one who said he was some kind of love god and most people thought it was pretty suspect, and the other by Maddy the one night stand who was more believable since she actually was in a movie with him. Her report was less then wonderful. Said he got done pretty fast. Seems like there was something about him by Sophie Dahl who said he had a hard time gettin it up sometimes, so I don’t think all of the reports have been that great.

  129. 129
    Derek Acorah Says:

    When in doubt use the gay card. *rolls eyes*
    Maybe he is just happy with people he is fond of maybe he just hasnt been that fond of Kate OR Miranda
    Hasnt it ever occured to some people that the Ho’s he actually are seen with are because they are nothing but eff buddies/ and or he doesnt have much feeling for them apart from sex, and yes I mean Kate too, after all just because a man is with a woman for APPARENTLY 4 years(in an on/off relationship) doesnt mean he actually loves them, I just think he hasnt been in love yet, simple as that,the only guy this man loves is himself.
    After all to many a man (and woman)its easy to have sex with NO feelings whatsoever for the person., I think he catagorises women, (to ****- to fall in love with)and the likes of Kate and Miranda are just convenient eff buddies IMO. I have seen him with some women and he seems pretty glad to be round them- Liv, Kiera, Kirsten…even the model Veronica Taylor lol
    It doesnt help that the 2 women he has been seen with were/are both famewhore celebswho enjoy the paps being there.

  130. 130
    Derek Acorah Says:

    Even some s1utty footballers in the UK dont get as many as 2 kiss and tells and they sleep with hundreds of sloots, makes you wonder how many women hes had, I’m guessing near 80 – if he has been having one night stands since 16-18 then he could reach that amount easily he could do 10 women in as many weeks.

  131. 131
    Derek Acorah Says:

    Sophie Dahl?? Where is this please? I know there are pics ofthem at same party when she was chubs, but where is the blurb about this, or yet again hearsay???

  132. 132
    Derek Acorah Says:

    I can never forget that story online when a girl claimed she worked on a play with him before he was famous and she gave him a blowjob, he then asked to return the favour but she refused because she didnt feel “fresh” enough, did anyone think that story was true? :/

  133. 133
    @130 Says:

    I am thinking in the hundreds. London at 16 if he only did 20 one night stands in a year and he could have, then once he got famous He probably hooked with women whose names he never knew, and faces he wouldn’t remember. He doesn’t seem the type that sex really means anything to, it is just a **** to him.

  134. 134
    Derek Acorah Says:

    Yeah 133, You are prob correct, also i bet he went mental sh@gging in NZ, you can imagine him using the “Im gunna be famous once LOTR’s comes out” as a chat up line LMAO!!!!

  135. 135
    Derek Acorah Says:

    i MEAN think on.. this is a guy (and he admitted this himself) who used to lick his finger, wipe it on a womans dress and say “let me help you out of those wet clothes” as a chat up line!!! He was defo a typical London cliubber One night stander, when I used to go clubbing I was told by plenty of men that when a group of lads go out they always make sure they ALL get a different woman to go home with every week, Orlando hung out at places where Models hung out, so I can imgine he got plenty of beautiful women to take home.

  136. 136
    lolz Says:

    Orlando also said he got “mercy f*cks” because he was the “kid with the broken back”. I’m sure he was serious about that too.

  137. 137
    the truth Says:

    @114: You obviously…obviously…uh…sorry, I keep falling asleep reading your repetative drivel. You obviously have a lack of basic comprehension of the English language, judging by how you interpret what I said. Oh, and a continued penchant for believing everything you read – most ‘news items’ come from the same original source, so it’s possible to you read the same garbage over and over and over…
    Oh, sod it. I’m tired of this battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.

  138. 138
    sillybilly Says:

    @ Derek Acorah

    I personally don’t think he’s gay. I just wanna play with his ass because he’s seems like the type that might be into that kind of freaky sh!t. Well based on his manwhore rep in the media anyways.


    Please, for the love of Astroglide, don’t start up that he lives in London/ he lives in LA/ he lives in Miranda’s ass crap again. You think he’s kinky in the sack or what?

  139. 139
    Derek Acorah Says:

    I can imagine that when he broke his back after, I bet he used that as a chat up line too, and women thought “aww” and I bet he got a fuc* with them cos of it, so yeah thats what he prob means.
    I just think that if his “inno orli” fans knew the reality of how much sex with strangers he has had all for his own pleasure they would be shocked, I think a lot think because he comes across as dippy, likes his dog, goes to that place for UNICEF to kiss kids and says some nice things sometimes that there is no way he would have dirty cold hard sex just for his own pleasure with diferent women now is there?

  140. 140
    lolz Says:

    Derek: you’re really…….. special, ain’t ya? Do you have an ounce of proof for any of your theories. Cuz ya know that’s all they are, right? You have theories about Orlando just like the “inno orli” fans have theories. You’re no different from them. You just think you are. If you think at all, which is highly doubtful. And before you come out with some nonsense about how I am an “inno orli” fan (love that, did you make that up too, it’s as special as you), I don’t think he’s a saint but I don’t think he’s the devil. Actually I think that the sum total of what I know and you know and any fans knows about what goes on in his life amounts to about zero.

    So again, got any cold hard facts to back up what you say? Not tabloids, not comments online, not something you heard from a friend of a girl who f*cked a guy who is marrying the woman who does you’re former roomate’s best friend’s sister’s hair who totally knows Orlando does hookers and trannies and is currently in rehab again after Eric Bana drove him back. Anything??


    Didn’t think so.

  141. 141
    Derek Acorah Says:

    LOL sillybilly- you go for it girl!!!!lol

    Actually back to the anal thing… what is the percentage of men that actually like it? I have had a few guys and none have been into it.. so is it really that popular or is it just people on the internet who seem to be into it more? lmao!!!

    I dunno if he is kinky as such the only kinky things ehs mentioned are:Kate peeing on him on a chat show- yet as he kept joking it was a turn on- it prob werent as surely you woulndt keep saying it if ypu REALLY thougt it would you??? and the “stick it up her arrse” that he was overheard saying apparently over the phone to a mate that was apparently a joke :/

    Lets discuss,.. lol

  142. 142
    Derek Acorah Says:

    lolz… its called SPECULATION, I thought thats all of us were doing here.. its come from his own gob that he has slept around when he was younger or “sowed his wild oats” as he called it so I’m going by what he has SAID.
    Didnt know I needed a disclaimer :/
    Man you are harsh lady-don’t get your tampon in a twist, its only all a fun game!

  143. 143
    lolz Says:

    Oh, and one more thing, I can’t wait for this inane conversation to become “fact” when in later posts the comments about Orlando and his hundreds of 1 night stands are cited as the truth. Do any of you even listen to yourselves? Or are you as blinded by hate as the fangirls are by love? And someone tell me how that makes you any better. Nevermind, you’re just see “teh truth” I forget, sowwy.

  144. 144
    Derek Acorah Says:

    lolz we are bored we dont HATE him, i dont anyway!!! We are just discussing something to pass the time- like I say eh ahs said he has slept around, so we are just wondering how many, thats all jeeze!!
    If you are bored then goodbye, no one makes you stay now, nobody is claiming anything as fact!
    I like him so whats up eh??? Is some kind of ghost posessing you to click on the JJ link?

  145. 145
    balle Says:

    Yes LOZ… why you here then? Weird…

  146. 146
    lolz Says:

    Orlando said he had 100s of 1 night stands? You’re taking something he said and turning it into proof of what you want to believe to back up your speculation. Hey, that’s cool, that’s what everyone does. Just as long as you don’t start believing your own press. *g*

    What makes you think I’m a lady, anyway? And are you British?

    Are you serious about the Leno thing? You realize it was a story about being stung by a sea urchin? Do you think everything Orlando says is serious? The man never jokes? Like, ya know, he even said Haven would be bigger than Pirates!! What an egomaniacal freak, thinking that his movie would out do Pirates! I bet he really hates Johnny Depp too. And that he’s really a virgin, you know he said he was in an interview, uh huh, I heard it myself, saving himself for marriage!

  147. 147
    Derek Acorah Says:

    Oh and loz… why does him sleeping around and us discussing it seem like we hate him? What is wrong for a man to sleep around? Its very common and doesn’t make him a bad person. You are one weird chicklet!

  148. 148
    lolz Says:

    Where did I say I was bored? I’m quite entertained by you. Please, don’t stop commenting. If you’re bored and like making up stories you should try fanfiction.

    Why am I here? I’m a fan of Orlando Bloom’s same as you claim to be. It’s a free blog, ya?

  149. 149
    lolz Says:

    You hate someone, dear Derek! I guess it’s the fans that don’t see Orlando how you see them? Fine, you don’t hate him. You just hate that anyone could disagree with you. I get it. It’s annoying when people don’t agree. For the record I don’t agree Orlando’s innocent, and I don’t agree he’s had a lot of sex with women.

    You didn’t answer me, are you British?

  150. 150
    Derek Acorah Says:

    lolz.. the sleeping with over 100 women was specualtion NOT fact.
    yes I’m British
    I said the urine thing on him was HIM JOKING.

    I havent said anything as fact- honest. All I’m saying is we are SPECUALTING. the only thing we KNOW is Orlando has slept around(his admittance) and had “dangerous women”… the rest is us speculaiing out of fun, no harm no nowt I promise.

  151. 151
    Derek Acorah Says:

    No..I havent jumped on anyone for their opinion, Im just saying that some people seem to think Orlando hasnt had sexual exp, yet he has said what he has said- thats all, nothing to with hate at all, I know ppl dont agree and thats fine and dandy, I respect what people think, about what I said about GAY comment and disagreed with that was because that is what I THINK. Thats all this is, and I’m not ATTACKING anyone for anything.
    Yep Im as british as fish and chips kid!

  152. 152
    Derek Acorah Says:

    Oh and the making up stories>> where have i?? How can u make up stories with speculation? LMAO
    Look if you dont know what Orlando himself has said then tuff, not my problem. Take that up with him not me
    I will not be replying to you anymore as YOU are the one attacking cos I dont agree with you! Hypocrite!
    Fanfic urgh please thats for the sickos.

  153. 153
    sillybilly Says:

    @ 141

    More guys are into it than they care to admit. They actually get off if you do it right. Remember that movie “Road Trip” with Tom Green and Sean William Scott?

    Just asking bloggers if they think he’s as bad as they say he is in the tabs. They really do paint him as a sleazebag trying to make him look like a ladies man. I don’t doubt his ability to get laid, I just doubt the quality of ass he’s getting.

    Penelope Cruz = Hell No!

    Rumer Willis = Right Up His Alley

  154. 154
    Briony P Says:

    @ lolz

    Why are you attacking Derek? He is speculating, like we all are, I don’t see any claims.

    Sick of people starting fights on here amongst each other, so full of hate and detestation!

    I was shocked when I read that Orlando had said he had slept around because I thought he was a “lovemaking in a relationship kinda guy” and yes , I was dissappointed by that. But it really doesn’t stop him being a wonderful person like he really is.

    I think that he doesn’t sleep around anymore and stopped doing that after his accident, we all have a past unfortunately. Notice BTW that I said think and not know, I’m speculating too and could be very wrong.

  155. 155
    lolz Says:

    You’re up late, what time is it in jolly old England?

    I know the quotes you mean. I simply don’t agree with your spin. To each his own, ya? I bet there are quotes of Orlando’s that you wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole as they wouldn’t fit your speculations.

    You don’t even know what I think, how can you agree or not? But fine, take your toys and go home if you must.

  156. 156
    derek acorah Says:

    It’s 2am here so?
    Lol why? I bet when he is in the right relationship with the right lady he can be a nice loyal loving boyfriend..see nice quotes from him I believe!
    No toys there, just can’t be arsed with the tooing and froing lol

  157. 157
    derek acorah Says:

    Oh and you DID say on page 5 that you didnt think he had slept around that much so yes thats your thoughts yes?
    I respect your opinion, but I dont have to agree with it, thats all.

  158. 158
    lolz Says:

    @briony: can you provide the exact quote where he admits he slept around? or do you mean the sowing wild oats quote too? you state it as fact but it’s still speculation. one person’s sowing of oats is vastly different than someone elses.

    about attacking Derek: there’s a fine line being tread here. One the one hand you’re saying it’s all speculation but you’re stating facts as in :

    “I was shocked when I read that Orlando had said he had slept around because I thought he was a “lovemaking in a relationship kinda guy” ”

    See? I am completely positive there is no direct quote where Orlando stated “I slept around” but you found something that made you speculate this and now you state it as fact. That’s my problem. Because then three posts from now someone will say, hey, it’s fact Orlando slept around with 100 women, I read it once.

    But ppeculate to you hearts content, by all means.

  159. 159
    lolz Says:

    No, Derek. I said I didn’t think he’s slept with a lot of women. That’s different than saying I don’t think he’s slept around.

    And that’s fine, Derek. I respect yours as well, and don’t agree. We’ll leave it here on this nice note. Have a pleasant morning.

  160. 160
    derek acorah Says:

    Ok lolz, thanks for that. :)

  161. 161
    ed Says:

    #158 : ffs let it go already, u sound way ott over this. orlando has said “sowing wild oats” in a legit magazine (i think GQ) so one can only take that quote as fact. in case u didnt know the term “sowing wild oats” means:

    ” if a young man sows his wild oats, he has a period of his life when he does a lot of exciting things and has a lot of sexual relationships”

    and that is from an actual dictionary site (

    no one is claiming fact but as that quote was said in a legit place one can only take it as fact he said but not fact he actually meant it if u like. if YOU dont like it – tough nipples, move on person, accept it!

    p.s u can do a lot of digging around yourself and see all of ob’s quotes from other sources, legit or not.

  162. 162
    peekaboo Says:

    do you know anything about him right?
    so do you know he’s in LA for what? for the arts martial training? probably cause NY is closest to LA than London? what else?
    it’s all about SGI and about the improvement he’s working out with.
    Just for the record: Orlando spent a few days in Oz during xmas holidays in Coffs Harbour they were seen shopping in the palms center and at some beaches.
    I have no intention to prove anything cause I’m the Prince of Darkness’ daughter.

  163. 163
    Give It A Rest Says:

    Oh God will the fake insiders give it a rest? Damn this is nothing but Kate Gate part 2, the exact same crap. Peekaboo get a life you read recently about Orlando’s SGI visit but that’s not the reason he’s in LA, they have a center in London too and Orlando was never in Oz over the holidays. He managed to make to make it down there when he was with Kate but a fling with a model doesn’t warrant such a trip. It’s sad when people try to get attention by playing the ole I-Know-Something-You-Don’t-Know game. Grow up.

  164. 164
    @162 Says:

    Hahahaha. good one.
    sorry, no way he was there and NO WAY it wouldn’t have been covered.
    Cabbage patch would have seen to it and no way she would have let herself be the laughing stock she was if he really did show.
    Not to mention the dt would have come to her rescue.

  165. 165
    degreehunter Says:

    WOW, thank you guys!
    I have just completed my BA in Psychology. I wasn’t sure if I was going to take my master’s but after reading these comments I now have the material to go on.
    Once again, my sincere thanks.

  166. 166
    @165 Says:

    How did people kill time at work before the internet?
    You have to admit this is more fun than xeroxing your ****-hole
    on the copy machine.

  167. 167
    @137 Says:

    well, truth (what a cute name did ya make it up yourself) at least this time you had pith on your side (do you need to look that up, I’ll wait). Believe it or not I do know that the same story gets repeated over and over again, and to add some cherries on top, I am intelligent enough to tell what they are. But, a story about grabbing a woman’s ass in London, wanting to bury his face in Elle McPhearson’s chest, another story at a event in London where he was leering and pawing another woman who was trying to polietly get away from him. The infamous incident where he went after Veronica Taylor and then the little jewel dropped about him pawing, and those were the exact words, Miranda (not that she didn’t enjoy it) are all different stories, at different times, and wait for it in different locations. Eventually ya have to start to wonder.
    Now you just keep patting yourself on your back about how brilliant you are, and by all means keep repeating it, maybe it will make it true.

    Now I am going to get back to the gossiping and speculation that is where the fun is.

  168. 168
    @167 Says:

    why don’t you get links tothose stories.
    On JJ you can only add one link to post though,
    The Elle one is common knowledge
    and so is VT
    But where is the one about a woman trying to get away in London
    and where was it ever written about him pawning mk? (not that they didnt have a fling but i dont remember anything ever written)
    Or are you making those ones up?

  169. 169
    @lolz Says:

    OMG I can’t believe you are spouting on and on about how he is such a innocent little thing. Honey if that makes you sleep better at night fine, but let’s get real here. He clubbed in London from the age of 16 and that is all about you take home for the night. He and his cast mates in LOTR partyed the whole time he was in NZ and somehow I doubt they were playing hopscotch. Then he is famous and women are literally throwing themselves at him, offering all kinds of sexual favours (give me a minute while I picture it) and I am sure he is turning them down right and left, because he is such a nice boy. I am sure he is telling them all I don’t do those kind of things. He may come across all sweet and boyish and that is probably helping him rake in the girls, but I get the impresssion (read that impression, my opinion) that he is taking advantage of almost all offers. In his interviews he comes across as way too knowing and far more experienced than you might like to believe. I also think he is very capable of mindless and unemotional cold *****, I mean he has been doing it since he was 16, it kind of becomes a habit. Personally I believe it is one reason he has a hard time connecting emotionally with women, after so many faceless nameless ***** it is hard to find much intimacy. Now if you don’t want to hear us speculate on what is probably the ugly truth about your boy, then I would go else where. Tell me were you one of those lonely old women who baked goodies for him during his play. I have to laugh at the image, don’t you just wonder what he said about all of that. Here he is 30 and there are all these middle aged biddies there with pastry, etc. He probably wonders if they want to fuc him or they want to fatten him up and make him brush his teeth. Too funny

  170. 170
    the truth is usually.... Says:

    …somewhere in the middle.

    He isn’t a monk. He had his share of one-nighers.
    Doesn’t mean he is incapble of connecting.
    LOTR he was single. Probably had lots of fun.He was then with Kate for 4 years.
    People can guess that he cheated alot but its just that, a guess. I think if he was that bad there would have been more kiss and tells if he was cheating on her non stop during that time. And if it was with KD then you sure can’t accuse him of going after the hotties. I think those two were just getting high buddies or drinking buddies. I think he has better taste than that.
    Then there was the last year when he was with pc for a few months and then MK on her booty call visits to london to try and reel him in.
    I seriously doubt we are talking in the 100′s here. Most guys do talk a heck of a lot more than they actually do.
    I also don’t think he is that cold about it.
    Hey, even the report of the girl giving him a bj and he offered to return the favor, now who says he isn’t a humanitarian?? J/K!!!!

  171. 171
    @168 Says:

    I don’t do others research unless I am getting paid. Sometimes if I feel sorry for an undergrad maybe. Tthe stories are out there. Poor thing that is the best you can do. Get backed into a corner and now you want links. Ever heard of a little thing called google? Use it, you will find them., The woman in London, and the ass grabbing in London were during the summer while he was doing his play, and the pawing MK thing was right after her VS show during December in LA. Have fun.

  172. 172
    @171 Says:

    it didn’t say he was pawing her the report said they were making out at the show.

  173. 173
    @165 Says:

    I did a whole paper on this for a psych class. Kind of got hooked myself. It is endlessly fascinating, and oddly liberating too. Some threads get a little more crazy than others. Stay away from the brangalina ones, those people are truly nuts. Tom Cruise is a kick, but the Orlando threads are the best. As you can read there are some who really believe he embodies all of the heroic attributes of the character he plays. He is loyal, and kind and according to some nutjob almost a virgin. Then on the other side of the coin, he eats babies and runs a harem. Always something new for the masses. And the best part is, it is all absoultly free, no charge. When ever I get freaked out over papers I have do,or meetings with my adviosr, I veg out here for a while, and then RL doesn’t look so bad anymore.

  174. 174
    @172 Says:

    Getting his grab on at the after-do was Orlando Bloom. He skipped the actual show, but nonetheless found time to paw Aussie model Miranda Kerr inside the Kodak’s ballroom.

    You sure as hell don’t know how to research this is a freebie, now look it up!

  175. 175
    @170 Says:

    He was on and off again with Kate for four years. Ever wonder why it was on and off. I don’t know for sure, but I have a feeling that she was a young girl who really cared about him so she would break up when she got him cheating and then get back together with him, or she could have just been using the publicity she got from being with her, but one way or another they were off during part of those four years. I wouldn’t trust him very far. Maybe if you were with him constantly, but I think he likes to play when mama isn’t home.

  176. 176
    @174 Says:

    sounds like Ted C. or someone like that.
    Either way they were having their fling/thing then so
    I wouldn’t put that in with him pawing women against their will
    He was making out with the girl he was with. So what?
    Why even put that in your list? Oh yea, to try and make your
    point stick since you don’t have enough real evidence.

    Please don’t forget to add that Veronica Taylor made a point of
    telling Orlando that the guy she was with was her ex bf as in +wink wink, Call me++
    Who knows if she was flirting back and she just got caught.

  177. 177
    @176 Says:

    Now you really sound desperate. I said that Miranda was probably enjoying the pawing.

    First you accuse me of making it up, then you accuse me of getting it wrong, and then when that doesn’t work you blow it off and make some stupid ass comment about how Veronica Taylor really liked getting grabbed by a drunken leech. Gee people like you are why the women’s movement is in the toliet. I don’t care how hot the drunken leech is, most women don’t want to be indiscrimetnly pawed by them. And I don’t think she was giving him the wink wink call me later vibe. Maybe you don’t give a damn about who grabs you and so were dumping what you want onto her. I got the vibe that she was embarresed by both of them, and she was more than a little pissed at being put in the middle of the Orlando show. Which he forced on her by dragging all the cameras over to watch him make an ass of himself talking to the guy who had tried to defend her. Lots of us are friends with old bf’s, and maybe she just didn’t want incorrect info about who she was dating getting in the press, but no you don’t think about that, all you think about is that she is a model bimbo so she must be panting after Orlando.

  178. 178
    @176 Says:

    If you are a man, then you are a jerk for automatically assuming that when a woman is treated like an object she secretly enjoys it, if you are a woman, shame on you for perputating the myth that all women are asking for it, People like you are the reason rapists get away with it so much, It is always the woman’s fault, never the mans.

  179. 179
    @177 Says:

    yes, you did say that MK might have enjoyed it but ,my point is that it has nothing to do with the conversation since she was his fling/thing at the time. It was not some random chic he was pawing, which has been your claim and the point of your discussion.Why don’t you just put kate in the mix? I’m sure he felt her up a few times in the four years they were together. duh.

    My other point about VT is that we didn’t see all of it. He didn’t drag the cameras over to watch it. He was walking away. It was the exbf that was still going at it in front of the camera and OB went back to talk to him. We do not know what happened inside or on the way out.

    I’m all for the woman’s movement but I also think that if a woman cries fowl for nothing she is setting it back as well. Part of the movement is the woman taking responsibility for themselves. I do think Orlando is a big flirt and sleeps around, no doubts. But I don’t think he is going around molesting people in clubs as you make it sound. He hit on VT, was she flirting back? She didn’t tell him she was with someone, we know that.

  180. 180
    @178 Says:

    Oh please, go give Gloria Alred a call.
    You two can both set the women’s movement back together.

    No, I don’t think its always the woman’s fault, but IN THIS CASE, I do think we don’t know all of what happened and Veronica very well might have been flirting with him back. Fine, you don’t have to think her last words were saying that but I do. We both saw the same video. I think she made a point of telling him that the guy was not her boyfriend. Have you ever been to a club? Do you think they sit around and play card games? Things happen.

  181. 181
    @179 Says:

    Well, let me put it this way, I wouldn’t leave an innocent young girl alone with him if he had imbibed too much. Now you keep on defending your point all you want, most people who can read, think and reason have a pretty good picture of a man who doesn’t realize the difference between being a flirt and being a leech. And why should she tell him she was with someone, it doesn’t sound like she was with someone other than an old boyfriend. I see if you are with someone then you are safe from being groped. so if you are alone then you are fair game. So no women should go to a club or a bar alone, unless she wants to be considered available to all the drunks. Yeah that sends a good messge for the women’s movement. Give it up, you were wrong and you just can’t admit it.

  182. 182
    @181 Says:

    Do you know how dumb you sound?? You are all on this thread talking about Orlando, um why is that??? And you think he has to go around pawing women?? Howz this scenario—Veronica hit on Orlando–Orlando thought she was single—drunk ex gets mad—Orlando doesn’t know it’s an ex until VT tells him. That is every bit as plausible. So Orlando is a normal 31 yr. old single guy who likes sex and this is strange how?

  183. 183
    @180 Says:

    I can’t believe what you are saying, before it was just two people who had to prove whatever their point was,

    Yes, I have been to clubs, and yes things happen, but a woman should never feel that it is ok to have some guy grab her when she doesn’t want him too. This is like back in the day when a rapist couldn’t be convicted unles there was an eye witness because you couldn’t take a women’s word for it, even if she had been beaten or obviously coercered.

    Sure she may have been flirting thinking she was in a club surrounded by people and she was safe. So if a woman flirts then it means she wants her ass or her breasts grabbed? I doubt the guy with her would have gotten that upset if it was just flirting. People like you make it scary to be a woman. When I am at a club I get to say who touches me and who doesn’t and that is the way it should be no matter where I am.

  184. 184
    crazy Says:

    Either everyone on here is some kind of neaderthal man, because if it is women posting this crazy crap then we are in big trouble. Some woman gets treated like ****, and it is all the guys fault. Be careful women if you are at a club and somebody the least bit famous grabs one of your tits, it is gonna be all your fault and everyone is going to blame you

  185. 185
    @181 Says:

    lol you think because you want Orlando so badly that every other women does to, You can’t imagine a woman turning him down, just because you wouldn’t. Him being famous just means he thinks he can get away with more than an average guy would. No I doubt that Veronica was coming on to him, and I think he was drunk and just assumend she would be flattered by his attention, and he was wrong and got busted for it. Next time some guy grabs your ass I hope you remember that you probably deserved it since you were being such a flirt. Women like you are why there are so many problems with stupid ass men

  186. 186
    @all Says:

    No-you are all crazy for assuming that Orlando grabbed or pawed Veronica, but since you all have invented huge imaginary theories based on crap it’s not a suprise.

  187. 187
    @182 Says:

    sorry that 181 message was really for 182, 181 actually made sense. women like 182 need to be ***** slapped god

  188. 188
    let it go Says:

    no one is saying its okay to go around and grab strangers. Stop twisting it. The point is there is no evidence Orlando does that except for a few ex fans who feel betrayed so they decided to use the Daily Mail as their standard.They same ones who bring up a situation where he is making out with the girl he is currently with as evidence of his groping stange women. Weird, Try harder. He is a normal 31 year old who hits on women at clubs. And get this, I heard from a friend of a friend who use to work at the Carl’s Jr,. near his house that she heard him say he actually liked to have sex sometimes! Shhh, please don’t tell the girls at ka-bloom that will really send them over the edge. Keep that little secret here.

    Give it up. VT made a point of telling him she was still single. Of course the other guy got miffed if he still had feelings for her. I’ve seen his myspace, i think he still digs VT. He was probably jealous.

  189. 189
    its all good Says:

    that is what places like this are for, to invent or gossip about crazy theories. If I wanted facts I would actually listen to what ever the hell the prof is droning on about.

    No he is still on his horse about how he should’ve gotten tenure, we have heard it several times this week.

    So please keep the fun coming and 186 if you don’t like crazy theories why don’t you trot over to a different site one that is more educationally oriented, coming on a JJ thread is just asking for it.

    Now some of us enjoy the entertainment but seems like you don’t so you can be excused. good-bye

  190. 190
    @187 Says:

    Because of course no woman would ever flirt with Orlando right? Or get in arguments about Orlando on an Orlando thread on JJ right? Or follow his every action right? Get your head out of your a** and worry about real guys that you really know and meet at a bar.

  191. 191
    lol Says:

    I know Orlando doesn’t read this crap. But good gawd if he ever did!!
    This alone might send him to rehab.
    I wonder if his friends show him this stuff?

  192. 192
    @188 Says:

    you are an idiot.

    Sure he likes to have sex, and I bet he does it every chance he gets
    you can’t prove your point so now you change the arguement. Old debate team stratgey usually makes you look like a total fool, and you are certainly doing that on your own.

    His friends have even said in interviews that when he gets drunk he gets overly friendly. I think with that natural inclination and the fame it has all gone to his head. Now keep trying to find some way to spin it so you don’t have to admit you are wrong, and by all means keep blaming the innocent party, that always plays well with the crowd.

  193. 193
    give it up Says:

    from the way this reads if Orlando hits on you and then gets inappopriately handsy the woman should immediatly drop to her knees and offer him a bj in gratitude that he has decided to notice her. All women everywhere in the land should lie down and spread the legs when ever Orlando is in town. No woman should ever reject his advances, because if she does then she is screwed up and a flirt and a tease and she is wink wink really saying she wants it from him bad. Now I understand. Every women in the whole world wants to fuc Orlando Bloom. That means he can do just about anything he wants to just about anyone he wants to. Hear that ladies we all need to give it up to Orlando.

  194. 194
    #192 Says:

    nope. No changing the subject. Just telling you you don’t have the evidence except a few tabs.
    No one said he didn’t get flirty when drunk. Just saying he doesn’t grab/paw innocent strangers.
    Elle is a good friend, if he made a comment who knows, he was maybe flirting. There is a pic of her posing happily with him at the same event. That is IF the comment about her breast was really made. It was in the daily mail.
    MK he was withat the time so whoever threw that out there was a jerk.
    VT was a girl at a club whos last words to him were “he is my ex bf”.
    The other girl I think that was mentioned from london was a celeb or sorts and assuming the rumor is true for a minute(we dont know) she was probably a friend as well. Did he pat her on the bum? don’t know(I think that is what was said).
    You still have no evidence that he goes around grabbing women at random.
    You are fueled by your hate and refuse to give it up. You are like a woman scorned. You sure do know a lot about him to know of all these article. You must have followed him and he let you down so now you need to paint him as a monster who has no self control.

    Why are you on a ob thread so much? If he is such an a-hole move on.

  195. 195
    @193 Says:

    you said it. I don’t know why all these crazy ******* think he is so hott. I read this crap because he has the craziest fans ever. Man could blow up a convent full of nuns and his fans would bake him apple pie and say it wasn’t his fault. No wonder they think everyone wants to get laid by st orlando. lol

  196. 196
    @194 Says:

    thank you you just made my point perfectly. I said if you read about it in one or two cases you blow if off. But there are many different stories in many different papers of many different instances and you illustrated that perfectly. I read OB threads because of what poster 195 said, it is crazy fun. And you can blame VT all you want it ain’t gonna change the fact that there was more than one eyewitness report that said he grabbed her inappropriatly. Now there is no way you are gonna switch from the OB religion, and there is no way I am gonna buy that the man hasn’t let fame go to his head and decided he is above the natural laws of decency, so you keep worshiping at the shrine, and I will just wait while the evidence keeps mounting up. You have changed your arguement several times, and now that you find the reports I said were out there are actually there you try to spin it so that a little ass grabbing and tasteless remarks were all in good fun. I am tired of argueing with a died in the wool Orly worshiper their brains have all turned to mush so they can only repeat the mantra Orly is great, Orly is good, Orly never grabs ass when knows not should.

  197. 197
    @196 Says:

    lol, I love that mantra we should get it printed and hand it out at his events.

  198. 198
    sad Says:

    seems there is 2 camps here, one camp gets yelled at for not buying into the gossip and one camp gets yelled at for wanting to believe every bad tidbit. You all slam each other but, all of you obsess and know and follow every little morsel of info. you can grasp about Orlando. Poor guy!

  199. 199
    Extra extra Says:

    Hmm… just wondering if any of you happened to see when he was a guest on Extras. He totally played into and mocked the “image” he supposedly is and during this he was REJECTED. It was hilarious! He knows how he is perceived and plays into it. Who wouldn’t in his position?

  200. 200
    tickets Says:

    but it is fun and no one has to go to all the trouble of buying tickets or even leaving their own house. They can just sit and watch, the ball goes from one court to the other and no one gets a neck ache trying to keep up. Personally I award points based on style and humor. The orli lover loses on both, but they are determined so you have to give them credit for that, the other one is funnier though, so they are ahead so far. Just buy into the show and RL kind of eases away and the whole world comes down to is Orli boy a drunken ass, *** grabbing sleeze. or is up to be canonized. Of course considering the reputations of some of the old popes and saints mabye he can be both at the same time.

  201. 201
    @199 Says:

    yeah his image is that he is a sex god and every woman wants him, reality not so much at least lately. He has been eclipsed by Zac Efron, and others. Maybe that is why he has to start pinching nipples, he is having a harder time gettin laid. Poor guy. I don’t think he would like the slimey image, the image he played up was he had to beat them off with a stick, not that they had to beat him off with a stick, or maybe he is just beating off more since his star has declined so dramatically

  202. 202
    @188 Says:

    #188–Are you kidding me?! You “checked up” on this photographer after his little skiff with Bloom? On his myspace?

    WTF? Who the h*ll do you think you are?! Bloom’s personal dragonslayer?! Defending him against all who challenge/don’t believe in St. Orlando?!
    Whoa. Talk about delusional fangirls overstepping boundaries….

    And this is precious, by your assessment, this guy “still loves” this ex, so of course he was “jus’ jelluz” of Bloom too. LOL.

    Honey, most of us here understand that this is entertainment, and that we speculate and snark as part of it. We don’t hate, but we don’t necessarily buy the image he’s tried to press at us either. At the end of the day, he keeps livin’ his life ,and we keep living ours.

    It’s “fans” like you who….oh what the FCK…no use getting angry with you; I feel too sorry for your type.

  203. 203
    @200 Says:

    He is neither! I think that is the point.
    He is a 31 year old single man who likes sex and women
    It doesnt make him the devil and he isn’t running for pope.He’s just a guy.
    He is normal its just that he has these freaks who follow his every move and try to crystalize every comment he makes.

  204. 204
    @202 Says:

    oh please. You’re the one who hates him but yet knows all about every article ever written about him and yet you still follow him.

    yes, VT was googled to see if she was famous model. Her myspace came up and lo and behold the guy was her friend there and it showed his page.

  205. 205
    HMMM Says:

    My little Orli Bloom was quite the naughy boy last week at the GQ Man of the Year Awards in London. He was said to be acting a damn fool, drunk and not understanding what was going on around him. He then tried to hit on all the chicks up in the joint, including Elle Macpherson who happened to be there with Paul McCartney. He was overheard telling her, “I just want to rub my face in your bosoms.”

    Now I am tired of doing your research, if you are gonna hurl stones make sure you actually have them. I am tired of proving my own point.

  206. 206
    @205 Says:

    and which tabloid was this from? I’m sure there is a reason you left that part out.

  207. 207
    extra extra Says:

    @201 lmao, well with all that has been said lately a beating might be right up his alley, wink, wink!

  208. 208
    miranda still telling stories Says:

    Turns out she was in LA for oscar night for sure.
    The shoot was for OZ Who magazine.
    She has another blurb in there lying about
    why she wasn’t at the oscar parties saying she
    had to get up early.The Herold Sun just ran a piece on the
    people that are in the mag. thats why it came up again.
    LOL. What happened to her Asia excuse? She didn’t have to stay out
    that late. The Demi party started much earlier.

  209. 209
    LOVERS Says:

    Hey all to Orli lovers, he already has two shrines set up for him. Ka-bloom where they whip themselves into a frenzy of lust everyday, and OLove where they have named days after all his characters, so the only place left for the people who think he is hysterically funny and more than a little sad is jj. I don’t go looking to stir up trouble at ka-bloom or OLove mainly because I am scared of those crazy b-i-t-c-h-e-s. But when they try to dominate the whole web world of Orli that is gettin crazy even for them. Usually they just talk about how nuts everyone who posts at JJ are and how sad it is that we haven’t come to the light, maybe they even pray for us, but I guess I missed their world Orli domination memo.

  210. 210
    @206 Says:

    I am tired of doing your research, first you deny it exist, then you try to spin it like it was ll in fun, then you when confronted with evidence you want to know where I found it, One last time LOOK IT UP!!!! and maybe you should just GIVE IT UP TO. Go to the Orli shrines and let the rest of us gossip and enjoy you are ruining the party.

  211. 211
    @204 Says:

    #202- Good Points!

    #188/204- Good job reinforcing her points! LOL.

    #196- luv luv that mantra!

    another round to team Groper

  212. 212
    @200 Says:

    umm you do understand this is a real person your talking about-you know a person with feelings and a real life-not a BB game with points. Logic says that the man isn’t a saint or the devil, just a person.

  213. 213
    tabs Says:

    ok, So all tabs lie about OB.
    So the DM that broke the news about his leaving AE isn’t a tab now?
    So the Blog(ahem) thats nothing but crazies seems to be spot on about his latest lightbulb romance?
    Other nasty lying tabs were spot on about the start of this romance, and his purchasing an LA house, and his painting it “black”, and Rumor Willis, and oscar nights parties, and……….


  214. 214
    yet another Says:

    It appears Bloom abandoned his date for the evening and then went on a bizarre womanising spree. Artist Tracey Emin was the first victim.

    “I really respect you Trace, I hope we can be friends for ever,” he quipped, wrapping his arms round her.

    Then he told supermodel Elle Macpherson “I just want to rub my face in your bosoms,” while lurching towards her.

    Welsh diva Katherine Jenkins was the only one of the three who seemed pleased by Bloom’s advances.

    “He couldn’t help but touch her bottom but she left without him,” says my source.

    Walk the plank, Orlando!

    The same story from a different source worded differntly this is from the DM but it is also at MSN entertainment.

  215. 215
    --Charm Says:

    god, stalkers much? xD

  216. 216
    @212 Says:

    He and his pr people work really hard at creating this sweet earnest boy next door persona. He uses it to get roles, to gain fans and to make money. Sure he is a regular guy who parties and sleeps around, no one believes differently, but he does make alot of money out of his image and discussing some of the hypocisy of it isnt’ hurting anyone. No one is making threats, they just find the juxtoposition of what he seems and what he is interesting, and then there is all of the fun gossip and crazies, and shrine worshipers and that is just a fringe benefit.

  217. 217
    yea Says:

    he does seem to be getting quite the little Reputation doesn’t he?

    somebody has to replace Colin Farrell now that hes clean and sober and seems to have grownup I guess……

  218. 218
    @215 Says:

    stalking= hanging around his door, following him to stores, clubs, and eaterys. sending notes leaving gifts, showing up at all of his events bringing him baked goods oops I just described the loons at Ka-bloom and OLove. sorry but you get the picture

    not stalking=looking up a easy to find article using google that takes a minute for those of us who actually know how to use search engines to make a point because crazy people love him to death and can’t believe he could ever ever do anything wrong need to have evidence and are too damn lazy assed to go find it themselves.

  219. 219
    @218 Says:

    pssst. you forgot they sometimes still wear yellow hats.

  220. 220
    @219 Says:

    lmao, I had no idea, really, and they call us crazy.

  221. 221
    derek acorah Says:

    Dont forget the sad cow from OLOVE who spend money -a thousand dollars I heard, to go and see him in his play (an american middle aged woman who effing loves herself and puts herself in pics with him ;) )
    God I so wouldn’t dare!!!
    THATS stalking and borderline obsessive disorder.

  222. 222
    derek acorah Says:

    RE: Orlando being Whorelando.

    While again, I respect all opinions here as we all think and see things differently, I have to agree that it would be a HUGE conspiracy against him for all these epople who have said “gropey/sexual” stuff about him to all be lying…
    I think he is THAT bad with his touchy feelyness when he is sober, imagine that after a few drinks, I can imagine it to gert even worse, I have been the victim of having my bottom groped in many a club by a drunken man- its so not nice!!!! (btw iam called derek acorah after the british medium who is as clairvoyant as I am) lol I am a woman really

  223. 223
    anon Says:

    @209/@218 (same poster?) – “showing up at all of his events bringing him baked goods oops I just described the loons at Ka-bloom and OLove. sorry but you get the picture”
    Nope. Wrong sites – the loons you’re talking about are at click Orlando. One is a mod there, she’s the one with the baked goods & sewing and leaving her children at home to stalk at the theatre and the BAFTAs – and bragged about it. The crazy 6’6″ guy who hung out at the theatre happy cause the security and Orli recognized him – it was because he threw up a red flag for them.
    For someone who seems to hate him you spend a lot of time at fan sites? Don’t get out much?

  224. 224
    Relentless Says:

    Yikes this is a better read than the previous threads on OB. LOL, yellow hats eh, what’s that about? Being that I just started to read about Bloom and had NO IDEA many have such a thing for him. Sure the guy is attractive and his persona is intriguing but he’s (as said above)just a guy. A guy who is making plenty of moola for selling an image some people are not willing to realize is probably not his reality.

  225. 225
    @223 Says:

    student, and it is cold and snowy and dark out there, I do my research and writing and then reward myself with a little crazy time, it makes the stuff I am writing seem so sane after I have hung out here or other places.

  226. 226
    sisters Says:

    my cousin loves him to death and she drones on and on and on about how sweet he is, and what a nice guy he is and how she loves him so much, and my god she is 20 and should know better. I dug up this stuff to show her facts, and then I find out she has moved on to some guy in High School Musical and I am stuck with all of these facts floating around in my head and I wish I could just shake it out. I don’t let her talk to me about the new guy enough is enough!

  227. 227
    @222 Says:

    that touchy feely stuff that everyone seems to adore would freak me out. I don’t like hugs and kisses from strangers. Stay out of my space please. And when you get your bottom groped don’t you just love it when they say its all your fault you probably flirted too much with them. Then you are stuck with a sore ass and the blame.

  228. 228
    @226 Says:

    you’re full of it. You looked it up for yourself.

  229. 229
    Too much Says:

    This place is clearly full of people with too much time on their hands. Orlando and Miranda may not be perfect. They may make mistakes, they may even sleep around with other beautiful people, but at least they live their lives instead of spending hours researching, speculating and bitching about people they’ve never met.

    Perhaps some posters would benefit from shutting down their computers. Put the orios aside and leave the house; there’s a whole world out there which you could be living in instead of hanging out in this virtual mad-house.

    And before anyone points out the obvious. Yes, I’m on here too. I’m off work with the flue and was pointed here for entertainment but really this board is just sad.

  230. 230
    @228 Says:

    ok scary person of course I did, Put down the damn uzi and I will confess to whatever you want, and hey you want my cousin too, she is really cute and will do whatever you want I will make her, just leave me alone.

  231. 231
    derek acorah Says:

    Speaking personally out of my whole day I spend about 30 mins here in total,I have been coming on here for 2 days now, and I bet I wont be here that long- I have a life thanks and I’m living it. I have a gorgeous boyfriend a job I love and a busy social life, Like i said I only come here out of boredom and a bit of fun AND yes someone told me how “funny” it was here so here I am.
    I agree 229 it can be unheathy when people are spening hour upon hour here day after day.
    Hope your flu gets better soon hun :)

  232. 232
    shiver Says:

    When it stops the damn snowing and the damn cold and venturing outside is not looking for a hefty dose of frost bite I will be doing other stuff. Also when the damn thesis is done that will help. But this place for laughs and craziness is just too interesting to miss. There is a whole Sociological study that could be done here, hell I may even write a disseratation on it, if I could only figure how to do quantative research on it, qualitative no prob, but well at least it is worth thinking about, maybe I could even get Mr; Bloom’s imput about what he thinks about the phenonemen. But, probably he would just think I am one of the yellow hat baked goods mad people from those other places mentioned.

  233. 233
    @229 Says:

    Oh, of course you are off with the flu (spell it right please). When I have the flu I want to spend time setting in front of a computer and reading crazy posts. And your friend specifically said. Go to Just Jared and look up Orlando Bloom it will make the flu better; forget that crazy Nyquil crap this is soooo much better. And of course you found us all so sad that you need to come here and maybe share your little flu bug by having the audacity to suggest that you are far superior to us lesser beings so you would point out the error of our ways.

    Now, maybe it is just me, but when I have the flu I am usually tucked into a warm bed with as many drugs as I can legally get my hands on nearby. The last thing I want is to be messing with a computer. And usually I am so medicated that reading much less posting on some board that I have never in my life seen because I am way to busy have a fascinating and marvelous life and normally can’t be bothered to shed my oh so wonderful light of being on you rag tag crazy people. I am far too important for the likes of you.

    And if I believe all of that I bet you will tell me about the swamp land in Florida, the island in the Indian Ocean and the Bridge in Brooklyn. Wow you really thought we would buy your little flu story

  234. 234
    good stuff Says:

    I believe he has probably slept with more than 100 women, I bet during the time when he was the flavor of the month he did a new one every couple of days or so, couting the time he spent clubbing in London, and the time in NZ and all of the other shoots were all the groupies (the young ones, not the middle aged ones) were , he probably picked quite a few of them too. It would be interesting to get him drunk and see if you could get a number out of him. He may not remember names and he may not remember faces, but I bet he has a notch for every fuc and bj he has had. That is way more interesting then listening to the old biddies talk about how horrible this place is.

  235. 235
    ricki Says:

    Damn, this place is a haven for all those Orlando Uncensored posters. News flash, he’s not reading your site. He doesn’t care what you think.

  236. 236
    @235 Says:

    you think anyone here gives a s-h-it about if he is reading this site. This is all about the gossip and the fun and the speculation. No one really cares about it, but you sure must to get your knickers in such a twist. Geez go back to your veneration of your favorite saint and let us regular people alone, No one invited you and no one is making you stay. idiots, start going to gossip blogs and they tell us not to gossip. If you want to go all self-righteous on peoples asses then why don’t you hit the bars and the hookers they may actually need what you are preaching.

  237. 237
    wait for it Says:

    I think I am having a moment here, I am gonna take your names, you unholy sinners, and I am gonna put them forth before the Lord. I am gonna ask him, yes ask him, yes ask him to forgive all of you gossipers and shippers and staying home from work while pretending to be sick fools. Yes we can have a come to Jesus meeting right here, right here, right here I say, we can SAVE people.
    That is what Orlando would want, he would want us to use his name to save the sinners, (forget the Buddhist crap for a moment, but hey even Buddhist think Jesus was a great teacher so that works).
    Come on down sinners, confess that you have done Mr. Bloom wrong and you need you need you need forgiviness.

    That should them all up for a while

  238. 238
    orli's mummy Says:

    How dare you talk about my son in this way!!! He is not a manwhore, he told me he is keeping himself till he got married, my son is nothing like you say he IS a saint and a phenomonon!!!! He is pure gold and not pervy or letchy in anyway! I didnt bring him up that way! Oh you disgusting tyrants! he is ST ORLANDO OF CANTERBURY!!!

  239. 239
    orli's DADDY Says:

    oH sONIA DO SHUT UP!!! I brought him up that way! I showed him that he should treat women like I treat you as a sperm deposit box,, I taught him that women are only good for one thing.. didnt I tell you? Oh oops!

  240. 240
    SIDI Says:

    My daddy aint like dis!!! I am the one he snuggles up to in bed… no room for de nasty ikky women!!!

  241. 241
    I see Says:

    Now it all makes sense, that is why he is with Miranda. He treates women like that coz mummy lied to him for the first thirteen years of his life and it makes it hard for him to trust women. Daddy squirted and scooted so that is what he does. So he hooks up with models, and actresses that only want him for name recognition and that means he doesn’t actually have to explore any of those scary messy emotions. Now he makes sense.

  242. 242
    @240 Says:

    lol, well it is a bit unusual, but I say we respect interspecies love, they have rights too!

  243. 243
    SIDI Says:

    NO 242! he is my daddy onlee!!

  244. 244
    get it Says:

    now we know why Sidi slobbers all over him and makes him smell bad, he is trying to drive away all those nasy awful women with the squeaky high voices that hurt his delicate ears, and the yucky underwear that is drapped all over his favorite place to lie, and most of all they push him out of bed and he gets cold and lonely on the floor. I think between a model with a cabbage patch face and sidi the dog will win every time.

  245. 245
    @234 Says:

    ROFLMAO! Eek all those screaming fangirls (most dangerous people on planet) and WOW not one of them is talking ’bout gettin’ laid by Orly! Don’t ya think alot of those 100 women would be squealing and babblin all over the tabs. Where are they huh?

  246. 246
    anon Says:

    Now everyone’s getting punchy. C’mon Jared, new pics so we can start over again!
    #241, you lowered the level, that’s for sure.

  247. 247
    tess Says:

    I doubt he has slept with a fan.. but that’s just me, I doubt he would take the risk that much

  248. 248
    @tess Says:

    yeah he probably just uses fans for bj’s after all anyone can say theyblew him and who will believe them, but if they actually got into bed with him, oh wait I bet people say all the time that they did him, but who wuld believe it? I mean if someone I knew started chatting about how she fucked Orlando BloomI I would roll my eyes and say sure you did. Mabye we should start checking out all those little blogs out there I bet there are tons that talk about “THEIR NIGHT WITH ORLANDO BLOOM. lmao

  249. 249
    tess Says:

    LOL 248, you could be right on that one yeah who would believe someone? They would have no proof, so you wouldnt believe it, I would just think “YEAH YEAH” LOL

  250. 250
    The Red Circle Says:

    You people are too funny. Back to the movie stuff. Johnny To is notoriously slow in the movie-making process. I believe he spent three years making The Sparrow (his latest movie). BTW-reviewers at the 2008 Berlinale didn’t think the extra time really helped the film; it wasn’t that good. The Red Circle remake has been in the making since 2001. Brett Ratner and John Woo were set to direct at different points. The script was supposedly written and going to be filmed by To last summer (2007). Supposedly one of the original French actors was attached to it with To directing, but To said that’s not the case. Recently, To said that he planned to direct Chow Yun-Fat in a movie before he directs The Red Circle. It goes on and on.

    By the time this film is completed, Orlando will be a Kung Fu master instructing students in mainland China itself!

    For all Orlando fans, please don’t hold your breath for this one to be out in theaters any time soon. Sadly, I think your hero got his panties in a twist about something on the other movie and walked off. I don’t think there’s any real schedule conflict. It’s all PR releases and photo ops carefully constructed to appease the fandom.

  251. 251
    tess Says:

    Wow 250!! I didnt know any of that!
    Thanks for bringing that over. Oh I agree that he walked off that movie for more than “film schedualing probs” and agree that the PR word is just balls, he talls the fans what he wants to tell them- don’;t mean its true.

  252. 252
    hmmm Says:

    I heard something about Nick Hornby saying that there was a misunderstanding and it was done in such a way that it make it look like Bloom was being a jerk. He has come a long way from being grateful for LOTR to acting like a MOVIE STAR. Seems like it may be a very long time before he is in another movie and if he gets a reputation for being a prima dona all he may be getting to do is play second banana to Johnny Depp until he fades into the sunset.

  253. 253
    tess Says:

    I know 252, must admit I miss the happy go lucky grateful just to be in LOTR’s kind of Orlando, I know people change as they go through life, such things are expected, but I adored that Orlando, he seemed so genuine and down to earth and just easily excitable, now he seems such a sell out with a bit of famewhore added and he seems miserable most the time and jaded, I dunno part of me wishes he would go back to London and give up Acting because me persoanlly I dont think he is happy Acting :/

  254. 254
    LOL Says:

    I love the loons on this place.
    Especially the ones that post a response in agreement with a post that they just added….

    #1 I think that he is a manwhore going straight to hell for having sex before marriage.

    #1 ahem, I mean #2….Why yes, you are sooo right #1. What wonderful insight you have.

    So, if I get the rules right….if I don’t think that he is a sadistic, male nymphomaniac, who rapes children and puppies, I am a sad little fangirl? Do I have that right? Orlando Bloom cannot be allowed to behave like a normal, single, young man because he IS THE DEVOL!!!!!!.

    And it kills me that you people have the nerve to insult other sites, and call those other folks loonies. Don’t you guys know that you are the laughing stock of the internet?

    PS: Carmen, please shut up. You’ve become quite boring. You say the same thing in every post. Where are the “photoshopped” posts? At least spice it up a little.

  255. 255
    bridie Says:

    LOL which one is tell? lol
    I for one dont think he is good or bad, but somewhere in the middle so I’m not a crazy. He is just a man, nothing more nor less.

  256. 256
    @254 Says:

    you speak as one who may have experience talking to herself, why I believe I have read the same exact words several times today in other posts. Keep talking to yourself it makes for interesting reading, one day you will be studied in the psych books. They will describe you as “the crazy b&tch who couldn’t make everyone agree with her and acted like an ass and kept answering her own posts until they found her curled up next to her computer sucking her thumb and mumbling Orlando IS a virgin, Orlando IS a virgin, Orlando IS a virgin.”They will bring the men in the white coats in and they will take you someplace pretty and green with locks on the door and they will give you good drugs, and after the drugs Orlando WILL be a virgin and he will come and visit you all the time and hold your hand and tell you how beautiful you are, don’t fight it give in and your life will be wonderful

  257. 257
    @254 Says:

    so funny when ever anyone gets desperate to make a point they evoke this Carmen chickys name. Who the hell is Carmen and why should we care, and if you have to bring someone else into then why even bother.

  258. 258
    @254 Says:

    And it kills me that you people have the nerve to insult other sites, and call those other folks loonies. Don’t you guys know that you are the laughing stock of the internet?

    and yet you have decided to join us and thus become a laughing stock yourself, interesting

  259. 259
    Graham norton Says:

    Squirted and scooted, best scenario ever, ever!

  260. 260
    HA! Says:

    I love it!
    Someone calls you ladies on your craziness, and you are so flustered you don’t even read their post.
    And I come here to be entertained as well. It’s kind of like going to the zoo. You get to watch a bunch of smaller brained animals go at each other, then go home to your normal, sane life.
    And anyone who ever frequented IMDB knows who Carmen is. She stands out in a crowd. I believe someone else outed her as being Ooooba whatever. Now she will just post anonymously for a little while. Well, she thinks that she is posting anonymously. Sorry.
    Carry on ladies.

  261. 261
    tiger Says:

    260!!!What is so “crazy” about MOST the people here saying he acts like a regular guy? Nobody is claiming he is the devil, they are saying its fine to act that way and not undersatanding how people think he is “relationship sex only” point out the insanity in that if you would please.

    Also a lot of people from here are from other boards like obdiscussion, dl anon, prob the places YOU post so dont knock your friends I know plenty of posters off those places who post ehre to ***** so do be careful who you call insane eh?

  262. 262
    peter piper Says:

    In bed, with med, seen with a fed, no cred, where’s his head?

  263. 263
    carmen Says:

    everytime somone posts who can spell, sounds fairly literate and makes their points in a intelligent manner, she gets called Carmen. I have no idea who this lady is, or why everyone decides that she is the poster with the mostest, but I hardly think she is the only poster with a brain, so maybe people scream Carmen like you would scream foul. When they don’t have anything that makes sense, or they can’t be bothered to make sense, or when the you are all crazy and I am visiting the zoo arguement falls flat, drag out Carmen. Like bringing in the heavy hitters, wow we have to bring Carmen in from the bench it is gettin hairy out here. Whoever you are Carmen, kudos to you!!!!!

  264. 264
    @263 Says:

    LOL. What she said!
    Carmen is looking better every day!

  265. 265
    Waldo Says:

    Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

  266. 266
    @263 Says:

    No, there are lots of literate people who post here, on both sides of the fence. Carmen is literate, and intelligent, she also just happens to be delusional.

  267. 267
    ? Says:

    Yeah I everyone always talked about Carme,who was she and how did she always manganged to get squeezed into the chats we would all talk about? Jst asking.

  268. 268
    wow Says:

    Wow. Whoever made that interesting and literate post about Johnny To and the history of The Red Circle production REALLY REALLY hit some fangirlie nerve!!

    They had to resort to the “Carmen Bomb” to try to wipe us out!
    LOL. LOL!

    I don’t know who this Carmen person is. I wasn’t around at the time, but I do know there is a small handful of old dried up biddies who seem to have a personal vendetta and obsessively hunt for her around the Internet. They see “Carmens” everywere, bless their pitiful little hearts! I’m sure most of you have had a run in with them. They seem to be an especially sensitive and nasty lot.

  269. 269
    Sparticus! Says:


    I’M Carmen!!!!!


  270. 270
    Jaded Says:

    I must admit I don’t know much about the working habits of Johnny To. What I do know is what I read about him 2-3 months ago. It was a short interview with him in a cinema mag so no tabloid. He said that recently found out about HK authorities planning to demolish and rebuild certain parts of the town that inspire him, and that he wanted to urgently shoot some scenes on those locations as long as they still look the same.
    (That was the fact, now comes the speculation on my part.)
    With that in mind I would not be surprised if he was shooting there in the next, say, weeks or months and then hold production until, what do I know, until some parts of the script that are not effected by those locations are re-written, or more money is collected, or the computer graphics are done, or whatever. So informationwise we’re back to where we started from: we know nothing. :)

  271. 271
    so Says:

    sounds like this is going to be another SOD for Bloomie.
    then we can look forward to another tab feature on Bloom’s run of bad luck.
    and entertain ourselves watching all the fangirlies twist it into more and more excuses for him over the Spring.

    gosh! I’d better put popcorn on the grocery list!

  272. 272
    @271 Says:

    Don’t know about that #271, but I think he might be hoping it does for him what the Bourne series did for Damon.

  273. 273
    puffy Says:

    Funny, I always thought that Orlando’s fangirls were the craziest in fandom. Now I see that his ex-fans are really the psychos.
    Good for a laugh, though.

  274. 274
    lolz Says:

    miranda’s with him in la

  275. 275
    smack Says:

    just talking smack to get the thread going again? It has been slow hasn’t it?

    there is a sighting of him at the CM and no mention of any cabbage
    patch kid being with him.
    Miss Kerr isn’t the type that likes to stay hidden but not go to the
    oscars parties. I don’t think she would take that for long.

  276. 276
    @ 275 Says:

    There are pics. at X-17.

  277. 277
    x17 Says:

    saw the video and pix.

    She is up to something. She walks in one door and out the other just so they can get her picture.
    He is never in the same frame and he gets in his car alone.

    why is everything about these two so odd?

  278. 278
    x17 Says:

    watch the video. She is posing for the camera. These are set ups again.
    You can tell it is edited after Orlando walks in.It jumps to something else.

    Then it cuts to her and she walks in and around the counter and out the back door. That was on purpose, She did not stay in the store at all. Just got her picture taken.Just to say she was there. You can’t even tell they are there at the same time from this clip. Very odd indeed.

    Then we see a ton of pics of him getting in his car, alone.
    Surely, x17 could have got a pic of her getting in his car. THere was more then one camera man since you hear them talking to each other.

    why are these two always so bizarre about everything??

  279. 279
    Jaded Says:

    @278 Sorry, your statements are valid, cannot argue about that, but you make it sound like a conspiracy theory. :) Sounds silly. But then again, this whole story of the past few months about these two sounds silly. Oh, well.
    *pops corn and waits for the next episode*

  280. 280
    peekaboo Says:

    Here’s the proof that all insiders here are totally idiots. Looooooosers.

  281. 281
    x17 Says:

    I agree. The whole thing is wacked. I’m not saying what it was for sure since I don’t know. I just know that by watching it they are never in the same frame and if it was normal x17 ambush they could have got a car pic of her in it at the very least when he was leaving.It was very calm,
    X17 was way more aggressive when he was having dinner with Jake a few months back. Why would they not get close to his car now?

    Not saying i know the answer Jaded, just saying its wacked as normal.

    It’s all to calm for it to be a normal pap “i caught you’. Especially with her walk about.

  282. 282
    x-17 Says:

    I just saw that video at x-17 and they went easy on Orlando. Did they make nice or something.Why is there no frames of the fast track couple together.Why did she disappeared too, it did not seem as if she is in the car. Is it the same day. So many questions. And yes she is posing in those pictures, she looked dead at the camera…as if she wanted everyone to know she was there.(get popcorn for this tread lets see if it go to 1000)

  283. 283
    strange days indeed Says:

    If you haven’t watched the video do so. Not only are they not in the same picture but you can tell there are different people at the counter when she does her walk about. When Orlando is there a guy is sitting on a motor bike in forefront as well.
    It was at least a little while apart.
    She does not appear to be in his front seat when he is leaving either.

  284. 284
    Car Says:

    She could already be in the passenger seat by the time he got in. The windows are so dark, I don’t think you can tell if she is there or not. I really don’t care for her at all, but it does appear that they are together. The thing I find bizarre is that he hates pap attention and she eats it up.

  285. 285
    x17 Says:

    but the point is with x17 they would have wanted to get that shot and they didn’t get in front of the car to try. Them in the same frame is a money shot, they would not pass it by unless there was a very good reason.

    That definetly does not sound like them

    Her walking was very staged and you can tell it is not the exact same time Orlando is there.

  286. 286
    Perfect Couple Says:

    Personally, I think they are PERFECT for each other! They both don’t have much going on career-wise, and they both do pap setups. What do you think this thread was started for? The bad news about An Education was getting ready to be released, so let’s show up in lovely Malibu and look at the scenery. Don’t you think it’s odd that they stopped, got out of the car and pointed at different things? Smiling the whole time. What a joke!

    It’s true that if they were there together there will be pics somewhere, so maybe there is something to the edit on the video.

  287. 287
    LOL Says:


    Where are your stupid insiders? Did they all disappear?
    Where is Mia??????
    Where is b!tches?????

    I love it. You people should be so proud of yourselves for falling for such stupidity. People all over the internet will soon be here to laugh at you too!!!!


  288. 288
    b!tches Says:


  289. 289
    LMAO Says:

    What people are these then 287??? As far as I saw ONE person was believing both MIA and b1tches!!!! so thats ONE person not “us people” cos “us people” didnt believe any of it for a second!! Please do your research before calling all people for one.

    And anyhow how does the video prove they are “together”??? The video is as fishy as fuq! Odd that the counter staff are wearing different clothes to when Orlando to when Miranda goes in- how odd dont tell me, maybe they were too hot, or got wet and had to change their clothes!!! Please explain that!

  290. 290
    Perfect Couple Says:

    Are we certain that X17 shot the footage or could someone else (like Splashnews) have shot it? That would explain why the paps were there in the first place, why they made nice with Orlando and the inconsistencies. Like I said before, they both do pap setups. She’s just more fake than he is when the photogs show up.

  291. 291
    wtf was that? Says:

    at the end you can see there is two camera men for sure.
    One runs in front of the other so if she was in his passanger
    seat he would have got it.
    They surely would have divided to conqure.

  292. 292
    irish lassie Says:

    I noticed the different clothes also #289, which I thought was odd, I don’t get why this video seems so strange. If they were together in the video or even you can tell its the same timeline, I would hold my hands up and say yeah they are together- but that isnt how it is in this video, the timeline does seem different to me.
    Again we have this carry on about all of this relationship between them, the paps got the “couply pic” so why the weird beahviour, Orlando seems too calm in the pap vid yet why would he?Miranda seems to be doing some kind of acting with the walking in and out- it seems kind of” stagey” to me, so what the hell is going on, is this X17 messing us about by pretending they are together at the same time or day, even though they arent, theres far too many off things with this video! Yeah maybe the same shop- but what else is the same?? Nothing!

  293. 293
    irish lassie Says:

    But 290, why would the shop assistants be wearing diffent clothes if the timeline was the same? That’s what I’m finding odd here. Where had Orlandos car gone in Mirndas vid?

  294. 294
    Perfect Couple Says:

    Well, if it’s someone friendly with Miranda (that’s why I mentioned Spashnews), he might want to help a girl out by creative editing, I suppose. They weren’t seen arriving together. The paps would have noticed her getting out of his car. That would have been the money-shot. I think these lovebirds need to coordinate their timing a little better.

    Isn’t it just sweet (or as Jared put it “sweat”) that Miranda is back in Cali? She just loves to follow that boy around! LA, London, NY, Honk Kong.

  295. 295
    Jaded Says:

    Strange, sometimes I see paps literally swarming a car, leaning on the front of the car, pushing the camera to the window. x17 is not usually this polite. The shop could have had security people keep the paps in the distance, and yet.
    If they wanted to get a shot of the passenger seat, they should have only walked more to the back of the car. Different angle, better view.
    But why would they do a set up like that? At least one of them should be aware (and agreed with the fact) that the pictures are gonna be manipulated (if they are). Otherwise what would be the chances of both of them in the same bike shop on the same day? If it was shot on the same day, I’m no longer sure. :)
    Are we getting punked for Pop Fiction? :P

  296. 296
    irish lassie Says:

    Good opinions 294 and 295, but what if Orlando agreed to the set up just for himself, then little missy got wind and made a deal with x17 to also get pictured in the same shop AFTER him to make it look like it was the same time- god I sound a bit conspiracy there :/ but this is really weird!! I dont get what the point of going back to NY was just to lunch with her mother and then fly all the way to LA, its really weird!!

  297. 297
    b!tches Says:


  298. 298
    Jaded Says:

    What makes me feel bad about discussing the possibility of a set up, is that whoever organizes these things makes celebrities and their affairs look far more important than they really are. *sigh*

  299. 299
    irish lassie Says:

    Oh I know Jaded, I agree, it is like “who do you think you are” kind of thing, Orlando IMO doesnt get into many mags these days so I would take that to mean he isnt THAT hot on the radar no more, most of his pap pics only go as far as the internet on his fansites, so to me that says that most must be set up’s because IMO paps are all about supply and demand, and I doubt Orlandos pics are worth THAT much money, so I doubt they continually stalk him for a pap pic. He isnt worth it .

  300. 300
    @297 Says:

    Sorry B!tches, you’re not the real thing no one believes it so give it up.

    The shop was the same you can tell that part.
    I think the blonde was the only one is both of their videos.

    Whatever the purpose was you can’t deny it is odd for someone to walk in one door and straight out another like that. It wasn’t that she saw the paps either. It was too planned and natural.

    There are more pictuers at olove and his car is moved and he isn’t acting odd with the paps around. Easy shot to get if she was right there.

    Whatever they were going for would have worked if x17 would not have put the video but left only the pictures. It wouldn’t have been questioned as much. But the way it is -regardless if they are together or not-there is alot weird about it. It wasn’t a simple outing that got caught by the paps.

    @298 good point. Why are they making this so important-they aren’t that hunted of a couple?
    It only again makes it look like he is helping her out again. At least in NY he was in the same snapshot.

  301. 301
    Jaded Says:

    @ irish lassie – do you mind if I just call you lass? :)
    Yeah, agreed, his picture is probably not hunted but maybe it could sell well if the two of them were together. You know, the kinda pics the tabloids print with the word “confirmed” and then add at least three exclamation marks. So I guess IF they would stalk him, the only pic worth sum would be like the one she has on her phone. :) That is why this whole scene just makes no kinda sense. IMHO.

  302. 302
    @301 Says:

    She doesn’t look very happy walking through.
    Maybe he agreed to do it but she didn’t know he wouldn’t agree
    to be in the same shot with her or something like that.

    Very strange no car pictures and she disappears completely.

  303. 303
    irish lassie Says:

    LOL 301! you may just call me lass lol :)
    I know I agree if it was the 2 of them together yeah maybe- I can see that, but this is beyond weird IMO :/

    300- I agree with that too, none of it was “natural” about her part of it. They could easily have gotten a pic of her with him this is X17 for godsake they have no rules, no manners- no morals!- hey Ive just came out with a catchphrase for them lmao!!!!

  304. 304
    @303 Says:

    yes, I think that is the code of ethics they live by!

  305. 305
    LOL Says:

    Oh, God.
    This is too good!
    Keep it up!
    You guys are hilarious!

    He bought at least one helmet, and maybe bought a bike. Just the helmet alone would have taken time. You do have to try them on, you know. And you guys see a conspiracy when the people at the counter change? They were in the store a while. People/customers move around you know? They aren’t mannequins. And I think that Miranda had to go powder her nose. The bathrooms are back where she was walking.

    You guys just can’t stand the fact that you were wrong. You were stupid to believe the “insiders”, and you continue to be stupid with this lunatic theory.

    Keep it up. It’s incredibly entertaining.

  306. 306
    @305 Says:

    no. she walked out the door.

  307. 307
    @305 Says:

    if it was natural and the paps were just watching through the window they would have got them in the same shot at one point.
    She walks in and out and never seen again. If she was in his car they had easy access

  308. 308
    @306 Says:

    maybe she went out to move the car

  309. 309
    irish lassie Says:

    308… ok then so why didnt the paps catch that?

  310. 310
    @308 Says:

    More than likely, one of the paps would have seen her move the car. Keep in mind the paps are trying to get that money shot, and Miranda wants to give it to them.

  311. 311
    @310 Says:

    That’s just it, there was no money shot, because Orlando wasn’t with her. They may have pics of her at the car, but since they weren’t together, she isn’t famous enough to warrent publishing the pics.

  312. 312
    irish lassie Says:

    Orlando went to the car though so where was Miranda then? Surely if she had have been in the car they wudve got a shot?

  313. 313
    @311 Says:

    x17 would have put it on their site to prove their point.

    If she was just moving the car why did she walk in like that to begin with and straight out the door? Its not like she saw paps and freaked out or anything. She walked in to get snapped and then out again.

  314. 314
    @---- Says:

    Amazing how happy and relaxed he is with a friend (this post) and how ashamed he is when his so called GF is near. That’s the walk of shame, my friends, when a guy is nailing a chick he’s embarassed of but the sex is too good to say no.

  315. 315
    hmmm Says:

    you can see from the stills at the main page and elflady he was shopping and talking on his phone walking around a bit. Was she waiting in the car the whole time? IF they were shopping together wouldn’t they have been next to each other for a brief second at least?
    Why does she fade away after her runway strut through the place

  316. 316
    irish lassie Says:

    LMAO its funny 315, as thts what I thought- its like a catwalk strut isnt it, how bloody pathetic. but dont forget this is a girl who poses when waiting for a taxi!!! lmao

  317. 317
    hmm indeed Says:

    you’ll also see that he went to his car twice. first he has a helmut that he appears to place on the passenger’s side. then a second time when he actually exits. she had to leave sometime between those two occassions so why didn’t the crackerjack razzi catch her?

  318. 318
    @317 Says:

    and listen to the guy on the radio calling to Orlando.
    As soon as kerr walks out the radio guy calls to Orlando and says
    “Orlando, ready?” Was it his turn next?
    If he came in second and spent time shopping then she must have left with someone else. Doubt she was waiting in the car the whole time.
    No wonder she doesn’t look very happy if that wasn’t the kind of set up she was wanting to get out of him.

  319. 319
    Bevo Says:

    The way you guys think, their wedding photos will be manips, and their children will be PR stunts.

    You really can’t see the forest for the trees, can you.

  320. 320
    Jaded Says:

    Maybe she was hiding under the back seat, lol!

  321. 321
    The X17 Thing Says:

    I wonder if the X17 thing is for Pop Fiction. I’ve noticed that they have had ads for Pop Fiction since it’s been on. Today, there are pictures on Pop Sugar of Miranda at LAX with her dog posing for the paps as usual. The pics are dated 3/21. The video was dated 3/20. There were pictures of her and her mom in SoHo on 3/17.

    Orlando has a track record with pap set-ups and he has been with Ashton and his group recently, so it would not surprise me one bit.

    BTW, all of the Pop Fiction things have been pretty fake. Posters have doubted the realism on everything from the Paris’ Guru to the Eva/Mario thing last week.

  322. 322
    @321 Says:

    Interesting. I don’t see OB doing PF though, I would more lean to it was a set up to try and throw her a bone again.
    If its for pop fiction it doesn’t help her look good at all.
    She looks pissed when she walks in and out of there.
    I bet she didn’t know until she got there that he wasn’t going
    to play his part the way she wanted him to.

  323. 323
    Kelly Says:

    “Today, there are pictures on Pop Sugar of Miranda at LAX with her dog posing for the paps as usual. The pics are dated 3/21. The video was dated 3/20. There were pictures of her and her mom in SoHo on 3/17.”

    They don’t seem to spend much time together. Is she his girlfriend or his booty call?

  324. 324
    Car Says:

    “I would more lean to it was a set up to try and throw her a bone again.”

    How can it be a set up when they don’t even appear in the same shot together? Surely, they’d be hand in hand if it was meant as some sort of PR stunt.

  325. 325
    @324 Says:

    Unless he wasn’t playing her game the way she thought he was going to.Maybe thats why she looks so pissed off here where as all the other paps of her alone she is loving every minute of it.
    No way between two pap agencies neither of them could get them in the same shot unless it was because Orlando refused.
    Did you watch the video? What is normal about the way she walks in and out like that.
    It does not at all appear she left in his car. No one even tried to get a shot of the front seat and there was more than one camera man there.

  326. 326
    @325 Says:

    I would have thought she would know what to expect by now though. Orlando doesn’t seem to enjoy paps’ presence at all – she has been with him on several occasions now when he has broken away from her once they showed up, so I don’t know why she would expect anything different this time around.

  327. 327
    @326 Says:

    true but even then the aggressive paps were able to get a shot of them together at least in the same room. If the paps were sneaking up on them here they would have got the same thing and we would have seen the awkard footage of him doing something similar.
    This is a totally calm scene.

    You also can’t forget that the man is calling to Orlando on his walkie-talkie or whatever. Add that to her weird cameo of walking in and out and that is not a normal pap scene.
    They had to have been in on it or why not try for more?

  328. 328
    it is Says: 640990

    Hey they look happy he is a male bimbo, and he is with his female counterpart and they are happy so what

  329. 329
    haha Says:

    yep. bimbo at best. She still doesnt get asked to the oscars when she is in town. hahaha.
    Still don’t buy the had to get up early line. The Madonna/Demi party was way earlier and there was that night before party.

    I think if anything with these two its a dysfunctional on again, off again , whenever we feel like it kind of thing.

  330. 330
    huh? Says:

    Why does there have to be some outrageous conspiracy about anything? Almost always, the simplest answer is the correct one. They are dating, therefore cought by paps on occasion. Why is that so damned hard to believe?

    Oh, and that “calling to Orlando in the radio” is about the silliest part of all this. The pap with the video camera has a Nextel phone (or something like it) and is receiving a question from someone else on the same phone system. We know this because of the way his voice sounds when he says “Orlando?”. The guy that asked the question is not standing anywhere near the camera. The camera man then answers with something unintelligible. The paps are comunicating with each other, NOT orlando. That’s just stupid.

  331. 331
    prince Says:

    Or that rumor of them breaking up but trying to remain friends might be true also. He was seen at the CM this week. If she didn’t stay at his place again this time maybe she stayed there and he was picking her up for one of their planned photo ops so she can keep it running as long as possible.

  332. 332
    cat and mouse Says:

    That’s because he never does anything in a straight forward way
    and there are always cat and mouse games with him
    Before people thought it as just Kate, now it’s clear he does it

  333. 333
    occam Says:

    The simplest answer is merely the simplest. It’s not always true. Especially not in Hollyweird. The world would be a lovely place if the simplest explanation were always true, wouldn’t it?

  334. 334
    @331 Says:

    Travelling back and forth from LA to NY is a bit of a trek to just maintain a friendship. I really don’t see Orlando buying into the set up pap shot thing either. Look, I really don’t care for Miranda – she seems inordinately publicity hungry, but I do think they are dating.

  335. 335
    Lilo Says:

    They are together. Your lives will go on. Get over it, already.

  336. 336
    weird Says:

    must just be another onagain phase because she was most
    definetly telling people she was the one that called it off (cough-sure-cough)and she
    was saying it just a few weeks ago. That part is true.

  337. 337
    @336 Says:

    What part is true? Are you believing an supposed insider who posted here? The same one that has been caught in one lie after another? How smart is that?

  338. 338
    get real! Says:

    Why is it so damn hard to believe that Orlando and Miranda are dating? Is it because his fans would then have to admit he’s human and moved in on another man’s girl?

  339. 339
    weird Says:

    No need to be defensive. My source wasn’t jared post.
    I have no idea what is going on now. I only know what
    I heard off line and off jared not too long ago.
    If its back on then it is.

  340. 340
    K-Mart Says:

    It’s very odd really. Back in the day people thought Kate was the reason the relationship was so wonky, but now the exact same stuff is happening with Miranda. Either he’s dating a brunette “Kate” or…it’s him.

    Reminds me of this guy my friend likes who constantly dates the “same” girl over and over again (same attitudes/personalities), but then wonders why it never works out.

  341. 341
    ana beatriz Says:

    oh my god ! I can’t believe in his beauty ! he’s the most wonderful man of this world !


    orli , I really love u , je t’aime mon amour ♥

  342. 342
    arizon Says:

    he is happy cuz of miranda. now would you rather see him unhappy? hes so hot smiling. pus he doesnt really smile in public so this could be added to those. he alwayz looks so serious.

    HES SO HOT!!!!

  343. 343
    chiks Says:

    he is so beautifull for that **** of woman

  344. 344
    Gwenevere Says:

    He just cut his hair though so he is not as scruffy and it is rumored that he is going to be in the red circle no one is sure.

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