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Orlando Bloom From Behind

Orlando Bloom From Behind

Orlando Bloom heads out to Malibu with a mystery male for lunch on Sunday afternoon.

Is it just me or does Orlando look exceptionally happy these days? CoughMirandaKerrCough.

Orly, 31, has been reportedly getting fit to be in the Johnny To-directed kung-fu film, The Red Circle. He’s been receiving martial arts and other types of physical training. Production in Hong Kong begins later this year.

“Air Rift” sneakers by Nike.

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  • @100

    you really believe it is gonna start filming tomorrow, that is kind of reaching don’t you think. It will be interesting to see when it actually does start filming. And if Orlando’s part is small it seems like they could have gotten most of his stuff done first. The whole scheuling conflict was his teams way of saving face for him.

  • so

    he is in CA and she is in NY, if there is true love why aren’t they together? Oh I forgot she has that important book to finish the one that is going to be such a inspiration for young girls about how to treasure yourself. You know the one that says live healthy, no jucie fast that makes you shit out everythink you eat, no jumping into bed with boys just because everyone is doing it, but to only sleep with someone because it is an important relationship, The one that says you should be secure in yourself as a woman and you don’t need a man to complete your or to make you valuable. Wait, SHE is writing this, Wow she must have one hell of a ghost writer lol Maybe Orlando will write a forward about how the reason he loves Miranda is she is a strong independent woman , who also loves anal sex, now that is something every young girl needs to know, anal sex will get you any guy you want.

  • the truth

    @99 – Yeah, what the heck, I’ll rise to the bait.
    so classic, number one attack the poster who may disagree personally.
    ~ You call that attacking? Shoot, I was aiming for sarcasm.

    Yes people do own homes in more than one country, but typically they also live in those homes at least part of the time.
    ~ And he does. I must have missed something, he own two homes but never lives in either one? Always stays in a Hotel? You are making no sense at all.

    No time living close to family and friends those who he said were the most important things in his life. Seems a bit odd doesn’t it
    ~ No, it doesn’t. There is such a thing as international telephone service, EMails, or flying said family and friends to L.A. when they can visit, as he has before. And, believe it or not, he may even have friends in L.A. (And family too.) In this set of pictures, he was with Eric Bana. OMGWTF??

    He was a producer on About a Boy, and wrote the novel High Fidelity. so yeah I think he has some credibility where movies are concerned.
    ~ Producer credits are often given to authors as part of the deal when film rights are purchased; sometimes they actually ‘do’ something, sometimes they don’t. As for High Fidelity, I didn’t know that selling film rights were part of ‘credibility where movies are concerned’. He certainly has cred as an author. In films, not really proven, but that may come with time. (Though appearing to be dissing actors publicly may not be the best move.)

    They jumped the gun, oh please it was in Variety and a number of other respected industry publications. I don’t think they would have announced in such reliable sources if they were jumping the gun. And if the script suckied why would he have signed on in the first place
    ~ Where do you think Variety and HReporter get their news on films and those in the film industry?? Producers or their publicists. And about the script sucking – it was a JOKE. Every other possibility that how it could have been Orlando’s fault has been mentioned, why not that?

    He hasn’t made some of the best choices in his personal life, pawing women, the accident, and that is something we probably don’t agree on, cheating with a woman who was in a relationship with another man.
    ~ Pawing women? Yeah, according gossip sites/magazines (‘according to our source’). Accident? Caused by paparazzi. Cheating with a woman (meaning Miranda, I suppose)? Again, gossip sites/magazines – and blogs like this – guessing as to when Miranda and he started seeing each other as more than friends, and whether or not she was ‘cheating’.

    He has had several things annoucned that he would be in London for, film judge, etc and the only one he showed up for was the BAFTA;s and he spent like two days there and then left.
    ~ Film judge: The press releases and articles about the competition said he was part of a panel judging the films, not that he’d be at the actual ceremony. I think Kevin Spacey is the only one who showed up, and that’s because he’s working there with his theatre company. They all likely saw the films via screeners, then cast their vote(s). Kinda like judging the Oscars, maybe? Speaking of Oscars, I noticed a lot of presenters, nominees and recipients flying to L.A. for only the ceremony, and leaving within a couple of days. Isn’t that the same?

    I think you are so desperate to explain anything away that doesn’t fit the careful built image of Orlando Bloom and mr perfect you can’t be objective about some of his possible problems. Dream on, eventually you will have to admit that the man has his problems and the image and the person are two different things.
    ~ I didn’t say he was a saint or that he was perfect. I do, however, think is he unfairly judged – as many in the public spotlight are – because of gossip and innuendo that has no basis in fact. We all have problems (including me, including you). But passing judgment on someone’s ‘image’ or character based on gossip and innuendo? Reminds one of high school.
    I think a lot of people in the public eye are given credit for a lot of things for which they don’t deserve – and a lot of criticism for things that simply aren’t true. It just isn’t right. Anybody can post something on the internet, be it MySpace, LJ or JJ. Choosing to believe it all reminds me of a diet pill commercial on TV these days – ‘we couldn’t say it if it wasn’t true’. Suuure.

  • @103

    Great post!

  • pam

    #92 – Carey Mulligan, Dominic Cooper. Who?
    I mean: ooh, a bit part with the ‘creme’ of London actors! Orlando’s career is ruined!
    After all, it’s not like Orlando ever got to act with Ian McKellen or Cate Blanchett or Ian Holm. Instead he’s been stuck with international nobodies like Johnny Depp or Heath Ledger or Geoffrey Rush or Ewen McGregor or Tom Wilkinson or Kirsten Dunst or Edward Norton or…you get the idea.
    Also, does it make any sense to spend all that money building a house and not go there? How do you know he doesn’t?
    There’s a truly mind-boggling amount of talking out of one’s @$$ going on here. This board is peopled by those who think that anything they don’t read about doesn’t exist and fill in the gaps with their own prejudices and leaps of illogic. For example, #102 has somehow decided that she knows Miranda’s sexual preferences based on some stupid innuendo she probably misunderstood. For all we know, Miranda might like it that way, but leaping to the conclusion that you actually know….
    I have never seen so much hate and bitterness directed at someone who is not perfect but hasn’t done anything to deserve this.
    Except possibly for poor Rumer Willis when she was seen in Orlando’s vicinity.

  • @105

    Pam, i love you.

  • Take it to the bridge

    well said PAM:D and as for all the haters haha your all idiots. You obviously hate the guy yet there doesn’t seem to be a single poster on here that knows more about him than you lot do lol Please don’t tell me that you actually go to the length of researching a person in order to help you validate your hate out loud for every body to hear duh! wow what sad little people you are. I think that some people on here are sporting some mighty egos and blatantly getting off on putting others down. All that energy that you waste typing out your bitter jealous words of hate could be spent doing things way more useful, like jamming your fingers in your eyes you sad little cretins haha seriously get a life or just shut the fcuk up :x

  • Proof

    These must be the pictures to prove that he’s not in rehab (unless it’s one of those places that let you out during the day). At least not yet!

  • ~K

    Oh, we are in that “everyone-gets-at-everyone”-status again. I won’t say that everyone disagreeing with me is sad, pathetic or jealous. If they have another opinion, let them be. As long as they don’t freakily go on my nerves and try to convince me that their opinion is the only one worthy to exist.

    But if you want to get at each other what becomes absolutely senseless in the end, go for it! Who am I to keep you back?

    @108: What exactly was it that some people thought he was in rehab? I kind of forgot. Was there a concrete reason or just a random shot?

    @pam: And since the HB-article we all know what her preferences are…LOL ;-) Never mind, just kidding!

  • @109

    Or he’s simply not in rehab. I love how everyone here takes comments anons those turn into facts.

  • wicked wench

    EVERYONE: The world does not revolve around Orlando Bloom. Read a quality book or watch the news. You all need perspective.

  • wicked wench

    PS: I’ll take Orlando Bloom from behind any day. Okay, NOW I feel better.

  • Amy Winehouse


  • @truth

    Wow you have a lot of time on your hands.

    Sarcasm huh, well you missed

    No one said he wasn’t living in his house in Hollywood, but he has spent a total of four months in the one he spent years building in London, and it isn’t as though work is keeping him away, hmmm and with the writers strike it isn’t as though there was much in Hollywood keeping him away either. Wonder why he hasn’t been home for months to spend some time in this house he talked about in many many interviews.

    Not unreasonable to think it was his fault, he is the one who dropped out just a few days before filming started.

    email and visits and phone calls are great things when you can’t get away to go home, but that isn’t the problem with him and it hasn’t been for over five months. and while a visit for a week or so is great, why not go back to London, which he considers home, and spend some time with some of those friends who may not be able to drop everything and fly to LA?

    Hornby, respected, talented, responsible and not pulling out of his contract
    Bloom not so respected as an actor, leaving film and everyone in a lurch, many doubt his talent

    pawing women, yeah if it was reported only one or two places I would blow it off, but it is said about him consistently in many different sources while he has been in several different countries, hmmmm may be something to that after all

    Accident caused by paps, then why no charges brought forward, If it was for sure with witnesses and all it seems they would have an open shut case, yet nothing seems odd. Of course the fact that he looked a little wasted may have something with no one wanting to pursue it. He dodged a bullet with that one and I think he and his pr people know it. They just want keep quiet and let it fade away.

    It seems just as high school to ignore obvious problems the man has and to explain everything away by saying it is only gossip or tabloids. My that tactic then Britteny Spears is the sanest and most down to earth person on the planet and only the victim of those nasty paps who make her life miserable.

    I think you have a little hero worship going on with Orlando and you can’t stand the fact that he is has some flaws, some fairly significant flaws. Is he a horrible awful person, no he, in my opinion is someone who isn’t handling fame very well and could use some help from those family and friends he said he was gonna count on to bring him back down to earth.

    Now if you have another treatise you intend to write, give me some time, I actually have a job that I need to spend sometime on, I don’t have the endless amounts of time that you do to pen epics on the heroic attributes of Orlando Bloom

  • mabye

    The reason he looks so happy is he had finally decided to make it public that he likes it in the behind, must be hard to have to always pretend he likes the girls instead of admitting he is one of the girls

  • sillybilly

    I’d hate to do this just when the conversation was getting really heavy but, any of you gals got any pics of Orlando bare naked ass?

    All this talk about blah, blah, blah, …ANAL SEX… blah, blah, blah…LONDON has really got me wanting to put a finger or two up his arse! He seems like the type who’d giggle once it’s in.

  • sillybilly

    …and by ****, I mean cornhole. Thanks for blocking arse but not ass, Jared!

  • @105

    might be wise to actually know what you are talking about before spewing forth, but then what can you expect from someone who probably genuflects before her Orlando’s shrine before getting in bed and dreaming of him. But I think Emma Thompson and Alfred Molina and Peter Sarsgaard are pretty well thought of. I realize that some people only go to see the Will Smith, Tom Cruise action movies, but others actually like to watch movies where things don’t blow up all of the time, I do realize it requires a bit more concentration and usually some kind of brain power, so you may not be familiar with some of these actors who just you know act. Maybe poor Orlando couldn’t cut it in a script that didn’t have huge special effects, and the big blockbuster names to relieve him from carrying some of the acting load. I mean he has done three movies that I can think of that weren’t blockbusters, and they weren’t exactly standouts in the indie movie field were they? Haven, horrible reviews, Ned Kelly they didn’t even like it that much in OZ where it was made, and Calcium Kid which I think went straight to video. Poor Pam now you look like a little bit of a fool don’t you.

  • What I’ve Heard

    Sorry, sillybilly, I don’t think there are any pics. I’ve heard that it’s because he’s like a Ken doll – no private parts, just a void. No gonads to release hormones; testosterone is so important for libido. That’s probably why Miranda couldn’t keep him around. Her skills were wasted on the eunic. As for him liking you, maybe you have a shot!

  • @118

    lol that was good and made me laugh

    don’t you realize that pam, truth take it to the bridge are proably the same sad person determined to make their point. They post under a bunch of different names to make it look like everyone thinks like they do. They do it on almost all of the Orlando threads, everyone knows it and laughs about it. The poster will come back at you with a bunch of nasty posts all under different names.

  • Cornholio

    Amy Winehouse, you rock!

    Silly Billy, exactly in his cornholio, loves it, loves it!

  • @119

    So that is why he has said he would never do nudity in a film? I think there was a brief glimpse of bare ass in some show he did before he was famous, but that is pretty much it. Now I understand why his love scenes seem so underwhelming, you need to have it before you can use it. Poor guy, all those beautiful women and nothing he can do about it

  • sillybilly


    Yeah I kinda figured he was a Ken doll when they “strategically” covered his nads in Troy. I remember feeling scared he might have a tiny, daycare-d!ck. How can a man with such a beautiful face have a gawd awful body like that?

  • gay

    I really do think he is gay, he is always so much happier when there are pictures of him with his guy friends. I don’t think I have ever seen him look this full of joy with a woman by his side. He isn’t even capable of admitting he is dating or seeing a gril. I think he hates that he has to live the lie so he tries to pretend he isn’t being set up so they can get pictures of him with a woman so people won’t figure out that he likes men instead.

  • @122

    well, the kiss and tells’s have said he was very good.
    However, Matty Ford did say he was kind of selfish but
    she was a one night stand. None of them said he was lacking in ability.
    They were happy customers.
    Now, if an ex who was dumped should come out and slam him that can be taken as sour grapes.,especially if they didn’t seem to mind those same smelly things when they were in the relationship.

  • yup

    They don’t call him Back Door Billy for nothing, ya know!

  • lol @ 126

    no wonder all of his girlfriends go on juice diets They got to get the shitter cleaned out for him, wouldn’t want any nasty oders or ahemmm other stuff comming out back there.

  • @124

    I have only read two kiss and tells, one who said he was some kind of love god and most people thought it was pretty suspect, and the other by Maddy the one night stand who was more believable since she actually was in a movie with him. Her report was less then wonderful. Said he got done pretty fast. Seems like there was something about him by Sophie Dahl who said he had a hard time gettin it up sometimes, so I don’t think all of the reports have been that great.

  • Derek Acorah

    When in doubt use the gay card. *rolls eyes*
    Maybe he is just happy with people he is fond of maybe he just hasnt been that fond of Kate OR Miranda
    Hasnt it ever occured to some people that the Ho’s he actually are seen with are because they are nothing but eff buddies/ and or he doesnt have much feeling for them apart from sex, and yes I mean Kate too, after all just because a man is with a woman for APPARENTLY 4 years(in an on/off relationship) doesnt mean he actually loves them, I just think he hasnt been in love yet, simple as that,the only guy this man loves is himself.
    After all to many a man (and woman)its easy to have sex with NO feelings whatsoever for the person., I think he catagorises women, (to fuck- to fall in love with)and the likes of Kate and Miranda are just convenient eff buddies IMO. I have seen him with some women and he seems pretty glad to be round them- Liv, Kiera, Kirsten…even the model Veronica Taylor lol
    It doesnt help that the 2 women he has been seen with were/are both famewhore celebswho enjoy the paps being there.

  • Derek Acorah

    Even some s1utty footballers in the UK dont get as many as 2 kiss and tells and they sleep with hundreds of sloots, makes you wonder how many women hes had, I’m guessing near 80 – if he has been having one night stands since 16-18 then he could reach that amount easily he could do 10 women in as many weeks.

  • Derek Acorah

    Sophie Dahl?? Where is this please? I know there are pics ofthem at same party when she was chubs, but where is the blurb about this, or yet again hearsay???

  • Derek Acorah

    I can never forget that story online when a girl claimed she worked on a play with him before he was famous and she gave him a blowjob, he then asked to return the favour but she refused because she didnt feel “fresh” enough, did anyone think that story was true? :/

  • @130

    I am thinking in the hundreds. London at 16 if he only did 20 one night stands in a year and he could have, then once he got famous He probably hooked with women whose names he never knew, and faces he wouldn’t remember. He doesn’t seem the type that sex really means anything to, it is just a fuck to him.

  • Derek Acorah

    Yeah 133, You are prob correct, also i bet he went mental sh@gging in NZ, you can imagine him using the “Im gunna be famous once LOTR’s comes out” as a chat up line LMAO!!!!

  • Derek Acorah

    i MEAN think on.. this is a guy (and he admitted this himself) who used to lick his finger, wipe it on a womans dress and say “let me help you out of those wet clothes” as a chat up line!!! He was defo a typical London cliubber One night stander, when I used to go clubbing I was told by plenty of men that when a group of lads go out they always make sure they ALL get a different woman to go home with every week, Orlando hung out at places where Models hung out, so I can imgine he got plenty of beautiful women to take home.

  • lolz

    Orlando also said he got “mercy f*cks” because he was the “kid with the broken back”. I’m sure he was serious about that too.

  • the truth

    @114: You obviously…obviously…uh…sorry, I keep falling asleep reading your repetative drivel. You obviously have a lack of basic comprehension of the English language, judging by how you interpret what I said. Oh, and a continued penchant for believing everything you read – most ‘news items’ come from the same original source, so it’s possible to you read the same garbage over and over and over…
    Oh, sod it. I’m tired of this battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.

  • sillybilly

    @ Derek Acorah

    I personally don’t think he’s gay. I just wanna play with his ass because he’s seems like the type that might be into that kind of freaky sh!t. Well based on his manwhore rep in the media anyways.


    Please, for the love of Astroglide, don’t start up that he lives in London/ he lives in LA/ he lives in Miranda’s ass crap again. You think he’s kinky in the sack or what?

  • Derek Acorah

    I can imagine that when he broke his back after, I bet he used that as a chat up line too, and women thought “aww” and I bet he got a fuc* with them cos of it, so yeah thats what he prob means.
    I just think that if his “inno orli” fans knew the reality of how much sex with strangers he has had all for his own pleasure they would be shocked, I think a lot think because he comes across as dippy, likes his dog, goes to that place for UNICEF to kiss kids and says some nice things sometimes that there is no way he would have dirty cold hard sex just for his own pleasure with diferent women now is there?

  • lolz

    Derek: you’re really…….. special, ain’t ya? Do you have an ounce of proof for any of your theories. Cuz ya know that’s all they are, right? You have theories about Orlando just like the “inno orli” fans have theories. You’re no different from them. You just think you are. If you think at all, which is highly doubtful. And before you come out with some nonsense about how I am an “inno orli” fan (love that, did you make that up too, it’s as special as you), I don’t think he’s a saint but I don’t think he’s the devil. Actually I think that the sum total of what I know and you know and any fans knows about what goes on in his life amounts to about zero.

    So again, got any cold hard facts to back up what you say? Not tabloids, not comments online, not something you heard from a friend of a girl who f*cked a guy who is marrying the woman who does you’re former roomate’s best friend’s sister’s hair who totally knows Orlando does hookers and trannies and is currently in rehab again after Eric Bana drove him back. Anything??


    Didn’t think so.

  • Derek Acorah

    LOL sillybilly- you go for it girl!!!!lol

    Actually back to the anal thing… what is the percentage of men that actually like it? I have had a few guys and none have been into it.. so is it really that popular or is it just people on the internet who seem to be into it more? lmao!!!

    I dunno if he is kinky as such the only kinky things ehs mentioned are:Kate peeing on him on a chat show- yet as he kept joking it was a turn on- it prob werent as surely you woulndt keep saying it if ypu REALLY thougt it would you??? and the “stick it up her arrse” that he was overheard saying apparently over the phone to a mate that was apparently a joke :/

    Lets discuss,.. lol

  • Derek Acorah

    lolz… its called SPECULATION, I thought thats all of us were doing here.. its come from his own gob that he has slept around when he was younger or “sowed his wild oats” as he called it so I’m going by what he has SAID.
    Didnt know I needed a disclaimer :/
    Man you are harsh lady-don’t get your tampon in a twist, its only all a fun game!

  • lolz

    Oh, and one more thing, I can’t wait for this inane conversation to become “fact” when in later posts the comments about Orlando and his hundreds of 1 night stands are cited as the truth. Do any of you even listen to yourselves? Or are you as blinded by hate as the fangirls are by love? And someone tell me how that makes you any better. Nevermind, you’re just see “teh truth” I forget, sowwy.

  • Derek Acorah

    lolz we are bored we dont HATE him, i dont anyway!!! We are just discussing something to pass the time- like I say eh ahs said he has slept around, so we are just wondering how many, thats all jeeze!!
    If you are bored then goodbye, no one makes you stay now, nobody is claiming anything as fact!
    I like him so whats up eh??? Is some kind of ghost posessing you to click on the JJ link?

  • balle

    Yes LOZ… why you here then? Weird…

  • lolz

    Orlando said he had 100s of 1 night stands? You’re taking something he said and turning it into proof of what you want to believe to back up your speculation. Hey, that’s cool, that’s what everyone does. Just as long as you don’t start believing your own press. *g*

    What makes you think I’m a lady, anyway? And are you British?

    Are you serious about the Leno thing? You realize it was a story about being stung by a sea urchin? Do you think everything Orlando says is serious? The man never jokes? Like, ya know, he even said Haven would be bigger than Pirates!! What an egomaniacal freak, thinking that his movie would out do Pirates! I bet he really hates Johnny Depp too. And that he’s really a virgin, you know he said he was in an interview, uh huh, I heard it myself, saving himself for marriage!

  • Derek Acorah

    Oh and loz… why does him sleeping around and us discussing it seem like we hate him? What is wrong for a man to sleep around? Its very common and doesn’t make him a bad person. You are one weird chicklet!

  • lolz

    Where did I say I was bored? I’m quite entertained by you. Please, don’t stop commenting. If you’re bored and like making up stories you should try fanfiction.

    Why am I here? I’m a fan of Orlando Bloom’s same as you claim to be. It’s a free blog, ya?

  • lolz

    You hate someone, dear Derek! I guess it’s the fans that don’t see Orlando how you see them? Fine, you don’t hate him. You just hate that anyone could disagree with you. I get it. It’s annoying when people don’t agree. For the record I don’t agree Orlando’s innocent, and I don’t agree he’s had a lot of sex with women.

    You didn’t answer me, are you British?

  • Derek Acorah

    lolz.. the sleeping with over 100 women was specualtion NOT fact.
    yes I’m British
    I said the urine thing on him was HIM JOKING.

    I havent said anything as fact- honest. All I’m saying is we are SPECUALTING. the only thing we KNOW is Orlando has slept around(his admittance) and had “dangerous women”… the rest is us speculaiing out of fun, no harm no nowt I promise.