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Orlando Bloom From Behind

Orlando Bloom From Behind

Orlando Bloom heads out to Malibu with a mystery male for lunch on Sunday afternoon.

Is it just me or does Orlando look exceptionally happy these days? CoughMirandaKerrCough.

Orly, 31, has been reportedly getting fit to be in the Johnny To-directed kung-fu film, The Red Circle. He’s been receiving martial arts and other types of physical training. Production in Hong Kong begins later this year.

“Air Rift” sneakers by Nike.

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344 Responses to “Orlando Bloom From Behind”

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  1. 76
    commercial Says:

    you know I heard yesterday that the new 2009 Corrola gets like 34mile to the gallon or something like that. Right up there with the pirus anyway.
    thought that was interesting since he got so much flack for doing the commercial for that and it wasnt a hybrid but yet it gets better milage then some of the other hybrids

  2. 77
    irish lassie Says:

    Actually the RED CIRCLE is apparently doubtful to be a kung fu martial arts based movie so people are saying, I agree he seems to be doing a lot of work in HK lately, I’m sure some here would say that maybe the SGI leader is to do with that? I can’t say because I know nothing about that Ikeda man. All I know is Orlando seems famous in Japan, I dont hold out much hope for him being really good in this movie as he seems to act the same in everything, and I can’t see that changing now.

  3. 78
    irish lassie Says:

    Oh and regardless of whether it is “over” between him and MK, I still dont think he is a GREAT guy anymore, so nah I havent resumed anything , still think the same.

  4. 79
    the truth Says:

    You tossers. You all speculate without knowing c**p. His part in An Education wasn’t cut down – he was already committed to Red Circle and it ended up the training and shooting schedules conflicted. He had hoped to be able to do both, and it didn’t work out. It was always a possibility when he signed for An Education because of the prior commitment. Nick Hormby got his knickers in a twist because of him dropping out and took it public. Classy.
    And he spends time in L.A. because that’s where his business is – Hollywood is a company town. You’re a Wall Street banker, you live in NY. A U.S. Senator, you have homes in both DC and your home State.
    But then neither explanation would make for juicy gossip and ripping someone apart, would it?

  5. 80
    Sam Says:

    The truth- are you british I recognse 2 Brit words there lol
    I agree with you though. People- why care what movie he is doing- he is working, and thats good enough IMO

  6. 81
    tripe Says:

    the truth… LMAO is that supposed to be inside info? It aint everyone knows that already. Everyone is saying the same thing all over his fandom :/

  7. 82
    Uh Huh Says:

    Hollywood is a company town. All actors have to live there to work. Oh, so that’s why I haven’t seen James McAvoy, Keira Knightly, Johnny Depp, Daniel Day-Lewis, Ewan McGregor, Jude Law, Collin Farrell, Ralph Fiennes, Cate Blanchett, Javier Bardem and Kate Winslet in any movies lately. Maybe we need to hook these folks up with a LA realtor so they can get some work.

  8. 83
    the truth Says:

    @#82, you’re absolutely right. I’ve never seen photos of ANY of those people in L.A. Ever.
    Just because one sees pap photos of someone in L.A. doesn’t mean they’re there full time. Sheesh.

  9. 84
    ricki Says:

    So we have him dropping out and he’s automatically the bad guy? Nick Hornby can’t possibly be the bad guy in this situation? Are you guys freaking kidding me? You act like a bunch of scorned harpies because he dared to *gasp* act like a normal guy and sleep with a beautiful woman that he liked. Get over yourselves.

  10. 85
    @84 Says:

    Well said.

  11. 86
    KC Says:

    I love orlando, but he’s wearing girl shoes…I hate girl shoes on guys.

  12. 87
    Oh Boy Says:

    I love the fact that you ex-fans are so damned predictable. If anything happens it HAS to be Orlando’s fault.
    Hornby never said that it was Orlando’s misunderstanding, only that there was one. He could be angry at the director for not getting the timing right, and losing a major name for the film. He could have been mad that they butchered his script, changing roles around and making Orlando hate the changes. He could be p!ssed that losing Orlando, means that he lost a chance to open his work to a larger demographic.
    We don’t know, yet you automatically rush to make Orlando the bad guy. As others have said, he is nothing but professional in his work, and has NEVER had a rep as being a Diva. Yet you want to hate him so bad, that you make stuff up just to spread your venom.

    What we DO know, is that we originally heard that filming would take place during March and April, now the news states that it would film through May. A month is quite a difference. That screams ‘scheduling conflict’ to me.

  13. 88
    sexy sailors Says:

    Oh come on ricki, with that then to you Orlando cant possibly be the bad guy tho can he? Think on this Hornby guy is a well respected writer and director, do you HONESTLY think that he is going to make up something, or pretend that he is pissed off just for no reason? Maybe YOU should face that Orlando isnt such a professional guy after all!!
    Sleeping with a beautiful woman he liked? FFS we arent kids here, he has prob slept with beautifuller women than plain jane Miranda with the shark nose- he has had one night stands since the age of 16!!!! He has prob slept with near 80 women, Im sure a lot of them were gorgeous- what the hell has that to do with why people are suspect because a respected british writer and director is hinting at Orlando being less that professh!
    Orlando is a joke here in the UK its more a case of Orlando who?? Nick Hornby is respected very much so, so I doubt he has just sour grapes that he had another film and couldnt do his- why would this experienced director give a two ton toss about something that apparently “happens all the time” added to that fact that Orlando must have had a “get out cluse” added to that said contract that Hornby himself will have agreed to, so why the hell would he be effed off about that if he knew it might happen anyway?? Think about it thicko!

  14. 89
    ricki Says:

    Or maybe you should face the fact that you lack objectivity and the ability to read. Did I say Orlando isn’t at fault? No because I don’t have all the facts and neither do you. Jealous harpy, jealous harpy, jealous harpy.

  15. 90
    ricki Says:

    Oh and Orlando most probably told them about his other committment, so they knew abotu his schedule before hand, and if they adjusted or changed theirs, then they had to have known it would affect if he could do the film or not. How’s that for logic? Is it hard for you to follow along?

  16. 91
    sexy sailors Says:

    LMAO jealous of what?? Tell me??
    It’s you who can’t follow logic!! CANT YOU READ? I said that he had a get out clause in his contract because of the other movie duuhhh!! So they will have already known that! FFS talk to myself it seems

  17. 92
    @truth Says:

    I see, he spent years building a house outside of London, a house he talked about, a house he went over budget on so it could have all the green elements he wanted, a house he shopped and cared about a great deal. And he built that house knowing that he would HAVE to live in LA. Sure the other actors mentioned show up in LA, Johnny Depp, Daniel Day-Lewis, Ewan McGregor, Jude Law, Collin Farrell, Ralph Fiennes, Cate Blanchett, Javier Bardem and Kate Winslet , but they don’t live there, Bloom has spent a total of four months in the home he lavished years in building. He has set foot once in London since September and then only for a quick weekend. This is the same guy that said the bad thing about making movies was missing his family and friends at home. And now when he has a chance to work in London, with the creme of London actors he backs out. And no it wasn’t scheduling problems because it has been announced that Red Circle isn’t filming until later this year. And since St. Bloom can do no wrong it is all Hornby’s fault for dropping a hint that he may have acted like an ass. Hornby who is a fantastic author, and a respected part of the British movie scene. If for no other reason is seems he should have kept the role to allow him sometime at home with his friends and family and to work in a respected British production that may have opened some other doors for him. His fans are the biggest bunch of ostriches I have ever seen. I truly believe they could find him with a bloody knife over a body while he confesses loudly that he did it, and his deluded fans would still say it wasn’t his fault. If anyone else but their sainted Orly had pulled half the crap he has and they would turn their backs in a minute.

  18. 93
    Jaded Says:

    @92 I don’t really see why couldn’t someone be a fantastic artist AND an a$$hole at the same time. Not saying NH is, just saying there’s no contradiction. I love his books btw. That blog entry hinting at conflicts was quite unprofessional though. Just my two cents.

  19. 94
    Lc Says:


  20. 95
    @93 Says:

    I am not saying that it is possible, what I find funny is that Orlando is the one who dropped out, and used the pathetic excuse that it was schduling problems, he dropped out just as the production was beginning, and yet NH is the one who gets the blame because he let it slip that he wasn’t too happy about it. Why blame him, he didn’t do anything wrong other then be a bit peeved that an actor who accepted a role dumped the whole production because he didn’t get what he wanted. I would put NH accomplishments up against blooms any day, and 20 years ago he will still be a wonderful author and Orlando may well be just yesterdays flash in the pan.

  21. 96
    set ups Says:

    you know I had always thought all miss kerr’s pap pics with bloom were set ups but wondered why the ones from the apartment she looked like crap. Now if what was said on the other thread is true, that she was planning on going with the buddha boy but he told her no at the last minute, it would make sense that she had called them thinking they would get pics of the happy couple going to the airport. Instead they got him going alone and her looking dejected holding the dog.

  22. 97
    the truth Says:

    #92, congratulations – for someone who appears to not like Orlando, you show an amazing ability to keep track of all of his comings and goings.
    And you must be up on international law as well. Last time I checked, it wasn’t a fooking crime to have homes in both the US and the UK. There are a LOT of people, show business or not, who own homes in both places. (Or, God forbid, like Brangelina, who have many homes all over the world. Why isn’t Interpol on the case?)
    Hornby is indeed a good author, but that doesn’t immediately make him a nice person. By blogging what he did for everyone to see, he shows that he has a complete lack of class as a person. BTW, and he only has one other screenplay to his name – Fever Pitch. In spite of Colin Firth, the movie sucked. Or should I say the script?
    Actors drop out of films for all kinds of reasons, and the reporting by the producers that it was due to a scheduling could mean it was just that. It isn’t some GREAT CONSPIRACY to screw up Hornby’s life, FFS. (Isn’t it also possible that the producers jumped the gun when they announced they had signed him, and citing a scheduling conflict is a graceful way to say they didn’t? Nah, that would never happen Hey maybe the script sucked. Did you ever think about that?)
    And by ‘crap he’s pulled’, I assume you base that on facts as well. I don’t think he’s a saint (I hope not, that would make him boring as s**t), but you seem to be basing everything on gossip sites and magazines. To be so well educated on top of having a knack for deduction of a person’s character must be quite a burden.
    Or it could just be that you’re taking the p*ss.

  23. 98
    irish lassie Says:

    I agree with that #96, it makes much more sense lol
    She looked like crap and he looked as though he didnt give a damn!

  24. 99
    @97 Says:

    so classic, number one attack the poster who may disagree personally. That way you diminsh their crediablity, never mind it makes you look as though you can’t come up with a valid arguement to support your position

    Yes people do own homes in more than one country, but typically they also live in those homes at least part of the time. He has been on a break, vacation or whatever since sept and yet has made no effort to spend anytine in his home that he says he loves in a house he lavished money and time on. No time living close to family and friends those who he said were the most important things in his life. Seems a bit odd doesn’t it

    He was a producer on About a Boy, and wrote the novel High Fidelity. so yeah I think he has some credibilty where movies are concerned.

    They jumped the gun, oh please it was in Variety and a number of other respected industry publications. I don’t think they would have announced in such reliable sources if they were jumping the gun. And if the script suckied why would he have signed on in the first place

    He hasn’t made some of the best choices in his personal life, pawing women, the accident, and that is something we probably don’t agree on, cheating with a woman who was in a relationship with another man.

    He has had several things annoucned that he would be in London for, film judge, etc and the only one he showed up for was the BAFTA;s and he spent like two days there and then left.

    I think you are so desperate to explain anything away that doesn’t fit the carefull built image of Orlando Bloom and mr perfect you can’t be objective about some of his possible problems. Dream on, eventually you will have to admit that the man has his problems and the image and the person are two different things.

  25. 100
    @92 Says:

    Just so ya know……tomorrow is “later this year”.
    If Red Circle starts in May, THAT would be a freeking schedule conflict, since Education will still be filming.
    What don’t you understand?

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