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Orlando Bloom From Behind

Orlando Bloom From Behind

Orlando Bloom heads out to Malibu with a mystery male for lunch on Sunday afternoon.

Is it just me or does Orlando look exceptionally happy these days? CoughMirandaKerrCough.

Orly, 31, has been reportedly getting fit to be in the Johnny To-directed kung-fu film, The Red Circle. He’s been receiving martial arts and other types of physical training. Production in Hong Kong begins later this year.

“Air Rift” sneakers by Nike.

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  • Derek Acorah

    No..I havent jumped on anyone for their opinion, Im just saying that some people seem to think Orlando hasnt had sexual exp, yet he has said what he has said- thats all, nothing to with hate at all, I know ppl dont agree and thats fine and dandy, I respect what people think, about what I said about GAY comment and disagreed with that was because that is what I THINK. Thats all this is, and I’m not ATTACKING anyone for anything.
    Yep Im as british as fish and chips kid!

  • Derek Acorah

    Oh and the making up stories>> where have i?? How can u make up stories with speculation? LMAO
    Look if you dont know what Orlando himself has said then tuff, not my problem. Take that up with him not me
    I will not be replying to you anymore as YOU are the one attacking cos I dont agree with you! Hypocrite!
    Fanfic urgh please thats for the sickos.

  • sillybilly

    @ 141

    More guys are into it than they care to admit. They actually get off if you do it right. Remember that movie “Road Trip” with Tom Green and Sean William Scott?

    Just asking bloggers if they think he’s as bad as they say he is in the tabs. They really do paint him as a sleazebag trying to make him look like a ladies man. I don’t doubt his ability to get laid, I just doubt the quality of ass he’s getting.

    Penelope Cruz = Hell No!

    Rumer Willis = Right Up His Alley

  • Briony P

    @ lolz

    Why are you attacking Derek? He is speculating, like we all are, I don’t see any claims.

    Sick of people starting fights on here amongst each other, so full of hate and detestation!

    I was shocked when I read that Orlando had said he had slept around because I thought he was a “lovemaking in a relationship kinda guy” and yes , I was dissappointed by that. But it really doesn’t stop him being a wonderful person like he really is.

    I think that he doesn’t sleep around anymore and stopped doing that after his accident, we all have a past unfortunately. Notice BTW that I said think and not know, I’m speculating too and could be very wrong.

  • lolz

    You’re up late, what time is it in jolly old England?

    I know the quotes you mean. I simply don’t agree with your spin. To each his own, ya? I bet there are quotes of Orlando’s that you wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole as they wouldn’t fit your speculations.

    You don’t even know what I think, how can you agree or not? But fine, take your toys and go home if you must.

  • derek acorah

    It’s 2am here so?
    Lol why? I bet when he is in the right relationship with the right lady he can be a nice loyal loving boyfriend..see nice quotes from him I believe!
    No toys there, just can’t be arsed with the tooing and froing lol

  • derek acorah

    Oh and you DID say on page 5 that you didnt think he had slept around that much so yes thats your thoughts yes?
    I respect your opinion, but I dont have to agree with it, thats all.

  • lolz

    @briony: can you provide the exact quote where he admits he slept around? or do you mean the sowing wild oats quote too? you state it as fact but it’s still speculation. one person’s sowing of oats is vastly different than someone elses.

    about attacking Derek: there’s a fine line being tread here. One the one hand you’re saying it’s all speculation but you’re stating facts as in :

    “I was shocked when I read that Orlando had said he had slept around because I thought he was a “lovemaking in a relationship kinda guy” ”

    See? I am completely positive there is no direct quote where Orlando stated “I slept around” but you found something that made you speculate this and now you state it as fact. That’s my problem. Because then three posts from now someone will say, hey, it’s fact Orlando slept around with 100 women, I read it once.

    But ppeculate to you hearts content, by all means.

  • lolz

    No, Derek. I said I didn’t think he’s slept with a lot of women. That’s different than saying I don’t think he’s slept around.

    And that’s fine, Derek. I respect yours as well, and don’t agree. We’ll leave it here on this nice note. Have a pleasant morning.

  • derek acorah

    Ok lolz, thanks for that. :)

  • ed

    #158 : ffs let it go already, u sound way ott over this. orlando has said “sowing wild oats” in a legit magazine (i think GQ) so one can only take that quote as fact. in case u didnt know the term “sowing wild oats” means:

    ” if a young man sows his wild oats, he has a period of his life when he does a lot of exciting things and has a lot of sexual relationships”

    and that is from an actual dictionary site (

    no one is claiming fact but as that quote was said in a legit place one can only take it as fact he said but not fact he actually meant it if u like. if YOU dont like it – tough nipples, move on person, accept it!

    p.s u can do a lot of digging around yourself and see all of ob’s quotes from other sources, legit or not.

  • peekaboo

    do you know anything about him right?
    so do you know he’s in LA for what? for the arts martial training? probably cause NY is closest to LA than London? what else?
    it’s all about SGI and about the improvement he’s working out with.
    Just for the record: Orlando spent a few days in Oz during xmas holidays in Coffs Harbour they were seen shopping in the palms center and at some beaches.
    I have no intention to prove anything cause I’m the Prince of Darkness’ daughter.

  • Give It A Rest

    Oh God will the fake insiders give it a rest? Damn this is nothing but Kate Gate part 2, the exact same crap. Peekaboo get a life you read recently about Orlando’s SGI visit but that’s not the reason he’s in LA, they have a center in London too and Orlando was never in Oz over the holidays. He managed to make to make it down there when he was with Kate but a fling with a model doesn’t warrant such a trip. It’s sad when people try to get attention by playing the ole I-Know-Something-You-Don’t-Know game. Grow up.

  • @162

    Hahahaha. good one.
    sorry, no way he was there and NO WAY it wouldn’t have been covered.
    Cabbage patch would have seen to it and no way she would have let herself be the laughing stock she was if he really did show.
    Not to mention the dt would have come to her rescue.

  • degreehunter

    WOW, thank you guys!
    I have just completed my BA in Psychology. I wasn’t sure if I was going to take my master’s but after reading these comments I now have the material to go on.
    Once again, my sincere thanks.

  • @165

    How did people kill time at work before the internet?
    You have to admit this is more fun than xeroxing your arse-hole
    on the copy machine.

  • @137

    well, truth (what a cute name did ya make it up yourself) at least this time you had pith on your side (do you need to look that up, I’ll wait). Believe it or not I do know that the same story gets repeated over and over again, and to add some cherries on top, I am intelligent enough to tell what they are. But, a story about grabbing a woman’s ass in London, wanting to bury his face in Elle McPhearson’s chest, another story at a event in London where he was leering and pawing another woman who was trying to polietly get away from him. The infamous incident where he went after Veronica Taylor and then the little jewel dropped about him pawing, and those were the exact words, Miranda (not that she didn’t enjoy it) are all different stories, at different times, and wait for it in different locations. Eventually ya have to start to wonder.
    Now you just keep patting yourself on your back about how brilliant you are, and by all means keep repeating it, maybe it will make it true.

    Now I am going to get back to the gossiping and speculation that is where the fun is.

  • @167

    why don’t you get links tothose stories.
    On JJ you can only add one link to post though,
    The Elle one is common knowledge
    and so is VT
    But where is the one about a woman trying to get away in London
    and where was it ever written about him pawning mk? (not that they didnt have a fling but i dont remember anything ever written)
    Or are you making those ones up?

  • @lolz

    OMG I can’t believe you are spouting on and on about how he is such a innocent little thing. Honey if that makes you sleep better at night fine, but let’s get real here. He clubbed in London from the age of 16 and that is all about you take home for the night. He and his cast mates in LOTR partyed the whole time he was in NZ and somehow I doubt they were playing hopscotch. Then he is famous and women are literally throwing themselves at him, offering all kinds of sexual favours (give me a minute while I picture it) and I am sure he is turning them down right and left, because he is such a nice boy. I am sure he is telling them all I don’t do those kind of things. He may come across all sweet and boyish and that is probably helping him rake in the girls, but I get the impresssion (read that impression, my opinion) that he is taking advantage of almost all offers. In his interviews he comes across as way too knowing and far more experienced than you might like to believe. I also think he is very capable of mindless and unemotional cold fucks, I mean he has been doing it since he was 16, it kind of becomes a habit. Personally I believe it is one reason he has a hard time connecting emotionally with women, after so many faceless nameless fucks it is hard to find much intimacy. Now if you don’t want to hear us speculate on what is probably the ugly truth about your boy, then I would go else where. Tell me were you one of those lonely old women who baked goodies for him during his play. I have to laugh at the image, don’t you just wonder what he said about all of that. Here he is 30 and there are all these middle aged biddies there with pastry, etc. He probably wonders if they want to fuc him or they want to fatten him up and make him brush his teeth. Too funny

  • the truth is usually….

    …somewhere in the middle.

    He isn’t a monk. He had his share of one-nighers.
    Doesn’t mean he is incapble of connecting.
    LOTR he was single. Probably had lots of fun.He was then with Kate for 4 years.
    People can guess that he cheated alot but its just that, a guess. I think if he was that bad there would have been more kiss and tells if he was cheating on her non stop during that time. And if it was with KD then you sure can’t accuse him of going after the hotties. I think those two were just getting high buddies or drinking buddies. I think he has better taste than that.
    Then there was the last year when he was with pc for a few months and then MK on her booty call visits to london to try and reel him in.
    I seriously doubt we are talking in the 100′s here. Most guys do talk a heck of a lot more than they actually do.
    I also don’t think he is that cold about it.
    Hey, even the report of the girl giving him a bj and he offered to return the favor, now who says he isn’t a humanitarian?? J/K!!!!

  • @168

    I don’t do others research unless I am getting paid. Sometimes if I feel sorry for an undergrad maybe. Tthe stories are out there. Poor thing that is the best you can do. Get backed into a corner and now you want links. Ever heard of a little thing called google? Use it, you will find them., The woman in London, and the ass grabbing in London were during the summer while he was doing his play, and the pawing MK thing was right after her VS show during December in LA. Have fun.

  • @171

    it didn’t say he was pawing her the report said they were making out at the show.

  • @165

    I did a whole paper on this for a psych class. Kind of got hooked myself. It is endlessly fascinating, and oddly liberating too. Some threads get a little more crazy than others. Stay away from the brangalina ones, those people are truly nuts. Tom Cruise is a kick, but the Orlando threads are the best. As you can read there are some who really believe he embodies all of the heroic attributes of the character he plays. He is loyal, and kind and according to some nutjob almost a virgin. Then on the other side of the coin, he eats babies and runs a harem. Always something new for the masses. And the best part is, it is all absoultly free, no charge. When ever I get freaked out over papers I have do,or meetings with my adviosr, I veg out here for a while, and then RL doesn’t look so bad anymore.

  • @172

    Getting his grab on at the after-do was Orlando Bloom. He skipped the actual show, but nonetheless found time to paw Aussie model Miranda Kerr inside the Kodak’s ballroom.

    You sure as hell don’t know how to research this is a freebie, now look it up!

  • @170

    He was on and off again with Kate for four years. Ever wonder why it was on and off. I don’t know for sure, but I have a feeling that she was a young girl who really cared about him so she would break up when she got him cheating and then get back together with him, or she could have just been using the publicity she got from being with her, but one way or another they were off during part of those four years. I wouldn’t trust him very far. Maybe if you were with him constantly, but I think he likes to play when mama isn’t home.

  • @174

    sounds like Ted C. or someone like that.
    Either way they were having their fling/thing then so
    I wouldn’t put that in with him pawing women against their will
    He was making out with the girl he was with. So what?
    Why even put that in your list? Oh yea, to try and make your
    point stick since you don’t have enough real evidence.

    Please don’t forget to add that Veronica Taylor made a point of
    telling Orlando that the guy she was with was her ex bf as in +wink wink, Call me++
    Who knows if she was flirting back and she just got caught.

  • @176

    Now you really sound desperate. I said that Miranda was probably enjoying the pawing.

    First you accuse me of making it up, then you accuse me of getting it wrong, and then when that doesn’t work you blow it off and make some stupid ass comment about how Veronica Taylor really liked getting grabbed by a drunken leech. Gee people like you are why the women’s movement is in the toliet. I don’t care how hot the drunken leech is, most women don’t want to be indiscrimetnly pawed by them. And I don’t think she was giving him the wink wink call me later vibe. Maybe you don’t give a damn about who grabs you and so were dumping what you want onto her. I got the vibe that she was embarresed by both of them, and she was more than a little pissed at being put in the middle of the Orlando show. Which he forced on her by dragging all the cameras over to watch him make an ass of himself talking to the guy who had tried to defend her. Lots of us are friends with old bf’s, and maybe she just didn’t want incorrect info about who she was dating getting in the press, but no you don’t think about that, all you think about is that she is a model bimbo so she must be panting after Orlando.

  • @176

    If you are a man, then you are a jerk for automatically assuming that when a woman is treated like an object she secretly enjoys it, if you are a woman, shame on you for perputating the myth that all women are asking for it, People like you are the reason rapists get away with it so much, It is always the woman’s fault, never the mans.

  • @177

    yes, you did say that MK might have enjoyed it but ,my point is that it has nothing to do with the conversation since she was his fling/thing at the time. It was not some random chic he was pawing, which has been your claim and the point of your discussion.Why don’t you just put kate in the mix? I’m sure he felt her up a few times in the four years they were together. duh.

    My other point about VT is that we didn’t see all of it. He didn’t drag the cameras over to watch it. He was walking away. It was the exbf that was still going at it in front of the camera and OB went back to talk to him. We do not know what happened inside or on the way out.

    I’m all for the woman’s movement but I also think that if a woman cries fowl for nothing she is setting it back as well. Part of the movement is the woman taking responsibility for themselves. I do think Orlando is a big flirt and sleeps around, no doubts. But I don’t think he is going around molesting people in clubs as you make it sound. He hit on VT, was she flirting back? She didn’t tell him she was with someone, we know that.

  • @178

    Oh please, go give Gloria Alred a call.
    You two can both set the women’s movement back together.

    No, I don’t think its always the woman’s fault, but IN THIS CASE, I do think we don’t know all of what happened and Veronica very well might have been flirting with him back. Fine, you don’t have to think her last words were saying that but I do. We both saw the same video. I think she made a point of telling him that the guy was not her boyfriend. Have you ever been to a club? Do you think they sit around and play card games? Things happen.

  • @179

    Well, let me put it this way, I wouldn’t leave an innocent young girl alone with him if he had imbibed too much. Now you keep on defending your point all you want, most people who can read, think and reason have a pretty good picture of a man who doesn’t realize the difference between being a flirt and being a leech. And why should she tell him she was with someone, it doesn’t sound like she was with someone other than an old boyfriend. I see if you are with someone then you are safe from being groped. so if you are alone then you are fair game. So no women should go to a club or a bar alone, unless she wants to be considered available to all the drunks. Yeah that sends a good messge for the women’s movement. Give it up, you were wrong and you just can’t admit it.

  • @181

    Do you know how dumb you sound?? You are all on this thread talking about Orlando, um why is that??? And you think he has to go around pawing women?? Howz this scenario—Veronica hit on Orlando–Orlando thought she was single—drunk ex gets mad—Orlando doesn’t know it’s an ex until VT tells him. That is every bit as plausible. So Orlando is a normal 31 yr. old single guy who likes sex and this is strange how?

  • @180

    I can’t believe what you are saying, before it was just two people who had to prove whatever their point was,

    Yes, I have been to clubs, and yes things happen, but a woman should never feel that it is ok to have some guy grab her when she doesn’t want him too. This is like back in the day when a rapist couldn’t be convicted unles there was an eye witness because you couldn’t take a women’s word for it, even if she had been beaten or obviously coercered.

    Sure she may have been flirting thinking she was in a club surrounded by people and she was safe. So if a woman flirts then it means she wants her ass or her breasts grabbed? I doubt the guy with her would have gotten that upset if it was just flirting. People like you make it scary to be a woman. When I am at a club I get to say who touches me and who doesn’t and that is the way it should be no matter where I am.

  • crazy

    Either everyone on here is some kind of neaderthal man, because if it is women posting this crazy crap then we are in big trouble. Some woman gets treated like shit, and it is all the guys fault. Be careful women if you are at a club and somebody the least bit famous grabs one of your tits, it is gonna be all your fault and everyone is going to blame you

  • @181

    lol you think because you want Orlando so badly that every other women does to, You can’t imagine a woman turning him down, just because you wouldn’t. Him being famous just means he thinks he can get away with more than an average guy would. No I doubt that Veronica was coming on to him, and I think he was drunk and just assumend she would be flattered by his attention, and he was wrong and got busted for it. Next time some guy grabs your ass I hope you remember that you probably deserved it since you were being such a flirt. Women like you are why there are so many problems with stupid ass men

  • @all

    No-you are all crazy for assuming that Orlando grabbed or pawed Veronica, but since you all have invented huge imaginary theories based on crap it’s not a suprise.

  • @182

    sorry that 181 message was really for 182, 181 actually made sense. women like 182 need to be bitch slapped god

  • let it go

    no one is saying its okay to go around and grab strangers. Stop twisting it. The point is there is no evidence Orlando does that except for a few ex fans who feel betrayed so they decided to use the Daily Mail as their standard.They same ones who bring up a situation where he is making out with the girl he is currently with as evidence of his groping stange women. Weird, Try harder. He is a normal 31 year old who hits on women at clubs. And get this, I heard from a friend of a friend who use to work at the Carl’s Jr,. near his house that she heard him say he actually liked to have sex sometimes! Shhh, please don’t tell the girls at ka-bloom that will really send them over the edge. Keep that little secret here.

    Give it up. VT made a point of telling him she was still single. Of course the other guy got miffed if he still had feelings for her. I’ve seen his myspace, i think he still digs VT. He was probably jealous.

  • its all good

    that is what places like this are for, to invent or gossip about crazy theories. If I wanted facts I would actually listen to what ever the hell the prof is droning on about.

    No he is still on his horse about how he should’ve gotten tenure, we have heard it several times this week.

    So please keep the fun coming and 186 if you don’t like crazy theories why don’t you trot over to a different site one that is more educationally oriented, coming on a JJ thread is just asking for it.

    Now some of us enjoy the entertainment but seems like you don’t so you can be excused. good-bye

  • @187

    Because of course no woman would ever flirt with Orlando right? Or get in arguments about Orlando on an Orlando thread on JJ right? Or follow his every action right? Get your head out of your a** and worry about real guys that you really know and meet at a bar.

  • lol

    I know Orlando doesn’t read this crap. But good gawd if he ever did!!
    This alone might send him to rehab.
    I wonder if his friends show him this stuff?

  • @188

    you are an idiot.

    Sure he likes to have sex, and I bet he does it every chance he gets
    you can’t prove your point so now you change the arguement. Old debate team stratgey usually makes you look like a total fool, and you are certainly doing that on your own.

    His friends have even said in interviews that when he gets drunk he gets overly friendly. I think with that natural inclination and the fame it has all gone to his head. Now keep trying to find some way to spin it so you don’t have to admit you are wrong, and by all means keep blaming the innocent party, that always plays well with the crowd.

  • give it up

    from the way this reads if Orlando hits on you and then gets inappopriately handsy the woman should immediatly drop to her knees and offer him a bj in gratitude that he has decided to notice her. All women everywhere in the land should lie down and spread the legs when ever Orlando is in town. No woman should ever reject his advances, because if she does then she is screwed up and a flirt and a tease and she is wink wink really saying she wants it from him bad. Now I understand. Every women in the whole world wants to fuc Orlando Bloom. That means he can do just about anything he wants to just about anyone he wants to. Hear that ladies we all need to give it up to Orlando.

  • #192

    nope. No changing the subject. Just telling you you don’t have the evidence except a few tabs.
    No one said he didn’t get flirty when drunk. Just saying he doesn’t grab/paw innocent strangers.
    Elle is a good friend, if he made a comment who knows, he was maybe flirting. There is a pic of her posing happily with him at the same event. That is IF the comment about her breast was really made. It was in the daily mail.
    MK he was withat the time so whoever threw that out there was a jerk.
    VT was a girl at a club whos last words to him were “he is my ex bf”.
    The other girl I think that was mentioned from london was a celeb or sorts and assuming the rumor is true for a minute(we dont know) she was probably a friend as well. Did he pat her on the bum? don’t know(I think that is what was said).
    You still have no evidence that he goes around grabbing women at random.
    You are fueled by your hate and refuse to give it up. You are like a woman scorned. You sure do know a lot about him to know of all these article. You must have followed him and he let you down so now you need to paint him as a monster who has no self control.

    Why are you on a ob thread so much? If he is such an a-hole move on.

  • @193

    you said it. I don’t know why all these crazy bitches think he is so hott. I read this crap because he has the craziest fans ever. Man could blow up a convent full of nuns and his fans would bake him apple pie and say it wasn’t his fault. No wonder they think everyone wants to get laid by st orlando. lol

  • @194

    thank you you just made my point perfectly. I said if you read about it in one or two cases you blow if off. But there are many different stories in many different papers of many different instances and you illustrated that perfectly. I read OB threads because of what poster 195 said, it is crazy fun. And you can blame VT all you want it ain’t gonna change the fact that there was more than one eyewitness report that said he grabbed her inappropriatly. Now there is no way you are gonna switch from the OB religion, and there is no way I am gonna buy that the man hasn’t let fame go to his head and decided he is above the natural laws of decency, so you keep worshiping at the shrine, and I will just wait while the evidence keeps mounting up. You have changed your arguement several times, and now that you find the reports I said were out there are actually there you try to spin it so that a little ass grabbing and tasteless remarks were all in good fun. I am tired of argueing with a died in the wool Orly worshiper their brains have all turned to mush so they can only repeat the mantra Orly is great, Orly is good, Orly never grabs ass when knows not should.

  • @196

    lol, I love that mantra we should get it printed and hand it out at his events.

  • sad

    seems there is 2 camps here, one camp gets yelled at for not buying into the gossip and one camp gets yelled at for wanting to believe every bad tidbit. You all slam each other but, all of you obsess and know and follow every little morsel of info. you can grasp about Orlando. Poor guy!

  • Extra extra

    Hmm… just wondering if any of you happened to see when he was a guest on Extras. He totally played into and mocked the “image” he supposedly is and during this he was REJECTED. It was hilarious! He knows how he is perceived and plays into it. Who wouldn’t in his position?

  • tickets

    but it is fun and no one has to go to all the trouble of buying tickets or even leaving their own house. They can just sit and watch, the ball goes from one court to the other and no one gets a neck ache trying to keep up. Personally I award points based on style and humor. The orli lover loses on both, but they are determined so you have to give them credit for that, the other one is funnier though, so they are ahead so far. Just buy into the show and RL kind of eases away and the whole world comes down to is Orli boy a drunken ass, tit grabbing sleeze. or is up to be canonized. Of course considering the reputations of some of the old popes and saints mabye he can be both at the same time.