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Orlando Bloom From Behind

Orlando Bloom From Behind

Orlando Bloom heads out to Malibu with a mystery male for lunch on Sunday afternoon.

Is it just me or does Orlando look exceptionally happy these days? CoughMirandaKerrCough.

Orly, 31, has been reportedly getting fit to be in the Johnny To-directed kung-fu film, The Red Circle. He’s been receiving martial arts and other types of physical training. Production in Hong Kong begins later this year.

“Air Rift” sneakers by Nike.

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  • @199

    yeah his image is that he is a sex god and every woman wants him, reality not so much at least lately. He has been eclipsed by Zac Efron, and others. Maybe that is why he has to start pinching nipples, he is having a harder time gettin laid. Poor guy. I don’t think he would like the slimey image, the image he played up was he had to beat them off with a stick, not that they had to beat him off with a stick, or maybe he is just beating off more since his star has declined so dramatically

  • @188

    #188–Are you kidding me?! You “checked up” on this photographer after his little skiff with Bloom? On his myspace?

    WTF? Who the h*ll do you think you are?! Bloom’s personal dragonslayer?! Defending him against all who challenge/don’t believe in St. Orlando?!
    Whoa. Talk about delusional fangirls overstepping boundaries….

    And this is precious, by your assessment, this guy “still loves” this ex, so of course he was “jus’ jelluz” of Bloom too. LOL.

    Honey, most of us here understand that this is entertainment, and that we speculate and snark as part of it. We don’t hate, but we don’t necessarily buy the image he’s tried to press at us either. At the end of the day, he keeps livin’ his life ,and we keep living ours.

    It’s “fans” like you who….oh what the FCK…no use getting angry with you; I feel too sorry for your type.

  • @200

    He is neither! I think that is the point.
    He is a 31 year old single man who likes sex and women
    It doesnt make him the devil and he isn’t running for pope.He’s just a guy.
    He is normal its just that he has these freaks who follow his every move and try to crystalize every comment he makes.

  • @202

    oh please. You’re the one who hates him but yet knows all about every article ever written about him and yet you still follow him.

    yes, VT was googled to see if she was famous model. Her myspace came up and lo and behold the guy was her friend there and it showed his page.

  • HMMM

    My little Orli Bloom was quite the naughy boy last week at the GQ Man of the Year Awards in London. He was said to be acting a damn fool, drunk and not understanding what was going on around him. He then tried to hit on all the chicks up in the joint, including Elle Macpherson who happened to be there with Paul McCartney. He was overheard telling her, “I just want to rub my face in your bosoms.”

    Now I am tired of doing your research, if you are gonna hurl stones make sure you actually have them. I am tired of proving my own point.

  • @205

    and which tabloid was this from? I’m sure there is a reason you left that part out.

  • extra extra

    @201 lmao, well with all that has been said lately a beating might be right up his alley, wink, wink!

  • miranda still telling stories

    Turns out she was in LA for oscar night for sure.
    The shoot was for OZ Who magazine.
    She has another blurb in there lying about
    why she wasn’t at the oscar parties saying she
    had to get up early.The Herold Sun just ran a piece on the
    people that are in the mag. thats why it came up again.
    LOL. What happened to her Asia excuse? She didn’t have to stay out
    that late. The Demi party started much earlier.


    Hey all to Orli lovers, he already has two shrines set up for him. Ka-bloom where they whip themselves into a frenzy of lust everyday, and OLove where they have named days after all his characters, so the only place left for the people who think he is hysterically funny and more than a little sad is jj. I don’t go looking to stir up trouble at ka-bloom or OLove mainly because I am scared of those crazy b-i-t-c-h-e-s. But when they try to dominate the whole web world of Orli that is gettin crazy even for them. Usually they just talk about how nuts everyone who posts at JJ are and how sad it is that we haven’t come to the light, maybe they even pray for us, but I guess I missed their world Orli domination memo.

  • @206

    I am tired of doing your research, first you deny it exist, then you try to spin it like it was ll in fun, then you when confronted with evidence you want to know where I found it, One last time LOOK IT UP!!!! and maybe you should just GIVE IT UP TO. Go to the Orli shrines and let the rest of us gossip and enjoy you are ruining the party.

  • @204

    #202- Good Points!

    #188/204- Good job reinforcing her points! LOL.

    #196- luv luv that mantra!

    another round to team Groper

  • @200

    umm you do understand this is a real person your talking about-you know a person with feelings and a real life-not a BB game with points. Logic says that the man isn’t a saint or the devil, just a person.

  • tabs

    ok, So all tabs lie about OB.
    So the DM that broke the news about his leaving AE isn’t a tab now?
    So the Blog(ahem) thats nothing but crazies seems to be spot on about his latest lightbulb romance?
    Other nasty lying tabs were spot on about the start of this romance, and his purchasing an LA house, and his painting it “black”, and Rumor Willis, and oscar nights parties, and……….


  • yet another

    It appears Bloom abandoned his date for the evening and then went on a bizarre womanising spree. Artist Tracey Emin was the first victim.

    “I really respect you Trace, I hope we can be friends for ever,” he quipped, wrapping his arms round her.

    Then he told supermodel Elle Macpherson “I just want to rub my face in your bosoms,” while lurching towards her.

    Welsh diva Katherine Jenkins was the only one of the three who seemed pleased by Bloom’s advances.

    “He couldn’t help but touch her bottom but she left without him,” says my source.

    Walk the plank, Orlando!

    The same story from a different source worded differntly this is from the DM but it is also at MSN entertainment.

  • –Charm

    god, stalkers much? xD

  • @212

    He and his pr people work really hard at creating this sweet earnest boy next door persona. He uses it to get roles, to gain fans and to make money. Sure he is a regular guy who parties and sleeps around, no one believes differently, but he does make alot of money out of his image and discussing some of the hypocisy of it isnt’ hurting anyone. No one is making threats, they just find the juxtoposition of what he seems and what he is interesting, and then there is all of the fun gossip and crazies, and shrine worshipers and that is just a fringe benefit.

  • yea

    he does seem to be getting quite the little Reputation doesn’t he?

    somebody has to replace Colin Farrell now that hes clean and sober and seems to have grownup I guess……

  • @215

    stalking= hanging around his door, following him to stores, clubs, and eaterys. sending notes leaving gifts, showing up at all of his events bringing him baked goods oops I just described the loons at Ka-bloom and OLove. sorry but you get the picture

    not stalking=looking up a easy to find article using google that takes a minute for those of us who actually know how to use search engines to make a point because crazy people love him to death and can’t believe he could ever ever do anything wrong need to have evidence and are too damn lazy assed to go find it themselves.

  • @218

    pssst. you forgot they sometimes still wear yellow hats.

  • @219

    lmao, I had no idea, really, and they call us crazy.

  • derek acorah

    Dont forget the sad cow from OLOVE who spend money -a thousand dollars I heard, to go and see him in his play (an american middle aged woman who effing loves herself and puts herself in pics with him ;) )
    God I so wouldn’t dare!!!
    THATS stalking and borderline obsessive disorder.

  • derek acorah

    RE: Orlando being Whorelando.

    While again, I respect all opinions here as we all think and see things differently, I have to agree that it would be a HUGE conspiracy against him for all these epople who have said “gropey/sexual” stuff about him to all be lying…
    I think he is THAT bad with his touchy feelyness when he is sober, imagine that after a few drinks, I can imagine it to gert even worse, I have been the victim of having my bottom groped in many a club by a drunken man- its so not nice!!!! (btw iam called derek acorah after the british medium who is as clairvoyant as I am) lol I am a woman really

  • anon

    @209/@218 (same poster?) – “showing up at all of his events bringing him baked goods oops I just described the loons at Ka-bloom and OLove. sorry but you get the picture”
    Nope. Wrong sites – the loons you’re talking about are at click Orlando. One is a mod there, she’s the one with the baked goods & sewing and leaving her children at home to stalk at the theatre and the BAFTAs – and bragged about it. The crazy 6’6″ guy who hung out at the theatre happy cause the security and Orli recognized him – it was because he threw up a red flag for them.
    For someone who seems to hate him you spend a lot of time at fan sites? Don’t get out much?

  • Relentless

    Yikes this is a better read than the previous threads on OB. LOL, yellow hats eh, what’s that about? Being that I just started to read about Bloom and had NO IDEA many have such a thing for him. Sure the guy is attractive and his persona is intriguing but he’s (as said above)just a guy. A guy who is making plenty of moola for selling an image some people are not willing to realize is probably not his reality.

  • @223

    student, and it is cold and snowy and dark out there, I do my research and writing and then reward myself with a little crazy time, it makes the stuff I am writing seem so sane after I have hung out here or other places.

  • sisters

    my cousin loves him to death and she drones on and on and on about how sweet he is, and what a nice guy he is and how she loves him so much, and my god she is 20 and should know better. I dug up this stuff to show her facts, and then I find out she has moved on to some guy in High School Musical and I am stuck with all of these facts floating around in my head and I wish I could just shake it out. I don’t let her talk to me about the new guy enough is enough!

  • @222

    that touchy feely stuff that everyone seems to adore would freak me out. I don’t like hugs and kisses from strangers. Stay out of my space please. And when you get your bottom groped don’t you just love it when they say its all your fault you probably flirted too much with them. Then you are stuck with a sore ass and the blame.

  • @226

    you’re full of it. You looked it up for yourself.

  • Too much

    This place is clearly full of people with too much time on their hands. Orlando and Miranda may not be perfect. They may make mistakes, they may even sleep around with other beautiful people, but at least they live their lives instead of spending hours researching, speculating and bitching about people they’ve never met.

    Perhaps some posters would benefit from shutting down their computers. Put the orios aside and leave the house; there’s a whole world out there which you could be living in instead of hanging out in this virtual mad-house.

    And before anyone points out the obvious. Yes, I’m on here too. I’m off work with the flue and was pointed here for entertainment but really this board is just sad.

  • @228

    ok scary person of course I did, Put down the damn uzi and I will confess to whatever you want, and hey you want my cousin too, she is really cute and will do whatever you want I will make her, just leave me alone.

  • derek acorah

    Speaking personally out of my whole day I spend about 30 mins here in total,I have been coming on here for 2 days now, and I bet I wont be here that long- I have a life thanks and I’m living it. I have a gorgeous boyfriend a job I love and a busy social life, Like i said I only come here out of boredom and a bit of fun AND yes someone told me how “funny” it was here so here I am.
    I agree 229 it can be unheathy when people are spening hour upon hour here day after day.
    Hope your flu gets better soon hun :)

  • shiver

    When it stops the damn snowing and the damn cold and venturing outside is not looking for a hefty dose of frost bite I will be doing other stuff. Also when the damn thesis is done that will help. But this place for laughs and craziness is just too interesting to miss. There is a whole Sociological study that could be done here, hell I may even write a disseratation on it, if I could only figure how to do quantative research on it, qualitative no prob, but well at least it is worth thinking about, maybe I could even get Mr; Bloom’s imput about what he thinks about the phenonemen. But, probably he would just think I am one of the yellow hat baked goods mad people from those other places mentioned.

  • @229

    Oh, of course you are off with the flu (spell it right please). When I have the flu I want to spend time setting in front of a computer and reading crazy posts. And your friend specifically said. Go to Just Jared and look up Orlando Bloom it will make the flu better; forget that crazy Nyquil crap this is soooo much better. And of course you found us all so sad that you need to come here and maybe share your little flu bug by having the audacity to suggest that you are far superior to us lesser beings so you would point out the error of our ways.

    Now, maybe it is just me, but when I have the flu I am usually tucked into a warm bed with as many drugs as I can legally get my hands on nearby. The last thing I want is to be messing with a computer. And usually I am so medicated that reading much less posting on some board that I have never in my life seen because I am way to busy have a fascinating and marvelous life and normally can’t be bothered to shed my oh so wonderful light of being on you rag tag crazy people. I am far too important for the likes of you.

    And if I believe all of that I bet you will tell me about the swamp land in Florida, the island in the Indian Ocean and the Bridge in Brooklyn. Wow you really thought we would buy your little flu story

  • good stuff

    I believe he has probably slept with more than 100 women, I bet during the time when he was the flavor of the month he did a new one every couple of days or so, couting the time he spent clubbing in London, and the time in NZ and all of the other shoots were all the groupies (the young ones, not the middle aged ones) were , he probably picked quite a few of them too. It would be interesting to get him drunk and see if you could get a number out of him. He may not remember names and he may not remember faces, but I bet he has a notch for every fuc and bj he has had. That is way more interesting then listening to the old biddies talk about how horrible this place is.

  • ricki

    Damn, this place is a haven for all those Orlando Uncensored posters. News flash, he’s not reading your site. He doesn’t care what you think.

  • @235

    you think anyone here gives a s-h-it about if he is reading this site. This is all about the gossip and the fun and the speculation. No one really cares about it, but you sure must to get your knickers in such a twist. Geez go back to your veneration of your favorite saint and let us regular people alone, No one invited you and no one is making you stay. idiots, start going to gossip blogs and they tell us not to gossip. If you want to go all self-righteous on peoples asses then why don’t you hit the bars and the hookers they may actually need what you are preaching.

  • wait for it

    I think I am having a moment here, I am gonna take your names, you unholy sinners, and I am gonna put them forth before the Lord. I am gonna ask him, yes ask him, yes ask him to forgive all of you gossipers and shippers and staying home from work while pretending to be sick fools. Yes we can have a come to Jesus meeting right here, right here, right here I say, we can SAVE people.
    That is what Orlando would want, he would want us to use his name to save the sinners, (forget the Buddhist crap for a moment, but hey even Buddhist think Jesus was a great teacher so that works).
    Come on down sinners, confess that you have done Mr. Bloom wrong and you need you need you need forgiviness.

    That should them all up for a while

  • orli’s mummy

    How dare you talk about my son in this way!!! He is not a manwhore, he told me he is keeping himself till he got married, my son is nothing like you say he IS a saint and a phenomonon!!!! He is pure gold and not pervy or letchy in anyway! I didnt bring him up that way! Oh you disgusting tyrants! he is ST ORLANDO OF CANTERBURY!!!

  • orli’s DADDY

    oH sONIA DO SHUT UP!!! I brought him up that way! I showed him that he should treat women like I treat you as a sperm deposit box,, I taught him that women are only good for one thing.. didnt I tell you? Oh oops!

  • SIDI

    My daddy aint like dis!!! I am the one he snuggles up to in bed… no room for de nasty ikky women!!!

  • I see

    Now it all makes sense, that is why he is with Miranda. He treates women like that coz mummy lied to him for the first thirteen years of his life and it makes it hard for him to trust women. Daddy squirted and scooted so that is what he does. So he hooks up with models, and actresses that only want him for name recognition and that means he doesn’t actually have to explore any of those scary messy emotions. Now he makes sense.

  • @240

    lol, well it is a bit unusual, but I say we respect interspecies love, they have rights too!

  • SIDI

    NO 242! he is my daddy onlee!!

  • get it

    now we know why Sidi slobbers all over him and makes him smell bad, he is trying to drive away all those nasy awful women with the squeaky high voices that hurt his delicate ears, and the yucky underwear that is drapped all over his favorite place to lie, and most of all they push him out of bed and he gets cold and lonely on the floor. I think between a model with a cabbage patch face and sidi the dog will win every time.

  • @234

    ROFLMAO! Eek all those screaming fangirls (most dangerous people on planet) and WOW not one of them is talking ’bout gettin’ laid by Orly! Don’t ya think alot of those 100 women would be squealing and babblin all over the tabs. Where are they huh?

  • anon

    Now everyone’s getting punchy. C’mon Jared, new pics so we can start over again!
    #241, you lowered the level, that’s for sure.

  • tess

    I doubt he has slept with a fan.. but that’s just me, I doubt he would take the risk that much

  • @tess

    yeah he probably just uses fans for bj’s after all anyone can say theyblew him and who will believe them, but if they actually got into bed with him, oh wait I bet people say all the time that they did him, but who wuld believe it? I mean if someone I knew started chatting about how she fucked Orlando BloomI I would roll my eyes and say sure you did. Mabye we should start checking out all those little blogs out there I bet there are tons that talk about “THEIR NIGHT WITH ORLANDO BLOOM. lmao

  • tess

    LOL 248, you could be right on that one yeah who would believe someone? They would have no proof, so you wouldnt believe it, I would just think “YEAH YEAH” LOL

  • The Red Circle

    You people are too funny. Back to the movie stuff. Johnny To is notoriously slow in the movie-making process. I believe he spent three years making The Sparrow (his latest movie). BTW-reviewers at the 2008 Berlinale didn’t think the extra time really helped the film; it wasn’t that good. The Red Circle remake has been in the making since 2001. Brett Ratner and John Woo were set to direct at different points. The script was supposedly written and going to be filmed by To last summer (2007). Supposedly one of the original French actors was attached to it with To directing, but To said that’s not the case. Recently, To said that he planned to direct Chow Yun-Fat in a movie before he directs The Red Circle. It goes on and on.

    By the time this film is completed, Orlando will be a Kung Fu master instructing students in mainland China itself!

    For all Orlando fans, please don’t hold your breath for this one to be out in theaters any time soon. Sadly, I think your hero got his panties in a twist about something on the other movie and walked off. I don’t think there’s any real schedule conflict. It’s all PR releases and photo ops carefully constructed to appease the fandom.