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Orlando Bloom From Behind

Orlando Bloom From Behind

Orlando Bloom heads out to Malibu with a mystery male for lunch on Sunday afternoon.

Is it just me or does Orlando look exceptionally happy these days? CoughMirandaKerrCough.

Orly, 31, has been reportedly getting fit to be in the Johnny To-directed kung-fu film, The Red Circle. He’s been receiving martial arts and other types of physical training. Production in Hong Kong begins later this year.

“Air Rift” sneakers by Nike.

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  • tess

    Wow 250!! I didnt know any of that!
    Thanks for bringing that over. Oh I agree that he walked off that movie for more than “film schedualing probs” and agree that the PR word is just balls, he talls the fans what he wants to tell them- don’;t mean its true.

  • hmmm

    I heard something about Nick Hornby saying that there was a misunderstanding and it was done in such a way that it make it look like Bloom was being a jerk. He has come a long way from being grateful for LOTR to acting like a MOVIE STAR. Seems like it may be a very long time before he is in another movie and if he gets a reputation for being a prima dona all he may be getting to do is play second banana to Johnny Depp until he fades into the sunset.

  • tess

    I know 252, must admit I miss the happy go lucky grateful just to be in LOTR’s kind of Orlando, I know people change as they go through life, such things are expected, but I adored that Orlando, he seemed so genuine and down to earth and just easily excitable, now he seems such a sell out with a bit of famewhore added and he seems miserable most the time and jaded, I dunno part of me wishes he would go back to London and give up Acting because me persoanlly I dont think he is happy Acting :/

  • LOL

    I love the loons on this place.
    Especially the ones that post a response in agreement with a post that they just added….

    #1 I think that he is a manwhore going straight to hell for having sex before marriage.

    #1 ahem, I mean #2….Why yes, you are sooo right #1. What wonderful insight you have.

    So, if I get the rules right….if I don’t think that he is a sadistic, male nymphomaniac, who rapes children and puppies, I am a sad little fangirl? Do I have that right? Orlando Bloom cannot be allowed to behave like a normal, single, young man because he IS THE DEVOL!!!!!!.

    And it kills me that you people have the nerve to insult other sites, and call those other folks loonies. Don’t you guys know that you are the laughing stock of the internet?

    PS: Carmen, please shut up. You’ve become quite boring. You say the same thing in every post. Where are the “photoshopped” posts? At least spice it up a little.

  • bridie

    LOL which one is tell? lol
    I for one dont think he is good or bad, but somewhere in the middle so I’m not a crazy. He is just a man, nothing more nor less.

  • @254

    you speak as one who may have experience talking to herself, why I believe I have read the same exact words several times today in other posts. Keep talking to yourself it makes for interesting reading, one day you will be studied in the psych books. They will describe you as “the crazy b&tch who couldn’t make everyone agree with her and acted like an ass and kept answering her own posts until they found her curled up next to her computer sucking her thumb and mumbling Orlando IS a virgin, Orlando IS a virgin, Orlando IS a virgin.”They will bring the men in the white coats in and they will take you someplace pretty and green with locks on the door and they will give you good drugs, and after the drugs Orlando WILL be a virgin and he will come and visit you all the time and hold your hand and tell you how beautiful you are, don’t fight it give in and your life will be wonderful

  • @254

    so funny when ever anyone gets desperate to make a point they evoke this Carmen chickys name. Who the hell is Carmen and why should we care, and if you have to bring someone else into then why even bother.

  • @254

    And it kills me that you people have the nerve to insult other sites, and call those other folks loonies. Don’t you guys know that you are the laughing stock of the internet?

    and yet you have decided to join us and thus become a laughing stock yourself, interesting

  • Graham norton

    Squirted and scooted, best scenario ever, ever!

  • HA!

    I love it!
    Someone calls you ladies on your craziness, and you are so flustered you don’t even read their post.
    And I come here to be entertained as well. It’s kind of like going to the zoo. You get to watch a bunch of smaller brained animals go at each other, then go home to your normal, sane life.
    And anyone who ever frequented IMDB knows who Carmen is. She stands out in a crowd. I believe someone else outed her as being Ooooba whatever. Now she will just post anonymously for a little while. Well, she thinks that she is posting anonymously. Sorry.
    Carry on ladies.

  • tiger

    260!!!What is so “crazy” about MOST the people here saying he acts like a regular guy? Nobody is claiming he is the devil, they are saying its fine to act that way and not undersatanding how people think he is “relationship sex only” point out the insanity in that if you would please.

    Also a lot of people from here are from other boards like obdiscussion, dl anon, prob the places YOU post so dont knock your friends I know plenty of posters off those places who post ehre to bitch so do be careful who you call insane eh?

  • peter piper

    In bed, with med, seen with a fed, no cred, where’s his head?

  • carmen

    everytime somone posts who can spell, sounds fairly literate and makes their points in a intelligent manner, she gets called Carmen. I have no idea who this lady is, or why everyone decides that she is the poster with the mostest, but I hardly think she is the only poster with a brain, so maybe people scream Carmen like you would scream foul. When they don’t have anything that makes sense, or they can’t be bothered to make sense, or when the you are all crazy and I am visiting the zoo arguement falls flat, drag out Carmen. Like bringing in the heavy hitters, wow we have to bring Carmen in from the bench it is gettin hairy out here. Whoever you are Carmen, kudos to you!!!!!

  • @263

    LOL. What she said!
    Carmen is looking better every day!

  • Waldo

    Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

  • @263

    No, there are lots of literate people who post here, on both sides of the fence. Carmen is literate, and intelligent, she also just happens to be delusional.

  • ?

    Yeah I everyone always talked about Carme,who was she and how did she always manganged to get squeezed into the chats we would all talk about? Jst asking.

  • wow

    Wow. Whoever made that interesting and literate post about Johnny To and the history of The Red Circle production REALLY REALLY hit some fangirlie nerve!!

    They had to resort to the “Carmen Bomb” to try to wipe us out!
    LOL. LOL!

    I don’t know who this Carmen person is. I wasn’t around at the time, but I do know there is a small handful of old dried up biddies who seem to have a personal vendetta and obsessively hunt for her around the Internet. They see “Carmens” everywere, bless their pitiful little hearts! I’m sure most of you have had a run in with them. They seem to be an especially sensitive and nasty lot.

  • Sparticus!


    I’M Carmen!!!!!


  • Jaded

    I must admit I don’t know much about the working habits of Johnny To. What I do know is what I read about him 2-3 months ago. It was a short interview with him in a cinema mag so no tabloid. He said that recently found out about HK authorities planning to demolish and rebuild certain parts of the town that inspire him, and that he wanted to urgently shoot some scenes on those locations as long as they still look the same.
    (That was the fact, now comes the speculation on my part.)
    With that in mind I would not be surprised if he was shooting there in the next, say, weeks or months and then hold production until, what do I know, until some parts of the script that are not effected by those locations are re-written, or more money is collected, or the computer graphics are done, or whatever. So informationwise we’re back to where we started from: we know nothing. :)

  • so

    sounds like this is going to be another SOD for Bloomie.
    then we can look forward to another tab feature on Bloom’s run of bad luck.
    and entertain ourselves watching all the fangirlies twist it into more and more excuses for him over the Spring.

    gosh! I’d better put popcorn on the grocery list!

  • @271

    Don’t know about that #271, but I think he might be hoping it does for him what the Bourne series did for Damon.

  • puffy

    Funny, I always thought that Orlando’s fangirls were the craziest in fandom. Now I see that his ex-fans are really the psychos.
    Good for a laugh, though.

  • lolz

    miranda’s with him in la

  • smack

    just talking smack to get the thread going again? It has been slow hasn’t it?

    there is a sighting of him at the CM and no mention of any cabbage
    patch kid being with him.
    Miss Kerr isn’t the type that likes to stay hidden but not go to the
    oscars parties. I don’t think she would take that for long.

  • @ 275

    There are pics. at X-17.

  • x17

    saw the video and pix.

    She is up to something. She walks in one door and out the other just so they can get her picture.
    He is never in the same frame and he gets in his car alone.

    why is everything about these two so odd?

  • x17

    watch the video. She is posing for the camera. These are set ups again.
    You can tell it is edited after Orlando walks in.It jumps to something else.

    Then it cuts to her and she walks in and around the counter and out the back door. That was on purpose, She did not stay in the store at all. Just got her picture taken.Just to say she was there. You can’t even tell they are there at the same time from this clip. Very odd indeed.

    Then we see a ton of pics of him getting in his car, alone.
    Surely, x17 could have got a pic of her getting in his car. THere was more then one camera man since you hear them talking to each other.

    why are these two always so bizarre about everything??

  • Jaded

    @278 Sorry, your statements are valid, cannot argue about that, but you make it sound like a conspiracy theory. :) Sounds silly. But then again, this whole story of the past few months about these two sounds silly. Oh, well.
    *pops corn and waits for the next episode*

  • peekaboo

    Here’s the proof that all insiders here are totally idiots. Looooooosers.

  • x17

    I agree. The whole thing is wacked. I’m not saying what it was for sure since I don’t know. I just know that by watching it they are never in the same frame and if it was normal x17 ambush they could have got a car pic of her in it at the very least when he was leaving.It was very calm,
    X17 was way more aggressive when he was having dinner with Jake a few months back. Why would they not get close to his car now?

    Not saying i know the answer Jaded, just saying its wacked as normal.

    It’s all to calm for it to be a normal pap “i caught you’. Especially with her walk about.

  • x-17

    I just saw that video at x-17 and they went easy on Orlando. Did they make nice or something.Why is there no frames of the fast track couple together.Why did she disappeared too, it did not seem as if she is in the car. Is it the same day. So many questions. And yes she is posing in those pictures, she looked dead at the camera…as if she wanted everyone to know she was there.(get popcorn for this tread lets see if it go to 1000)

  • strange days indeed

    If you haven’t watched the video do so. Not only are they not in the same picture but you can tell there are different people at the counter when she does her walk about. When Orlando is there a guy is sitting on a motor bike in forefront as well.
    It was at least a little while apart.
    She does not appear to be in his front seat when he is leaving either.

  • Car

    She could already be in the passenger seat by the time he got in. The windows are so dark, I don’t think you can tell if she is there or not. I really don’t care for her at all, but it does appear that they are together. The thing I find bizarre is that he hates pap attention and she eats it up.

  • x17

    but the point is with x17 they would have wanted to get that shot and they didn’t get in front of the car to try. Them in the same frame is a money shot, they would not pass it by unless there was a very good reason.

    That definetly does not sound like them

    Her walking was very staged and you can tell it is not the exact same time Orlando is there.

  • Perfect Couple

    Personally, I think they are PERFECT for each other! They both don’t have much going on career-wise, and they both do pap setups. What do you think this thread was started for? The bad news about An Education was getting ready to be released, so let’s show up in lovely Malibu and look at the scenery. Don’t you think it’s odd that they stopped, got out of the car and pointed at different things? Smiling the whole time. What a joke!

    It’s true that if they were there together there will be pics somewhere, so maybe there is something to the edit on the video.

  • LOL


    Where are your stupid insiders? Did they all disappear?
    Where is Mia??????
    Where is b!tches?????

    I love it. You people should be so proud of yourselves for falling for such stupidity. People all over the internet will soon be here to laugh at you too!!!!


  • b!tches


  • LMAO

    What people are these then 287??? As far as I saw ONE person was believing both MIA and b1tches!!!! so thats ONE person not “us people” cos “us people” didnt believe any of it for a second!! Please do your research before calling all people for one.

    And anyhow how does the video prove they are “together”??? The video is as fishy as fuq! Odd that the counter staff are wearing different clothes to when Orlando to when Miranda goes in- how odd dont tell me, maybe they were too hot, or got wet and had to change their clothes!!! Please explain that!

  • Perfect Couple

    Are we certain that X17 shot the footage or could someone else (like Splashnews) have shot it? That would explain why the paps were there in the first place, why they made nice with Orlando and the inconsistencies. Like I said before, they both do pap setups. She’s just more fake than he is when the photogs show up.

  • wtf was that?

    at the end you can see there is two camera men for sure.
    One runs in front of the other so if she was in his passanger
    seat he would have got it.
    They surely would have divided to conqure.

  • irish lassie

    I noticed the different clothes also #289, which I thought was odd, I don’t get why this video seems so strange. If they were together in the video or even you can tell its the same timeline, I would hold my hands up and say yeah they are together- but that isnt how it is in this video, the timeline does seem different to me.
    Again we have this carry on about all of this relationship between them, the paps got the “couply pic” so why the weird beahviour, Orlando seems too calm in the pap vid yet why would he?Miranda seems to be doing some kind of acting with the walking in and out- it seems kind of” stagey” to me, so what the hell is going on, is this X17 messing us about by pretending they are together at the same time or day, even though they arent, theres far too many off things with this video! Yeah maybe the same shop- but what else is the same?? Nothing!

  • irish lassie

    But 290, why would the shop assistants be wearing diffent clothes if the timeline was the same? That’s what I’m finding odd here. Where had Orlandos car gone in Mirndas vid?

  • Perfect Couple

    Well, if it’s someone friendly with Miranda (that’s why I mentioned Spashnews), he might want to help a girl out by creative editing, I suppose. They weren’t seen arriving together. The paps would have noticed her getting out of his car. That would have been the money-shot. I think these lovebirds need to coordinate their timing a little better.

    Isn’t it just sweet (or as Jared put it “sweat”) that Miranda is back in Cali? She just loves to follow that boy around! LA, London, NY, Honk Kong.

  • Jaded

    Strange, sometimes I see paps literally swarming a car, leaning on the front of the car, pushing the camera to the window. x17 is not usually this polite. The shop could have had security people keep the paps in the distance, and yet.
    If they wanted to get a shot of the passenger seat, they should have only walked more to the back of the car. Different angle, better view.
    But why would they do a set up like that? At least one of them should be aware (and agreed with the fact) that the pictures are gonna be manipulated (if they are). Otherwise what would be the chances of both of them in the same bike shop on the same day? If it was shot on the same day, I’m no longer sure. :)
    Are we getting punked for Pop Fiction? :P

  • irish lassie

    Good opinions 294 and 295, but what if Orlando agreed to the set up just for himself, then little missy got wind and made a deal with x17 to also get pictured in the same shop AFTER him to make it look like it was the same time- god I sound a bit conspiracy there :/ but this is really weird!! I dont get what the point of going back to NY was just to lunch with her mother and then fly all the way to LA, its really weird!!

  • b!tches


  • Jaded

    What makes me feel bad about discussing the possibility of a set up, is that whoever organizes these things makes celebrities and their affairs look far more important than they really are. *sigh*

  • irish lassie

    Oh I know Jaded, I agree, it is like “who do you think you are” kind of thing, Orlando IMO doesnt get into many mags these days so I would take that to mean he isnt THAT hot on the radar no more, most of his pap pics only go as far as the internet on his fansites, so to me that says that most must be set up’s because IMO paps are all about supply and demand, and I doubt Orlandos pics are worth THAT much money, so I doubt they continually stalk him for a pap pic. He isnt worth it .

  • @297

    Sorry B!tches, you’re not the real thing no one believes it so give it up.

    The shop was the same you can tell that part.
    I think the blonde was the only one is both of their videos.

    Whatever the purpose was you can’t deny it is odd for someone to walk in one door and straight out another like that. It wasn’t that she saw the paps either. It was too planned and natural.

    There are more pictuers at olove and his car is moved and he isn’t acting odd with the paps around. Easy shot to get if she was right there.

    Whatever they were going for would have worked if x17 would not have put the video but left only the pictures. It wouldn’t have been questioned as much. But the way it is -regardless if they are together or not-there is alot weird about it. It wasn’t a simple outing that got caught by the paps.

    @298 good point. Why are they making this so important-they aren’t that hunted of a couple?
    It only again makes it look like he is helping her out again. At least in NY he was in the same snapshot.