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Orlando Bloom From Behind

Orlando Bloom From Behind

Orlando Bloom heads out to Malibu with a mystery male for lunch on Sunday afternoon.

Is it just me or does Orlando look exceptionally happy these days? CoughMirandaKerrCough.

Orly, 31, has been reportedly getting fit to be in the Johnny To-directed kung-fu film, The Red Circle. He’s been receiving martial arts and other types of physical training. Production in Hong Kong begins later this year.

“Air Rift” sneakers by Nike.

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  • Jaded

    @ irish lassie – do you mind if I just call you lass? :)
    Yeah, agreed, his picture is probably not hunted but maybe it could sell well if the two of them were together. You know, the kinda pics the tabloids print with the word “confirmed” and then add at least three exclamation marks. So I guess IF they would stalk him, the only pic worth sum would be like the one she has on her phone. :) That is why this whole scene just makes no kinda sense. IMHO.

  • @301

    She doesn’t look very happy walking through.
    Maybe he agreed to do it but she didn’t know he wouldn’t agree
    to be in the same shot with her or something like that.

    Very strange no car pictures and she disappears completely.

  • irish lassie

    LOL 301! you may just call me lass lol :)
    I know I agree if it was the 2 of them together yeah maybe- I can see that, but this is beyond weird IMO :/

    300- I agree with that too, none of it was “natural” about her part of it. They could easily have gotten a pic of her with him this is X17 for godsake they have no rules, no manners- no morals!- hey Ive just came out with a catchphrase for them lmao!!!!

  • @303

    yes, I think that is the code of ethics they live by!

  • LOL

    Oh, God.
    This is too good!
    Keep it up!
    You guys are hilarious!

    He bought at least one helmet, and maybe bought a bike. Just the helmet alone would have taken time. You do have to try them on, you know. And you guys see a conspiracy when the people at the counter change? They were in the store a while. People/customers move around you know? They aren’t mannequins. And I think that Miranda had to go powder her nose. The bathrooms are back where she was walking.

    You guys just can’t stand the fact that you were wrong. You were stupid to believe the “insiders”, and you continue to be stupid with this lunatic theory.

    Keep it up. It’s incredibly entertaining.

  • @305

    no. she walked out the door.

  • @305

    if it was natural and the paps were just watching through the window they would have got them in the same shot at one point.
    She walks in and out and never seen again. If she was in his car they had easy access

  • @306

    maybe she went out to move the car

  • irish lassie

    308… ok then so why didnt the paps catch that?

  • @308

    More than likely, one of the paps would have seen her move the car. Keep in mind the paps are trying to get that money shot, and Miranda wants to give it to them.

  • @310

    That’s just it, there was no money shot, because Orlando wasn’t with her. They may have pics of her at the car, but since they weren’t together, she isn’t famous enough to warrent publishing the pics.

  • irish lassie

    Orlando went to the car though so where was Miranda then? Surely if she had have been in the car they wudve got a shot?

  • @311

    x17 would have put it on their site to prove their point.

    If she was just moving the car why did she walk in like that to begin with and straight out the door? Its not like she saw paps and freaked out or anything. She walked in to get snapped and then out again.

  • @—-

    Amazing how happy and relaxed he is with a friend (this post) and how ashamed he is when his so called GF is near. That’s the walk of shame, my friends, when a guy is nailing a chick he’s embarassed of but the sex is too good to say no.

  • hmmm

    you can see from the stills at the main page and elflady he was shopping and talking on his phone walking around a bit. Was she waiting in the car the whole time? IF they were shopping together wouldn’t they have been next to each other for a brief second at least?
    Why does she fade away after her runway strut through the place

  • irish lassie

    LMAO its funny 315, as thts what I thought- its like a catwalk strut isnt it, how bloody pathetic. but dont forget this is a girl who poses when waiting for a taxi!!! lmao

  • hmm indeed

    you’ll also see that he went to his car twice. first he has a helmut that he appears to place on the passenger’s side. then a second time when he actually exits. she had to leave sometime between those two occassions so why didn’t the crackerjack razzi catch her?

  • @317

    and listen to the guy on the radio calling to Orlando.
    As soon as kerr walks out the radio guy calls to Orlando and says
    “Orlando, ready?” Was it his turn next?
    If he came in second and spent time shopping then she must have left with someone else. Doubt she was waiting in the car the whole time.
    No wonder she doesn’t look very happy if that wasn’t the kind of set up she was wanting to get out of him.

  • Bevo

    The way you guys think, their wedding photos will be manips, and their children will be PR stunts.

    You really can’t see the forest for the trees, can you.

  • Jaded

    Maybe she was hiding under the back seat, lol!

  • The X17 Thing

    I wonder if the X17 thing is for Pop Fiction. I’ve noticed that they have had ads for Pop Fiction since it’s been on. Today, there are pictures on Pop Sugar of Miranda at LAX with her dog posing for the paps as usual. The pics are dated 3/21. The video was dated 3/20. There were pictures of her and her mom in SoHo on 3/17.

    Orlando has a track record with pap set-ups and he has been with Ashton and his group recently, so it would not surprise me one bit.

    BTW, all of the Pop Fiction things have been pretty fake. Posters have doubted the realism on everything from the Paris’ Guru to the Eva/Mario thing last week.

  • @321

    Interesting. I don’t see OB doing PF though, I would more lean to it was a set up to try and throw her a bone again.
    If its for pop fiction it doesn’t help her look good at all.
    She looks pissed when she walks in and out of there.
    I bet she didn’t know until she got there that he wasn’t going
    to play his part the way she wanted him to.

  • Kelly

    “Today, there are pictures on Pop Sugar of Miranda at LAX with her dog posing for the paps as usual. The pics are dated 3/21. The video was dated 3/20. There were pictures of her and her mom in SoHo on 3/17.”

    They don’t seem to spend much time together. Is she his girlfriend or his booty call?

  • Car

    “I would more lean to it was a set up to try and throw her a bone again.”

    How can it be a set up when they don’t even appear in the same shot together? Surely, they’d be hand in hand if it was meant as some sort of PR stunt.

  • @324

    Unless he wasn’t playing her game the way she thought he was going to.Maybe thats why she looks so pissed off here where as all the other paps of her alone she is loving every minute of it.
    No way between two pap agencies neither of them could get them in the same shot unless it was because Orlando refused.
    Did you watch the video? What is normal about the way she walks in and out like that.
    It does not at all appear she left in his car. No one even tried to get a shot of the front seat and there was more than one camera man there.

  • @325

    I would have thought she would know what to expect by now though. Orlando doesn’t seem to enjoy paps’ presence at all – she has been with him on several occasions now when he has broken away from her once they showed up, so I don’t know why she would expect anything different this time around.

  • @326

    true but even then the aggressive paps were able to get a shot of them together at least in the same room. If the paps were sneaking up on them here they would have got the same thing and we would have seen the awkard footage of him doing something similar.
    This is a totally calm scene.

    You also can’t forget that the man is calling to Orlando on his walkie-talkie or whatever. Add that to her weird cameo of walking in and out and that is not a normal pap scene.
    They had to have been in on it or why not try for more?

  • it is 640990

    Hey they look happy he is a male bimbo, and he is with his female counterpart and they are happy so what

  • haha

    yep. bimbo at best. She still doesnt get asked to the oscars when she is in town. hahaha.
    Still don’t buy the had to get up early line. The Madonna/Demi party was way earlier and there was that night before party.

    I think if anything with these two its a dysfunctional on again, off again , whenever we feel like it kind of thing.

  • huh?

    Why does there have to be some outrageous conspiracy about anything? Almost always, the simplest answer is the correct one. They are dating, therefore cought by paps on occasion. Why is that so damned hard to believe?

    Oh, and that “calling to Orlando in the radio” is about the silliest part of all this. The pap with the video camera has a Nextel phone (or something like it) and is receiving a question from someone else on the same phone system. We know this because of the way his voice sounds when he says “Orlando?”. The guy that asked the question is not standing anywhere near the camera. The camera man then answers with something unintelligible. The paps are comunicating with each other, NOT orlando. That’s just stupid.

  • prince

    Or that rumor of them breaking up but trying to remain friends might be true also. He was seen at the CM this week. If she didn’t stay at his place again this time maybe she stayed there and he was picking her up for one of their planned photo ops so she can keep it running as long as possible.

  • cat and mouse

    That’s because he never does anything in a straight forward way
    and there are always cat and mouse games with him
    Before people thought it as just Kate, now it’s clear he does it

  • occam

    The simplest answer is merely the simplest. It’s not always true. Especially not in Hollyweird. The world would be a lovely place if the simplest explanation were always true, wouldn’t it?

  • @331

    Travelling back and forth from LA to NY is a bit of a trek to just maintain a friendship. I really don’t see Orlando buying into the set up pap shot thing either. Look, I really don’t care for Miranda – she seems inordinately publicity hungry, but I do think they are dating.

  • Lilo

    They are together. Your lives will go on. Get over it, already.

  • weird

    must just be another onagain phase because she was most
    definetly telling people she was the one that called it off (cough-sure-cough)and she
    was saying it just a few weeks ago. That part is true.

  • @336

    What part is true? Are you believing an supposed insider who posted here? The same one that has been caught in one lie after another? How smart is that?

  • get real!

    Why is it so damn hard to believe that Orlando and Miranda are dating? Is it because his fans would then have to admit he’s human and moved in on another man’s girl?

  • weird

    No need to be defensive. My source wasn’t jared post.
    I have no idea what is going on now. I only know what
    I heard off line and off jared not too long ago.
    If its back on then it is.

  • K-Mart

    It’s very odd really. Back in the day people thought Kate was the reason the relationship was so wonky, but now the exact same stuff is happening with Miranda. Either he’s dating a brunette “Kate” or…it’s him.

    Reminds me of this guy my friend likes who constantly dates the “same” girl over and over again (same attitudes/personalities), but then wonders why it never works out.

  • ana beatriz

    oh my god ! I can’t believe in his beauty ! he’s the most wonderful man of this world !


    orli , I really love u , je t’aime mon amour ♥

  • arizon

    he is happy cuz of miranda. now would you rather see him unhappy? hes so hot smiling. pus he doesnt really smile in public so this could be added to those. he alwayz looks so serious.

    HES SO HOT!!!!

  • chiks

    he is so beautifull for that shit of woman

  • Gwenevere

    He just cut his hair though so he is not as scruffy and it is rumored that he is going to be in the red circle no one is sure.