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Heather Mills is a Miss USA Judge

Heather Mills is a Miss USA Judge

Heather Mills has been booked as a judge for The Miss USA Pageant, reports Extra.

Brother-sister duo Donny and Marie Osmond will be hosting the beauty pageant, which will air from Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Nevada on Friday, April 11 @ 9PM ET/PT on NBC.

Heather, 40, and Marie, 48, were both contestants on Dancing with the Stars.

Yesterday, Ms. Mills was awarded about $50 million in her divorce settlement with Sir Paul McCartney.

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  • wiicat

    Do American people really like her?

  • Halli

    Now we all know why Stella Mcartney hated this one-legged cow from the start. What a greedy worthless biatch. Why the hell does the US give a shit about her? What credentials does she have to measure talent? I wish she’d hobble her one-legged ass to obscurity.

  • Here’s The Deal

    Greedy, gold-digging b*tch. After reading about the whole divorce trial, I couldn’t be more disgusted with her. Never did like her, and now I can’t stand her.

  • sam

    She is so annoying. Apparently she threw water over McCartney’s lawyer. Stupid bitch.

  • Neil

    wiicat @ 03/18/2008 at 4:06 pm

    Never mind American people; do British people really like her?
    I was never a fan of Paul’s though so no biggy. At the same time though you have to wonder, is the long dead former Mrs. Mcartney spinning in her grave?

  • sherry

    She is such a greedy cow. She got the money she wanted (and doesn’t deserve), now she needs to have her face plastered everywhere else fo other reasons? Go away Heather.

  • vickifromtexas

    Hey Hallie (#3),
    Very cruel, but very funny:-)
    I am in complete agreement.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    the world hates her.

  • peggy

    never bashed anyone before, but heather mills has no class whatsoever. i cant believe she poured a glass of water onto paul’s lawyer!! have you guys read what the judge had to say about heather?? she’s horrible.

  • edes

    Just disgusting …

  • mia

    I think she got half of 50 milllion that figures to high

  • kyra

    the latest news is that apprently her stories were inconsistent whereas Maccas were accurate according to the judge

  • katie n

    She was hoping for about 300 million. thank god the judge saw through her. I mean it is a fortune made solely on his amazing talent and why would she get even a million for a lousy four years of marriage.

  • chris

    Linda must be rolling in her grave, she helped Paul make money and lived his frugal life style. Now this “witch” gets money that is not deserved. For Paul, theres no fool like an old fool.

  • ivermom

    Gold digging witch! :(

  • lolita


  • http://JUSTJARED zanessa fan

    you only married him for the money.

  • Emily

    Shoot, I wouldn’t compare this peasant to Yoko. At least Yoko has some class- and she DID truly love John. Heather was a rat from the start and I can’t believe that poor senile man got wrapped into her games that easily.

  • jade

    I cannot stand this golddigger. She got way too much money in the
    settlement,over 10 miillion a year,for each year she was married to Paul. When they were still married,she said when Paul first asked her out,she didn’t know who he was. Yeah, right Heather. I wish she would stay in England.

  • Jules

    She’s a pig! Crying she’s not a gold digger. Um, yes you are….
    and most Americans thinks she’s as ass…

  • bataglio

    so sad paul had to go thru this because of this lying, conniving sack of sh_it

  • You/Me

    Who in their ever-lovin mind decided to award this b*tch $50 million dollars??!!!
    How grossly unfair is that? She makes me sick, I can’t stand money hungry ex-wives like her. Have some d*mn self-respect and leave the relationship with what you came in with. Even if it was absolutely nothing. Heather Mills has got to be the most money-hungry wh*re on the planet and this is one American who hates her sh*tty a** :-(
    She is a shame to her family, her country, and her daughter. Yick.

  • firing_nubs_into_themoon

    fucking stupid americans here?.. all pro Paul.. bah you all make me sick!

    she only got 25mil out of paul faggot mclaughnys 800mil.. the douche bag could have settled this out of court away from the public.. yet was quite happy to drag this through the filthy media prying eyes..

    she had a child with this guy, and this is how he treats her.. if the douche bag had any decency he would have done the gentlemans thing and settled this out of court! I think all you people here must be the scum of the earth! like money is the only thing… and the way you all hate on her so much. bunch of sad acts go get all the facts and instead of being drip fed shit aagh such pricks you all are. I hope her daughter grows up knowing her dad was the biggest sack of shit ever.

    and Paul mcartney is a fucking twat.. his music stinks like shit and the last music video..did you see it… -fucking shit!

  • solana

    Now why on EARTH do the entertainment moguls think the American public wants to see Mills anytime soon! Thay are sadly mistaken.

    Ling Live Paul!!!!!

  • Rachel Phankonsy

    I think heather mills is so freaking GREEDY!!! She dont care about giving money to her charity. She’s going to keep it all to herself!!! I dont know why paul married the bitch, in the first place!!! She doesnt deserve that $50 million.

  • shaaaaaaaa


    who tries to pull this kind of shiiieat with a BEATLE! a legendary BEATLE! she make’s me sick GOLD DIGGING SCUM THAT LOOKS LIKE SHE GOT HIT BY A BUS


    i’d drop the miss usa pagent if i knew she was the judge

  • whatever

    LMAO – guess that was a sympathy vote from 2 has-been’s to a never was!

  • firing_nubs_into_themoon

    my my you are are fuc.king noobs around here

    Heather Mills greedy? lol how stupid are you all? you know how much money Paul has? He is the greedy motherfucking around here!! ya fucking noobs

  • Ela

    Firing nubs into themoon.. get the help you so clearly need.

  • shaaaaaaaa

    it’s his money, he earned it fairly by working hard

    she married a rich guy and feels that she deserves hundreds of millions of his money?

  • mickey

    She truly sickens me.

  • katie n

    And how ugly could she be? Thso photo beats even amy winehouse ones. I want to puke. the gold digging ‘oh, I am all for charity’ ex hook-r

  • oh

    ban Miss USA!

  • Sandy

    Oh lordy—she is soooooooo ugly—-What was he thinking???

  • Sandy

    She is soooooo ugly——

  • mihay

    Greedy, gold diggin’ whore!

  • jamie

    First off— What kind of an idiot with that kind of cash does not make someone sign a goddamn PRE-NUP before getting hitched?????????? DUH!!!!
    He had it coming from that skank if he didn’t have her sign one. She knew how to milk the system and he was her ‘ticket to ride’…………………lol

  • pmb

    Americans do not like her. No one does. I can’t believe Miss USA pageant hired her! I will not watch because of her!

  • frenchy girl

    she is very UGLY !!!! her nose is horrible… I hate her !

  • frenchy girl

    she is very UGLY !!!! her nose is horrible… I hate her !

  • Botox

    “Heather Mills greedy? lol how stupid are you all? you know how much money Paul has? He is the greedy ************* around here!! ya ******* noobs

    What the hell did she do to earn almost 50 million. Paul spend a lifetime working for his money. She just laid on her back. She is a bitch beyond belief..Ms, I didn’t know who The Beatles were.. yeah right..whore

  • harlan

    what the fcuk’s a ‘noob’, heather? fukin’ dried out peg legged raisin…

  • carlos

    Well, what can anyone really say about Heather Mills, she was a canker on Paul McCartneys genitalia and this was one of the most public and expensive trips to the Clinic that anyone will ever have, but he must be relieved that this lesion has been forever scraped form his apendage.Upon exiting court, this repungant piece of congealed puss raved about how much more she (or ‘it’) thought it was owed and threw water on McCartneys lawyer, as it stood at the front of the courthouse with its feotid mouth running wild with self indulgent tales of charity work it stooped even lower to bring thier child into the fray by insulting even the most dim witted amongst us by saying their daughter would only get several tens of thousands of pounds per year, No Heather , this is the minimum that the court has imposed, Paul McCartney will look after his own, including his daughter and has agreed to pay a very large sum of money to a deluded self agrandising and physically and spiritually deformed creature who spends more on travel and on itself in the name of “charity” than would be the GDP of some third world nations. Mr McCartney, I hope you recover well from the operation and, in time, the weight of your mind will be lifted and you can focus again on your talents and the message that touched so many. And for the pustulent ooze that flowed forth from the steps of the courtroom, remember these days as you fade into obscurity and know that your name and being are forever tarnished by your actions and acusations.

  • hubbabubba

    Have some fun with Heather Mills – re-create the scene when she soaked the laywer, Hilarious

  • dEBBIE

    I cannot believe that peg legged, gold digging, b***h has been asked to represent anything involving a beauty pageant………she is tore up from the floor up