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Jennifer Aniston is Happy and Healthy

Jennifer Aniston is Happy and Healthy

Jennifer Aniston looks happier and healthier than ever while taking a film break from Marley & Me in Miami, Fl. on Tuesday.

The Big Blog has a little nugget on Aniston unable to film scenes in Seattle, Washington for her other movie Traveling because she was in Miami filming Marley and Me.

Said Traveling co-writer Mike Thompson, “We literally planned from the beginning how to integrate her in Seattle. We fabricated a gum wall (the entire length of the wall is literally covered in chewing gum) in Vancouver so we could shoot the two of them in a two-shot in front of it. We shot Aaron Eckhart and Judy Greer and a photo double for Jennifer (in Seattle).

“We did the same thing at the troll. In Vancouver we shot her whole body in front of green screen. We have a wide shot of a group staring up at the troll, and we’ll literally insert her body in between them.

“Also, we shot a two-shot of her and Aaron in front of Vancouver, under the 99 bridge, where there are the big giant columns. We built one of the big giant columns in Vancouver and shot them in front of it. We did the same thing at Bruce and Brandon Lee’s graves — replicated those in Vancouver and shot them there.”

A fake Jennifer Aniston!

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  • nunny

    i’m so happy she is happy!

  • nunny

    i’m really happy to see her happy
    she totally deserves to be happy
    go aniston

  • jen

    oh, she’s so cute

  • True

    she thinks she still in her teens. She could be a grandma already.

  • omar

    Finally she’s moving on. Hopefully she’s learned to stop being so clingy, whiny and self-involved. She looks happy – keep it up!

  • True

    Happy she is a actress, pretend is wha tshe does best.

  • C

    I would love to have that body! Glad to see her happy.

  • Gitana

    She has a irreparable trauma, the loss of Brad Pitt, how could she be happy.
    No one would be happy knowing your ex has the most beutiful woman on earth on his side, she mest cry night after night.

  • !

    She’s beautiful. I’m happy she’s happy, I wish everyone were happy. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!

  • cute

    She looks hot. But there’s been plenty of pictures where she’s looked really happy, it’s just that the tabloids only use ones where she’s frowning. Not everyone walks around with a giant smile plastered to their face, especially when their being followed by guys with cameras.

  • linaf

    What’s wrong with her face? She doesn’t look the same. Probably she had lots of plastic surgery. She should be careful with surgery because she will end up like a monster.

  • ilia

    Get over yourself Gitana. She is very healthy — she is not like a body supported by two legs of tooth pick like you know who.
    She is very very healthy AND happy! You are just jealous!

  • bolishopin


  • ?

    @ Gitana: Learn how to spell. Losing a man, (in a divorce) is not a ‘irreparable trauma’. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that does not make Angie the most beautiful woman on earth. Jennifer looks gorgeous and very happy, I doubt she’s crying every night.
    You’re drunk, I feel sorry for people with pea-sized brains and such shallow mentality. You have soooooo much to learn.

  • shoes!

    I love her shoes! What’s the brand?

  • Jen the loser

    She is so ugly, she looks like Barbra Streisand here.


    I hope she chills out on the plastic surgery before she turns into Botox queen Nicole Kidman.

  • dawn

    Pia Zadora lives.

  • sus

    as allways she looks great look ad dose legs she do have great legs and a great body i dont belive she cry over the loss of that idiot brad just some stupid people there want to belive that you carnt be happy as a single girl and no kids that is so stupid there is more in life then that

  • tINA!!!!!

    Healthy?? whats healthy about smoking, tanning, being an alcoholic, hair bleeching, having 2 nose jobs, and following the arquette’s around 24/7?

  • tINA!!!!!

    oh yeah, and please….wedges are TACKY!!!

  • Diama

    nice shoes. she looks cute

  • fraud

    She is wearing the same pants and shoes she wore while promoting TBU in NY. Same tan. Same hair style. Acting the same way. Besides her face she looks the same. STOP trying to act like she has recently overcome some awful situation. It’s all a PR stunt. The fall of Jennifer and the rise of Jen. Problem is the face was overdone. On a theater screen her face changes are going to be crazy. LOL.

  • No looking the same

    She doesn’t look like herself in photo 2. What did she do to herself?

  • ghost

    Please. How old are you morons? This used-up, stinky, ho,is an idiot. Your hero has slept with more men than any woman on this blog. The only people on here that believe she is americas sweetheart are twelve-years old. Every-one of you idiots says that she looks great. OK!-you win. What about the rest of her? Skin deep.

  • la

    she’s a beautiful woman.

  • Brads Truth

    She just looks awful, too much smoking, drinking, pot, and coke, She will never have what Brad and Angie have.

  • bet

    cute , pretty and sexy body. any thing she wear look perfeft on her.
    glowing skin and nice posture and happy and injoying life.

    free like a bird, no one to bag her in her behined. Single strong independent successful woman. that is scare a lot of man.

  • ghost

    La,#26. Mommy wants to put you to bed! Nite, Nite,little-one.

  • la

    most woman wish you looked liked that.
    I like her she’s a good actress, I like Angelina too but she’s a bit over done her self.
    but really Jen is a strong woman and beautiful
    she’s HOT, stop the haters
    Jenn pls give me a call
    I want you in my film

  • ghost

    Bet. Yes, you win. Just a quick question. What about the rest of her? No need to answer. I have found out the answer for my-self. It sounds like you know what’s on the inside, Not Even Close!!!!!

  • operations

    alright even you crazy jenhags have to admit that her face looks different..and dont tell me its just makeup or lighting. she must of have cheek implants and eyelift botox..the whole nine yards but hey she really got her moneys worth. good for her… now all she needs to do is suck some fat out of that her legs wouldnt look so short&stubby…man who the hell says she is weak. she is one tough cookie to go thru the pain of surgery for this transformation. come on spread the wealth do tell who work on your face ms.aniston.

  • Aniston Awarded

    Hi to my dear Jen fans .

    Look, our beloved Ms Aniston has been awarded at title . Check out link with pic

    Celebrity B[tch-fests, famous one-night stands and Man of the Year…Jennifer Aniston!

  • lullaby

    woow..many people here envy her body her face her fame her money …
    i think she looks great and that body is ridiculous wowoww =)

  • Hello jello

    watch brad and angie insane fans are going to leave comments like there is no tomorrow! she doesn’t need a man to be happy!!!

    she looks really nice!

  • goree girls

    The industrial strength nipples are back. Happy days!!

  • mimi

    man, i hope i have that body at her age. what a great bod!

  • fraud

    A strong woman please she moved next door to C Cox. A strong woman she travels with C Cox. A strong independent woman. You jenhags are so funny. First you tried to make her classy but that did not stick now you are trying for strong. Now that is ever funnier. When is she moving to Chicago or New York. I will tell you. When C Cox moves there.

    Jennifer is self absorbed so of course she is most happy when others are catering to her.

  • fraud


    Jen takes off her clothes and men still don’t look. Both her bikini shots had men around her and they were not looking at her.

  • to lullaby

    lullaby @ 03/18/2008 at 10:19 pm

    No one wants Aniston’s face. Not even Aniston.

  • to mimi

    mimi @ 03/18/2008 at 10:48 pm

    You can have her body. Just exercise like your life and career depended on it. Aniston thinks hers does.

  • someone

    Good grief at all the hoops the movie producers went through to get her on 2 simultaneous movies. Is she really worth all that? I don’t think so. For me she’s hardl a box office draw but rather the opposite. Why is she still getting work.

  • lola1

    All those botox and plastic surgeries does not change the fact she is a middle age woman.

    The only changes is she use to look like Dustin Hoffman , but after cutting the nose to half the previous size, she is now a hybrid between Jaon River and Barbra Streisand. still look ugly.

  • jade

    Like the title says,Jennifer is Happy and Healthy. She also looks great
    and is beautiful. Love the hair,too.

  • JJ

    If I look as good as she does when I’m her age, I’d be happy. She doesn’t just look good in an overly-made up kinda way either, she just looks beautiful and natural, and seems like she’s having fun with her life. All you haters are probably just jealous, or brangelina fanatics. You can say Angelina is a UN ambassador etc etc, but that doesn’t change the fact that she basically stole someone’s husband! at least Jen would probably have a clearer conscience! jen is great.

  • define strong

    Why is Jen strong? Because it took her 3 yrs to FINALLY get over a divorce? THAT IS WEAK.

    Strong is Reese Witherspoon children
    Strong is Uma Thurman with children
    Strong is Nicole Kidman with chidren
    Strong is NOT Jennifer Aniston

  • Amee

    THE BEST. Period

  • What’s in a name

    A fake Jennifer Aniston?

    Was there ever a real one? Oh right Jennifer Anastassakiskiskiskiskis

  • A Fake Jennifer Aniston

    JenJen is a bad Friend
    Praise Buddha. And I thought I was the only one who saw through the stinking pile of fraud sh*t underneath the over-manufactured and over-coiffed package known as Jennifer Aniston. Apparently not. My inbox was flooded yesterday with a small army of you rejoicing at the NY Daily News report on the ‘real’ Jen – the insecure, vain, self obsessed Jen who has so deftly played the PR game and re-invented herself as the girl next door. Well according to Nancy Balbirer…she’s not.

    Here’s the summary. There was a book promo in New York the other night for a release called ‘The Underminer: Or, the Best Friend Who Casually Destroys Your Life’. Several performers and writers shared personal accounts of their best friend horror stories and Nancy Balbirer’s experience involved an actress named ‘Jane’ who is a virtual mirror image of a certain Friend I know and hate. Turns out that Jennifer and Nancy lived together for a short time in the 80s when both were carving out their careers. Remarkably enough, ‘Jane’ also shared an apartment with Nancy. ‘Jane’s’ father is a soap actor and her parents are divorced. She went to the High School for the Performing Arts. Jane was also a ‘famous sitcom actress’ on a show about friends who ‘live together in the Village.’ Jane ended up moving to LA and transforming her body with lipo and a nose job, a nose she described as coming ‘from her Greek half’. She then went on Nutrislim and got skinny and froze her nipples whenever she was trying to land a gig. Sound familiar???

    Now all this would be forgivable if ‘Jane’ wasn’t such an ungrateful bitch and even though Nancy let Jane stay with her when she was struggling back East, Jane was rude and inhospitable when Nancy asked for a return favour several years later. She also got Nancy fired from a job on her sitcom after finding out that the producers had offered her a recurring role.

    As you would expect, Aniston’s publicist promptly denied the claims and the entire story, insisting that Jen barely knows this woman and that everything, every part of the story is untrue, especially the plastic surgery and the manipulation and the part about getting Nancy fired. Uh huh.

    Meanwhile, realising that she might have pissed off some powerful Hollywood brokers, Nancy tried to smooth things over by sending a letter of clarification to the NY Daily News and the columnist who reported the story. Instead of retracting her story, all she did was repeat over and over that she never said the name ‘Jennifer Aniston’ – as recounted in hilarious fashion by the wizards at Gawker – which made a great situation even better, compounding the fact that Jane really is Jen, and reminding us over and over that she was only telling a story about Jane, who happens to share many, many, many similarities with the Chin who shall not be named.

    And Ph.D. gossips the world over are now laughing their arses off.

    The moral of the story? The Friend is a Fraud, y’all. And to all you rabid Aniston fans who love bombarding me with hate mail and AIDs wishes – trust me, I sympathise with your situation. I know the pity poor me routine was just too hard to resist. I know how refreshing it was at one time to see a completely average, ho hum nobody marry a sex god because it meant that maybe you too could have had a chance at grasping the golden ring. I know how convincing she was as the ‘every girl’, as the celebrity you would want to have over for dinner, believing she wouldn’t care that you didn’t have Moet chilling in the fridge and a Balenciaga throw to put over her shoulders if she felt a chill.

    But you need to blow out that candle, ok??? Take it down from your windowsill and extinguish the flame. Because Jennifer Aniston will never be your friend. She will never WANT to be your friend. She will never even PRETEND to want to be your friend. As I’ve said all along, as I’ve been saying since that mediocre little twerp got her chance on television – JennyJen ain’t much. She is, however, perfect for Tom Cruise. And if there is a Goddess, if the gossip stars ever align, I do hope they find each other one day. One hypocrite to another – it would be true love indeed.

  • love jen

    I love her she’s beautiful and strong I wish her all the happiness in the world and I hope her upcoming films are hits.