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Katie Holmes For Armani -- Her First Fashion Line

Katie Holmes For Armani -- Her First Fashion Line

Katie Holmes‘ foray into fashion is just around the corner as she will release her own clothing line called Katie Holmes for Armani, reports OK!

Using daughter Suri, 23 months, as inspiration, Katie‘s first collection, out spring 2009, will be designed for toddlers.

But that’s not all! Mrs. Cruise, 29, will then create a line for older children for Fall 2009 and then women’s clothes and handbags for Fall 2010.

Katie Holmes For Armani will be available at department stores including Saks, Barney’s, and Neiman Marcus.

WOULD YOU BUY clothes from Katie Holmes’ new fashion line?

UPDATE: Katie‘s rep is denying these rumors.

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  • bataglio

    she has a couple months of passable outfits going, and now she’s a designer. spare me.

  • happy

    No I wouldnt

  • sillybilly

    So she can make my kid look like a 40 year old soccer mom? No thanks

  • me

    How many billions do Tom and Kaite need?

  • summer i wouldnt buy clothes from her range she proberly wont even do teen stuff lol & if she did who would wear it??

  • lmao


  • Jengie

    LOL at celebs and their “fashion-lines”

  • ann

    The link you put up doesn’t show any such story, Jared.

  • julie

    I wouldn’t buy her clothes..

  • chey

    “Katie Holmes for Armani?” Yeah, that’s a label I want on my clothes. NOT!

  • Adoring Fan

    Does this mean she is giving up her acting career?

  • Rachel Phankonsy

    NEVER!!! I would never buy katie holmes clothes for my kids, niece, cousins, or friends. The girl dress like an old woman!!! Imagine, she designed for little kids. How come, she’s so special, that she can used georgio armani name! I think that is so stupid!!! Yeah, what’s up with celebrities and their fashion lines. If I were them, I should just stick with acting!!!

  • zephi

    Well, if it’s good enough for Armani to attach their name on it, then they must think she won’t disappoint. Armani is not any brand, it is quality clothing. So it would only make sense to assume this.

  • Marie

    No I would not buy from this fake witch. She dresses like an old hag, why would anyone want to dress like an old woman like her. She has no style, no talent, and no class. She sold her soul to Tom and a cult for fame and money, she could never achieve on her own. She would not have this fashion line if did not sell herself out.



    adore her *.*

    beauuuuuuuuuuutiful lady inside ‘n out

    miss Dawson’s =[

  • she is repulsive

    IS THIS A HORRIBLE JOKE?????????????????

  • Cindy

    I would if they are similar to the way she dresses.

  • Jae

    Nothing but selling out…avarice and greed, her husband is a multi-millionaire, how much more money do they need? I’m so tired of celebs doing clothing lines and perfume! she has no credibility to her name, she didn’t have to work her way up, no one would give her her own line if she wasn’t tom’s wife. and yes, armani may be attaching his name to it, so i wonder how much creative control she’s going to have, she’s going to have to get everything OK’d by them and probably ‘touched up’ as well…

    katie stick to what you know, being an over-indulgent mother and tom’s arm candy.

  • peggy

    ok guys, how about we take an unbiased approach. lets see it first before we judge. not a fan of katie/tom, but some of these comments are so judgemental

  • Brooke

    I think she will be a good designer. Look at what she and her daughter wear. She has good taste and if Armani wasn’t so expensive I’d probably buy her stuff.

  • Shiloh is SOOOO beautiful

    No way would I buy anything designed by KH!

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    all these groupie jolie stans are gonna buy it.

  • the dq

    OMG……………give me a break!!!

  • Scottie

    Without any real acting talent and without marrying Tom Cruise Katie Holmes was rapidly fading away in Hollywood ~ But fate pointed to her and she married “Tom” now she is expect to look older, act older, talk weird, act perfect and for some awful reason she shops and shops and shops

    Once a casual and carefree young woman she is now trying for the older more sophicated woman look. Wearing stiff uncomfortable, blah clothes, whacked off her hair. . . getting a nose job. . Someone should tell her. . .You truly look ridiculous.

    She ostensibly has everything but she appears as though she’s a prisoner and disturbingly somebody is always grasping on to her tightly, like she’s going to tip over. Maybe she’s medicated. She should find a worthy cause, not childrens clothes, and try to do some real good with all that money. She should try to get past her empty, ridiculous shopping obsession. . . . it makes her look vapid and insipid! She was once so young and pretty. . . I hope she wakes up and get out of her murky fog. It’s so disturbing.

  • WTF ? another clothing line?!

    hell to the no I wouldn’t buy her junk. A majority of the people wouldn’t be able to buy her stuff anyways since she’s parterned with Armani— of all people! Besides it’ll probably be cost $200 for a little itty bitty pair of shoe. God knows how much it’ll cost for a simple toddler t-shirt.

  • nunny

    maybe but i don’t like the fact that ppl w/ money get to have their own fashion line
    i mean look at lauren conrad like wtf

  • libby

    It is ridiculous to buy Armani clothes for children-the money could be much better spent (if you have so much) by donating more to charity.

  • bgl

    I can’t stand Katie Holmes.

  • Ela

    Katie… get your teeth fixed so that you can smile properly. You are such a prettty girl.

  • Nanea

    Ok, this is it. No more Armani for me, no perfumes, no accessories, nothing.

    I don’t get what people like Giorgio A. see in this $ciento fembot. She has no personality, nothing, she’s a superficial clotheshanger.

  • suzy

    she did a 360 from her dawson’s creek days…

    she wouldn’t have this line if it wasn’t for being tom cruise’s wife.

    she hasn’t earned any of this on her own.

    what happened to the girl next door.

    now she’s just a snot or thinks she’s better than everyone.

    why is she trying so hard to be Victoria Beckham? Katie, you aren’t Posh, get over yourself!

    The only people who are going to be able to afford these clothes of hers are her rich counterparts….

    Saks, Barney’s… only high class society people can afford that stuff, not the majority of America..

    I want the Katie Holmes who was with Chris Klein… remember those days

  • Scottie


    it makes her look vapid and insipid!

  • Shaughnessy

    “it makes her look vapid and insipid”

    Couldn’t agree more “what a vapid twit that crazy woman has turned into”

  • Amanda

    lmao. Rediculous.

  • kim

    Fashion Designer: where unemployable starlets go to die.

    The once prestigious and creative careerer of fashion designer has now been designated a graveyard for talentless starlets – as if being materialistic clotheshorse shopoholic and having a stylist dress you is a criteria for being able to design fashion. ‘

    Now these dead beat, unskilled and unemployable has-beens just approve or disapprove the work of real designers and slap their smarmy name on it.

    So, I can add Armani on my boycott list.

    Way to buy your useless wife a career Tom boy!

  • N

    Hahaha, she becomes stylish after marrying Tom (he obviously hired a stylist for her)and that apparently qualifies her to be a designer???? She’s becoming more of a joke everyday. Where’s the real Katie?

  • tINA!!!!!

    Armani sucks then…Armani sucks now.
    No Armani for me thank you.

  • Jae

    totally agree with libby, money spent on designer clothes for your kids can be spent on better things…instead of spending $500 on a pair of shoes, that money could be going to a child who has never had a pair of shoes. how can anyone justify spending that kind of money on clothes when there are people in the world who don’t even have clean water to drink or warm clothes to wear….

    sick really…i’ll tell you something, i’ll be damned if my kids will be dressing better than me!

  • ihatemileycyrus


  • lol

    once in a while i like what she wears but she usually dresses too old. She should dress her age and my god please cover her feet.

  • maldita

    Is it just me or she’s turning into VICTORIA BECKHAM….Act your age Katie!

  • tom c

    What a joke. She’s got no real talent, married into money, and now spends all of Tom’s money going shopping. Besides her precious Suri, she’s got nothing going for her. I hope her line does badly.

  • nicole

    I have a great idea, dump the dress idea, Kate should design
    open toe sandals……for all ages……she know alot about feet!!!!

  • hush

    i wouldn’t want my daughter to look like a robot like hers. lol!

  • Miapocca

    if its good enough for tom cruise to get amarni to attach thier name to it, then they are probably ghosting her deisgns,..ahahha.they will just convince her its her idea…ahhaha

  • kath

    NO NO NO

    She has bad taste, NO style. Her clothes wear her.

    She defines the term fashion victim

  • FourCrows

    Katie Holmes is one gullible foolish, silly, loon not a children’s clothing designer? Katie found herself the object of a grand, sweeping courtship not only with a much older Tom Cruise,but also with the entire Church of Scientology. It wasn’t Katie’s charms or fashion designing that won Cruise over, but her eagerness to accept the wierd-O Scientology shtick lock, stock and barrel in exchange for what she thought was “true love.” I wonder if she has figured out who Cruises true love is yet? Sure ain’t her

  • Jaye

    Everyone and their mother in hollywood has their own clothing line or is about to release a clothing line. These people don’t even dress THEMSELVES. They have other people tell them how to dress. I guess she could make a go at it, she’ll have all the scientologists buying her clothing. If you think Holmes will actually be designing clothes, you have have a screw loose. She will be lending her NAME to the clothing line only. Armani isn’t about to wreck it’s reputation.


    she’s so OLD but beautiful and i dont like her fashion

  • McLovin

    What was Holmes ever said or done to offend all of you?

    Marryinng a man who’s religion you find disagreeable? Shops alot-which she can afford and is her own business to do?