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Mariah Carey's E=MC2 Album Cover

Mariah Carey's E=MC2 Album Cover

Mariah Carey just unveiled the artwork for her latest album, E=MC² (meaning: “Emancipation equals Mariah Carey to the second power”), which will be released April 15.

The 38-year-old diva is on the cover, looking pretty naked, but holding up a fur blanket.

And you won’t be able to get enough of Mariah on American Idol next month. She’s going to be on it three times! Tune in April 9th to see Mariah on Idol Gives Back, April 15th to see her mentor the remaining contestants and April 16th for a performance.

Thoughts on the new E=MC² album cover??

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It’s a good cover. Not her best, but it’s good.

And I just can’t imagine if all these people are hating on her, who’s buying the damn records?! I mean, cut it! She’s a good artist, she makes good music and I think she looks quite cute. It would be boring without Mariah!

Album cover – Dung!!!

Eeeeh, why’d she have to use Einstein’s equation? Because she’s smart? (rolls eyes)

I can make one better than that….I mean a lot people can. This is just cheap, making the Blackout one looks so professional.

Go Mariah!!It’s different, not sleezy at all and soo her style. Great cover, look at how it makes the haters go nuts!! Luv it!!

i’m kinda disappointed. at least get away with the font color.
whatever happened to her usual font too

R u all idiots?????Mariah is hot and remain hot forever.The album’s name is supercreative,and the cover is HOT,and show she’s a diva,REAL DIVA!!,what r u thinkin ppl!!!!!mariah,u’re stunning,dont let them judge u,they dont know nothin….GO MARIAH.

benitodelicias @ 03/19/2008 at 10:28 am

i think it’s fake…she always uses the same font for her covers, with the exception of Merry Christmas…

All of her printwork has the same font, Copprsomething…I don’t remember the name….

so this must be fake…and her face looks weird, very photoshoped….

the picture is nice but the font of the name is just horrible. She should have used this picture with her name written like on ”The Emancipation Of Mimi” and E=MC2 somewhere above it.

The name makes the cover looks horrible and if its a battle between Janet, Mariah and Madonna, Madonna wins for at least having a descent first single.

I think she looks goregous!

I dont really get why people are so focused on the cover? surely the songs on it are the most important thing! & i seem to remember people mocking the title of her last album but it ended up being 1 of the best in her career! She’s never going to please everyone! Let the music do the talking & as she’s only released 1 song from the album so far i think we should all wait & hear the rest before passing judgements.Any previews ive read so far have been very,very positive

why is everyone so focused on the cover?? surely the music on it is the most important thing? I seem to remember people mocking her last album title but that didnt stop it being 1 of her very best did it? I think we should let the music do the talking & as she’s only released 1 song so far we should wait & hear the rest! Every preview of it ive read has been very,very positive

lol ridicoulous…

You gotta be serious? that is the ugliest cover I have ever seen! Even the photo of her using a hat to cover her body is more better than this, even the font is tacky, worst enough that her new song isn’t that great either.

I really don’t like Mariah, but this album covers OK. Ish. It is very distinctive at least, and the black and white is cool. Let’s face it – she looks like a tranny as usual, but at least the photographers tried to make it look at least a little elegant this time. It must have been difficult for him, with this tacky manbeast trying to take all her clothes off in front of him and show the world. Seriously though – this is MUCH better than that VILE dress she wore for the last album. She just doesn’t have taste does she? Never mind; at least she has jewels and men and stuff at her didposal…

jeebjeebjeeb @ 03/24/2008 at 11:31 pm

{homer simpson}BOOOOOOO!!!!

Mariah is passe’ when did music start sounding all alike, time for a major overhaul of the talent, industry, and fake musicians who call themselves musicians and can’t read a lick of music, but they sure can grab some old albums and sample the heck out of them

I love how people who make nothing compared to a multi-platinum music artist want to tell her what she should be doing, when your selling millions then you have advice to share. Another obviously great artist keep it up Mariah! Always will be hating because of disinterest in their own lifes.


another money scam

Be real! Everyone knows mariah could wear a paper bag on her album cover and she would still look amazing. lol. shes on top of the industry. madonna and janet have nothing on her. when have you ever heard either one of them do what mariah can do with her voice??? never! she surpassed elvis and will definately pass the beatles once this album is released. when that happens she will be the number 1 best selling artist in history. that includes other markets throught the world as well. so for everyone who says she cant sing and she looks terrible how do you explain her success?

It’s not fur – it’s feathers, custom designed for her! I should know because I made it!

sle bitch. @ 06/05/2008 at 9:16 pm


ei. her album is beautiful. may be the cover doesnt look good but her songs are the best. duh.

wow mariah your album is the number 1 album in our country i wish that you have many album your number1 fan david

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