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Miley Cyrus: Say Cheesecake!

Miley Cyrus: Say Cheesecake!

Miley Cyrus grabs a late lunch with mom, Tish, at The Cheesecake Factory in Sherman Oaks, Calif., on Monday afternoon.

Afterwards, the mother-daughter duo spent a good part of the day at Smashbox Studios in Culver City.

The 15-year-old Hannah Montana star wore a teal velour tracksuit and a pair of black Koolaburra “Lovin Life” boots.

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Photos: MAP/Splash News Online, Anthony/PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • bgl

    I’m so sick of her.

  • HEY

    okay seriously, you post WAY to much about her, pretty soon everyone will think she is “over rated” because of all the posts. which she is anyways. shes pretty but i dont really care whats she doing every second of her life.

    post about megan fox !!!!!!

  • kate

    god i hate seeing her on gossip sites, this isnt even gossip, its her doing… pretty much NOTHING?

  • legs

    orange hair?

  • ashley

    omg her AGAIN?
    ugh that stupid peace sign is annoying
    its annoying just seeing that shes on sites like these.

  • fag


  • uch

    If you dont care about her, just skip over her!!! its THAT easy.

    Miley is one of the biggest stars right now, so it makes sense to post about her faily, like he would any other big celebrity.

    anyway, she’s adorable. Quality time with the family is always good :)

  • me

    #3- ALL celebrities are on gossip sites just hanging around, doing nothing. It’s not just miley.

    Also, some people are getting annoyed “at her” for being on these sites?! Like its her fault! jeez, so pathetic. She’s going about her day, its not her fault she gets photographed, OBVIOUSLY.

  • gracie

    i totally agree with # 7!!…anyways love the pics!!

  • jasmine

    can you please stop posting pictures of this broad she’s so annoying and she’s turning hrself into a attention whore she love the paparazzi attention

  • LINA

    i love miley

  • m hm

    wow some of you are bitter bitter bitter.

    It’s not MILEYS fault she gets photographed.


  • bgl

    I believe that we’re allowed to state our opinion that we don’t like Miley, as you’re allowed to state your opinion that you love Miley.

  • elisa

    there are many big stars that are extremely popular these days, then why aren’t those stars being posted often, and annoying miley is being posted so often…

    what she’s wearing is really ugly! she should hv just stick to flip flops instead of wearing uggs…no sense of style…not a good role model, especially when she takes like pictures of herself wearing next to nothing…

    yea it’s not her fault that she’s being photograph, but what alot of celebrities do is try to keep it low key, instead she walks around flashing her stupid peace sign, and obviously she’s trying to get photographed…

    she is already over rated!!

  • alisiya

    her mom looks like the type of mom that would use her children’s fame to gain her own fame…like lindsay lohan’s mom, how she’s using lindsay’s fame to get her own stupid tv show

  • jasmine

    the heffer can’t even sing nor act it’s sad that she actually has fans because she has no talent whatsoever and she loves the attention just like lilo and britney spears

  • hey

    Ummm she flashes a peace sign because she likes it. No harm in that. There are times where she is more low key, and other times where she is friendlier. It’s reallyyyy not a big deal. Also, I saw a video where the paps would ask “Miley, give us a peace sign” so she was nice about it and did.

    She’s not dressed to impress. Just casual and plain- like any other 15 year old would wear. It was probably cold that day so the uggs make sense.. not feeling the hat. She’s a cute girl though!

  • Nina

    she’s annoying now.
    but she’s a pretty girl.

  • hey

    Maybe posting 2 entries about her a day is a big much- but im sure she gets a lot of clicks, or he wouldnt be posting so much on her. common sense.

    she’s really pretty! always smiling, cute.

  • 3434454

    i think its SO funny when i read people who love miley, say “if you dont like her then why are you posting a comment on here?” and gives like a paragraph speech about how they shouldnt be writing that they dont like someone and at the bottom they add “get a life” hahahaha when really they look like the idiots who need a life, writing a paragraph to some random person they will never know, on the internet, lol its hilarious. and all the person said was that she was ugly, or dont like her which is only like 2 words, lol its not like it takes 4 hours to post a comment, no one is really wasting time, well maybe a few seconds ha ha

  • shaaaaaa

    and another fashio statement copyyyyy
    track suit and uggs…
    ashnessa anyone :]

    we do have one thing in common
    out love for cheesecake!

    barf on her hair it’s gross

  • 3434454


  • tinseltown

    hatee her stop posting about this wannabe we dont care about his boring life, coffe studio coffe studio seriously ajred you are loweringyour ratings ew

  • Jenna

    Yay more Miley! [sarcastic] =S… I love her but she is just starting to..idk…annoy me a little!..and She keeps flashing the freaking peace sign!

  • Jenna

    Oh and i forgot to mention…I love her outfit =]

  • Nikka

    Miley = Ugly
    Ugly = Miley

  • lauren

    I LOVE MILEY <3 Watch the Miley and Mandy show its frekin awsome!

  • rar


  • rar


  • imogen

    miley is the best!
    she always looks so pretty

  • nisaaa

    ew its mugly cyrus! ahhh

  • nina

    What’s so special about her?
    Why do JJ post pics of her everyday?

    I’m not in the US currently and is that why I don’t get it?

  • valbona

    i love her and her style.. stop hating on her.. thanks for posting so much about her justjared.

  • aly

    she’s adorable!

  • dummies

    you idiots!it’s a free country and u can say anything u like…u can say if u h8 or lyk her duh!

  • hate her

    it’s miley fault to be..
    she knows paparazzi will take
    don’t say it’s her fault..
    i’m sick of her…
    love baby v..zac..& ashley

  • 3434454
  • L

    uhm #22 how is she copyyingg ? i wear juicy suits and uggs sometimes get over yourself .

  • Jenny

    Seriously, if Miley annoys you, move on already. Whats the point in being negative?

    I love miley, and I love cheesecake. Perfect combination!

  • toi

    then whats the on being negative with us for being negative with miley?

    shouldnt you move on too?

  • babe

    foreal… and she confirmed it was her! lol probably doing it because she saw what it did for vanessa HAHAHA!

  • rara

    it’s already annoying. miley is a nice girl but she started to annoy me with those peace signs. does she do anything in order to bring peace into the world, is she part of any organization which has this target? no…then this peace sign is only a sign of hypocrisy. angelina doesn’t show any signs, she helps the people instead.

  • XXX!

    Another Miley post??….. WHOO HOO
    I love Miley she rocks!
    Oh and she appears everyday because the paps take pictures of her everyday and post them online everyday its not that hard to understand hahaha!!

    Miley and Mandy show rocks..
    Shes pretty …
    Great person…
    Awesome clothes..
    World-wide fan base..
    And i think shes a good role-model (feel free to disagree,i dont care you wont change my opinion)

  • Andrea

    Everyone FUCK OFFF! If you dont like her being posted on her.. fucking skip her…. no need to be hating bitches.. And i agree with pple that said its not her fault she’s photgraphed.. i mean its not like she can say… dont take a picture of me.. hell noo… thats why hollywood is fucked up.. never get privacy and alwyas have pple hating.. so why dont yall just back the fuck off of her and go harass someone else… cuz no one cares about yall lazy ass bitches…
    later byotches…

  • UGH


  • Laura

    whats wrong with her bein on the site everyday?
    just because some people hate her doesn’t mean everyone does
    i love coming on here and seein her on it everyday
    and if you don’t like her don’t frickin look at the pictures!
    simple as that
    no one tells you to go look for miley cyrus!

    and also why is everyone like “she keeps doing that stupid peace sign”
    she has ALWAYS done that, even like near the start of hannah montana and only now people are noticing
    get over it
    it’s what she does!


  • Natx3

    Okay seriously shes getting annoying.
    Every where i turn “MILEY CYRUS, MILEY CYRUS!”
    Um yeah. I’m sick of her.

    Shes losing fame.

  • perla

    she needs to seriously stop with that peace sign already…and am I the only one who is completely sick of looking at her horse mouth face?? Hannah Montana is definitely a generational thing because I don’t get it at all…Jared- give it a rest already!!

  • http://JUSTJARED zanessa fan

    IM SICK OF HER!!!!!!

  • jamie

    omg, if it was so cold, then why is her mom able to friggin wear flip flops, think that through your head

    and for those who keep on saying that the haters find her annoying and we still keep on posting, IT’S OUR OPINION! just like how miley lovers have their opinions about miley, i agree with #20, her fans hv time to write how much they love her when they’re not actually gonna meet her or in some cases (some people said) to be her “friend”, i mean c’mon be her friend…thats a joke!

    there are more comments that show how annoying she is than people showing how much they love her, so there’s gotta be a reason for that…she’s annoying