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Nicole Kidman's Bondi Beach Baby Bump

Nicole Kidman's Bondi Beach Baby Bump

Barefoot Nicole Kidman shows off her barely-there baby bump as she walks hand-in-hand with country superstar husband Keith Urban through Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia on Tuesday.

Nicole and Keith (both 40) expect their first baby together in July.

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nicole kidman bondi beach baby bump 01
nicole kidman bondi beach baby bump 02
nicole kidman bondi beach baby bump 03
nicole kidman bondi beach baby bump 04
nicole kidman bondi beach baby bump 05
nicole kidman bondi beach baby bump 06
nicole kidman bondi beach baby bump 07

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  • zoe

    wow…she looks so 40′s in pictures #3…really pretty! i know the bashings going to start soon but she looks beautiful even though the bump is not really there.

  • tt

    Relaxed, normal, low key, balanced life of Nicole Kidman vs
    the hyper, bizarre, $cientology ‘managed’, lost the plot life of Katie Holmes

    Go Nicole,
    Get your kids off that koo koo ex husband

    Join the BOYCOTT of $cientology celebrities – they don’t deserve your admiration or your dollars

  • zoe

    for my comment…i meant to say that even though if you can barely see the baby bump, its there! =)

  • legs

    i still can’t see the bump but she looks beautiful. :)

  • McLovin

    “the hyper, bizarre, $cientology ‘managed’, lost the plot life of Katie Holmes”

    But where do you get all this from? Has there been ANYTHING to suggest that she has hyper, bizarre, Scientology managaed life and isn’t just as as relaxed, normal, low key and balanced?

  • samara

    is she really pregnant…? i mean, i see nothing many months is she?

  • Raquel

    Gosh she is L.A and the other day she is in Australia!!!How many trips does she do a week????

  • diane

    What did she do high tail it back to Australia after her ugly looking body guard beat up a photographer it sure looks like she wants her picture taken now

  • really


    Do you want a good comparison if you are wondering where her belly is – check this pic out from the month after they were married – 2006.

    Why isn’t her paps-beating bodyguard with her now? She sure doesn’t have a problem with the paps on this day, does she?

  • really

    samara – latest interview with Keith – he says she is due in June!

  • spacebar

    She covered up the incident with the bodyguard and paparazzi. it woulda been all over the place if it was any other celeb bodyguard beating the hell out of the papz. I guess she’s pretty powerful.

  • really

    Maybe this will give her an Oscar nomination next year?

  • Jill

    This is her first baby and she is very tall. Women having their first baby do not “show” early and add some more time if the woman is tall. I am 5’9″ and did not “show” much with my first child until I was well into my 6th month. With my second child I showed in the beginning of my 4th month. I’m a labor and delivery nurse and have seen all kinds of abdomens. LOL. Congrats to Nicole and Keith.

  • notbusy

    That didn’t look like her Trainer/bodyguard in the photo/video to me. I don’t think they mind their photos taken within reason. It’s just when one pap takes 200 photos instead of 20 and then follow them around nonstop and say nasty things to them and try to run them off the road that they then get fed up. Remember what they did to Princess Diana. Nicole looks really healthy. She’s taking great care of that baby.

  • phoenix

    she had stayed in LA since Oscar, she did attend Keith’s concert in Anaheim too… Seemed after that she went back to Australia w/ Keith…
    She looks really good and relax….
    wish them and their unborn baby all the best…

  • nda

    she looks great!!!!!!

  • nda

    she looks great!!!!!! I love the necklaces.

  • nda

    she looks great! love the necklaces!!

  • nda

    sorry double post

  • phoenix

    btw, what is “W e a l t h yR o m a n c e. c o m”?

  • FMTK

    Angie is pregnant and much much more hounded by paps than NK will ever be and you don’t see her freaking out. I hope she and he employee get sued bigtime, you can’t go around beating up people…it would be unacceptable for unfamous people and it should be for famous ones as well. We have laws!

  • notbusy

    The paps get away with murder. Just ask Princess Diana’s sons what they think about the paps. Those paparazzi should be jailed for their behavior. A lot of them are criminals just out of prison trying to make quick money. Julia Roberts said they hang out at her kids school putting people in danger.

  • Scottie

    Wow, they are sure doing a lot of postive PR now aren’t they. I guess her people want us to forget the little bodyguard incident from last week. Too bad Keith looks like a reluctant partipant in her PR plans.

  • Pepper

    First of all – let’s stop comparing Princess Di and NK – NK will NEVER be Princess Di.

    Amazing how she smiles at just the right time and how Keith (looking miserable yet again) is doing everything to NOT look at the cameras.

  • Jbo

    I still don’t believe she is preggo… I think she’s pretending to be, so when her surrogate pops, she can say she had it. I don’t think the ice queen has a hospitable uterus…..

  • McLovin

    This is NOT Nicole Kidman’s first pregnancy.

  • notbusy

    Princess Diana wasn’t exactly a saint. She had lots of problems, but she was hounded by the paps and now she’s dead because of it. That’s my point. But no point in trying to reason with people who are filled with so much hate.

  • madison

    Being tall doesn’t have anything to do with how big you look. Seeing that Nicole is a tooth pic she should show a lot more than she is. Especially if the baby is do in June. That is just three months away.

  • P

    I don’t believe she is pregnant either. She hasn’t put on weight anywhere, not her face legs etc.. .

  • http://- Carol

    She is so beautiful, love the dress and the necklaces. Keith is so Hot! They look so happy together!

  • Vi

    I love them!! They look so happy.

  • esther

    Of course she’s pregnant, there was a picture of her belly on another site and you could tell she was pregnant.
    She was also pregnant in 2006 but she lost the baby again. That’s very sad, some women just can’t conceive a child easily and there’s no point in bashing her for that, the same could happen to you or your daughter

  • really

    Oh, this is just getting better. More updates on the beating. Kidman is so in trouble!

  • really

    Do ya’ll think she is still so beautiful while she stands there holding a stolen camera in her hand while her trainer kicks a photographer in the stomach?

  • daisy

    I am calling BS on They are changing their story from what it was last week & you cannot comment on a legal investigation publically. Any lawyer would advise them of that.

    And Nicole & Keith may not know that they are being photographed. A lot of times they don’t. They have a right to walk on Bondi Beach just like any other couple.

    Keith is doing concert in Australia now, they went home together.

  • really

    daisy – do you NOT see the stolen camera in the trainer’s hand while they are running away? GUILTY!

  • really

    And what’s she doing smiling at Jamie Fawcett – he is the photographer of these great barefoot and pregnant pics? Didn’t she testify against Jamie and told him to F off?

  • Paola

    They look wonderful. Sweet pictures.

  • Miller

    Very suspicious behavior from Miss Kidman.

    Standing by as a photographer is beaten by a man in her employ one day, waving and smiling at a photographer the next.

    Dont be fooled people, youre being taken for a ride by this actress.

    Look at these sweet pictures Paola…you condone this kind of violence? If so, youre just as bad.

  • C

    Nicole looks beautiful and healthy. And yes it does matter your body shaping when pregnant. She has such a long abdomen that the baby is growing long instead of out.
    She probably doesn’t mind having her picture taking as like in these ones. THe ones from last week she was probably being followed way too close in her vehicle, being followed from one place to the next and someone, like her body guard had to put a stop to it.
    The pap deserved it. THey need to learn to keep their distance.

  • Botox

    And Nicole & Keith may not know that they are being photographed.

    Oh, is that why she is looking at the camera and smiling. She ALWAYS knows where the cameras are. She is a total famewhore!

  • BritBoy

    FMTK, please don’t hold Angelina up as a standard for other celebrities to follow. Angelina may love all the attention, but Nicole nay not. Tabloid queen Angelina may be, Nicole is a far more important and influential woman in hollywood than she is. It has been stated that Nicole’s womb, like Julia Roberts’s, is far more important than Angelina’s. All the fuss over Angelina does not mean she is wise or a person to be reckoned with, just a celebrity/tabloid darling.

  • daisy

    Maybe she isn’t smiling for the camera. She might not know they were there. These were not taken at close range. Oh & funny how the paps have more then one camera on hand to get pictures. They must have plans in case others do get stolen. They also returned the camera,, most paps would not get their stuff back from celebs.

    And again if is pressing any charges on behalf of “Jeremy” then they should not be showing legal evidence on their site. They must be wanting to try Mr. Garris in the court of public opinion rather then a real court case.

    Ms. Kidman’s trainer does not work for this particular gym as Flynetonline claims. He is from Australia & came over with the Urbans because he knows her pregnancy routine.

  • really

    C – you really need to read the Flynet article. They were not following too close. Garris was getting Kidman at the gym, and just pulled away from the back door in the alley, and immediately stopped. He blocked the photographer from going forward, and then got out of the car and beat the shite out of the photographer. No high speed chase involved. Maybe you should read the story before you make up such lies for your Queen.

  • diane

    In the picture I seen the trainer was lifting up her shirt and you could see her bare belly what wasthat about 23 how do you know that photographers are crimanals and just got out of prison How do you know that

  • notbusy

    What flynet wants is as many “hits” as they can get out of this ridiculous “exclusive.” Nicole should sue them for slander, stalking and harrassment. Flynet is only telling their made up side of this story. The full story is what their idiot followers don’t want to hear.

  • C

    I love how last week flynet just said that on wednesday the trainer took the camera and returned it and then the next day they went to talk about it when he got the shit beat out of him, and now they have this huge story. They just added all this shit about the trainer beating up Michel when he stole is camera, and they were on a big hunt before they actually got the camera back. WHere was all of this last week. It just seems flynet is trying to make their story so much better to get more hits and change peoples minds before or/if there is a lawsuit. And for them to actually state that he went there beacuse they knew Nicole goes for her usual jog then , is just sad. Why can’t paparazzi’s just let them be and stay out of their way. He must have been close enough to them if the trainer got the guys camera.

  • daisy

    In one part of the story the trainer (who actually works in Australia (& not for this gym but Flynetonline would not know that) ran up toward the guy & got his camera & beat the guy up. How come we never saw pictures of Michael hurt? And then they made it sound like Nicole was standing right there holding the camera. Which is it?

    Also last week they said Nicole was in the car with Garris on the way to the gym but then today they claim that Garris was there when they arrived to pick up Nicole & the trainer from the gym & we see Nicole & the trainer get in the car. So which is it?

    Also as “C” pointed out how come we didn’t get the story about the big hunt for the camera last week? And why would two of their photogs follow two guys that just supposedly beat them up?

    Michael had only followed Nicole one other time but yet knew the times she trained, what?

  • kath

    Can’t sue him in Australia or arrest him. HA HA

    Screw the paparazzi!

  • Katiee

    Aw I absolutely LOVE this picture.

    Nic always said she would love to be barefoot and pregnant. =)

    She looks beautiful!!!!!