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American Idol 7 — Who Got Kicked Off?

American Idol 7 — Who Got Kicked Off?

Click inside to find out which contestant got kicked off of tonight’s American Idol

Video links inside also!


Amanda Overmyer

Kristy Lee Cook and Carly Smithson were also in the bottom three.


Opening Beatles medley (Watch here)

Simon says Paula‘s a good kisser (Watch here)

Kellie Pickler performs “Red High Heels” (Watch here)

Amanda Overmyer voted off American Idol (Watch here)

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  • jelesa

    first!! kristy lee cook should have left!!!

  • archuletafan

    i’m glad amanda is gone. david archuleta all the way!

  • gypsy Marie

    Thank god. Although they shoulda sent kristy home too!

  • vipsd007

    great….lol but kristy lee cook should go before her….and Carly Smithson shouldn’t in bottom 3…

  • lily22

    OMG. What happened? Kristy Cook Lee should go!!

  • leni

    Not another week of Kristy Cook again. She should have gone first.

  • MissPHILs

    aaawwww….. why her???? she is way better than kristy lee cook!!!

  • Chelsea

    Kristy should have have gone.

  • Junovie

    this is BS….COOK should have been sent home…

  • http://justjared tot

    kristy is next.

  • yoshi banana

    Ridiculous that Kristy Lee Cook didn’t go and that Carly was in the bottom three. I also thought it was cool that finally there was a woman rocker on Idol. I’m bummed to see Amanda go home. She was original.

  • Joey

    How did kristy even get into the top 24? And WHAT THE HELL IS SHE DOING IN THE TOP 10? No wonder the shows ratings are down!
    as for ammanda, she should have made it @ least another week or two.
    My fave are still Brooke and Michal.
    I don’t think we can have anything but an improvment next week when we finally say good riddance to kristy.

  • jerrynbilly


  • Person

    Amanda isn’t the only rocker girl on American Idol. In my opinion Amanda should have went home ( like she did), I don’t see how she’s decent.

  • keri

    kristy has 9 lives….

  • SW

    Amanda Overmyer should have stay

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    everyone knows kristy lee cōck is only there because people are

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    everyone knows Kristy Lee cōck is there cause people are VOTING FOR THE WORST.

  • jackie0

    first off i agree with 1 , every week is in the bottom3 every week. I’m surpised about amanda, but simon is right she kept doing the same thing that i didn’t even brother to remember her really

  • dal

    Wheres the link for the Idol Gives Back segment?

  • j mizney

    finally skunk hair is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cain

    This is absolutely ridiculous. #11 is always ridiculous. Remember last year’s Stefanie?

  • Jen

    I can’t believe she went home.. Both Kristy Lee Cook and Carly Smithson have both had prior records
    and So those two shouldn’t even have been on in the first place.

  • heather

    I really loved Michael Johns when the show started, but his arrangements are always, as Simon says, “a mess.”

    It’s as if he never stops experimenting and forgets to polish it up for the final show.

    I hope he comes up with something great, because he has the best voice, and the best style.

  • shenanyginz

    i dont really like amanda but i don’t think she deserved to go before KLC


    I agree! she’s too confident! though she’s a good singer but being a star should start from being humble and less honest.

  • guest

    I’m just glad Remele was safe.

  • nett

    GO Jason and Ramiele !!!!!

  • Mihay

    This really sucks, I loved Amanda!!! What in the fuck is America thinking???

  • Lee lee

    I love David Cook…..!

  • ace

    damn! americans i watch american idol every week from here in singapore and amanda was one of the most interesting singer. it should have been kristy this week. actually last week also. goodness. how nonsensical is this american idol thing. disgusting.

  • zanessa 4eVERRR!


  • britt

    ramiele gonna win lol

  • K

    OMG, my mom and I watch AI together and we haven’t seen this week’s result show. I know it ruins it when you open this site before you watch the real thing, but what?!

    I thought Amanda could have lasted for at least another week, God Kristy’s really got her luck going for her huh?

  • K

    btw, Carly in the bottom 3? I wonder why, she’s always been so consistent!

  • MI

    I love Jason Castro!

  • suzan

    I am glad she is out, I hope next week Kristy Lee Cook is out!!!!!!!

    Go Go DAVID! I love you!

  • Melissa

    kristy lee cook should of left. period. I love Amanda!!! I even cried

  • Tatá

    Carly on the botton 3?? Come on America –’

  • CatCat

    Kristy should have left unbelievable on who americans vote…

  • davidcookrocks


  • pantherluvcik

    I’m glad she’s gone, you could hardly understand her. She sang the same way every week. Kristy next pleeeeaaaase!!!!!!!

  • char

    amanda was horrible & scary! glad she’s gone!!

  • lalalalallalalalalalalalal

    fuck this amanda was original she was different than the rest, its sad to see her go because shes fun to watch and very entertainning. but ugh im frustrated to the fact that kristy is still there, gawd she should’ve been eliminated since the first show from the top 24 and how the heck did she get into the top 24! weird…………………………………………………….

  • bob

    That kid David Archuleta needs to go! He can’t sing, hes the reason I stop watching, i only check on these sites to see if hes still on.
    The judges do research to determine which kid is gonna spark the most interest, not who’s the best singer.
    They promote singing as the only factor to base your opinion but underlined, its always been: Who is the most interesting to you.
    So David polls the highest everytime. But hes not a natural entertainer. Just different from what they’ve been used to showing.
    The fact remains, HE CAN”T SING !
    Idol bullcrap!

  • Cornix

    American Idol ain’t worth watching now :(

  • http://JJ.COM FUNNY


  • http://americanidol kaylee

    amanda was the coolest and best singer i loved her voice but aparently amerrica did not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rani

    It was a mess..Kristy should have gone first!!!
    Amanda is indeed original.
    This is what happen when you most depend on texting aka SMS, it’ll be like and dislike – everyone who deserved to be in the competition got kicked off one by one.
    So saaadd and sooo ridiculous!!!!

  • sara

    i love davied cook