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Topless Photos of Audrina Patridge Surface

Topless Photos of Audrina Patridge Surface

Rumors of The Hills star Lauren Conrad having a sex tape have proven to be false but topless pics of BFF Audrina Patridge have hit the web — and they’re 100% real.

The revealing shots were posted on the celeb blog What Would Tyler Durden Do and Audrina was reportedly 19 at the time of the shoot at an L.A. mansion.

However, the 22-year-old reality TV star regrets taking them. She told TMZ via her rep: “I took these photos years ago when I was just out of high school and beginning to model. I was young and very trusting of others and I didn’t know to protect myself. It is a lesson learned, for myself, and hopefully for the young girls who look up to me.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Audrina admitting to her mistakes? Will you still watch The Hills?

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  • jo

    lol theres always a scandal

  • Ohmgogdd.

    Oh my god and i thought she was the nice one

    at least she admitted and apolgised.

  • http://vanashbrenique sam

    thts not good…I’ll still like her though she’s seems really nice and pretty and at least she apoligized.Audrina even said that they were taken 3 years ago so that doesn’t mean she’s like that anymore.I support her 1000% and I will definitley still watch the hills.

  • Alyn

    I am not surprised. I always thought of all the girls on the show Audrina would have been the one to have posed (or have tried to) for Playboy. Now the shock would be Whitney.

  • troy

    Good for her for fessing up. Do I accept her apology? Absolutely. Will I watch “The Hills?” No way in hell. LOL

  • joy

    is this true??

  • bgl

    Doesn’t surprise me. She always seemed like a slut.

  • ryle

    `cool….I’ll still watch the hills!! :)

  • why…me!

    :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  • sam

    Who cares? It’s not that big of a deal.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    i threw up 3 times after seeing those photos.

    when will people learn the hills is fake and those people will do anything to be celebrities.

  • Debbie

    Everyone makes mistakes of some kind. It is the better person who forgives and forgets then the one who continues the blah blah stuff. I love her honesty – kind of a rare thing today.

  • Brittany

    I find it admirable that she admitted to her mistake and explained what happened.
    And of course I’m still watching The Hills!

  • amanda

    Why is everyone so quick to forgive Audrina, but people still condemn Vanessa for her pictures? >.<

  • Madi

    Is this really that big of a deal?

    OH MY GOD, totally laughing, “the young girls who look up to me”? Do ANY young girls look up to her? If so, their parents are doing something seriously wrong.

  • tinseltown

    more power to her=) just like vanessa hudgens

  • Madi

    Amanda – the difference is that Audrina is on a reality show where she is not shy about her trashy ways, and Vanessa was on a Disney movie and preached her innocence.

  • Helena

    She’s desperate for attention.

  • kat

    riiiight. aren’t the HIlls about to premiere?

  • amanda

    Madi: Vanessa never preached innocence. Just because her character was innocent doesn’t mean that she claims to be. And Audrina isn’t a 16 year old; you would think she’d know better. Vanessa was only 16 when her pictures were taken.

  • lily

    HAHAHAHA, it’s so true when they say “the quiet ones are the worst ones.”

    Seriously though, i hate how she is saying she was “young and stupid. These pics were not privately taken but professionally done as her portfolio for Playboy. Just own it and be done. bi -t-ch.

  • angel hair

    why does it even matter these days that these celebs have nude photos? they leave so little room for imagination as it is.

  • troy

    #17 I don’t buy that one bit. If I understand correctly this girl willingly posed for a photo shoot so she had to know these pictures would possibly see the light of day.

    Vanessa made what she intended to be a private and intimate gesture to someone she was in a relationship with. It was never meant to be anybody else’s business.

    Both girls have said they made a mistake and I won’t this girl’s photos against her anymore then I hold Vanessa’s picture against her. But to forgive one and bash the other is TOTALLY hypocritical.

  • Helena

    “they leave so little room for imagination as it is.”

    Unless it’s a tastefully done sex scene, all these celebrities these days are leaving little to the imagination and it’s not classy!

  • jake

    skin draped over bones is an acquired taste that i haven’t acquired


    I feel bad for her, she seems like a really sweet person, of course I will still watch the Hills, Audrina is my favorite.

  • http://vanashbrenique sam

    I agree with amanda, as I said before I do forgive audrina because I forgave vanessa hudgens.Both girls made a mistake so I forgive them both(especially vanessa because she’s my role model).I disagree very much with Madi because she is being very hypocritical.
    I look up to vanessa hudgens and just like everyone else she made a mistake(and so did audrina)

  • liz

    BREAKING NEWS. fans attack wentworth miller in sweden:

  • oakling

    I have never watched the Hills and I don’t plan to! But I have sympathy for her because I think this is a very common mistake….

  • http://justjared Kami

    i forgive Audrina cause i forgave Vanessa Hudgens and why did i forgive them because they both came right and said ” Yes the pictures are real” and they didnt pretend like the pics were fake and then came out when the pics were proven real and said “ok they’re real”

  • http://justjared Kami

    and yes i will still watch the Hills

  • Jeff

    Matthew McConaughey doesn’t look like Jake at all… look at both… they got beard? yeah me too… so? they cannot look less alike than that. Matthew looks normal, Jake looks gay, period.

  • francis

    yeah i’ll watch the hills i have no prob with her pictures

  • eddie jones

    topless? I know guys that have larger breasts then this girl.

  • naty

    their is nothing wrong with what she did is not tha big of a deal, in Europe people go topless in the beach all the time. is not that big of a deal.

  • Cindy

    Honestly? I’m just…glad that she just apologized and didn’t deny anything. She just got it over with, okay. There was no rumors or anything. This was so much better than..other things.

  • shannon

    goog on her lots of girls go to hollywood with dreams of becoming a model and ppl take advantage of them so to be this isn’t a shocker plus thier just boobs get over it ppl!!

  • Marcella.

    I deff forgive Audrina. As for watching the Hills? Yeah thats a no.

  • Mack

    Where the hell are the topless pics?

  • Boom

    after you watch the video you’ll never

    gonna want to see the photo…

  • Jane Fapman



    crotch flashed !!





  • xueminn

    it’s great that she chose to admit instead of playing the hide and seek game. bravo! the hills coming back next monday!

  • sweets

    i didnt forgive vanessa, and i dont forgive audrina
    but audrina did it for modeling, lets hope
    unlike vanessa who did it for herself
    and to think shes cool
    which i must say shes a slut still

    i agree with #4
    itd be shocking when whitney is part of a scandal

  • kr

    Pfffft. haha you guys really need to get a life… “i forgive audrina because i forgave vanessa” you never have and never will meet either of them, so stop trying to pretend you know them. i’m sure they could care less wether you “forgive them” or not.

  • drderek31

    Audrina Patridge is a very bad girl.
    She suck a very big dick. You can watch this wonderfull sex scene here:

  • pimpin hard

    I never watched The Hills before, but now I think this bitch gave me a reason to watch that wack ass show!! Good goin Audreana

  • Shawn

    What is there to forgive her for. In Europe nudity is no big deal, this should be a non issue. She’s young, she’s pretty and she looked good in the photos. What is their to apologize for, all of us are born naked. Only in the US would it be worse for someone to see a naked breast than a horror movie decapitation. Its just like the whole Janet Jackson thing, oh my a breast. Women are born with two of them, they are not a sex organ. Fat guys have breasts too, they just don’t look as nice.

  • katie

    i agree with amanda @ 03/19/2008 at 2:07 pm

  • emma

    she handled it better than vanessa sry2say

  • Audrina atridge