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Charlize Theron is Ready For Kids

Charlize Theron is Ready For Kids

Charlize Theron wants to join the mommy club! And why not pass along gorgeous genes?!

“I’ve been thinking about becoming a mom for a couple of years now,” the 32-year-old actress tells In Touch. “My biological clock is ticking, but it hasn’t gone off yet. I couldn’t hope for my career to be going any better, and I have found the great love of my life in my relationship, so I think we’re ready to start having kids running around the house. I’m ready to take on the responsibility of motherhood.”

Charlize says longtime partner Stuart Townsend is “the man I want to share parenthood with.”

Ms. Theron looks like she’s definitely going to be skipping marriage, and is on the fast track to having kids!

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38 Responses to “Charlize Theron is Ready For Kids”

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  1. 1
    jo Says:

    so beautiful!!

  2. 2
    salma Says:

    awwwwwww i love her she’s so plain and gorgeous and talented i wish her all the best and i’am sure she wil make a great mummy

  3. 3
    amanda Says:

    Love her.

  4. 4
    You Says:

    Everyday for a something new…Good

  5. 5
    marianna Says:

    Now she is a REAL beauty.

  6. 6
    hottest couple ever Says:

    I like Charlize and her boyfriend is a cutie too.

  7. 7
    Mediterranean Says:

    Snifffff, sniffff, snifff…

    This unfortunately means that I have to say a goodbye to my dream of another royal couple of Hollywood, Charlize and George Clooney.

    But I shall never lose my hope, why should I?

  8. 8
    Mediterranean Says:

    Snifffff, sniffff, snifff…

    This unfortunately means that I have to say a goodbye to my dream of another royal couple of Hollywood, Charlize and George Clooney.

    But I shall never lose my hope, why should I? One day!!! maybe???

  9. 9
    Jas Says:

    Now this is a woman who needs to reproduce, the best looking woman in hollywood by far! I met her at a concert when she was dating Stephen Jenkins, what you see is what you get!

  10. 10
    Here's The Deal Says:

    I’m sure she’d make a great mom. And I agree, those genes definetly need to be passed along. :)

  11. 11
    Arab.Aquarius Says:

    I am ready for kids as well

  12. 12
    Lenny Says:

    Of course she’s going to skip marriage, Hollywood makes their own rules for life. If they think something doesn’t fit their style , they just change and the clones in Hollyweird just follow.

  13. 13
    montana mike Says:

    i don’t know what her boyfriend looks like, but it doesn’t matter, because with her as the mother-the child will be beautiful with perfect skin

  14. 14
    gaby Says:

    she looks stunning. she will make such a fantastic mom :)

    love her so much!!!

  15. 15
    xxxx Says:

    Now that is a very beautiful woman with a gorgeous face and banging body with one of the most beautiful pair of legs from Hollywood !

    She doesn’t need to flaunt it in a small pink bikini to prove it ! She is beauty undoubtedly and stunningly. A real one with brains and class besides !

    I am glad she is considering motherhood and wish her well and success in that new aim of hers.

  16. 16
    lulu Says:

    She’s 32 , with a established career and a soulmate , it’s time to have a baby. just like Angie, these actresses are more practical, pragmatic ,who see life beyond HW.

    At early thirties, mature, still young and a stable career is the most appropiate stage of starting family. After 34 , chances of birth defect and fetal adnormality dramatically increased , fertility start going way down. as well as mother’s body, energy, metabolism .

    I’m glad she is considering motherhood right now, she must have already heard other older actress have a difficult time of conceiving. Halle tried 37 times before finally succeed. other’s resorting to painful IVF.and frozing their egg.

  17. 17
    Cheetah Says:

    This is going to be one Beautiful baby! With those genes it cant go wrong. :)
    I love both of them. Charlize and Stuard are both very tallented.

  18. 18
    lISA Says:


  19. 19
    suus Says:

    yeah sure… that the same charlize who told 3 weeks ago that she does not want to be pregnant because she does not want to get fat??

    and by the way, she makes only **** lately, no movie becomes a success, so what is the logical way: she wants to have a baby….

    daeeeehhhh…does somebody believe this crap?

  20. 20
    r Says:

    suus i totally agree. she said she didn’t want to look like a whale. well. charlize i didn’t look like a whale w/ 2 babies in a row and i don’t look like one now. if she thinks were gonna forget what she said because we won’t! transparent, charlize, transparent.

  21. 21
    christina Says:

    Ah hypocrite aka suus / r ..we’ve missed you know it’s been a while hahahha. you’re different names are not helping your case either you know , i see that the treaments still not working poor desperated loser without life how pathetic can you get ? i mean you still don’t release your pathetic self ? you’re not only jealous and full of hate you have a serious deep issue your obsessed hate look so pitful and ridiclous at the same time i really feel bad for you and you make me laugh at the same time hahaha waht’s happend any news about your honasson lately i mean who is she f*cking this week ?
    oh and her ” independent and very low budget” movies had been recognized and projected in all the festivals around the world and she had been honored many time this year for her talented work she is getting success on success and hope you’ll not have a heart attack ( you will do us all a favor actually) in her up coming movie Hancok this up coming months lol ,
    Keep eating your heart deperated jealous uknown loser without life it’s so good!!! hahahhahahahahha.

  22. 22
    suus Says:

    christina you poor poor baby…I never change my name, why should I? I can handle the truth, can you? obviously not, or maybe you are 13? whatever…your charlize ( I wonder if this is her real name) is such a hypocrite, offending all the other women by telling if you are pregnant you look like whale…

    but why wonder, she often has such idiotic statements….and dear after Monster she made only ****..and the festivals and bla, bla, yes she gets prizes, but where are the blockbusters….with her intelligence she cannot afford to play real movies…

    but charlize is probably very happy knowing that she has a fan like you…just keep going baby! it is much easier to love an idiot as admitting yourself that you are the one…

  23. 23
    christina Says:

    Oh poor hypocrite/suus i see that you’re getting worse and worse not only an obsessive hater now you’re getting into the ” delusional denying phase” how sad is it, changing your names like this wow it’s so sad and so pathetic with your ‘ same words and statement” that you’re repeating over and over i guess you’re not even “too intelligent” to even think of changing your “same statement” hahahahahaha poor loser how worse can you get ?, oh and after Monster she get nominated at the oscars 1 year after Monster an academy award for best leading role by an actress for North Country and im not talking about the plenty honoring and prizes awards she get after and this yearin the festvals , and lol if you consider the cartoon blockbusters ” real movies ” that said a lot about the idot kid loser case that you are hahahaha talk about an idiot.., she has refused many blockbusters as ” james bond” latelyand prefered picking an independent real movies with a low budget and with a real stories cuz she is a real actress and not a cartoon actress but this is something a cartoon ( of vamperilla vs barbarella) idiot morron kid of your kind can’t get , and she never offended other womens or bringed theme you twisted hater she was talking about her own experience that she will have the changing physical aspect of 9 month the heavier feet ….and as she always said she will be a mom and she will get pergnant so keep eating your heart baby !

  24. 24
    christina Says:

    im wondering how pitful and low will you get ? i mean look at you , look at your scary pathetic self your obsessive excessive hate your insane acts posting over and over again and the most dramatic into different names as a lunatic in all the theron threads you even went saying ” i will creat a club to hate her and to bash her ” you post on the theron threads more than a fan of hers your obsession is beyond the madeness , you truly is pathetic, i’ve never seen someone obsessed by her as you ,that must took you a lot of time spending obsessively all this hateful energy toward someone you don’t know personally why don’t you spend this energy to help yourself ? why don’t you put it to get a life ? to be like the normal ppl you know , do you feel proud of yourself acting like that ? does your jealousy and hate less ? my god it’s so sad and pathetic , and the more you get obsessed hating and bashing on her like that the more you just keep proving your scary psychotic ridiclous case ,and you can keep posting on night long as a lunatic jealous hater without life and with a different names if you want to you will change nothing this women is loved , respected , and class and the comments about her just proove it .

  25. 25
    hypocrite Says:


    You are delusional (and an idiot). Unlike you, I have no need, no want or even the time to come up with different names to bash Charlize. I can use this moniker (hypocrite) just fine and still get my point across.

    Unlike you, I don’t go to a page about one actor and then deride another (as you have on Scarlett’s page etc etc.). In other words – I never bring up another actor when I am calling another out in a thread.

    Charlize is a superficial hypocrite that thinks her **** doesn’t stink. Well, newsflash, Charlize, your **** stinks just like mine, just like Christina’s and just like eveyones. Go put on more makeup to hide your “natural beauty”… lol

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