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Jessica Alba's Manic Manicure

Jessica Alba's Manic Manicure

Mom-to-be Jessica Alba pampers herself with a massage and mani-pedi at Nails Design on Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills on Tuesday afternoon.

The 28-year-old expectant yummy mummy was mobbed by paparazzi as she headed back to her car. Looks a bit overwhelming!

Cashers, come defend your woman!

40+ pictures inside of Jessica Alba‘s manic manicure…

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jessica alba manicure 01
jessica alba manicure 02
jessica alba manicure 03
jessica alba manicure 04
jessica alba manicure 05
jessica alba manicure 06
jessica alba manicure 07
jessica alba manicure 08
jessica alba manicure 09
jessica alba manicure 10
jessica alba manicure 11
jessica alba manicure 12
jessica alba manicure 13
jessica alba manicure 14
jessica alba manicure 15
jessica alba manicure 16
jessica alba manicure 17
jessica alba manicure 18
jessica alba manicure 19
jessica alba manicure 20
jessica alba manicure 21
jessica alba manicure 22
jessica alba manicure 23
jessica alba manicure 24
jessica alba manicure 25
jessica alba manicure 26
jessica alba manicure 27
jessica alba manicure 28
jessica alba manicure 29
jessica alba manicure 30
jessica alba manicure 31
jessica alba manicure 32
jessica alba manicure 33
jessica alba manicure 34
jessica alba manicure 35
jessica alba manicure 36
jessica alba manicure 37
jessica alba manicure 38
jessica alba manicure 39
jessica alba manicure 40

Photos: Gabo/, WENN
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  • curious

    So is it ne or does she have major hemorroids? If she doesnt have those then whats up with her butt?

  • desireé

    her ass is HUUUUUUUUGE!!

  • kate

    Do we really need to see “40+” pictures of this?????

  • Sheryl

    She looks very healthy for being pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the shiznack

    sour faced ungrateful C U N T ! ! !


    Why is it that Jessica “Don’t Call Me Latina” Alba never smiles?

    she always seems sad :(

  • jasmine

    she’s so beautiful thanks jared finally something new besides the everyday post of hannah montana or stupid hsm actors


    How was she ever able to drive away from that thick crowd of paparazzi without killing one of them!

    I was also thinking that she’s been looking sad everytime I see her picture since she’s been said to be pregnant. That is such a contrast to that other pregnant beauty/saint who’s had nothing but happiness and joy of motherhood/womanhood hanging on her face and showing through her body. I’d rather think that this one is more resembling life.

  • hello

    isnt she 27?

  • Sunny

    OMG!!!! Poor Jessica. Look at all those bastards! Invading her privacy like crazy. They’re all a bunch of losers who have less than zero dignity. Leave her alone!!

    AND how stupid can a person be to still be asking why she isn’t smiling??!!!!

  • P

    I think her ass it gorgeous, it’s round and perky, I’ve never liked flat ones, those are for the anorexic runway-models…

  • joneblaze

    Im glad she’s pregnant now she can get her voluptuous figure back

  • Kb

    Shes not 28, Shes 26, Will be turning 27 April 28.

  • ajumapower

    “Yummy mummy” and “Cashers”?! Jared, I’m hoping you’re on vacation and someone is sitting in and writing in your place, because that stuff is lame.

  • yuck

    ewwwww she is so fattttttttttttt

  • really

    That right there could cause me a miscarriage!

  • bill


  • Kb

    lol @ bill.. Actually I think the contrary, Most of my female friends love her off as well.. Most people do…

  • cw.


  • bill

    true dat, KB…I know most people love her…but deep down most females arej ealous of her flawlessness.



  • ginni

    BREAKING NEWS. fans attack wentworth miller in sweden:

  • Christian soriano fan!

    Fat? She’s pregnant. The weight will all come off after she delivers – and I think she looks great. I do hate her pissed off attitude, though. Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel and Evangeline Lily, need to take a lesson from Angelina, Hayden, Leighton, Miley, or Jessica Simpson and be thankful for the life they’re able to live and stop acting like pouting, depressed, angry little ingrates.

    BTW, I thought yummy mummy was cute.

  • Here’s The Deal

    Her ass looks f*cking amazing. Seriously, I’d kill to have a butt like hers. Lucky b*tch.

  • eww

    Fat asssssss she is huge omg Jessica you look like a cow, stop eating now!

  • carly

    She looks cute. And she is pregnant, the paparazzi should not be hounding her like that. They should leave her alone.

  • Alba=dougy faced slag

    I went to that site and oh….my….god. What a mega b***h!!!!

    will you please stop trying to shove this non talented, conceited hack down our throats? Real stars know and relish in their stardom, but there are so very few of them today that the media wants to force us to settle for just anything, and a lot of people have.

    Well, to **** with that. When REAL talent returns to the screen maybe Hollywood can make some money because right now the best stuff is animated and all the media who*ing of all of these “actors” wears thin.

  • b*tch slap

    At least she covered up her light bulb shaped head with that hat. Now just go back to covering your face.


    I used to do nails and I quit when I was pregnant. I quit wearing acrylics too. The fumes are horribly toxic. She’s a dumbass so I’m not surprised. If she is wearing gel nails that isn’t so bad but there would still be acrylic fumes in that salon.


    I wish someone would smack that unappreciative sneer square off her face. guess she isn’t rich enough to have someone go to her house to do her nails.

    Your baby is also breathing in those fumes, you vain b****.


    You can tell she is fuming because the photogs are taking her picture. DIDN’T YOU KNOW? YEAH. IT COMES WITH THE TERRITORY.


  • bettiep

    Hell yea, she only sucks up to the photogs when she promoting something or HAS MAKE-UP ON.

  • chris eccleston

    Jesus, you know when this bitch has her brown baby, she won’t shut the f*** up about it. She’ll probably complain that it isn’t dark enough or it didn’t speak Espan-Jol (you know she pronounces the j) coming out the womb.


    I love how these untalented attention wh**es act all pissy when they are being snapped by the paps. lol!

  • heroes fan

    you guys are serisouly pathetic so what just becuase, she is an actress and gets paid major manoey automatically means that she is supposed to be happy all the time? by the way if you losers and haters havent notced she is pregnant and thats hard enough without 40 odd emn chasing after you everyday, you prob dont even know the half of what they go through a part from what you perceive in photos which you make judgements from. since none of you know her peersonaly how the hell do get off calling her snobbish ? you haters are pathetic why dont you just get a life and concertrate on yours rather than other. by the way this is comming from a 15 year old. you guys do astound me sometimes you always buy in to the propaganda that is magazines. think before you make a statement or a judegment!!!!

  • keekee

    So #35? You have a LIFE? But you’re also coming here to comment.

    And yes she’s a snob and a racist. I guess you haven’t heard half of the sh** that this slag spews. Oh well.

  • pupps

    I like other young actresses not because they’re the best actors, but because they don’t say stupid sh** to the extent this b**ch has done. obviously, celebrities will say stupid sh**, but this b**ch has so many self hate and general insecurity issues, coupled with the fact that she has no filter at all, that she is just the most annoying b**ch ever.
    But katherine heigl is coming close. B**c*es like megan fox are smart. They stay quiet, but give a little bit to the paps when they’re out, make us happy, say nothing but nice things about their costars and maybe some stupid shit about themselves, and just aren’t generally as snippy as Albatross. She does not deserve her fame.

  • Jen

    Aww…she’s got mom-butt. It’s cute, and she’ll lose it after the baby.

  • bataglio

    how the heck did they get those up-close pics in the salon? long lens is grainier than that usually. i just don’t get it, if you’re so over the paps, why not get a station away from the window? i doubt the paps are allowed to storm the business, so the pics must’ve been taken from the outside. bithc must be really down on herself, she’s in sweats 24/7. i get comfort while prego, etc., but trust me, comfort is last on the list if you’re as up your own a_ss as celebs are, and you think you can still bring it (jlo on stilettos, anyone?)

  • Take it to the bridge

    haha all the cretins have jumped across from the Miranda Kerr board your bitchiness is PATHETIC

  • Lena

    I don’t get it: Why are people here saying that she’s a racis? Did she say anything about American or Spanish speaking people?
    Well, I can’t say whether I like here her not- rather the second- but anyway, being followed by a bunch of 40 paparrazu can’t be very easy…

  • upa

    sidekick lx or sidekick slide

  • eness

    i think that jessica alba is having a rough time witha mum to be and no ***
    F******* B****