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Jessica Biel Returns to Her Roots

Jessica Biel Returns to Her Roots

Jessica Biel shows off her newly dyed hair as she walks her pet pooch Tina in Beverly Hills on Tuesday.

The possibly future Mrs. Justin Timberlake doesn’t seem to happy to see photos snapping away!

Jessica, who turned 26 earlier this month, has been in London shooting her new romantic comedy, Easy Virtue.

ARE YOU GLAD that Jessica returned to her naturally brunette do?

10+ pictures inside of Jessica Biel having returned to her roots…

Just Jared on Facebook
jessica biel roots 01
jessica biel roots 02
jessica biel roots 03
jessica biel roots 04
jessica biel roots 05
jessica biel roots 06
jessica biel roots 07
jessica biel roots 08
jessica biel roots 09
jessica biel roots 10

Photos: Homero Tercero/WENN
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  • julie

    She looks prettier with this color…

  • m

    i like blond better on her

  • Chlooe

    She rocks, love her clothes <3

  • legs

    she looks okay.

  • cecilia

    I like her better as a brunette. That’s for sure…

  • ava

    doesn’t katherine heigl have the same cardigan?

  • ana

    Gorgeous as always. Better with this hair colour of course!

  • ehm

    I seriously dont get why some people find her SEXY? She’s 26? Looks like 36.

  • charli

    Aww.. she looks gorgeous.

    Ash & Jared make a cuuute couple.

    Ooh. She’s wearing a “J” necklace.. :D J for Jared?! ;) I think so! That’s adorable.

    jashley is LOVE


  • Elizabeth

    Doesn’t matter the hair color, she still looks like an angry man! Since she’s been with Justin she’s changed her mood (just like Cameron did) in photos, now she never smiles and is very rude. Girl needs to chill and realize the only reason she’s getting press is because her hunk of a man…it’s certainly not for her acting skills.

  • shaun

    very glad. i blogged her her crappy blond look this week when she was out walking tina the dog.

  • kristiina

    i love jessica biel ;)
    and this brown haircolor is the best color for her too.
    i like her clothes, shes always soo beautiful.

  • just curious

    is it just me or has she become a tad bit mean/bitchy since she started dating justin? work in the industry and deal with paps but she went from zero to bitch in the first month of dating him. it usually takes ppl much longer to get to that point of annoyance with the paps.


    This girgl is ugly with her nasty fake lips and fake arrsse..

    She can’t act and she always have a sour face..

  • amanda

    I totally agree with #13. It seems like everyone who dates Justin becomes annoyed and bitchy at the paps. Remember the rages Cameron used to have towards the camera men? Now look at her, she’s always smiling at the camera.

  • ah

    Seriously, these people think they are something. They should be glad someone wants to take their pictures. Ugly hag.

  • lev

    that is one cute dog! love pit bulls

  • salma

    that’s not true jessica has always been ANTIPAPS always wayyyyyyyy before starting dating justin wayyyyyyyyyy before and i undertand her .
    jessica is SEXY and i like her better as a BRUNETTE she looks flawless and always casual love her at least she’s not a media wh?re!
    gooooooooooo jess goooooooooo

  • Christian soriano fan!

    She looks much better with darker hair but I wish her attitude would lighten the heck up.

  • mary

    I just picture her and JT, when they’re together, spending all their time bitching about the paps. Smile once in awhile, a**holes, you’re rich and you did ask to be famous.

  • Kim

    Ugh, be grateful you’re dating Justin Timberlake and paps are following you. That’s what’s helping your career, not your acting skills…If you have any.

  • SarahBee

    She looks cute, she has an amazing behind too!
    i can totally understand why she would get annoyed at the paps, i live in LA and see the stars getting followed around and its ridiculous, jessica and justin have about 30 people following them, incredibly intrusive, and jessica’s pap interest did quadruple since she started seeing justin so that’ll be why she gets more annoyed now.
    also, jessica lives just down the road from my mom and i’ve bumped into her a few times in restaurants and stuff and shes always lovely. don’t know why people are so horrible to her, how would you like it if someone said such terrible stuff about you without even knowing you or meeting you once? shes a sweet girl.
    & hottie, didn’t it occur to you that that might be a FAKE profile? no, thought not.

  • gypsy marie


  • mickey

    Jessica Biel was the one whose publicist would alert the paps to where she would be when she was trying to raise her profile and now she acts all bothered by it. Hypocrite. Perhaps she spend more time working on her acting and less playing the tortured starlet.

  • sunny

    Who makes those sunglasses?

    I want them!

  • lola

    Who is she kidding? If she hates the paps so much move out of L.A. And who walks their dog in high heel designer boots? Please! And the J on her necklace. This is totally staged. She is a nobody and can’t act and no one (except horny men) will pay attention to her when stupid JT moves on to someone else.

  • mel

    sunglasses are great! anyone know who makes them?? please !

  • Joseph

    Mickey ,Elizabeth,just Curouis ,Coco Ryder-fugly Celeb ,Ah,Kim,gypsy maire and Mary all jealous of Jessica Biel because She azaming tanlent actress beauitful gorgeous woman make alot of money has alot friends and that she a A list celeb .Jessica Biel down to earth sweet woman she has respect for other people .Jessica Biel will win Oscar very soon because She azaming talent actress.I am a big one number fan of Jessica Biel .Jessica Biel is going alot Awards .Jessica Biel is cool person. Jessica Biel always Rocks!

  • mary

    I think I speak for all of us when I say: Ouch.

  • carly

    That is an ugly sweater. And those boots, ick!

    She looks better as a brunette. The blonde really washed her out.

    But her face is still harsh. She should smile once in a while.

  • Pretti

    She always looks SOOO angry. It’s just a camera. Calm down. And try smiling once in a while. Dang…..her life CAN NOT be that bad compared to alot of people.

  • bataglio

    tie between the jessicas – who’s the bitchiest, dogface here or fata_ss alba

  • wow

    i agree with number # 15 and 13. seems like everyone who dates him turns bitchy, annoying, and just plain mean and arrogant. except for brit-brit, say what you like about her, but she has to deal with like 53 paparazzi everywhere she goes, every single day and she keeps her cool, except when she lost it and hit their car with the umbrella, but then again she had just shaved her head, and was going through some very hard times. this is the price of hollywood, you can’t complain about it, just keep your cool. jessica should worry when no one takes her picture anymore.

  • Maria



  • Ash

    Oooo please! she LOVES the attention! Before she was dating JT Jessica and her PR team would tip the paps off!

  • Tiff
  • Tiff
  • Queen

    look at her horse face self trying to look trendy with the “I’m not a plastic bag” bag.
    NO ONE would give a fuck about her if it wasnt for JT!

  • JJ Fan

    still ugly as usual! so has no talent, style, persoanlity or “it” factor what so ever!

  • Meg

    who the hell changes their outfit 2 times in 1 day?!

  • Joseph

    maria,Ash,Queen,JJfan,Pretti,bataglio and wow all Jealous of Jessica Biel because she azaming talent actreess and a beauitful gorgeous woman that she make alot of money and has alot of friends. Jessica Biel always Rocks!

  • ash

    go away little boy!

  • Joseph

    ash your jealous of Jessica Biel.

  • mumu

    Her face is okay. But her body is…she has short leg.