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Vanessa Hudgens Has Blunt Bangs

Vanessa Hudgens Has Blunt Bangs

A super smiley (and solo) Vanessa Hudgens shows off a new set of bangs as she goes on a shopping spree in rainy New York City on Wednesday afternoon.

The 19-year-old High School Musical star started off in the West Village at Scoop boutique, then took a short walk to nearby Jeffrey.

After jumping into a taxi, she stopped off at Cartier in midtown to look for some new jewels. Vanessa picked up items from both Scoop and Cartier.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Vanessa Hudgens’ new bangs?

25+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens shopping the Big Apple…

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385 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens Has Blunt Bangs”

  1. 1
    jayden Says:

    NOOO,the looked WAY better before.
    they dont fit her D:

  2. 2
    sharri Says:

    i think her hair looks nice but i liked it more without the bangs :/

  3. 3
    helenn Says:



  4. 4
    pookie Says:

    YAY 1st!!
    theyre ugly!!

  5. 5
    sara Says:

    she looks cute

  6. 6
    daze Says:

    she looks so cute with the bangs….i love it

  7. 7
    Nikka Says:

    she looks fine.

  8. 8
    Ella Says:


  9. 9
    . Says:

    Very cute, they’re long, she’ll most likely sweep them to the side later on.

  10. 10
    Jean Says:


  11. 11
    yay Says:

    she is there to see zac

  12. 12
    k.p.Y Says:

    I think she looks gorgeous, as always. :D

  13. 13
    kristen0606 Says:

    she looks adorable with bangs!!! love her! but why is she nyc?? hmm shopping spree maybe?? oo fun!! lol :)

  14. 14
    Laura Says:

    I LOVE THEM! Total Rachel Bilson style.

    Wonder why she’s in NYC ;)

  15. 15
    Ella Says:

    i don’t like the bangs so much but she still looks cute :)

  16. 16
    Elizabeth Says:

    i love her, she looks gorgeous!!! As Always!

  17. 17
    unique1316 Says:


  18. 18
    jb Says:

    She looks so happy!!!! Good for her!!!!

  19. 19
    Jennifer W Says:

    it will take time to get use to of course but vanessa is still very pretty and looks cute with the bangs. why is vanessa in new york and does anyone know how long she will be staying there?

  20. 20
    click Says:

    she looks cuter love it.

  21. 21
    Tracy Says:

    Aw she looks different but cute. Maybe it’s for HSM3.

  22. 22
    kristen Says:

    i think zac is in NYC!!! finishing up filming MAOW!!!
    hopefully a zanessa reunion!!!

  23. 23
    Malia Says:

    Wonder if that is going to be her Gabriella look for HSM3????

    I like it. Also love the smile on her pretty face.

  24. 24
    kat Says:

    whoah she’s in NYC now? that was fast, she just got back to l.a. maybe she’s shooting her music video

  25. 25
    pssst. Says:

    is everyone sleeping.

  26. 26
    igotyou Says:

    horrid bangs

  27. 27
    sali_Georgian Says:

    WoW!!! she looks fantastic!!

  28. 28
    sali_Georgian Says:

    WoW!!! she looks fantastic!!

  29. 29
    pookie Says:


  30. 30
    BLEH Says:

    pretty! she works the bangs better then miley.

  31. 31
    matt Says:

    Not a fan of the new hair

  32. 32
    kiara Says:


    the bangs look cute

  33. 33
    kiara Says:


    the bangs look cute

  34. 34
    kristen Says:

    she looks so pretty!! love the new bangs.


  35. 35
    disneygirl Says:

    they are cute.
    she is beautiful as always.
    i liked it better but they are still cute[:
    love ya v.
    stay strong and smiley.
    its nice to see you smiling again.

  36. 36
    canadagirl Says:

    love the bangs. great for her to change up her look a bit!

  37. 37
    jo Says:

    i love the new hair V! soo cute!! omg is she there for zac?!!?

  38. 38
    Joshua Says:

    DAMN she looks 15. its ok i’ll still wank off to her

  39. 39
    kace Says:

    I think she looks pretty! she looks different but in a good way lol


  40. 40
    Kaylee Says:

    My opinon would have to be 50/50. I like it but don’t. Its a split decison. I never liked the short hair in HSM 2!!! So I can deal with the bangs. Everything is good as long as she doesn’t go all Victoria B or Katie H on me. Cause that would be horrible!

  41. 41
    luvim Says:

    wow wow wow her bangs looks so good on her and she’s reinventing herself. we love her new look. everything about her is beautiful.

  42. 42
    euge Says:


  43. 43
    minji Says:

    cute bangs!

  44. 44
    Diama Says:

    so cute

  45. 45
    Ella Says:

    she looks older

  46. 46
    Boji Says:

    Oh Vanessa, you look super cute with your bangs and love your outfit. You really rock, girl!

  47. 47
    faith Says:

    i believe i see the ring :]
    bet shes there to see zac!

  48. 48
    elle Says:

    very cute outfit,
    but nay on the bangs.
    she looked better w/o them.
    and thats one flippin huge umbrella lol

  49. 49
    suzy Says:

    She Looks FABULOUS.

  50. 50
    nicole Says:

    i don’t really know.. i think it’s bad

  51. 51
    kim Says:

    her bangs look fake

  52. 52
    nol Says:

    she looks like **** and tries to damn hard

  53. 53
    alexia Says:

    is the best thing, i love her i really love her, she looks ummm beautifull zac would be prod of her!1 of course!! the 1st photo OMG!!!

  54. 54
    Jennifer W Says:

    thats what i was thinking that maybe she was there for her new music video but i guess in time we will know why, i hope zac gets back home soon and we see zanessa out together a couple times before hsm3 starts filming because then we may not see much of them because they will be so busy but who knows we still might see them out together even while filming for hsm3. vanessa is so adorable and i love the way she has done her hair vanessa is very pretty all the time and her hair here is very cute something different and it works for her.

  55. 55
    Jasmine Says:

    she is so pretty as always.

  56. 56
    Boji Says:

    #38 Joshua, might I suggest you take a cold shower or hose yourself down to calm those raging hormones of yours?

  57. 57
    Stephanie Says:

    Oh my gosh!! i sooo love her style!!

  58. 58
    krung krung Says:

    that’s probably a clipped on bangs.

  59. 59
    Paula Lima Says:

    Very pretty! She was pretty of fringe, wonderful!

  60. 60
    hl Says:

    I think she looks adorable with bangs!!

  61. 61
    jerrynbilly Says:

    She looks really cute with bangs!

  62. 62
    michelle Says:

    She looks cute with the bangs but I liked it better before. Anyways, wasn’t she in LA earlier today at her producers house?? That was a quick trip to NY.

  63. 63
    mrsefron Says:

    OMG VANESSA I LOVE HER!!! she looks ADORABLE!! good luck girl , you rule!!

  64. 64
    jerrynbilly Says:

    Vanessa will always be pretty no matter how she styles her hair. She’s just a beautiful girl.

  65. 65
    Boji Says:

    I just can’t get over how good she looks here and this makeover really really suits her. She definitely looks happy as a lark. Am so happy for her

  66. 66
    ASH Says:

    WOW SHE LOOKS GREAT! damn i want her whole outfit! her hair looks cute on her

  67. 67
    milly Says:

    wow Vanessa with bangs, she’s must cuter wethout them. she reminds me of Jordan sparks

  68. 68
    pebbles Says:

    what’s with people and bangs? EVERYONE is getting one

  69. 69
    Claire Says:

    omg she copies rachel bilson SO FREAKING MUCH.. it’s so annoying. ugh she needs to get her OWN STYLE!!!!! and she can’t even sing. or act. BLEH.

  70. 70
    ASH Says:

    what’s up in new york? is zac there? or she is doing something for her music? she travels fast, 3 cities in 3 days!

  71. 71
    gracie Says:

    i like vanessa but i do not like her bangs

  72. 72
    Stephanie Says:

    btw i think she looks better with long hair

  73. 73
    Lauren Says:

    she is even more
    damn. haha
    i luv vanessa!

  74. 74
    angela Says:

    I think she looks great really suits her she should leave her hair like that for HSM 3.

  75. 75
    [☆F a m o u s☆] Says:

    little innocent miley’s kicking this sluttty bishes ass.

  76. 76
    kat Says:

    whatever claire1 who say’s she’s copying anyone? at least she keeps her hair color and her hair naturally curly. not like some “actresses” who change their whole look to good.

  77. 77
    Raquel Says:

    I DOUBT they’re REAL. I think thats why she’s wearing that braided headband. The bangs color are darker than her real hair.

  78. 78
    Tricia Says:

    PRETTY. :)

  79. 79
    nathalia brasil Says:

    linda, diferente mais linda
    como é bom ver este sorriso,novamente,ela tem um sorriso maravilhoso contagia mas o que mais me deixou satisfeita foi ver ela usando o “anel’
    tenho a impressão que veremos zanessa em breve

  80. 80
    bia Says:

    she looks


  81. 81
    Natalie Says:

    I definety thought she was Herero see zacbut maybe its just for her music video. I think she will have this hair in hsm3, she seems to sport a new look every movie, LOL. I think it makes her look a bit older and more sophisticated. Perfect idea to get a new look for a new album and a new movie. I’m not particularly fond of her bangs but I think it just needs getting used to. But I’m glad she was willing to take that risk for a New look! Still lover mucho! LOL
    glad were getting to see some of her and ashley before they jet off to Utah.

  82. 82
    kristine Says:

    why is everoyne getting bangs noww O:

  83. 83
    yanina Says:

    she looks nice, but i like her old look

  84. 84
    LOREN_LA Says:

    she looks a little different, but good different
    Very pretty, and she always dress so nice
    great fashion sense!!

  85. 85
    Emily Says:

    anyone know the brand of that white sweater?? i love it.

  86. 86
    jo Says:

    i think she should keep her bangs when she starts filming hsm3! gabriella needs a new look. she’s done the long & curly, short & curly, now she should have bangs and straight hair! i’d love it! whose with me?

  87. 87
    Stephanie Says:

    i agree>!! she has a great fashion sense!You Rock V!!

  88. 88
    sam Says:

    she looks cute with the bangs, not too long or short and she could rock any hair style.

  89. 89
    hehehe Says:

    she looks great.. and whatever the look she use.. she always look gorgeous and cute..

    i cant hope to see hsm3.. and WILL

    vanessa you´re my idol.. you´re look is so cool
    i hope that zac love her new look

  90. 90
    Hah! Says:

    I love them! They’re so cuteeeeee!! Go Ness! Lol!

  91. 91
    shaaaaaaaa Says:

    love the bangs
    the suit her
    love the ring
    on her finger
    love that she’s smiling
    love that she loves shopping
    she’s a total chick!!

    i’d do all that shopping too if i had that much money in the bank

  92. 92
    jack Says:


  93. 93
    Heather Says:

    i really dont like the bangs on her at all, they just dont look right
    i liked her hair a lot better without bangs
    it seems like shes copying miley cause miley recently got bangs too
    and i really dont know why shes in nyc though but i dont think its to see zac because last time i heard he was in britain filming a movie

  94. 94
    troy Says:

    #69 Actually I think its Rachel Bilson who needs to quit copying Vanessa. *rolls eyes*

    The bangs will take some getting used to in my opinion but they don’t don’t look too bad. I like them. She’s definitely looking happier then she has for the past week or so. I wonder why she’s in NYC. could she be meeting somebody? HMMMMM…

  95. 95
    yets Says:

    I Love it for a change!
    Hope to see zanessa soon.
    God Bless V.,Z & and supporters.

  96. 96
    marisol Says:

    I love her and ZANESSA

  97. 97
    kylie Says:

    Zac is going to NYC to continue filming his movie.
    Vanessa looks great! and the bangs are for HSM3

  98. 98
    KiSs Says:

    Love the bangs on her!

  99. 99
    Pit Says:

    I love the bangs – I can’t really tell if they are real or not but this is a great new “more mature” look for Gabriella (Vanessa!!) Don’t know if it is for her music video or in prep for HSM3. She could also just be “fixing up” for a certain guy she has not seen in a while and is obviously still wearing his ring. In the pictures the bangs really bring out her beautiful eyes.

    My guess is she may be there to film her music video but I think the paps should keep a close watch out because if I was betting, I would suspect a certain Mr. Efron is either in New York completing the filming of his most recent movie, or he will be there shortly and they may have some quick downtime in NYC? For all we know he may have been there for several days already – no one has seen or heard of him for over two weeks and we knew they completed filming on the Isle of Man almost two weeks ago and then had some work to complete in New York.

    Does anybody else suspect there is a rendevous in the works here?? Maybe we will find out??? She seems to have a big smile on her face.

  100. 100
    nana Says:

    OMG!!! ♣

    she is sooo beautiful!!! XD

    I love your new style!! ♥

    ♥♥♥OMG!!! Zanessa4ever!!! ♥♥♥

  101. 101
    hehehe Says:

    she looks so gorgeous and cute… whatever she use, she always look nice and i love her style.. is so adorable
    i cant hope to see hsm3 and WILL
    and a hope that zac love her new look

  102. 102
    Pit Says:

    I think we can pretty much tell from Vanessa’s makeover that her filming of Will must be complete.

  103. 103
    Laura Says:

    okaaay Vanessa and Rachel Bilson are my two favourite female celebrities. Neither of them are copying the other, they just have a similar style sense. Both very fashionable girls.

    I can’t express how much I love Van’s new hair.

  104. 104
    baby-v luver Says:


  105. 105
    dada Says:

    still love her….

  106. 106
    betty Says:

    i think she looks adorable!

    and i hope she’s meeting someone there, and that’s why she looks as if she is absolutely glowing.

    i mean a chilly, rainy day in NYC???

  107. 107
    narf Says:

    Yes troy sweetie, she is meeting me. I am SOOOO sorry I didn’t tell you.

    Will you forgive me if I have her call you?

    And she does look a lot happier.

  108. 108
    Jane Says:

    The bangs look really cute.

  109. 109
    Pit Says:

    wonder how long it will be before Ashley has bangs — she seems to follow Vanessa lead in a lot of fashion ideas — I am NOT criticizing — it just seems to be the trend — BFFs !!

  110. 110
    KiSs Says:

    I don’t think the bangs are real because they’re a lot darker than the rest of her hair. She looks gorgeous either way. :)

  111. 111
    elliott Says:

    i think she looks nice and i must say i am loving the huge umbrella. she could shave her head and still look amazing, unlike some people.

  112. 112
    zaNESSANY Says:

    She looks okay…but i like better without the bangs. She’s still gorgeous as always no matter what. V is becoming a fashion icon and face it haters… no matter what she wears and do on herself she still looks gorgeous and very fashionable. Maybe we just have to get used to her new hairdo all the time coz thats what women do.

  113. 113
    shaaaaaaaa Says:

    and i love

  114. 114
    xxx Says:

    ugly hoe

  115. 115
    Nina Says:

    The bangs are not cute on her whatsoever.
    Sorry V.

  116. 116
    Raquel Says:

    Anyone know where I can buy those headband bangs???? I want to try it too before I get it done.

  117. 117
    ray Says:

    she is in new york !!! yees, i can waitto see her :)

  118. 118
    MaRiU Says:

    ohh she looks so pretty … she is very nice , i love the bangs becouse she is very fashion……… love zac

  119. 119
    kat Says:

    ok, for now we still don’t know why she’s there,but my guess is she’s meeting zac! if the paps spot him then it’s confirmed! =)

  120. 120
    Vannie Says:

    i just Love her!!!

  121. 121
    theooo Says:

    well.. not bad.
    they look fake tho.

  122. 122
    Boji Says:

    New York!? Well,well that explains it then. I needn’t say more. The rain and dreary weather certainly hasn’t dampen her spirits

  123. 123
    chrissy Says:

    She is there 2c zacbecause that is his next spot tofilm his movie…..zanessa 4EVER!!

  124. 124
    xoxo Says:

    Total Rachel Bilson style ! I think it fits Rachel better but she looks nice <3

  125. 125
    Boji Says:

    The postings have been like rapid fire,wow!

  126. 126
    Marie Says:

    Oh god, the bangs look awful. Eeek

    And, why does she have to be in NY. Can’t she leave Zac alone and let him work? sheesh.

    Hmm, the ring looks like a fake to me, too. Funny she’s wearing it now, after a few days without it. Maybe because these shots are a publicity move, and the other ones weren’t expected ;)

  127. 127
    narf Says:

    No offense to anyone because I love Zac and Vanessa as much as the rest of you, but if they are meeting up for some down time, I hope we don’t get pictures.

    After such a long time apart, they desrve to reunite away from the public eye.

  128. 128
    Kim Says:

    Hey Everyone,

    First I want to say that Vanessa is ALWAYS gorgeous. Even on her not so good days. I like the bangs, I just wish they were a little bit shorter. She has the most amazing eyes and I think they’re covering them up too much. But I do like them. She looks so happy. GO V!

  129. 129
    LT Says:

    not liking…she looks more exotic without them.
    with bangs, for some reason just ordinary.

  130. 130
    Karen Says:

    I don’t understand all the criticism when it comes to one celebrity having something that looks like another celebrity. You know, there are fad and styles that go round. It’s like shoes, a certain style comes out and that is about all you can find. Certain type clothes come into style and when you go to the mall, what do you see in every store—the same type style. So, perhaps the bangs are in style now so we will see many stars sporting them. It doesn’t mean that this star is copying someone else’s style—it’s just the thing that is “in”. It’s just like after Zac did HSM and it hit so big, you started seeing a lot of guys having that same hairstyle—in Hollywood and away from Hollywood. It’s just the thing now. Why should one celebrity get crucified —just because you don’t like them—for looking like another celebrity? Look at the awards shows, many times you will see and hear reported how a certain one or two colors were the fad for the night for the ladies. It is just suddenly what’s in vogue at the time. For pity sakes people, some of you can be so petty and catty! You are the ones who are embarrassing yourselves.

  131. 131
    daisy Says:

    i think zacs going to be there omg..that would be amazing she looks really good with bangs but is it just me or does it look like its part of that fake hair head band..???thanx jj

  132. 132
    dalia Says:

    I agree Narf, but I think when they do meet up no one will be seeing much of them..wink..wink..

  133. 133
    TRUTH Says:

    Ok The Style of the Banga are very cute and stylish but a but last year better for winter But on the Haert SHaped Face Vanessa Hudgens they Dont fir her face because she has a rather large forhead and the bangs drape of her face ..

    sorry V but i am not to proud of you on this one

    i liked the short hair but you never wear in you always wear extentions…

    your so fake!

  134. 134
    narf Says:

    Lmao Dalia!

    Karen, I agree, it’s a free country. People can look like whoever they want. I mean it’s ok for us to copy celebrities, but god forbid one celebrity copies another and there’s hell to pay.

    Good night to all, don’t let the bedbugs or the haters bite.

  135. 135
    fan Says:

    hello!!! i luv her hair!! so gabriella-ish!!

  136. 136
    Umm Says:

    she looks pretty…they make her look more mature in a way!!!!!!!!

  137. 137
    Vfan Says:

    She looks ok. seems like everyone is getting bangs (to me).

  138. 138
    ray Says:

    i think zac is in london… right ?

  139. 139
    Kim Says:

    Nite Narf,

    sweet dreams

  140. 140
    Boji Says:

    Hi, Dalia, Karen and Narf, nice to see you here. Karen was gonna say something abt supposed copying of styles, but you said it, girl.

  141. 141
    I like her w/out Says:

    her bangs are so so. it is good to switch it up. however, i lover her mik e & chris jacket. i want it so bad but i own 3 of their leather jackets so it is hard to fork over the $$ for it. however, she has worn that one on the red carpet before & i loved it then & i loved it when i first saw it on jessica alba a couple years ago. i might have to get it. i am glad she is sporting a different bag.

  142. 142
    Boji Says:

    Goodnight, Narf !

  143. 143
    Studmuffincrazy4_LIFE Says:

    ewww still dislike her

  144. 144
    troy Says:

    #126 These two have not been together for almost two months. Did you ever stop to think that since Zac knew he was going to be finishing up “Me and Orson Welles” in New York. And Vanessa would be done with “Will” (presumably) that he said “Why don’t we hook up in New York.”

    You know because that’s what couples do they spend time together. And when they’ve been apart especially when they BOTH have been working they want to see each other as soon as possible. Grow up.

  145. 145
    emilie Says:

    she looks really good!
    i like it her hair

  146. 146
    kristina Says:

    Ah, **** NO.
    Get rid of them, NOW.
    They make her look ugly.

  147. 147
    kylie Says:


    how do you even know this was vanessas choice to get her hair cutt? this could be for HSM3. you never know. and the bangs could be fake. she might just want to try things out. and if she like it then she might accualy get bangs. you never know.

    and vanessa is not fake. last i knew she didn’t go and get plastic surgery.
    and NO im not confronting ashley tisdsale. i love ash & v

  148. 148
    lala Says:


  149. 149
    Malia Says:

    narf @ 03/19/2008 at 11:56 pm

    No offense to anyone because I love Zac and Vanessa as much as the rest of you, but if they are meeting up for some down time, I hope we don’t get pictures.

    After such a long time apart, they desrve to reunite away from the public eye.
    I agree. They need to be alone.

  150. 150
    sofia Says:

    vanessa,soo pretty! :)’

  151. 151
    A Logical Person Says:

    Isn’t Zac supposed to be in NY this week to do the last leg of filming for Me and Orson Welles?

  152. 152
    vanessa Says:

    shes soo pretty that anything looks good!
    and dont hate people.. just because you know she can pull anything off!

  153. 153
    ava Says:

    The hair…not a fan. She should NOT have bangs!

    I see that one of the biggest cities in Texas didn’t have enough stores to fulfill her craving to shop…so she had to go to NY. Nice.

    Either that or it was time for a Disney photo-op. I predict a Zac/Vanessa photo-op in oh…two days tops. I agree with Marie…i wish she could go back to LA and let Zac work without the constant pressure of Zanessa hanging over his head.

  154. 154
    Vannie Says:

    Ring Alert!!!!

  155. 155
    nett Says:

    Gorgeous Vanessa !!! The sparkle in her eyes and the happy smile is back. Zac is back. Love ZANESSA !!!!!

  156. 156
    kat Says:

    oo i wonder what’s in her bag =)

  157. 157
    guest Says:

    ava @ 03/20/2008 at 12:34 am
    i wish she could go back to LA and let Zac work without the constant pressure of Zanessa hanging over his head.

    ^^ I think what you said is ridiculous! If V is in fact in NY for Zac it’s because HE wants her there! I’m sure they talked it over and they haven’t seen each other in awhile……you make it sound like Zac is going to be all stressed out worrying about her and his work at the same time, when I think he’ll be excited to see her after all this time working…..

  158. 158
    Pit Says:

    I think if Zac is in New York finishing up filming, but he is disciplined enough to make sure his work is a priority and done correctly. I don’t think it will be too much of a distraction for Vanessa to be in town with him. She can shop all day!! And I think she is certainly due a day or two to just rest if he is away filming during the day. And remember when he was filming Seventeen Again in December she was in town most of that time and they did spend time together around his filming so it CAN be done. I believe it would be good for both of them to see each other again. It’s been a long time.

    My hunch is that Vanessa probably has her own work to complete in NYC while she is there.

    My romantic side would love to see them shopping in SOHO again like they did last August when the paps caught them!!

  159. 159
    kgg Says:

    Marie and Ava, you two need to stop with the “leave Zac alone” thing. Vanessa is his girlfriend and they’ve been apart for a while filming. I’m sure he missed her as much as she missed him. If they want to hook up in New York, more power to them. And that’s the reality of the situation, so deal with it.

  160. 160
    yet Says:

    im so excited to see them together in NY.

  161. 161
    may Says:

    Pit @ 03/20/2008 at 12:43 am
    My hunch is that Vanessa probably has her own work to complete in NYC while she is there.
    I totally agree with you.

  162. 162
    rara Says:

    she looked better without bangs

  163. 163
    arvil Says:

    look cute
    I love her forever

  164. 164
    Boji Says:

    Malia, you and Narf are so right. I hope the couple can get some private time for catching up without interference.

  165. 165
    nett Says:

    Thanks JJ !!! We are so happy to see Vanessa’s pix in JARED!!! Love Vanessa, Zac and ZANESSA !!! Live in LOVE ZANESSA !!!

  166. 166
    kgg Says:

    Maybe Vanessa is filming her new video in NY and Zac will be in it just like the last one. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

  167. 167
    na! Says:



    VH ROCKS!!!!!

  168. 168
    Paula Says:

    Ugh, ok, totally jealous of Vanessa right now. Even with bangs she looks absolutely adorable. She can pull of pretty much anything.

    I don’t know what it is about the bangs, but she looks more sophisticated. Seriously, that girl could be a model if she wanted to.

    Hope we see her with Zac sometime soon. What a pair those two make.

  169. 169
    tinseltown Says:


  170. 170
    Boji Says:

    Kgg, hi. Sorry I missed you. So excited for you, meeting up with Narf.

  171. 171
    nett Says:

    Hoping for a Zac and Vanessa reunion soon.

  172. 172
    kgg Says:

    Hi, Boji, my friend! How are you? how about these pics of Vanessa? Loving her smile and the ring…

  173. 173
    Boji Says:

    Wow!Kgg never thought of that .it would be awesome if they do have another video together.

  174. 174
    tell-tale Says:

    ava @ 03/20/2008 at 12:34 am

    u and maria are pathetic. vanessa is zacs girlfriend. repeat after me GIRL….FRIEND. shes allowed to visit him whenever, wherever. apparently u dont know zac at all if u think vanessas going to interfere with his job. quit acting lyk shes some kind of burden to him. shes visiting her bf, which tons of ppl her age do everyday. hes probably very happy that shes there with him right now. so shut the hell up and quit passing judgement on zac, vanessa, and zac and vanessas relationship. until u know the whole story, u have no rite to be so negative and obnoxious.

  175. 175
    Boji Says:

    Yeap,Kgg, looks like everything’s coming together at last.

  176. 176
    kylie Says:

    i cant believe some people think shes ugly now. it took vanessa ALOT of guts to do such a dramatic change in her hair. and i think i paid off. while she was getting her hair done i bet she was worried it wouldnt look right. but i think it turned out PERFECT! i love it.

  177. 177
    morgan Says:

    i love v but not the bangs…if she likes them then it dun matter

  178. 178
    kgg Says:

    Boji, how is your daughter doing so far away from home? Who is coping better? Her or her parents? lol

  179. 179
    bee Says:

    I think she still looks cute but I don’t think the bangs suit her very much either. But she looks great all the time!
    I wonder what kind of hair she will have in high school musical 3?

  180. 180
    jackie Says:


  181. 181
    V-loyalist Says:

    She still looks gorgeous to me, she pull it off really cute. And it’s nice if you change you hairstyle from time to time, fake or not still like it on her

    Anyway, she seem having a good time in New york and nice to see her gorgeous smile again! Go V!

  182. 182
    eviebobbshead Says:

    i love vanessa hudgens but omg she looked 10 BILLION Times better w/o the bangs.

  183. 183
    Boji Says:

    Kgg, She’s acquiring new friends and doing just fine except she was approached by a stranger on a bicycle who demanded her response as he had told her he liked her. She was scared out of her wits and told him she had friends waiting and ran to catch up with them. Told her to report this incident to the principal of her residency.

    I’m doing ok, her dad calls her twice a day.Having hse guests, so don’t have much alone time to miss her.

  184. 184
    Boji Says:

    Hi V-loyalist. How’re you keeping girl?

  185. 185
    V-loyalist Says:

    Hey boji and Kgg! How are you guys!

  186. 186
    christine Says:

    this beautiful young woman is the reason i am going to kill myself!
    she looked better without bangs but this look totally suits her!
    its different and thats what i love!

    she can absolutely pull off anything, i think shes there to see zac!
    finally, we might have a zanessa sighting, even though they deserve their privacy i want to see them together!

    she looks like rachel bilson!!!

  187. 187
    Boji Says:

    As you can see I keep having hseguests,mainly cousins using my hse as a convenient boarding place when they’re visiting or in transition. Gotta go, Catch ya when I can, Ciao!

  188. 188
    jessica Says:

    she looks gorgeus with her new hair!

  189. 189
    Kourtney Says:

    Eck, I love Vanessa, but I definitely don’t love her new bangs!


  190. 190
    V-loyalist Says:

    Hey boji! i think i am okay, trying hard to keep up with the new environment at work, you know 4 new bosses to attend to.
    How’s your daughter doing at Ausi?

  191. 191
    sheri Says:

    i like the bangs, but they would suit her better if they didn’t cut straight across. they should of had it jaggered and made the bangs start more higher if you get what i mean lol
    i do prefer without the bangs, but i (L) bangs still :)

  192. 192
    bob lala Says:

    she looks pretty, but they look fake?

  193. 193
    rkwybchgrl Says:

    Can one of you Zanessa “fans” please explain to me the obssesive appeal of these 2 actors? I don’t see anything between them except a sweet friendship reminiscent of other screen couplings of the past but definitely nothing of the great love story that keeps being tied to their names.
    They aren’t the Tracy/Hepburn, Gable/Lombard or even the Brangelina of this generation. They are 2 lucky young actors who caught a break from Disney with HSM and found a bond. Those parts could have been given to others and the same relationship might have blossomed. You can’t honestly believe that they will be a forever couple, can you?
    So please, tell me what I am missing so I can understand your fandemonium for these 2.

  194. 194
    TIA Says:

    ummmm wtf??! i definatley dont like them

  195. 195
    V-loyalist Says:

    Yup Boji, see you next time around, while i’m on a break from work.

  196. 196
    zanessa Says:

    i love her but i dont like her bangs…im sure shell figure out a way to make em work … i dont think zac is in nyc i thought he was still in longdon

  197. 197
    charli Says:

    Lovin the bangs :)

    Definitely works them better than Miley.

    Just because V has bangs doesn’t mean she’s copying everyone else who has them.

    Maybe she’s in NYC to meet up with Zac.. ;)

    rock on Baby V

  198. 198
    sweets Says:

    hate the *****

    whats with these disney stars and all these bangs?
    they look horrible
    im a miley fan but they dont look good on her, or vanessa
    vanessa basically copied mileys hairstyle anyways

  199. 199
    kgg Says:

    rkwybchgrl – to answer your question, there is much to be said for this couple. They are very talented and were “lucky” as you say to get cast in the first HSM movie. Lucky in the fact that they were at the right place at the right time.

    There are many Zanessa supporters who acknowledge their talent, their chemistry on screen and in real life, and are rooting for them to make it. They have been together for over 2 years which is a lifetime in Hollywood for some couples, less for others.

    They are good kids who were brought up right and do many positive things to better the lives of others. It’s a love story in a crazy, negative world; it makes you feel good to see how happy they make each other and the people around them. And their fans range in ages from tweeners to over 50.

    It’s hard to explain, but if you read up on them and saw some of their adorable pics together, you’d see what I mean. It just makes me smile to see them together and that says it all.

  200. 200
    avm Says:

    i loooovvvveee her.. she looks good in everything!! can’t wait to c zanessa reunion!!

  201. 201
    zanessa 4eVERRR! Says:

    she can NEVER be ugly. no matter what.
    shes sooo pretty but i’ll admit it, she looks good with bangs but better w/o them. still love her though!!

  202. 202
    kgg Says:

    BTW, according to VABN, Zac is still in London finishing up his movie but is expected to be in NY possibly by this weekend.

  203. 203
    troy Says:

    #193 You admit that you can see a “sweet friendship” and that’s a big part of the appeal right now. Plus as kgg said these are two kids who while they aren’t perfect and have made their share of mistakes in the past, have their heads on straight and stay out of trouble. That is very refreashing to see and make us root for them.

    But to be honest and I’m trying to be evasive here but I don’t think its something that can be explained. You either get it or you don’t.

    I haven’t seen anybody try to compare them to Tracy/Hepburn of Gable/Lombard and I don’t anybody except maybe the youngest and idealistic of their fans expect them to stay together forever. But it sure would be nice if they could.

  204. 204
    Why? Says:

    #193- Why did you have to go and ask the “fans” a direct question? Now we’ll get to hear more sweeping speeches and preaching for the next couple posts… thanks :(

  205. 205
    dee Says:

    you know you miss your baby V!! i miss her real hair =[

  206. 206
    sternenfaenger Says:

    cute cute cute

    she looks younger though…

  207. 207
    KiSs Says:

    Dahhh hahahah youre funny Dee! Love you Doll!

  208. 208
    AMANDA & AMY Says:

    She looks like me and my twin sister and mom Wired!!

  209. 209
    Why? Says:

    I don’t mean that offensively, but I was enjoying reading people’s responses to JJ’s question about if we like her hair or not. It was a post that had stayed relatively on track.

    I don’t like sifting through the mini-novels people write about why we like V. It happens on every thread and it’s always the same argument… guess it was wishful thinking that no one would ask for an explanation about why she has fans. So again, please do not jump down my back when I express my thoughts here.

  210. 210
    V-loyalist Says:

    This is not fandemonium as you might call it, We are simply fans of either Vanessa or Zac who appreciate their talent in their chosen craft and them having a relationship is a bonus for us.

    Everybody’s liking is different, so I can’t speak for everyone else here. Sure they may not be the same as the one you mentioned showbiz couple that suits your taste, But we find them gifted with so much talent to offer, they make us proud and gives us so much inspiration and happiness.

    I for myself they keep me sane most of the time from my tons of work in my workplace. And I think what’s funny about being a fan and supporting a couple is that we see everything and we will never know if they will end together, but for sure what they have now that they been having for like 3 yrs now is simply remarkable considering at such a young age they started being a couple

  211. 211
    joss Says:

    UGHHH she looks horrible with bangs!!!

  212. 212
    vanessahudgensfan Says:

    there’s nothing wrong with vanessa’s bangs..
    she definitely pulled that look off.
    she looks so cute and gorgeous that a slight alteration in her style won’t affect her beauty.
    who knows, it might be fake and is only being used for her music video.

    anyway, i hope zac will be in nyc soon so that he and v could spend a lot of time together.. :-)
    do u agree zanessa fans?

  213. 213
    sara Says:

    #204/209 Agree w/ya!

    I’m not a fan of the hair. I don’t mind the idea of bangs on her, but they are so heavy and she has such small features. Oh well, hopefully it’s not her real hair and it’s just a look she’s toying with?

  214. 214
    diana Says:

    doesn’t look like vanessa anymore…
    but i still love her!!!
    she looks amazing!

  215. 215
    Megan Says:

    i reckon they really suit her

  216. 216
    zanessaFAN Says:




  217. 217
    jh Says:

    the bangs are fake! if you look at the close up pictures, they are blacker than her real hair. They sell clip on bangs now..Eva longoria has worn them before. plus she’s wearing that braided headband to hide where the extension starts.

    v looks better without them.

  218. 218
    guste Says:

    love V!

  219. 219
    blah balh Says:



    what was she thinking?

    argh… what’s happened to the pretty vanessa? why did she have to ruin herself?

    hopefully next time she’ll shove a hairband or get extensions of her really horrible looking fringe.


    lets hope she changes herself

    ashley tisdale is now the best looking out of vanessa, ashley and miley.

  220. 220
    vanessaxhudgens Says:

    i think she looks great whatever, i like them :)

  221. 221
    Anne Says:

    awww, she is sooo cute with every hairstyle!
    And she looks very and is wearing the ring!
    Love her!

  222. 222
    Boji Says:

    Bangs, fake or not, Vanessa looks uber cute and cool in this outfit of hers. It’s good to note she can change her hairstyle. Just love her ensemble.

    I don’t or can’t give long eloquent speeches or lecturesbut I love the banter that goes on on this site.

    So, Zac is still in London.Well, hopefully it will be an interesting weekend for both Zac and Vanessa.

  223. 223
    Kanani Says:

    OMG i adore them, no matter what she does she looks Fab. i love that she changes her look! i wonder whats next! its so funny she’s the only one out of Hsm that has new hair every movie. well xcept A.Tizzy she got a new nose haha!!

  224. 224
    Yeah! Says:

    I LOVE her look… But not her purs though!

  225. 225
    Yeah! Says:

    Her bangs looks VERY sexy

  226. 226
    melli Says:

    shes looks sooo cute… Oo
    shes just beautiful

  227. 227
    Nia Says:


  228. 228
    wateva. Says:

    I like it! It’s cute, I <3 her clothes!

  229. 229
    shannon Says:

    Aw she looks so pretty i hope her and Zac meet up soon!

  230. 230
    me Says:

    SHUT UP, HATERS!!!!!!!



  231. 231
    zanessa forever Says:


    she is the best!

    i love her so much!

    zanessa forever

  232. 232
    juZt_A_fAN Says:

    I like her straight hair better…
    she should stick with the straight hair… she looks more beautiful!!

  233. 233
    UK FAN Says:

    i love her hair she looks great

  234. 234
    kk Says:

    vanessa esta bonita,
    prefiro como antes ,mas ela ficou com estilo diferente

    mas o que eu mais gostei foi ver ela usando o” anel”

  235. 235
    sarah, ireland Says:

    i think it suits her, i really like them

  236. 236
    JAnice Says:

    i dont really like the bangs

  237. 237
    A baby Says:

    OMG, She’s crazy.
    I loved her long hair without those BANGS.
    She looks quite BAD.
    Bad hair choice V.


  238. 238
    evelyn Says:

    why is she in ny? i bet anything its b/c zac is going to meet her there … wasn’t there a possibility maow was going to be shooting in ny?

  239. 239
    missvanessa627 Says:

    omg!!! I’m totally loving it! I’m happy coz she had her bangs coz I have it too..:P

  240. 240
    rokstur Says:


  241. 241
    michelle Says:

    omg ewwww i preffered without the bangs..and i think she’s in new york to see zac…hopefully

  242. 242
    Julie Says:


  243. 243
    Melina Says:

    A super smiley (and solo) Vanessa Hudgens
    do you mean zac and vanessa broke up!?!

  244. 244
    nati Says:

    vanessa,gostei de seu novo estilo
    tem gente que ainda questiona o relacionamento de zanessa?
    gente sâo tantos momentos deles de provas de seu relacionamento
    sabe ,eu tenho acompanhado a carreira de vanessa entorno de 1 ano
    procuro atualizações de noticias dela todos os dias,e sempre estou achando momentos diferentes de zanessa, estas pessoas que não agreditam neste romance com certeza devem ver poucas fotos deles
    gente é impossivel de esconder este relacionamento,possui muitas fotos não oficiais deles juntos e em eventos, esta semana mesmo eu estava ohando uma foto de fâ aonde aparecia o zac ea vanessa juntos numa vesta dançando abraçados,e na foto oficial eu não tinha ideia que eles já estavão juntos.os momentos deles existe muitos em videos para não deixar duvida
    zanessa existe sim,voçê que coloca duvida sobre isso ,deve acompanhar mais a carreira dos dois.

  245. 245
    tiffany Says:

    i absoluty love the bangs! they are amazing

  246. 246
    rubyred Says:

    She looks adorable with bangs!!!!

  247. 247
    XXX! Says:

    Miley got a bangs a few days ago now Vanessa has them…..And people say Miley copys Vanessa??

    Vanessa looks super cute but i think i still need some time to get use to them !!

  248. 248
    melli Says:

    PERFECT…shes just perfect!

  249. 249
    dani Says:

    “its so funny she’s the only one out of Hsm that has new hair every movie.”

    Why do you say that? Haven you seen HSM2? Compare it to HSM1 and you will be surprised.

    Anyway, I love her hair. And she is so fashionable! I’m amazed by her style. Really.

    And that smile… It really made my day!

  250. 250
    zanessa fan Says:

    she looks so cool now.

  251. 251
    Jessica Says:

    Well….I like it!
    She looks more topmodel like than before!
    She works the bangs better than Miley and Heidi Klum I think,….
    She is really pretty with and without a bang’!!!!!!
    Love her!!!!!

  252. 252
    eira Says:

    she looks gorgeous with or without bangs!
    i think miley and vanessa planned to get bangs together..hehe..

  253. 253
    hudgenslover Says:

    ummm she looks ok but it knda looks weird ….

  254. 254
    duh Says:

    Umm those bangs are fake it doesnt macth her hair.

  255. 255
    Jess Says:

    I love the new look!

  256. 256
    Katherine Says:

    eww it looks ikkkkkk
    doesnt suit her at allll…

  257. 257
    Sinaline Says:

    aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesome.. she looks pretty.. thanks :)

  258. 258
    liefy Says:

    i like the bangs!
    finally something different,
    they are cute on her!

  259. 259
    Cindy Says:

    Vanessa looks really cute with the bangs, but I wonder if they are real? If you look really closely, they do not match the rest of her hair exactly. They look darker to me. Maybe she is just experimenting to see how she looks in bangs or just wants a temp. new look.

    I wonder if she is in NYC for business? ( i.e. a scene from the movie Will or a photo shoot , or video shoot).

    From the looks on her face in these pictures though ,it looks like she may be meeting up with a certain someone who may be filming in NY. She looks absolutely beautiful here. Her whole face especially her eyes are just radiant. I’m really hoping for a Zanessa reunion, preferably a paps free one.

  260. 260
    babycgirl395 Says:

    she is in New York i believe to release her new single in the interview with Ryan im not sure but at least she is happy hey maybe ill see her lol that will be fun and totally Awesome

  261. 261
    Deea Says:

    V looks beutiful !

    So cute, i love the bangs !

  262. 262
    tree Says:

    Ryan is in California. Video shoot maybe. She does look very happy.

  263. 263
    cheyanne Says:

    love it !!!!

  264. 264
    Sam Says:

    I like the change, it’s refreshing!

  265. 265
    beverley Says:

    Real or not… doesn’t matter.Vanessa has such a pretty face that she can carry any look off,and that smile….just beautiful.!!!

    Hope she is there to meet up with her Zac.I know that if I were Vanessa and I hadn’t seem Zac for 2 months,I’d lock the hotel room door and throw away the key for a few days !!!!

  266. 266
    iellidy Says:

    Graças a doce vanessa sorrindo,lindo pois as ultimas fotos totalmente diferente. espero que descanse um pouco e aproveite,com o sem bangs a vane e linda um relacionamento para se sagrado tem comcordancia e poriso eles mantem comtato e sempre que pode estão juntos so que não sabemos, mais esta historia ainda não chegou ao fim.zac e vanessa foreve.

  267. 267
    donna Says:

    Her bangs are ugly!
    I know tons of people have said it but I just had to say it too.

  268. 268
    Donna Says:

    I don’t like bangs unless you have a big forehead to cover up. Sh looks better without them. I think bangs are for little girls. Maybe longer wispy bangs but not bangs. Ugh!!!

  269. 269
    donna Says:

    And pls spare me the whole “top model” look because she isn’t a top model and has a face way too cute for such. I doubt we will ever see her on a catwalk during fashion week. But really I hope she grows those things out stat!

  270. 270
    Naomi Says:

    Love them! Takes a bit getting used to, however, they’re definitely growing on me.

    What I love most is that she’s confident and secure enough to try new looks and experiment with hairstyles. I do that a lot so I understand.

    She is looking so sophisticated and classy like a topmodel and her smile beats all!

    I don’t know if anyone else has noticed how independent she’s become since she started driving. She’s been travelling quite frequently alone and as I’ve commented on her other threads, have acquired a poise I find very appealing and chic.
    She has certainly grown up on me in the last couple of months and I’m loving the woman she’s becoming.

  271. 271
    jac jac Says:

    Noo..i luved her hair b4!!. but she still looks perty!!

  272. 272
    Simo Says:


  273. 273
    tommygirl Says:

    Vanessalooks so happy like her big smile. Her hair is nice to. Is she meeting Zac there?????????

  274. 274
    gayle Says:

    I love it.

  275. 275
    VT Says:

    pretty and happy :)

  276. 276
    violette Says:

    Love her but I think she looked better without the bangs.

  277. 277
    V-Love Says:

    Love Vanessa Love Vanessa Love Vanessa Love Vanessa Love Vanessa Love Vanessa Love Vanessa Love Vanessa Love Vanessa
    Zanessa forever Zanessa forever Zanessa forever Zanessa forever Zanessa forever Zanessa forever Zanessa forever Zanessa forever

  278. 278
    Elizabeth Says:

    i love Vanessa she’s the best!!!
    i wanna meet her!!!
    love you!!!<33333

  279. 279
    julia Says:


  280. 280
    jfdlkaf Says:

    now she looks even uglier.
    i didn’t think that was possible.

  281. 281
    Helena... Says:

    Omg!!!She looks so cute with that new bang!…I think that it is a perfect look for Gabriella in HSM3!!!Wonder why she looked at the jewels tho…

  282. 282
    mel Says:

    she looks so cuteee
    i leke the bagss
    she rocksssssssss

  283. 283
    isabela Says:


  284. 284
    Malia Says:

    Heck, Vanessa looks great now matter how she wears her hair.

    I knew Vanessa was trained as a dancer,but here is what one of the choreographers for HSM had to say about her in an article in the Grand Rapids Press:
    Chucky Klapow choreographed the dance moves for “High School Musical 3: Senior Year,” scheduled for release in theaters in October. He gave us a sneak peek behind the curtain of the surefire box-office hit:

    On Vanessa Hudgens (Gabriella): “Vanessa is the most naturally gifted in picking up the new moves.”

  285. 285
    Snapszieboo Says:

    She loooks good, i liked it better without bangs though(:

    when they say . . “solo” does that mean zanessa broke up ?

  286. 286
    laila and suzan Says:

    she always pretty
    i love vanessa hudgens she is pretty with or without the bangs

    zanessa controool

  287. 287
    Mrs.MUsso Says:

    wow…im impressed im not a big fan of Vanessa, but she looks pretty…in a month or so she will put them to the side…like razor cut bangs…..

  288. 288
    arvil Says:

    look cute

  289. 289
    randy Says:

    yes i see the ring:) she looks cute shell prbably put bak like how she used to later

  290. 290
    Lily Says:

    :( .. i dont like it..

  291. 291
    britanny Says:

    she looks more than great…
    i love her outfit…
    lov her…
    she looks so much better than
    and maybe she is waitin g zac¿?
    well…she looks pretier with bangs..
    so exited..she is wearing zanessa ring…

  292. 292
    Karen Says:


    Solo means she is alone in NY, that the pictures are of her and nobody is with her.

    However, the news is that Zac is expected to be in NY by the weekend as some of his movie Me and Orson Wells was suppose to be shot in NYC.

  293. 293
    The OC Fansite Says:

    Love VANESSA!

  294. 294
    hispanic Says:

    I hope it’s her real hair !!!
    It’s soooooooooooooooo beautiful , her eyes looks very beautiful too and I looooooove her outfit , she looks really pretty !! , her old hair was really boring now I love it with the bangs!!
    I hope gabriella is gonna have this haircut in hsm3 :D Look I loove her hair sqo much , the bangs with long curly hair !!


  295. 295
    Cynthia Says:

    I don’t think she acually cut her bangs. There is this hair piece that looks like a headband that you can put on if you want to try out bangs without actually cutting your hair. She looks ok with them but I prefer her with out them.

  296. 296
    Karen Says:

    I want to add my two-cents worth about the appeal of these two, adding to what my friends Kgg, Troy, and V-Loyalist have said: You either see it or you don’t. Yes, they are great friends as both of them have said in interviews. But IF you are not particularly a fan of theirs then there may be a good chance that you have not looked at some of the pictures that we fans have seen. I would have to ask someone like you who don’t see the chemistry to explain to me how you can look at the multiple pictures taken of them while vacationing in Hawaii, the pics of them from the HSM DVD release party, and the pics from the Palm Springs film festival in January and say you DON’T see what all of us fans see?

  297. 297
    prettyvanessa Says:

    I love her outfit and i agree with “hispanic’ the bangs looks really good on her
    I love this picture , she looks more mature and her smile and eyes are soooo beautiful —>

  298. 298
    Orla Says:

    I think it really suits her. She still looks amazing!

  299. 299
    Karen Says:

    I commented on the bangs much earlier and everyone’s outrage of “copying” but why isn’t all the stars who are getting bangs right now being blasted for copying Tyra Banks??? She’s had her bangs longer than anyone, I think!

  300. 300
    melly Says:


    i think it makes her hair look like a wig. Usually her hair looks more natural than that.

    Bottomline: Thick bangs like that don’t work on her.

  301. 301
    canadagirl Says:

    bangs come in and go out again just like all other trends so it doesn’t matter who gets them first so why accuse anyone of copying anyone. that’s why something is a trend; they actually expect more than one person to catch on to it….just like gladiator sandals are the “big shoe” this spring. is only one person allowed to wear them, and then everyone else is just copying? that’s ridiculous.

  302. 302
    prettyvanessa Says:

    I think it suits her really good :D
    I love it she has really beautiful hair and a really pretty face , I hope it’s her real hair !!!
    and I love her outfit !!!

  303. 303
    miranda Says:

    She looks great!
    LOVE HER!!!

  304. 304
    oliana Says:

    pretty sure the bangs are not real.
    they are a slightly darker color than the rest of her hair and i think the braid is covering where they clip on.
    But I hope it’s true because i really like the bangs on her !!!
    she looks really cute and pretty :D

  305. 305
    Gaby Says:

    Perfect!!!!!! I also I cut the fringe and her hair the same!! I am from Brazil and everybody loves that and the HSM here has until Easter egg!

  306. 306
    jessica Says:

    she looks gorgeeeeuss!


  307. 307
    lucero Says:

    I LOVE

  308. 308
    camila brazil 20 Says:

    beutiful so much!!!!!!!

    love baby V!!!

  309. 309
    ehhh Says:

    it looks nice in some angles but it does make her look older!

  310. 310
    V-Love Says:

    Zanessa Forever
    Vanessa Love

  311. 311
    lala_girl Says:

    It’s like WOAH! First Miley Cyrus now Vanessa Hudgens!? Who’s next? Ashley Tisdale? And… WOAH, she’s in NYC already? She just got back from Texas to LA, and now she’s in NYC!? =O
    Maybe she’s shooting her music video.

    She looks kinda nice, LOVE her outfit… but I’m not sure what I think about the bangs… just not used to see her like that.. Guess she looked way better before… Don’t know yet.

  312. 312
    mylene Says:

    linda, gente como ela esta feliz
    adorei seu novo visual

    adoro voçê

  313. 313
    luv vanessa Says:

    I dont like them on her. she looked so pretty without them. i think that bangs only look good with people that have straight hair. i think miley can rock the bangs tho. luv u anyways hon!

  314. 314
    zanessa_1 Says:

    are bangs a fringe cuz im frm england and ive never herd the expression bangs? lol neway i love vanessa and she looks relli pretti with her bangs lol and she also looked pretti b4. i luv her dress sense lol i wud luv to wear wat she wears. Hopefulli she will be there 2 c zac and we can have sum more Zanessa pics. Cnt wait 2 hear her new album and 2 new movies(especialli hsm3)

  315. 315
    hunibee Says:

    i love it
    she looks so freaking pretty with it
    stop it haterz

  316. 316
    ally Says:

    wow, i didnt think it was possible.. now she looks even more like a man.

    Manessa returns!

  317. 317
    Karen Says:

    She always looks so pretty. Even though I would prefer her not to have the bangs—and I don’t think this will be a permanent look for her—she still is cute this way, I think she is the type that likes to change things once in a while. She’s the fashionable type person so it makes sense to me for her to try new looks.

  318. 318
    vahnumba1fan Says:

    YAY!! *jumps around & does a happy dance*


    ok, so now i know more or less what part of NYC V’s in…
    does anyone know what part zac was/is in??
    does anyne know how long vanessa will be there??

    she looks very edgy & cute. it’s a new style for her & she knows how to work it! ;-] i think her character SA5M is definately having an effect on her ;-]

    CHILLAX PEEPS! the bangs r soo fake! look at the braid over them & look at where her hair line is & look at the back of her hair. not only are the bangs fake, she’s wearing extensions. notice how the bangs are jet straight & the rest of her hair is wavy?? & if they were real, why would there be a braid there. it’s one of those clip on bangs.

    i personally think her hair looks kinda cute this way. sure, it’ll take some get used to, but it gives her a very edgy vibe. this look proves that she isn’t the sweet/polite/shy girl everyone thinks she is. SHE’S NOT GABRIELLA! well… not in real life ;-]

    speaking of gabriella, i would love it if she had the bangs in HSM 3! you know, to change things up a bit :-]

    i’m not ecstatic over the bangs, but i love her new style… i hope to see it on her new album :-]


  319. 319
    Trelai Says:


    rather without the bangs!


  320. 320
    dani Says:

    the bangs are horrible.

  321. 321
    Maa Says:

    Rather without the bangs but she loox good wid them 2.

  322. 322
    lilianne Says:

    those bangs are FAKE

  323. 323
    Tam Says:

    Omg! Loving the bangs! She’s there because that’s where ‘Will’ is filming at the moment. She should so totally wear her hair like that now!

  324. 324
    elljay Says:

    i loveee itt.
    super cute.

  325. 325
    Tam Says:

    Wonder why she’s looking at rings. Looks like she’s gone on a spending spree =]
    Go V!

  326. 326


    TH BST!*

  327. 327
    mernam Says:

    lovee her! and love the hair!
    NO ZAC NEWS??????

  328. 328
    nessa Says:

    Aww she looks gorgeous as usual!!!

  329. 329
    bn Says:

    Zac will be in London for another 3 weeks sorry guys. Then be in NYC for a few days, then utah for HSM3.
    Im working on MAOW thats how I know

  330. 330
    katr234 Says:

    WHAT DID SHE DO??????

  331. 331
    azncutie Says:

    That’s super adorable and high in fashion. That’s how like Katie and Rachel have ‘em!

  332. 332
    ruby Says:

    she luks pretty with or without da bangs i lyke her hair its kinda lyke mine expect i dnt got bangs nd mine is longer den hers but its da same color

  333. 333
    Cherie Says:

    I’ll warm up to them! D

  334. 334
    Shania Efron Says:

    dat hoe coppied me

  335. 335

    i liike the bangs . i tink its niice ! VANESSA IS PEERFECT ! heer geear is veeeeeeeeery niice (LL) i´m braziilian ³

  336. 336
    s Says:


  337. 337
    arianna Says:

    its really cute….

  338. 338
    Raven Says:

    The bangs truly look good on her! She can wear bangs! :D

  339. 339
    angel Says:


  340. 340 Says:


  341. 341
    KIKI Says:

    NO!!! what did she do to herself she looked
    1000 times better before
    no no no no
    Its way better the miley<<<<<<

  342. 342
    rockstar Says:

    Omg No Vanessa Your Starting To Look Like Ashley,,,C’mon Snap Out of It Go Back To The Old Vanessa Without The Bangs Please

  343. 343
    Kristen Says:

    She looks cute..but I like her better without the bangs.

  344. 344
    cAMILLE Says:

    she is so cute and sooo beatiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  345. 345
    cAMILLE Says:

    she is so cute and sooo beatiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  346. 346
    assen Says:

    oh mi god nessa ever…..ever looks amazing…I love her bangs!!!
    BaBy V 4 EvEr

  347. 347
    Robin Says:

    She is hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
    you gotta love her nomatter what

  348. 348

    it fits Rachel but not V. She copies always styles from other celbes. Get your own style. She is so young and wants to look like a lady.

  349. 349
    me Says:

    eww so damn ugly wtf is wrong with her….. no its does work

  350. 350
    dani Says:

    wow! she looks great and so happy! good for her!

  351. 351
    1245 Says:

    i don’t like them on her. she looked better before

  352. 352
    Jessie Says:

    I love Vanessa hudgens. I am her number one fan, but I have to say, she looked better when she had the other bangs. sry v.

  353. 353
    bARBARA:) Says:

    I LOVE V TOO!:)
    SEE YA!:)

  354. 354
    babyG Says:

    i think, the bangs is hot!

  355. 355
    Viky Says:

    She looks stupidER whit this hair!!!

  356. 356
    gabii Says:

    horrivel :x

  357. 357
    • marii ' Says:

    She was very beautiful , perfect in any way ! :D’

  358. 358
    zac efron is gayyy Says:

    ewwwwww she looks soooooooo badd

    she looked better before even though before she was still ugly!!! GO Ashley!! you are waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than vanessa!

  359. 359
    Babykiss Says:

    she looks as cow…..My zac comeback to me….I love you

  360. 360
    Alyssa Says:

    noooo vanessa is really a pretty girl.. but the bangs doesn´t fit.. she also look older than before. her last look was muuuuuch better!!!
    but vanessa is still beautiful!!! And it isn´t for HSM3 she want to try something new that´s it!!
    luv ya Vanessa

  361. 361
    Nina Says:

    eww… no. unless she gets her waves curled, she shouldn’t be wearing them!

  362. 362
    lilly Says:

    She’s In NYC because she’s filming will! You guys are stupid

  363. 363
    jessicalopez14 Says:

    her bangs look fake, but beautiful.
    id bbaaannnggg her

  364. 364
    anna Says:

    nessa the best
    nessa y zac the best pair!!!

  365. 365
    hande-ea Says:

    slmlar ben türküm…sitenizi her hafta takip ediyorumm ve sizinde magazin gündemizi öğrenmiş oluyorum…vanessaya çok yakışmış bu saç modeli o her haliyle güzell…

  366. 366
    LOUANNE Says:

    omg :D she’s so cute ♥

  367. 367
    marz Says:

    i think she looks pretty all the time!!! luv her and her bangs (hihihi)

    and go zanessa lol =D

  368. 368
    yoyo Says:

    dude the bangs are fake

  369. 369
    Maddie Says:

    I think it lookz really cute and now im getting bangs there adorable

  370. 370
    xoxoVanessaxoxo Says:

    its just a hairpiece…..srry to break it to ya….Love you guys!!!!!!!Thxs for supportin me.

  371. 371
    ?????? Says:

    what r bangs

  372. 372
    aliannna Says:

    vanessa you look cute but stole that look from miley cyrus give it back

  373. 373
    MARCELA Says:


  374. 374
    shitstorm Says:

    i think she looks great it her new video so ok!

  375. 375
    rACHEL Says:

    I think her hair is pretty sweet, I hope she does more stuff in Canada, we love her up here!

  376. 376
    kathymarie Says:

    with or without bangs, still beautiful

  377. 377
    destinybritneychild Says:

    Listen people i am not britney spears we dont know yet do.
    But please sent me some emails to me anytime you want to,alright.

  378. 378
    sass Says:

    She looks so pretty with them!!
    STOP being ******* just coz your hair suks!

  379. 379
    Jaee Says:

    i like it :D
    shes gorgeous anyway, and her hair’s amazing whatever she does to it :)

  380. 380
    Michelle araque lopez Says:

    I think Vanessa makes everything work so don’t judge her!

  381. 381
    miixy Says:

    hi i love vanessa so mach elle est la belle fille dans lemonde entier
    i love you

  382. 382
    figglehorn Says:

    i like how her bangs are swept to the side now much much better

  383. 383
    frida Says:

    you are werry cool and quite :)

  384. 384
    samantha Says:

    cm 100pre fea ja,ja

  385. 385
    secretaire Says:

    she’s hot

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