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Vanessa Hudgens Has Blunt Bangs

Vanessa Hudgens Has Blunt Bangs

A super smiley (and solo) Vanessa Hudgens shows off a new set of bangs as she goes on a shopping spree in rainy New York City on Wednesday afternoon.

The 19-year-old High School Musical star started off in the West Village at Scoop boutique, then took a short walk to nearby Jeffrey.

After jumping into a taxi, she stopped off at Cartier in midtown to look for some new jewels. Vanessa picked up items from both Scoop and Cartier.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Vanessa Hudgens’ new bangs?

25+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens shopping the Big Apple…

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  • hehehe

    she looks so gorgeous and cute… whatever she use, she always look nice and i love her style.. is so adorable
    i cant hope to see hsm3 and WILL
    and a hope that zac love her new look

  • Pit

    I think we can pretty much tell from Vanessa’s makeover that her filming of Will must be complete.

  • Laura

    okaaay Vanessa and Rachel Bilson are my two favourite female celebrities. Neither of them are copying the other, they just have a similar style sense. Both very fashionable girls.

    I can’t express how much I love Van’s new hair.

  • baby-v luver


  • dada

    still love her….

  • betty

    i think she looks adorable!

    and i hope she’s meeting someone there, and that’s why she looks as if she is absolutely glowing.

    i mean a chilly, rainy day in NYC???

  • narf

    Yes troy sweetie, she is meeting me. I am SOOOO sorry I didn’t tell you.

    Will you forgive me if I have her call you?

    And she does look a lot happier.

  • Jane

    The bangs look really cute.

  • Pit

    wonder how long it will be before Ashley has bangs — she seems to follow Vanessa lead in a lot of fashion ideas — I am NOT criticizing — it just seems to be the trend — BFFs !!

  • KiSs

    I don’t think the bangs are real because they’re a lot darker than the rest of her hair. She looks gorgeous either way. :)

  • elliott

    i think she looks nice and i must say i am loving the huge umbrella. she could shave her head and still look amazing, unlike some people.


    She looks okay…but i like better without the bangs. She’s still gorgeous as always no matter what. V is becoming a fashion icon and face it haters… no matter what she wears and do on herself she still looks gorgeous and very fashionable. Maybe we just have to get used to her new hairdo all the time coz thats what women do.

  • shaaaaaaaa

    and i love

  • xxx

    ugly hoe

  • Nina

    The bangs are not cute on her whatsoever.
    Sorry V.

  • Raquel

    Anyone know where I can buy those headband bangs???? I want to try it too before I get it done.

  • ray

    she is in new york !!! yees, i can waitto see her :)

  • MaRiU

    ohh she looks so pretty … she is very nice , i love the bangs becouse she is very fashion……… love zac

  • kat

    ok, for now we still don’t know why she’s there,but my guess is she’s meeting zac! if the paps spot him then it’s confirmed! =)

  • Vannie

    i just Love her!!!

  • theooo

    well.. not bad.
    they look fake tho.

  • Boji

    New York!? Well,well that explains it then. I needn’t say more. The rain and dreary weather certainly hasn’t dampen her spirits

  • chrissy

    She is there 2c zacbecause that is his next spot tofilm his movie…..zanessa 4EVER!!

  • xoxo

    Total Rachel Bilson style ! I think it fits Rachel better but she looks nice <3

  • Boji

    The postings have been like rapid fire,wow!

  • Marie

    Oh god, the bangs look awful. Eeek

    And, why does she have to be in NY. Can’t she leave Zac alone and let him work? sheesh.

    Hmm, the ring looks like a fake to me, too. Funny she’s wearing it now, after a few days without it. Maybe because these shots are a publicity move, and the other ones weren’t expected ;)

  • narf

    No offense to anyone because I love Zac and Vanessa as much as the rest of you, but if they are meeting up for some down time, I hope we don’t get pictures.

    After such a long time apart, they desrve to reunite away from the public eye.

  • Kim

    Hey Everyone,

    First I want to say that Vanessa is ALWAYS gorgeous. Even on her not so good days. I like the bangs, I just wish they were a little bit shorter. She has the most amazing eyes and I think they’re covering them up too much. But I do like them. She looks so happy. GO V!

  • LT

    not liking…she looks more exotic without them.
    with bangs, for some reason just ordinary.

  • Karen

    I don’t understand all the criticism when it comes to one celebrity having something that looks like another celebrity. You know, there are fad and styles that go round. It’s like shoes, a certain style comes out and that is about all you can find. Certain type clothes come into style and when you go to the mall, what do you see in every store—the same type style. So, perhaps the bangs are in style now so we will see many stars sporting them. It doesn’t mean that this star is copying someone else’s style—it’s just the thing that is “in”. It’s just like after Zac did HSM and it hit so big, you started seeing a lot of guys having that same hairstyle—in Hollywood and away from Hollywood. It’s just the thing now. Why should one celebrity get crucified —just because you don’t like them—for looking like another celebrity? Look at the awards shows, many times you will see and hear reported how a certain one or two colors were the fad for the night for the ladies. It is just suddenly what’s in vogue at the time. For pity sakes people, some of you can be so petty and catty! You are the ones who are embarrassing yourselves.

  • daisy

    i think zacs going to be there omg..that would be amazing she looks really good with bangs but is it just me or does it look like its part of that fake hair head band..???thanx jj

  • dalia

    I agree Narf, but I think when they do meet up no one will be seeing much of them..wink..wink..


    Ok The Style of the Banga are very cute and stylish but a but last year better for winter But on the Haert SHaped Face Vanessa Hudgens they Dont fir her face because she has a rather large forhead and the bangs drape of her face ..

    sorry V but i am not to proud of you on this one

    i liked the short hair but you never wear in you always wear extentions…

    your so fake!

  • narf

    Lmao Dalia!

    Karen, I agree, it’s a free country. People can look like whoever they want. I mean it’s ok for us to copy celebrities, but god forbid one celebrity copies another and there’s hell to pay.

    Good night to all, don’t let the bedbugs or the haters bite.

  • fan

    hello!!! i luv her hair!! so gabriella-ish!!

  • Umm

    she looks pretty…they make her look more mature in a way!!!!!!!!

  • Vfan

    She looks ok. seems like everyone is getting bangs (to me).

  • ray

    i think zac is in london… right ?

  • Kim

    Nite Narf,

    sweet dreams

  • Boji

    Hi, Dalia, Karen and Narf, nice to see you here. Karen was gonna say something abt supposed copying of styles, but you said it, girl.

  • I like her w/out

    her bangs are so so. it is good to switch it up. however, i lover her mik e & chris jacket. i want it so bad but i own 3 of their leather jackets so it is hard to fork over the $$ for it. however, she has worn that one on the red carpet before & i loved it then & i loved it when i first saw it on jessica alba a couple years ago. i might have to get it. i am glad she is sporting a different bag.

  • Boji

    Goodnight, Narf !

  • Studmuffincrazy4_LIFE

    ewww still dislike her

  • troy

    #126 These two have not been together for almost two months. Did you ever stop to think that since Zac knew he was going to be finishing up “Me and Orson Welles” in New York. And Vanessa would be done with “Will” (presumably) that he said “Why don’t we hook up in New York.”

    You know because that’s what couples do they spend time together. And when they’ve been apart especially when they BOTH have been working they want to see each other as soon as possible. Grow up.

  • emilie

    she looks really good!
    i like it her hair

  • kristina

    Ah, FUCK NO.
    Get rid of them, NOW.
    They make her look ugly.

  • kylie


    how do you even know this was vanessas choice to get her hair cutt? this could be for HSM3. you never know. and the bangs could be fake. she might just want to try things out. and if she like it then she might accualy get bangs. you never know.

    and vanessa is not fake. last i knew she didn’t go and get plastic surgery.
    and NO im not confronting ashley tisdsale. i love ash & v

  • http://none lala


  • Malia

    narf @ 03/19/2008 at 11:56 pm

    No offense to anyone because I love Zac and Vanessa as much as the rest of you, but if they are meeting up for some down time, I hope we don’t get pictures.

    After such a long time apart, they desrve to reunite away from the public eye.
    I agree. They need to be alone.

  • sofia

    vanessa,soo pretty! :)’