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Vanessa Hudgens Has Blunt Bangs

Vanessa Hudgens Has Blunt Bangs

A super smiley (and solo) Vanessa Hudgens shows off a new set of bangs as she goes on a shopping spree in rainy New York City on Wednesday afternoon.

The 19-year-old High School Musical star started off in the West Village at Scoop boutique, then took a short walk to nearby Jeffrey.

After jumping into a taxi, she stopped off at Cartier in midtown to look for some new jewels. Vanessa picked up items from both Scoop and Cartier.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Vanessa Hudgens’ new bangs?

25+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens shopping the Big Apple…

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  • A Logical Person

    Isn’t Zac supposed to be in NY this week to do the last leg of filming for Me and Orson Welles?

  • vanessa

    shes soo pretty that anything looks good!
    and dont hate people.. just because you know she can pull anything off!

  • ava

    The hair…not a fan. She should NOT have bangs!

    I see that one of the biggest cities in Texas didn’t have enough stores to fulfill her craving to shop…so she had to go to NY. Nice.

    Either that or it was time for a Disney photo-op. I predict a Zac/Vanessa photo-op in oh…two days tops. I agree with Marie…i wish she could go back to LA and let Zac work without the constant pressure of Zanessa hanging over his head.

  • Vannie

    Ring Alert!!!!

  • nett

    Gorgeous Vanessa !!! The sparkle in her eyes and the happy smile is back. Zac is back. Love ZANESSA !!!!!

  • kat

    oo i wonder what’s in her bag =)

  • guest

    ava @ 03/20/2008 at 12:34 am
    i wish she could go back to LA and let Zac work without the constant pressure of Zanessa hanging over his head.

    ^^ I think what you said is ridiculous! If V is in fact in NY for Zac it’s because HE wants her there! I’m sure they talked it over and they haven’t seen each other in awhile……you make it sound like Zac is going to be all stressed out worrying about her and his work at the same time, when I think he’ll be excited to see her after all this time working…..

  • Pit

    I think if Zac is in New York finishing up filming, but he is disciplined enough to make sure his work is a priority and done correctly. I don’t think it will be too much of a distraction for Vanessa to be in town with him. She can shop all day!! And I think she is certainly due a day or two to just rest if he is away filming during the day. And remember when he was filming Seventeen Again in December she was in town most of that time and they did spend time together around his filming so it CAN be done. I believe it would be good for both of them to see each other again. It’s been a long time.

    My hunch is that Vanessa probably has her own work to complete in NYC while she is there.

    My romantic side would love to see them shopping in SOHO again like they did last August when the paps caught them!!

  • kgg

    Marie and Ava, you two need to stop with the “leave Zac alone” thing. Vanessa is his girlfriend and they’ve been apart for a while filming. I’m sure he missed her as much as she missed him. If they want to hook up in New York, more power to them. And that’s the reality of the situation, so deal with it.

  • yet

    im so excited to see them together in NY.

  • may

    Pit @ 03/20/2008 at 12:43 am
    My hunch is that Vanessa probably has her own work to complete in NYC while she is there.
    I totally agree with you.

  • rara

    she looked better without bangs

  • arvil

    look cute
    I love her forever

  • Boji

    Malia, you and Narf are so right. I hope the couple can get some private time for catching up without interference.

  • nett

    Thanks JJ !!! We are so happy to see Vanessa’s pix in JARED!!! Love Vanessa, Zac and ZANESSA !!! Live in LOVE ZANESSA !!!

  • kgg

    Maybe Vanessa is filming her new video in NY and Zac will be in it just like the last one. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

  • na!



    VH ROCKS!!!!!

  • Paula

    Ugh, ok, totally jealous of Vanessa right now. Even with bangs she looks absolutely adorable. She can pull of pretty much anything.

    I don’t know what it is about the bangs, but she looks more sophisticated. Seriously, that girl could be a model if she wanted to.

    Hope we see her with Zac sometime soon. What a pair those two make.

  • tinseltown


  • Boji

    Kgg, hi. Sorry I missed you. So excited for you, meeting up with Narf.

  • nett

    Hoping for a Zac and Vanessa reunion soon.

  • kgg

    Hi, Boji, my friend! How are you? how about these pics of Vanessa? Loving her smile and the ring…

  • Boji

    Wow!Kgg never thought of that .it would be awesome if they do have another video together.

  • tell-tale

    ava @ 03/20/2008 at 12:34 am

    u and maria are pathetic. vanessa is zacs girlfriend. repeat after me GIRL….FRIEND. shes allowed to visit him whenever, wherever. apparently u dont know zac at all if u think vanessas going to interfere with his job. quit acting lyk shes some kind of burden to him. shes visiting her bf, which tons of ppl her age do everyday. hes probably very happy that shes there with him right now. so shut the hell up and quit passing judgement on zac, vanessa, and zac and vanessas relationship. until u know the whole story, u have no rite to be so negative and obnoxious.

  • Boji

    Yeap,Kgg, looks like everything’s coming together at last.

  • kylie

    i cant believe some people think shes ugly now. it took vanessa ALOT of guts to do such a dramatic change in her hair. and i think i paid off. while she was getting her hair done i bet she was worried it wouldnt look right. but i think it turned out PERFECT! i love it.

  • morgan

    i love v but not the bangs…if she likes them then it dun matter

  • kgg

    Boji, how is your daughter doing so far away from home? Who is coping better? Her or her parents? lol

  • bee

    I think she still looks cute but I don’t think the bangs suit her very much either. But she looks great all the time!
    I wonder what kind of hair she will have in high school musical 3?

  • jackie


  • http://deleted V-loyalist

    She still looks gorgeous to me, she pull it off really cute. And it’s nice if you change you hairstyle from time to time, fake or not still like it on her

    Anyway, she seem having a good time in New york and nice to see her gorgeous smile again! Go V!

  • eviebobbshead

    i love vanessa hudgens but omg she looked 10 BILLION Times better w/o the bangs.

  • Boji

    Kgg, She’s acquiring new friends and doing just fine except she was approached by a stranger on a bicycle who demanded her response as he had told her he liked her. She was scared out of her wits and told him she had friends waiting and ran to catch up with them. Told her to report this incident to the principal of her residency.

    I’m doing ok, her dad calls her twice a day.Having hse guests, so don’t have much alone time to miss her.

  • Boji

    Hi V-loyalist. How’re you keeping girl?

  • http://deleted V-loyalist

    Hey boji and Kgg! How are you guys!

  • christine

    this beautiful young woman is the reason i am going to kill myself!
    she looked better without bangs but this look totally suits her!
    its different and thats what i love!

    she can absolutely pull off anything, i think shes there to see zac!
    finally, we might have a zanessa sighting, even though they deserve their privacy i want to see them together!

    she looks like rachel bilson!!!

  • Boji

    As you can see I keep having hseguests,mainly cousins using my hse as a convenient boarding place when they’re visiting or in transition. Gotta go, Catch ya when I can, Ciao!

  • jessica

    she looks gorgeus with her new hair!

  • Kourtney

    Eck, I love Vanessa, but I definitely don’t love her new bangs!


  • http://deleted V-loyalist

    Hey boji! i think i am okay, trying hard to keep up with the new environment at work, you know 4 new bosses to attend to.
    How’s your daughter doing at Ausi?

  • sheri

    i like the bangs, but they would suit her better if they didn’t cut straight across. they should of had it jaggered and made the bangs start more higher if you get what i mean lol
    i do prefer without the bangs, but i (L) bangs still :)

  • bob lala

    she looks pretty, but they look fake?

  • rkwybchgrl

    Can one of you Zanessa “fans” please explain to me the obssesive appeal of these 2 actors? I don’t see anything between them except a sweet friendship reminiscent of other screen couplings of the past but definitely nothing of the great love story that keeps being tied to their names.
    They aren’t the Tracy/Hepburn, Gable/Lombard or even the Brangelina of this generation. They are 2 lucky young actors who caught a break from Disney with HSM and found a bond. Those parts could have been given to others and the same relationship might have blossomed. You can’t honestly believe that they will be a forever couple, can you?
    So please, tell me what I am missing so I can understand your fandemonium for these 2.

  • TIA

    ummmm wtf??! i definatley dont like them

  • http://deleted V-loyalist

    Yup Boji, see you next time around, while i’m on a break from work.

  • zanessa

    i love her but i dont like her bangs…im sure shell figure out a way to make em work … i dont think zac is in nyc i thought he was still in longdon

  • charli

    Lovin the bangs :)

    Definitely works them better than Miley.

    Just because V has bangs doesn’t mean she’s copying everyone else who has them.

    Maybe she’s in NYC to meet up with Zac.. ;)

    rock on Baby V

  • sweets

    hate the whore

    whats with these disney stars and all these bangs?
    they look horrible
    im a miley fan but they dont look good on her, or vanessa
    vanessa basically copied mileys hairstyle anyways

  • kgg

    rkwybchgrl – to answer your question, there is much to be said for this couple. They are very talented and were “lucky” as you say to get cast in the first HSM movie. Lucky in the fact that they were at the right place at the right time.

    There are many Zanessa supporters who acknowledge their talent, their chemistry on screen and in real life, and are rooting for them to make it. They have been together for over 2 years which is a lifetime in Hollywood for some couples, less for others.

    They are good kids who were brought up right and do many positive things to better the lives of others. It’s a love story in a crazy, negative world; it makes you feel good to see how happy they make each other and the people around them. And their fans range in ages from tweeners to over 50.

    It’s hard to explain, but if you read up on them and saw some of their adorable pics together, you’d see what I mean. It just makes me smile to see them together and that says it all.

  • avm

    i loooovvvveee her.. she looks good in everything!! can’t wait to c zanessa reunion!!