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Vanessa Hudgens Has Blunt Bangs

Vanessa Hudgens Has Blunt Bangs

A super smiley (and solo) Vanessa Hudgens shows off a new set of bangs as she goes on a shopping spree in rainy New York City on Wednesday afternoon.

The 19-year-old High School Musical star started off in the West Village at Scoop boutique, then took a short walk to nearby Jeffrey.

After jumping into a taxi, she stopped off at Cartier in midtown to look for some new jewels. Vanessa picked up items from both Scoop and Cartier.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Vanessa Hudgens’ new bangs?

25+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens shopping the Big Apple…

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  • zanessa 4eVERRR!

    she can NEVER be ugly. no matter what.
    shes sooo pretty but i’ll admit it, she looks good with bangs but better w/o them. still love her though!!

  • kgg

    BTW, according to VABN, Zac is still in London finishing up his movie but is expected to be in NY possibly by this weekend.

  • troy

    #193 You admit that you can see a “sweet friendship” and that’s a big part of the appeal right now. Plus as kgg said these are two kids who while they aren’t perfect and have made their share of mistakes in the past, have their heads on straight and stay out of trouble. That is very refreashing to see and make us root for them.

    But to be honest and I’m trying to be evasive here but I don’t think its something that can be explained. You either get it or you don’t.

    I haven’t seen anybody try to compare them to Tracy/Hepburn of Gable/Lombard and I don’t anybody except maybe the youngest and idealistic of their fans expect them to stay together forever. But it sure would be nice if they could.

  • Why?

    #193- Why did you have to go and ask the “fans” a direct question? Now we’ll get to hear more sweeping speeches and preaching for the next couple posts… thanks :(

  • dee

    you know you miss your baby V!! i miss her real hair =[

  • sternenfaenger

    cute cute cute

    she looks younger though…

  • KiSs

    Dahhh hahahah youre funny Dee! Love you Doll!


    She looks like me and my twin sister and mom Wired!!

  • Why?

    I don’t mean that offensively, but I was enjoying reading people’s responses to JJ’s question about if we like her hair or not. It was a post that had stayed relatively on track.

    I don’t like sifting through the mini-novels people write about why we like V. It happens on every thread and it’s always the same argument… guess it was wishful thinking that no one would ask for an explanation about why she has fans. So again, please do not jump down my back when I express my thoughts here.

  • http://deleted V-loyalist

    This is not fandemonium as you might call it, We are simply fans of either Vanessa or Zac who appreciate their talent in their chosen craft and them having a relationship is a bonus for us.

    Everybody’s liking is different, so I can’t speak for everyone else here. Sure they may not be the same as the one you mentioned showbiz couple that suits your taste, But we find them gifted with so much talent to offer, they make us proud and gives us so much inspiration and happiness.

    I for myself they keep me sane most of the time from my tons of work in my workplace. And I think what’s funny about being a fan and supporting a couple is that we see everything and we will never know if they will end together, but for sure what they have now that they been having for like 3 yrs now is simply remarkable considering at such a young age they started being a couple

  • joss

    UGHHH she looks horrible with bangs!!!

  • vanessahudgensfan

    there’s nothing wrong with vanessa’s bangs..
    she definitely pulled that look off.
    she looks so cute and gorgeous that a slight alteration in her style won’t affect her beauty.
    who knows, it might be fake and is only being used for her music video.

    anyway, i hope zac will be in nyc soon so that he and v could spend a lot of time together.. :-)
    do u agree zanessa fans?

  • sara

    #204/209 Agree w/ya!

    I’m not a fan of the hair. I don’t mind the idea of bangs on her, but they are so heavy and she has such small features. Oh well, hopefully it’s not her real hair and it’s just a look she’s toying with?

  • diana

    doesn’t look like vanessa anymore…
    but i still love her!!!
    she looks amazing!

  • Megan

    i reckon they really suit her

  • zanessaFAN




  • jh

    the bangs are fake! if you look at the close up pictures, they are blacker than her real hair. They sell clip on bangs now..Eva longoria has worn them before. plus she’s wearing that braided headband to hide where the extension starts.

    v looks better without them.

  • guste

    love V!

  • blah balh



    what was she thinking?

    argh… what’s happened to the pretty vanessa? why did she have to ruin herself?

    hopefully next time she’ll shove a hairband or get extensions of her really horrible looking fringe.


    lets hope she changes herself

    ashley tisdale is now the best looking out of vanessa, ashley and miley.

  • vanessaxhudgens

    i think she looks great whatever, i like them :)

  • Anne

    awww, she is sooo cute with every hairstyle!
    And she looks very and is wearing the ring!
    Love her!

  • Boji

    Bangs, fake or not, Vanessa looks uber cute and cool in this outfit of hers. It’s good to note she can change her hairstyle. Just love her ensemble.

    I don’t or can’t give long eloquent speeches or lecturesbut I love the banter that goes on on this site.

    So, Zac is still in London.Well, hopefully it will be an interesting weekend for both Zac and Vanessa.

  • Kanani

    OMG i adore them, no matter what she does she looks Fab. i love that she changes her look! i wonder whats next! its so funny she’s the only one out of Hsm that has new hair every movie. well xcept A.Tizzy she got a new nose haha!!

  • Yeah!

    I LOVE her look… But not her purs though!

  • Yeah!

    Her bangs looks VERY sexy

  • melli

    shes looks sooo cute… Oo
    shes just beautiful

  • Nia


  • wateva.

    I like it! It’s cute, I <3 her clothes!

  • shannon

    Aw she looks so pretty i hope her and Zac meet up soon!

  • me

    SHUT UP, HATERS!!!!!!!



  • zanessa forever


    she is the best!

    i love her so much!

    zanessa forever

  • juZt_A_fAN

    I like her straight hair better…
    she should stick with the straight hair… she looks more beautiful!!

  • UK FAN

    i love her hair she looks great

  • kk

    vanessa esta bonita,
    prefiro como antes ,mas ela ficou com estilo diferente

    mas o que eu mais gostei foi ver ela usando o” anel”

  • sarah, ireland

    i think it suits her, i really like them

  • JAnice

    i dont really like the bangs

  • http://- A baby

    OMG, She’s crazy.
    I loved her long hair without those BANGS.
    She looks quite BAD.
    Bad hair choice V.


  • evelyn

    why is she in ny? i bet anything its b/c zac is going to meet her there … wasn’t there a possibility maow was going to be shooting in ny?

  • missvanessa627

    omg!!! I’m totally loving it! I’m happy coz she had her bangs coz I have it too..:P

  • rokstur


  • michelle

    omg ewwww i preffered without the bangs..and i think she’s in new york to see zac…hopefully

  • Julie


  • Melina

    A super smiley (and solo) Vanessa Hudgens
    do you mean zac and vanessa broke up!?!

  • nati

    vanessa,gostei de seu novo estilo
    tem gente que ainda questiona o relacionamento de zanessa?
    gente sâo tantos momentos deles de provas de seu relacionamento
    sabe ,eu tenho acompanhado a carreira de vanessa entorno de 1 ano
    procuro atualizações de noticias dela todos os dias,e sempre estou achando momentos diferentes de zanessa, estas pessoas que não agreditam neste romance com certeza devem ver poucas fotos deles
    gente é impossivel de esconder este relacionamento,possui muitas fotos não oficiais deles juntos e em eventos, esta semana mesmo eu estava ohando uma foto de fâ aonde aparecia o zac ea vanessa juntos numa vesta dançando abraçados,e na foto oficial eu não tinha ideia que eles já estavão juntos.os momentos deles existe muitos em videos para não deixar duvida
    zanessa existe sim,voçê que coloca duvida sobre isso ,deve acompanhar mais a carreira dos dois.

  • tiffany

    i absoluty love the bangs! they are amazing

  • http://VanessaHudgensHasBluntBangs rubyred

    She looks adorable with bangs!!!!

  • XXX!

    Miley got a bangs a few days ago now Vanessa has them…..And people say Miley copys Vanessa??

    Vanessa looks super cute but i think i still need some time to get use to them !!

  • melli

    PERFECT…shes just perfect!

  • dani

    “its so funny she’s the only one out of Hsm that has new hair every movie.”

    Why do you say that? Haven you seen HSM2? Compare it to HSM1 and you will be surprised.

    Anyway, I love her hair. And she is so fashionable! I’m amazed by her style. Really.

    And that smile… It really made my day!

  • http://JUSTJARED zanessa fan

    she looks so cool now.