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Vanessa Hudgens Has Blunt Bangs

Vanessa Hudgens Has Blunt Bangs

A super smiley (and solo) Vanessa Hudgens shows off a new set of bangs as she goes on a shopping spree in rainy New York City on Wednesday afternoon.

The 19-year-old High School Musical star started off in the West Village at Scoop boutique, then took a short walk to nearby Jeffrey.

After jumping into a taxi, she stopped off at Cartier in midtown to look for some new jewels. Vanessa picked up items from both Scoop and Cartier.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Vanessa Hudgens’ new bangs?

25+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens shopping the Big Apple…

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  • Jessica

    Well….I like it!
    She looks more topmodel like than before!
    She works the bangs better than Miley and Heidi Klum I think,….
    She is really pretty with and without a bang’!!!!!!
    Love her!!!!!

  • eira

    she looks gorgeous with or without bangs!
    i think miley and vanessa planned to get bangs together..hehe..

  • hudgenslover

    ummm she looks ok but it knda looks weird ….

  • duh

    Umm those bangs are fake it doesnt macth her hair.

  • Jess

    I love the new look!

  • Katherine

    eww it looks ikkkkkk
    doesnt suit her at allll…

  • Sinaline

    aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesome.. she looks pretty.. thanks :)

  • liefy

    i like the bangs!
    finally something different,
    they are cute on her!

  • Cindy

    Vanessa looks really cute with the bangs, but I wonder if they are real? If you look really closely, they do not match the rest of her hair exactly. They look darker to me. Maybe she is just experimenting to see how she looks in bangs or just wants a temp. new look.

    I wonder if she is in NYC for business? ( i.e. a scene from the movie Will or a photo shoot , or video shoot).

    From the looks on her face in these pictures though ,it looks like she may be meeting up with a certain someone who may be filming in NY. She looks absolutely beautiful here. Her whole face especially her eyes are just radiant. I’m really hoping for a Zanessa reunion, preferably a paps free one.

  • babycgirl395

    she is in New York i believe to release her new single in the interview with Ryan im not sure but at least she is happy hey maybe ill see her lol that will be fun and totally Awesome

  • Deea

    V looks beutiful !

    So cute, i love the bangs !

  • tree

    Ryan is in California. Video shoot maybe. She does look very happy.

  • cheyanne

    love it !!!!

  • Sam

    I like the change, it’s refreshing!

  • beverley

    Real or not… doesn’t matter.Vanessa has such a pretty face that she can carry any look off,and that smile….just beautiful.!!!

    Hope she is there to meet up with her Zac.I know that if I were Vanessa and I hadn’t seem Zac for 2 months,I’d lock the hotel room door and throw away the key for a few days !!!!

  • iellidy

    Graças a doce vanessa sorrindo,lindo pois as ultimas fotos totalmente diferente. espero que descanse um pouco e aproveite,com o sem bangs a vane e linda um relacionamento para se sagrado tem comcordancia e poriso eles mantem comtato e sempre que pode estão juntos so que não sabemos, mais esta historia ainda não chegou ao fim.zac e vanessa foreve.

  • donna

    Her bangs are ugly!
    I know tons of people have said it but I just had to say it too.

  • Donna

    I don’t like bangs unless you have a big forehead to cover up. Sh looks better without them. I think bangs are for little girls. Maybe longer wispy bangs but not bangs. Ugh!!!

  • donna

    And pls spare me the whole “top model” look because she isn’t a top model and has a face way too cute for such. I doubt we will ever see her on a catwalk during fashion week. But really I hope she grows those things out stat!

  • Naomi

    Love them! Takes a bit getting used to, however, they’re definitely growing on me.

    What I love most is that she’s confident and secure enough to try new looks and experiment with hairstyles. I do that a lot so I understand.

    She is looking so sophisticated and classy like a topmodel and her smile beats all!

    I don’t know if anyone else has noticed how independent she’s become since she started driving. She’s been travelling quite frequently alone and as I’ve commented on her other threads, have acquired a poise I find very appealing and chic.
    She has certainly grown up on me in the last couple of months and I’m loving the woman she’s becoming.

  • jac jac

    Noo..i luved her hair b4!!. but she still looks perty!!

  • Simo


  • tommygirl

    Vanessalooks so happy like her big smile. Her hair is nice to. Is she meeting Zac there?????????

  • gayle

    I love it.

  • VT

    pretty and happy :)

  • violette

    Love her but I think she looked better without the bangs.

  • V-Love

    Love Vanessa Love Vanessa Love Vanessa Love Vanessa Love Vanessa Love Vanessa Love Vanessa Love Vanessa Love Vanessa
    Zanessa forever Zanessa forever Zanessa forever Zanessa forever Zanessa forever Zanessa forever Zanessa forever Zanessa forever

  • Elizabeth

    i love Vanessa she’s the best!!!
    i wanna meet her!!!
    love you!!!<33333

  • julia


  • jfdlkaf

    now she looks even uglier.
    i didn’t think that was possible.

  • Helena…

    Omg!!!She looks so cute with that new bang!…I think that it is a perfect look for Gabriella in HSM3!!!Wonder why she looked at the jewels tho…

  • mel

    she looks so cuteee
    i leke the bagss
    she rocksssssssss

  • isabela


  • Malia

    Heck, Vanessa looks great now matter how she wears her hair.

    I knew Vanessa was trained as a dancer,but here is what one of the choreographers for HSM had to say about her in an article in the Grand Rapids Press:
    Chucky Klapow choreographed the dance moves for “High School Musical 3: Senior Year,” scheduled for release in theaters in October. He gave us a sneak peek behind the curtain of the surefire box-office hit:

    On Vanessa Hudgens (Gabriella): “Vanessa is the most naturally gifted in picking up the new moves.”

  • Snapszieboo

    She loooks good, i liked it better without bangs though(:

    when they say . . “solo” does that mean zanessa broke up ?

  • laila and suzan

    she always pretty
    i love vanessa hudgens she is pretty with or without the bangs

    zanessa controool

  • Mrs.MUsso

    wow…im impressed im not a big fan of Vanessa, but she looks pretty…in a month or so she will put them to the side…like razor cut bangs…..

  • arvil

    look cute

  • http://facebook randy

    yes i see the ring:) she looks cute shell prbably put bak like how she used to later

  • Lily

    :( .. i dont like it..

  • britanny

    she looks more than great…
    i love her outfit…
    lov her…
    she looks so much better than
    and maybe she is waitin g zac¿?
    well…she looks pretier with bangs..
    so exited..she is wearing zanessa ring…

  • Karen


    Solo means she is alone in NY, that the pictures are of her and nobody is with her.

    However, the news is that Zac is expected to be in NY by the weekend as some of his movie Me and Orson Wells was suppose to be shot in NYC.

  • The OC Fansite
  • hispanic

    I hope it’s her real hair !!!
    It’s soooooooooooooooo beautiful , her eyes looks very beautiful too and I looooooove her outfit , she looks really pretty !! , her old hair was really boring now I love it with the bangs!!
    I hope gabriella is gonna have this haircut in hsm3 :D Look I loove her hair sqo much , the bangs with long curly hair !!


  • Cynthia

    I don’t think she acually cut her bangs. There is this hair piece that looks like a headband that you can put on if you want to try out bangs without actually cutting your hair. She looks ok with them but I prefer her with out them.

  • Karen

    I want to add my two-cents worth about the appeal of these two, adding to what my friends Kgg, Troy, and V-Loyalist have said: You either see it or you don’t. Yes, they are great friends as both of them have said in interviews. But IF you are not particularly a fan of theirs then there may be a good chance that you have not looked at some of the pictures that we fans have seen. I would have to ask someone like you who don’t see the chemistry to explain to me how you can look at the multiple pictures taken of them while vacationing in Hawaii, the pics of them from the HSM DVD release party, and the pics from the Palm Springs film festival in January and say you DON’T see what all of us fans see?

  • prettyvanessa

    I love her outfit and i agree with “hispanic’ the bangs looks really good on her
    I love this picture , she looks more mature and her smile and eyes are soooo beautiful —>

  • Orla

    I think it really suits her. She still looks amazing!

  • Karen

    I commented on the bangs much earlier and everyone’s outrage of “copying” but why isn’t all the stars who are getting bangs right now being blasted for copying Tyra Banks??? She’s had her bangs longer than anyone, I think!

  • melly


    i think it makes her hair look like a wig. Usually her hair looks more natural than that.

    Bottomline: Thick bangs like that don’t work on her.