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Miley Cyrus: Wax On Wax Off

Miley Cyrus: Wax On Wax Off

Miley Cyrus gets immortalized into a wax figure at Madame Tussauds New York in Times Square on Thursday.

The first 100 fans to see Miley received free admission T-shirts, CDs and DVDs. Fans wore “got miley?” and “I Heart Miley Cyrus” shirts while posing with the teen queen.

Talk about Miley-mania!

Why didn’t they immortalize her BFF Leslie?? Or new BFF Mandy??

More pictures of Miley Cyrus waxing on and off…

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miley cyrus wax 01
miley cyrus wax 02
miley cyrus wax 03
miley cyrus wax 04
miley cyrus wax 05
miley cyrus wax 06
miley cyrus wax 07
miley cyrus wax 08

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  • lore


  • gracie

    wow thats freaky!

  • janie

    first!! :) i love her

  • lore


    i love her :D, shes so perfect and beautiful

    she looks amazing !

    we want you in mexico miley

  • Daniela♥ we dont #4 haha
    Stay right were you are Miley away from Mexico ;)

  • Sare

    Woah i thought that was really her.
    They got the teeth down and everything.

  • Marina

    Tiene demasiada frente xD

  • Lelsie

    I think this is the scariest thing I have ever seen in my life!! EWW!

  • me

    its kinda scary how much that looks like her.

    i love mileyyyy

  • melany

    it doesnt seem to be miley, is it a facke miley? i cant understand, someone explain mee pleeasee

  • Kristina

    she looks like a man.



  • mAUH

    miley *—-*

  • melany

    oh its a double, hey this scares me, they look a lot similarrr

  • kissi

    aww miley is the best!!!
    come to chile miley pliss =)

  • meli

    that’s HORRIBLE!

  • Rachel
  • XXX!

    That is so werid !! I tought it was her at first it me forever to catch on haha!!

    Love miley she rocks :)

    But ill admit the wax versions teeth arent what id call perfect!

    But i still love her!

  • elljay

    it looks horriblee.

  • Safiya

    I’m like her biggest fan! She looks amazing and I think people who hate her are just jealous! Go Miley!

  • kiley

    hahah thats so weird! i love her!!

  • Nani

    Gosh, does anyone here know how to read? She’s not miley, she´s not a double. She’s a wax figure! duuh!

  • Shelby

    Listen here you Miley bashers and stupid people,
    Now let me tell you somthing else, she doesn’t love attention she gets it because shes nice and sweet and lovable unlike you losers who are Miley bashers. OK! OH AND all you miley haters you all are probably all low lifed losers who have nothing better to do than sit around and waste time trash talking stars. GET A FLIPPEN LIFE! and that goes for you “#10″ ya loser!

  • Diama

    i love her!!!!!
    she rocks

  • XXX!

    #11 Its a wax model of miley not actully miley :) its ok it confused me at first too :)

    I love miley i thinks shes a great role model and seems really sweet and donw to earth x

  • denise

    haha even her wax figure has busted teeth.

  • heloo


  • ae

    if i were standing next to that thing, id f**kin hack the head off with a chainsaw! lmao i hate her

  • tay

    they even got her messed up grill right! hahaha

  • jessica

    wow….just wow. I’m gonna work on a 5 second singing career so I can have a wax figure too.

    P.S. since when has just jared been infested with 13 year old girls??

  • Blah Blah

    LMAO @ #10
    No worries if they haven’t got it completely right. She’ll me melted down in a couple years anyway.

  • fofo

    she looks ugly in this wax figure.

  • XXX!

    Miley isnt 13 shes 15 get your facts right haha

  • tom

    dang whtas up with that damn dolly parton wig,shes frickin scary.and who in the hell would want a wax figure of that britt.wannabe.she looks like a guy.dude go away

  • nessie


  • tay-tay

    she looks pretty, no, really strange!

  • michelle

    wow! It looks identical. I don’t really like wax figures, they kind of freak me out. But, I like hers!

  • mandy

    thats so scary
    in some ways it looks like here
    but then in some way it doesn’t
    i think they made her look a little older
    but they got like style and her teeth look right on
    this is pretty cool

  • Nilo

    she looks like a man.

  • Nilo

    she is U.G.L.Y

  • jasmine

    freak. thats scary. wow. omg. i love miley and all but that thing will give me nightmares. andohhgawd. those horrible teeth. bleh. almost exactly like the originals. but miley’s still cool. =]

  • Gabby

    who ever said the thing at miley getting pregnant in two is is an idot ! Miley is a great role model, you are just jelous ! I think she is great

    go all true miley fans !

  • Nina

    That’s crazy scary.
    It’s an exact replica of her.
    So life-like.

  • miley

    it looks nothing like her

    shes sooooo ,uch more gorgous in real life

  • Nicole m

    I actually thought it was her at first! is pretty freaky looking.

  • Mousie

    something is wrong when a doll looks better than the actual person.

  • mary

    those wax figures are soo good, it’s scary

  • Kristina

    i hate when miley lovers say that her “haters” are jealous of her.
    like, seriously. C’MON!
    who would be jealous of her?

    i would rather be jealous of a frog then her. she’s only famous because of her father, and hollywood is seriously getting to her head.

    miley, start acting your fucking age. dress like your 15, not like your fucking 30.

  • mariana

    omg that wax figure its scaryy

  • casey

    i love miley cyrus
    but she is taking it to far she looks like a barbie doll and its freaky and her hair!!!!!!