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Miley Cyrus: Wax On Wax Off

Miley Cyrus: Wax On Wax Off

Miley Cyrus gets immortalized into a wax figure at Madame Tussauds New York in Times Square on Thursday.

The first 100 fans to see Miley received free admission T-shirts, CDs and DVDs. Fans wore “got miley?” and “I Heart Miley Cyrus” shirts while posing with the teen queen.

Talk about Miley-mania!

Why didn’t they immortalize her BFF Leslie?? Or new BFF Mandy??

More pictures of Miley Cyrus waxing on and off…

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miley cyrus wax 01
miley cyrus wax 02
miley cyrus wax 03
miley cyrus wax 04
miley cyrus wax 05
miley cyrus wax 06
miley cyrus wax 07
miley cyrus wax 08

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  • emily

    ha, they even got her demented teeth.


  • http://none rawrr

    omg. that is so freaky! i was like “Whoa”!


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    Reserve Result (RR) <3 Just Jared readers.

  • Mareike

    MILEY ROCKS, and that wax figure is JUST LIKE HER o.o but kinda freaky xD

    and we do want miley in mexico :D haha



  • Hah!

    wow, I thought that was her for a second!

  • Christina

    that’s a shame. they make a wax figure of her, but now of more important people like the jonas brothers… or derek jeter.

  • clem

    i cant believe all you people are saying it looks like her! it looks nothing like her at ALL!
    actually it looks like her in about 30 years time
    but i like the top they’ve put on her!

  • Jillian

    wowww….Miley and this wax thing have sumthing in common…THEY ARE BOTH FAKE!…and ugly…

  • BabiiVFanforeva

    omg i thought that was the real miley for a sec
    lol im a fan of her
    shes cool

  • 007

    She looks scary when she tries to SMILE for the camera or POSE. O_o Seriously! Why is there an update on her EVERYDAY?

  • Carii

    woahh no offense but they made the forehead like really really hugee. but its really cool lookin hehe :]

  • someone

    duuuuuude, i SERIOUSLY thought that was her (in person) but then i scrolled down and read all these comments and found out that that was her wax figure in the pics. lmfao.

    yeah, i was kinda wondering why she was doing the same pose in every pic. it was kind of freaking me out.

  • rhdf


  • Jonas Fan


    They made her look like $h!t
    Oh wait that is how she really looks :D

    Jonas Brothers need a wax figure now

  • mayo

    oh wow thats so cool.i first thought that was really her but its not.hahaha im dumb looks so real.

  • mee


  • jamie

    lol #24, miley is not always nice…if u read other stuff, she’s rude to people sometimes, to JB for example, and ppl are never jealous of miley…
    and hear this #24

  • jamie

    lol #24, miley is not always nice…if u read other stuff, she’s rude to people sometimes, to JB for example, and ppl are never jealous of miley…
    and hear this #24 YOU MILEY LOVERS ARE NOTHING BUT LOW LIFED FANS WHO SPEND THEIR TIME WORSHIPPING HER LIKE A GOD WHEN U KNOW UR NEVER GONNA MEET HER, OR BE HER “FRIEND” (and if u do meet her, wut are the chances of her liking u…) U WASTE UR TIME HATING ON HATERS OF MILEY, you should go get a life! and #10 is sooo right, shes gonna be like that someday
    and haters don’t trash talk about EVERY celebrity, idiot…only trash talk about miley, cuz she is trash! (this is for #24 “shelby”…. -_-”)

  • http://nowebsite the princess of the midwest

    Yo so what don’t you look a little scary sometimes,ha in your faces i bet you do don’t you.So don’t start picking on the 15 year old girl like that it’s called bullying,were any of you ever teached how making fun
    can hurt a person,so keep your nasty comments to yourselves ok please and thank you.

  • mbrockinglover23

    Omg miley look freakin amazing dude wow thats so bad ass that wiked cool haters dont be jealouse you dont have a awesome wax figure like miley you wish pshh
    MILEY YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 1234five

    I like Miley just fine, but they REALLY messed up this wax figure. Usually when a celeb is standing next to their wax figure you can’t even tell which is real… but with this? Melt it and try again, please! :)

  • becky

    i hate when miley lovers say that her “haters” are jealous of her.
    like, seriously. C’MON!
    who would be jealous of her?

    i would rather be jealous of a frog then her. she’s only famous because of her father, and hollywood is seriously getting to her head.

    miley, start acting your ******* age. dress like your 15, not like your ******* 30.

    ^ omg, i totally agree with. 100 % correct.



  • fann.

    dear miley haters,

    Miley is a 15 year old girl, if she wasn’t that great then they wouldn’t have a wax figure of her. All of you will deny that your jealous when it’s blatantly obvious that you are. and for the record, i really don’t think she cares what you think..

    moving on..

    It’s actually pretty good, at first i thought it actualy was her and not the wax figure :D

  • lala_girl

    I LOVE HER!!!

    haha… but why would we need Mandy or Leslie anyways… DUMB question JJ! XD

  • ep

    yay!!! i’m 31st

  • ep

    i meant 78th

  • alyssa

    its LESLEY not leslie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! duh.

  • http://yahoo molly

    omg she looks so pretty and no we dont wat her in mexico we want to keep her here in the united states lol but yeah she look really pretty on all of her pics just that on this pic she has too much makeup

  • ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    oph my my eyes they burn ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh why did she have to be on top of vannesa hudgens shes prettier they should make a wax of vannesa hudgens or ashley tisdale there prettier

  • ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    yeah i agree with #49 and #74 hollywood is totally getting to her head i mean the miley and mandy show i mean all she says is hi hi hih hi all the time and makes the ugliest faces mandy is prettier she deserves to be famous

  • trisha

    i tottally agree those shows are pointless and mandy is prettier

  • frenchy girl

    it’s beautiful !!!

  • Jillian

    people…thats NOT Miley!!! that thing iz made of WAX! Cant u read?? and they have sumthing in common…they’re both FAKE.


    OMG i thourgt it was miley, OMG!!!!
    if i didnt read the comments i had think it was her!!!

  • ashley

    shee isn’t miley! because in those picture her hair is more long, and i think that this girl is the women who was at the concert being miley :D

  • ashley

    shee isn’t miley! because in those picture her hair is more long, and i think that this girl is the women who was at the concert being miley :D

  • Kayla

    people are so weird why the hell would you do this?

  • 1245

    that is so ugly. it makes her forehead look huge

  • Sylvia

    Ok so thats not really her thats a wax model? I am so confused.

  • leen

    that’s the ugliest, most precise wax figure…ever

    …….it looks exactly like her xD

  • alexia


  • Ruchi

    the best thing ever happened to Miley

  • mααy

    ooh miiley , for you just one word : love ♥

  • damina

    damn that looks real

  • Natasha

    lets get this all straight
    you miley haters suck ass!
    shes amazing and talented
    i love her shes my role model
    doesnt matter bout the looks or anything else
    she has a good heart unlike you asssholess!!!!!!!!!!!
    i agree with shelby number 24 or something like that
    shs a truee miley fan
    & miley got her teeth fixed buddddooss so nothing to make fun about anymore baby!

  • dcstarinthemaking

    wow she looks really ugly

  • kelsey


  • grr

    woah the freaky thing is that her eyes look human. D: