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Shia LaBeouf goes to AA

Shia LaBeouf goes to AA

Shia LaBeouf walks with friends with Starbucks in tow after supporting a friend attending an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting at a local church in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Shia, 21, was seen yesterday on a photoshoot for Arena magazine.

More pictures of Shia LaBeouf going to AA with his friend…

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shia labeouf aa 01
shia labeouf aa 02
shia labeouf aa 03
shia labeouf aa 04
shia labeouf aa 05
shia labeouf aa 06
shia labeouf aa 07
shia labeouf aa 08
shia labeouf aa 09

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  • morgan


  • Disappointed

    I’m sorry Jared, but you should not post pictures of an AA meeting. I understand Shia is a celebrity, but this could hurt the anonymity of others attending.

  • Diama


  • lola

    yeah thats true;)

    hes hot

  • lola


  • vy

    i love him

  • lola

    he should date vanessa hudgens, theyre both hairy;)

  • Kyle

    Funny one lola!!!

    Shia is steamy!!!!

  • Karwash !

    wow he looks really different…
    &whoa ! AA ?!

  • lola

    go shanessa;)

  • aa

    I hope this kid has his 15 minutes and goes away

  • ck

    Assuming is A*sholes Anonymous

  • flutters

    Jared I love you but shouldn’t AA meetings be off limits?

  • lol

    why would people get pissed about them taking pix of him at an aa meeting but they dont care if they stalk celebs into rehab..

  • Sara

    I like Shia alot and he is adorable but it seems as though this was planted to give him media attention. I like Shia and I don’t think they need to resort to publicity stunts because he has alot of talent.

  • yfw

    happy you’re finally posting Shia stuff, jared!

  • Sunny

    Is this the place where he parked in a driveway, blocking people’s access? Or is it the one where he smoked illegally and was given a citation which he ignored and had a bench warrant issued? Or is this where he was drunk in a store and arrested for disorderly conduct for refusing to exit?

  • _nika

    I´m with nº 2.
    Just jared you shouldn´t post this or any other website for that matter. Although I know I´m saying this to you´ll continue to post about AA ugh.



  • danr

    It’s AA, Jared…at least blur out the faces of the others in the pic.

  • mia

    thats sweet of him

  • eddie

    a new low. yes, at least block out the faces of the friend. i hope that the people who need those AA meetings aren’t kept away because of the flipping paparazzi. Jeez.

  • ashley t sucks


  • whatever

    Wow…. guess you missed what the second “A” stands for in AA – there’s a reason it’s called “Alcoholics Anonymous”. Post Shia’s pics, but you don’t need to say who, what and where! Just in case you missed it…

    Why Alcoholics Anonymous Is “Anonymous”
    Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of A.A. It disciplines the Fellowship to govern itself by principles rather than personalities. We are a society of peers. We strive to make known our program of recovery, not individuals who participate in the program. Anonymity in the public media is assurance to all A.A.s, especially to newcomers, that their A.A. membership will not be disclosed. – YEAH UNLESS YOU HAPPEN TO BE WITH A CELEBRITY AND SOME AS*HOLE POSTS YOUR PIC AND INFORMATION ON THE INTERNET!

    Love your site Jared but this is low!

  • OMG




    have a little respect for him, he is only human

  • Miss Stephanie

    PLEASE !!!!!!!!! as someone who has over a year of sobriety after making AA a part of my life, I know that people need this…AA will colapse if its anonymity is undermined. Jared you have no right to do that. PLEASE read this…I strongly urge you not to post in the future.

  • Paparazzi

    Thanks Bauer, because of your irresponsible GV postings, I know exactly where this church is and I am going to shoot Shia there!

  • rot

    hot hot hot

  • rot

    hot hot hot

  • please, do not post AA photos

    Please, *stop posting photos of AA meetings*, people attending AA meetings, locations of AA meetings with famous attendees, etc.

    Yes, Eddie, it is a new low. Except that I’ve seen other AA shots here. Jared, please stop posting AA-related photos!

  • Amanda

    You should not be posting pictures of anyone attending an AA meeting. That’s what Anonymous means; that is very insensitive of you.

  • Amanda

    You should not be posting pictures of anyone attending an AA meeting. That’s what Anonymous means; that is very insensitive of you.

  • http://LilMandiyo Mandi

    I understand that he is a Actor and his fans want to see him but to go that far is just wrong and if he went to support a friend how do you think his friend is going to feel when he clicks on to this website and sees himself coming out of an AA meeting and this is personal to be because both of my parents were alcoholics and i went to the meetings to support them and if that were me i’d be pissed Jared i love your site but next time think before you put another personal pic like this up any other one would be fine but not these types of pics!

  • lucy

    this is funny. if he is going to AA its obviously not anonymous and he’s obviously not upset about it! give the guy a break :)

  • bumblebee

    damn, lola…


    he’s too good for her!

  • Beatmaster56-9

    dude you got to quit smoking and quit greasing back your hair man it just aint sexy cuz you do got a sexy bod so don’t go ruining it i would totallly let you pound my ass if you were gay but damn i wouldnt enjoy it as much cuz greasy guys just aint sexy

  • fay

    This blog made me sick to stomach.. is stalking not a the walls of bill W’s home ,AA by law it is an anonymous place of recovery
    to help people that have had so much pain to over come in there life time,, most of us could never image lets be kind.. Shia is very hard working he is an innovator of his choosen craft..and with his last film was back to work todays after is trash and finished the film with one hand..Now people would you like people following you therapist office…just think about it

    Stalking is not an art form.. lets live our lives with rescept for the people that entertain us apose to make them feel as though they can do no right or can’t get help for there definition that is insanity..GFYS get real job or take up kniting

  • agatha




  • Sayuri

    Ele é muito LINDO! SHia (L)

  • cutegirl123

    He is well hot hes too old 4 me tho Im 13 but I just love him hes still sexy x

    Ive not seen transformers is it any gd ??
    I have watched indiana jones kingdom of the crystal skull Which he is in Lol Thats good


  • JL

    I’m glad Shia’s attending AA. He’ll learn something and maybe help others, it’s all positive.