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Vanessa Hudgens: Will'in & Chillin' in New York

Vanessa Hudgens: Will'in & Chillin' in New York

Vanessa Hudgens has a laugh on the set of her movie Will on Thursday which is currently filming in New York.

The High School hottie was filming scenes with co-star Gaelan Connell. Check out their matching Chucks!

V was seen yesterday out and about New York City with her new bangs and shopping up a storm!

10+ pictures of Vanessa Hudgens will’in and chillin in New York…

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  • Nina

    Looks better without the bangs!
    Still cute though.

  • bella

    1st ! love baby v !! (L)

  • san

    second! awesome

  • heloo

    i lovee her!! x

  • Anne

    aww, she’s so cute!
    Love her!

  • lola

    1st ! love baby v !! (L)

  • jfdlkaf


  • lala_girl

    She looks so awesome and soooooo much better without the bangs! THIS I LOVE!!!! yay, first page!!! first time!! =D


    she’s soo cute
    i love her soo much
    soo lovley i cant waite for heeer movie and the cd
    i love you vanessa :)

  • lala_girl

    Right,…. now we know why she’s in NYC!! Because of WILL, not because of Zac being there or her music video! Thank you for the update JJ!

  • jess

    love her!

  • baylee

    YAY! first comment!? i love her new hair, it’s so pretty!

  • athena

    I wonder if the Me and Orson Welles production is still shooting in NYC as well…does anyone know?

  • hannah

    What happened to her bangs?
    They dissappeared.

  • http://deleted V-loyalist

    #7 We dont need to know how you look ok!

    Anyway.. look at that smile… so lovely and cute! And i never knew that Will has some scenes to be shot at New York..and the reason she is there, i wonder how many days will she stay in New York for Will? I hope she stays till the someone she misses a lot to meet up with her there…*wink*

  • megaminga

    dude she looks much betetr without those bangs!! is face looked too squished!! lol


    If you look at the bangs, there is a braid above them, which makes it look like a hair piece. Especially since they are gone today :) Cute.

  • miley

    she so beautiful and #15, i agree with your comment about #7

  • tinseltown

    lovee heer..
    so blair waldorf jaja
    she looks cute in anyways
    hope zanessa is alive:(

  • mimi

    what scene are they shooting?

  • olarana

    I liked the bangs but she look better without :D
    sooooo pretty !!! love her outfit ?

    thursday ??? is it today because I live In france and I don’t now what time it’s in the Us ?

  • troy

    I guess the bangs were just her trying something different, I have to say that I’m in the she looks better without them camp, but I did not think she looked terrible. It’s just nice to see her laughing and happy. In more then a few pictures over the last couple of days she looked kind of down. I’m glad to see that apparently that’s no longer the case.

  • bee

    awh she looks adorable..

    I’m glad they’re actually filming on location in NYC, it wouln’t have the same impact if they had filmed certain scenes on a recreated set..

    thanks Jared.

  • jessica

    she’s so cuteeeeee

    love her

  • elisa

    I don’t understand !!! does she have the bangs or not now ???

  • daze

    thanks jared i am glad that i see her smile again…she so cute and adoralble in that outfit

  • daze

    thanks jared i am glad that i see her smile again…she so cute and adoralble in that outfit…. I wonder if zac is her also…

  • estella

    Does she have the bangs or not now?? It was fake hair ??I don’t understand

  • http://deleted V-loyalist

    Agree with you Troy..Bangs thingy.. I think it’s nice to experiment from time to time for a different look and Vanessa seem to enjoy a day of having that kind of hairstyle and I find actually cute on her my opinion…

  • Karen

    You know, even if the bangs were her own hair yesterday, it doesn’t mean she has to have them today! They were long enough for her to do something else with them. Plus, what makes the difference if the bangs were a “hairpiece” or not? She’s known to wear extensions as many actresses do at times. That’s the wonders of today’s world. In one interview for HSM2 Monique Coleman once said as the interviewer said, “I know there are two things you should never ask a woman and that is her age and weight” to which Monique also added that you should never ask a woman if it is her real hair which got quite a laugh. So, I don’t understand what all the excitement is over whether the bangs were real or not or if they looked good or not. Those kinds of looks can be changed just as easily as hair color can.

  • Wendy

    She FOOLED everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRILLIANT VANESSA!!!!! You are One-in-a-Million!!!!! Stay as SWEET as you are….and keep that beautiful SMILE on your face!!!

  • VT

    she in N.Y for WILL

    more pics j.j

  • Becky

    She’s adorable!

    I liked the bangs, I thought they made her look edgy. But I think she looks better without the bangs. We can see her pretty face more! :D

  • Juany


  • gigi

    dude , she looks cute with the bangs . but now , she looks SO MUCH better . (H .

    YEP . cat V rocks , babys :)
    HÊY . I can’t belive that she is im NY . OMG –

    anyway , lovêya – kisses for Brazil , oqs ? (:

  • Karen

    It is funny that nobody has ever read that Vanessa’s movie Will was suppose to do any filming in NYC. I think it is nice that both Vanessa and Zac’s movies are probably ending up in the big apple. But I thought Wednesday AND Thursday were the days the cast was to have off on the Will movie. It seems that Vanessa has been working on Thursdays a lot. Plus, she was in LA on Tuesday. I would say since she brought all her luggage home to LA that this movie is wrapping up now.

  • AJ.

    you all guys are so damn annoying.
    whether you posted a nice comment about her or not.

  • sternenfaenger


  • rubyred

    Nice smile. She is one busy girl. She looks beautiful with bangs and without them.

  • hunibee

    she looks so freaking cute
    awwww so pretty :D
    love u vanessa
    u are my idol

  • melli

    how can somebody be that cute and so damn beautiful???
    its just unfair :D

  • suzy

    She looks cute. I’m happy she gets to film in New York.

  • Amanda

    I like her better without bangs. I mean her with bangs looked cute and all but she could barley see! haha! But I luv the pics!

  • kristen0606

    she looks really cute! Can’t wait for the movie…hmm guess the bangs weren’t real…..maybe she is just styling them differently than yesterday..i thought she wasn’t going to be in the NYC scene…maybe the director changed his mind? Anyways now we know why she is there! :)

  • kat

    does anyone know when she is wrapped filming this movie? she always surprised us. from austin to la to new york to…? maybe utah next right? i think gaelan is a cutie, adorkable =)

  • yaki

    Ohhh i loved the Bangs :( but she’s always really pretty and soooooooooo cute !!!

  • canadagirl

    karen, i couldn’t agree with you more about the bangs. they can be treated just like hair extensions, just like sunglasses, a purse or a pair of shoes – accessories! fun to be able to change up your look for a day!

  • Karen

    I’m just wondering, why are so many saying, “Oh, now we know why she is in NY?” Was it so hard to imagine that maybe she would go there so see Zac since his movie is suppose to also have scenes from NY and the fact the haven’t seen each other for 2 months? Is it so hard to imagine that they both knew they would end up together in NY or that Zac might actually be there by the weekend? Why is it so incredible to think all these factors can work together at the same time?? Try to think outside the box once in a while and not be so narrow-minded. Maybe there won’t be so many arguments. It’s not rocket science!

  • vahnumba1fan

    OH – MY – GOSH!

    VANESSA is in NYC?!
    ZAC was/is in NYC?!


    PERFECT TIMING! today was my 1st day of spring break & i live near NYC (not gonna say where)!! does anyone know where the set is?? is zac still there?? i NEED to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sorry, i’m just a little over – excited… obviously ;-]

  • anasofiaa’

    i love vanessa she is awesomee
    and i love too zanessa it looks
    pretty and so so cute xoxo