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Jared Leto's Fat Movie Poster

Jared Leto's Fat Movie Poster
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  • hlloilvy

    HAHAHHA. I can’t stand Jared Leto. Stupid fat man should’ve had a heart attack long ago.

  • Miss Swan


  • Orange Clockwork

    There’s a nice warm spot waiting for you in hell, hlloilvy.

  • hlloilvy

    I take back my former comment. I was getting him confused with Jared Fogle. My bad. I have nothing against Jared Leto.

  • Anonymous

    What is with Jennifer Aniston face?
    Everyone needs to check her face.

  • yvette

    whatever happened to Mark David Chapman’s wife?

  • http://myspace zanessfan!

    Jared Leto is a good person and very very talented, and you should NOT say things about him when you dont even know him ok
    He is one of my fav actors, and that makes me angry when people say thungs about him like that

    You should keep that to yourself, waste your own time because if all your gonna say is mean stuff about him, dont say it at all

  • http://myspace zanessfan!

    Orange Clockwork that is cool you like Jared leto to

    I’m a fan also

  • Anonymous

    What is wrong with Jennifer Aniston face?
    Everyone needs to check her face.

  • Helena

    Shame on Jared, for posting that Winona Ryder link. Not only is the source cráp, but it’s completely untrue.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    leto’s a very good actor.

  • Kira

    Oh come on, chapter 27 is an old movie! It was on sundance festival in 2007! Just because the movie is gonna hit some theaters in a few days from now it doesn’t mean we should be impressed by it, we all knew Jared was doing the role of chapman long time ago!

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    this fcukwit kira is talking like she or anyone else (the public) has seen the film.

    who gives a fcuk when it was made….? stupid spunkdumpster.

  • Helena

    Yet Famous, you always insult people you don’t even know! Hypocrisy at it’s finest! Loser.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]


    ouuuuuuuuuu suck on my chocolate salty ballssssss, stick’em in your mouth and.. suck’em!

    suck on my chocolate salty ballssss, their packed full of vitaminssss, and good for you. so suck on my ballsssssss.

  • Kira

    Well, famous i’m talking, because I’m upset, that a year later, they’re making all this publicity and it bothers me!

    Helena, i totally agree with you.

    I love Jared Letoo! But, all this publicity came too late…

  • gypsy marie

    yeah, the guys are rich and UGLY, but i wouldn’t say nicki is some “babe” either. they all deserve each other.

  • remember da truth

    Why does getting publicity for a movie bother you? Don’t you have a life of your own to care about?

  • remember da truth

    The source for the link is the Daily Mail. No one with any sense would take it seriously. No need to worry….

    Oh yeah, a lot of the half-wits here will believe it, but they don’t matter. Most wouldn’t know the difference between CNN and E! and have no ideas of their own.

  • Helena

    Famous, you got so owned that all you can reply to is with some crappy youtube video.

  • Cothee

    Omg !! xDD hahahah this is SOO funny , i love him .. but in that photo no hhahaha

  • black

    Why am I not surprised?

    You want to get an Oscar- two things you´ll need. Gain weight and get ugly——-voila!

  • Elle

    Reese Witherwhore has the scariest ugliest face of all!

  • jaijai

    I love jared leto….I love his music and he is a great actor!!!!
    Plus…he is hott.
    Sooo…stop talking shit!!!!

  • Brandon D

    You guys are complete idiots. Jared Leto is not fat anymore that was awhile ago! get with the now geniuses!