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Jonathan Rhys Meyers is a Leather Jacket Lad

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is a Leather Jacket Lad

Jonathan Rhys Meyers and longtime girlfriend Reena Hammer wear matching leather jackets as they head to Privilege Thai Spa for an afternoon of pampering in New York City on Thursday.

The Tudors Season 2 premiere airs on Sunday, March 30 @ 9PM ET/PT on Showtime. The couple attended the premiere Wednesday night.

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Photos: Dara Kushner/
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  • guste


  • aizaz

    She is ugly……

  • shawn

    his outfit makes no sense at all

  • Gabriella

    aizaz, you’re crazy. These are not the best pics of her, but she is extraordinary beautiful.

  • jd

    Hey Reena you missed a spot you stupid Mexican slut!

  • loli

    Gabriella, Renna isn’t extraordinary beautiful. I think you’re crazy!!!!!!!!!

  • T.F.

    F*ckn eh!!! He has a girlfriend… okay I think I just went into deep depression. :(

  • Elle

    She’s definitely ugly.

  • amo

    omg hes just one of the best looking men ever

  • T.F.

    Look at those eyes… f*ckn beautiful eyes man. :) I just downloaded the August Rush soundtrack… great sound honestly I love the Bach/Breakin. F*ckn great sound!!

  • zoli

    how long has he been with his girlfriend? They really don’t look good together :/ They don’t look happy.

  • Carol

    how i love his eyes!

  • Athinker

    I think they look great together.

  • gail

    That’s adorable. Johnny is gorgeous.

  • _nika

    hell I think an leather outfit would have done it.

  • Jennifer

    I’m sure all those who call Reena ugly are beauty queens themselves…

  • sallyjoe

    Nothing says soulmates like his and her leather jackets. Does he really like women? Not that there is anything wrong with being gay.

  • jenny

    fuck!!!! does he have a porn stache??

  • mt

    In response to JD (comment # 5) “You Stupid Mexican”. Why are you being RACIST?

    Here is some information regarding her background:
    Reena Hammer, London-based student and heiress to mother Ruby Hammer’s cosmetics line (Ruby & Millie) and father George Hammer, owner of Urban Retreat Spa at Harrods.

  • MT

    In response to JD (comment #5) “Stupid Mexican” Why are you being RACIST my friend? Have any Mexican done anything wrong to YOU personally?

    For your knowledge, here is some information regarding Reena Hammer, London-based student and heiress to mother Ruby Hammer’s cosmetics line (Ruby & Millie) and father George Hammer, owner of Urban Retreat Spa at Harrods.

    One last word: Knowledge is Power.

  • barbie

    Reena is not Mexican! She is half Bangladeshi and half Polish! A gorgeous exotic mix…

  • jd

    Haha sorry to break it to you but her mother’s and father’s profession don’t make her beautiful, or decent looking, she is still an ugly Mexican!

  • jd

    Bangladeshis are even uglier than Mexicans, they smell bad, have big noses, and grey skin!

  • jd

    barbie you must be blond and dumber than a tree…since when are Polish people been considered exotic? Aren’t they opposite of exotic, which is ugly?

  • mt


    You poor soul… why are you so enraged with nationalities?

    Do something useful with your time. Take a nice walk and breath oxygen to clear up your mind!

    Don’t you think that we have enough racists already?

  • coolio

    Yeah, the racial stuff is dumb. The real question is why the heck does he wear such stupid clothes and why is he with her? It boggles the mind.

  • Ann

    Aww, you guys are so mean to Reena.

    Thanks J for always covering Johnny and Reena :D

  • Bayatreechai

    Envy is a deadly sin…
    She is gorgeous and all the bad is merely jealousy.

  • Bayatreechai

    He has been with her for 3 years and KNOWS her… you guys who write in and says “she’s ugly” etc etc are blindly jealous! She could be the sweetest girl on earth but it’s easier to judge huh? Grow up.

  • vany

    Gosh, I thought he finally dumped her….

    they don’t look good together!!

    Johnny should date Natalie Dormer, they look lovely togehter!!!

  • Athena

    HIS outfit makes perfect sense.. just because he’s famous, means he has to dress up like a model , just because certain people who look like shit say his outfit makes no sense.. wow… only he could say anything like that, he’s an international model/actor.. who ever said that about him…. id like to see what you have…pricks.

  • vivaladiva

    She’s two rocks in the face short of fugly, but admittedly her parent’s money is pretty hot so I don’t blame Jon. She’s very manly. Perhaps she likes the girls as much as the boys, which would make a lot of sense for this couple.

  • Jordy

    The mystery is solved. If I had to look at that everyday I’d need rehab too.

  • blair

    WHAT!?!? this chick gets to do him!!?!?
    damn…she MUST have a great personality!! haha

  • Jesse

    His outfit looks stupid. However, I will give him points for not looking as gay as usual. His girlfriend is not ugly. But she is plain and doesn’t have a good shape. I think she screams beard. But he can dress how he wants and date/be seen with whomever he choses.

  • Pal

    Jonny met Reena in 2004 when he was making Match Point in London. He likes a bit of posh… And you have to admire her loyalty – how many women could stand to see their man kissing hotties like Scarlet Johanson and Natalie Dormer? Although not to everyone’s taste, Reena does have a pretty, exotic face. She also has a great, tight body : see her in the fabulous backless dress at the Irish Film and Television awards.
    As for Jonathan : he’s hot in anything – or nothing!

  • tiki

    She getting fat and she have a very plain appearance in the face. Jonny much more good looking and make bad match.

  • Nalianna

    Why in the hell is she wearing sunglasses?

  • Tz

    MT, thanks so much for your comments about her heritage etc, so basically you are saying the only claim to fame she really has is something her parents have accomplished, NOT her, and I agree with the others, she has NEVER been beautiful, pretty maybe, but definitely never beautiful, in fact she was voted the worst dressed person at one of Jonathan’s premieres, poor Jonathan, what an embarrassment for him, but I must say she has dressed better since that happened. and also, I know that her mother has a cosmetic company, maybe Reena should learn some makeup tips from her mom. and the matching jacket thing is such a teenager type of thing to do, what were you thinking Jonathan?, you are 30 years old, come on already, but I do think that Jonathan is an absolutely great actor, and my daughter thinks so as well.

  • Demi

    lovely couple

  • popweasle

    First of all, he’s soooooooooooooooo gay. Second, if you look at the last picture it doesn’t matter how much money the girl’s parents have or how exotic she is, she needs cut back on drugs and learn to USE SHAMPOO. Third, I’m not sure which is worse, having a crush and being jealous and bitchy or having such a pathological obsession that you’d die defending his skanky girlfriend because you think in some fantasy this impresses him. Ew. Ew. Ew. Sick much? I think he’s delish. I’d fuck him (and yes girls he does fuck boys). Nough said.

  • kathyrl

    He’s not gay. He said so. Reena is beautiful and he loves her, accept it.

  • numberonejrmfan

    popweasle, you couldn’t hope to meet him let alone have sex him. Newsflash: HE’S STRAIGHT. If you really loved Jonny you wouldn’t talk such trash about any woman he’s with. If you really love him, you will defend her no matter what because he loves her. It’s called loyalty.

  • popweasle

    I seem to recall saying I thought he was delish and I’d like to fuck him. This is true. It’s also true his girlfriend’s roots are greasier than a Wendy’s hamburger in that last shot. How can you Love and feel Loyalty to someone you don’t even fucking know?

  • kathyrl

    REAL love is like that, popweasle. If you’d ever experienced it, you’d know.

  • popweasle

    Psycho much???

  • numberonejrmfan

    Yes, popweasle, you are. lol.

  • Tz

    kathyrl, Jonathan said he was very much in love, but he NEVER said it was Reena, LOL, I have a feeling he is very much into someone else, but I’m not going to say who, because so far she has kept out of the public eye concerning him

  • Tracy

    I agree with Tz, He has been in and out of a relationship with Reena so many times, and even moved out from the apartment they were sharing months ago, I don’t think she is the one he will settle on either!

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