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Nicole Kidman's Byron Bay Baby Bump

Nicole Kidman's Byron Bay Baby Bump

Nicole Kidman shows off her wee baby bump as she leaves the 2008 Bluesfest held at Belongil Fields, Ewingsdale Road in Byron Bay, Australia on Friday morning. (This festival is run every Easter weekend.)

Nic and country crooner husband Keith Urban (both 40) held hands as they boarded their private jet.

Check out the schedule of the artists that played yesterday here (PDF).

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Photos: INCO/Fame Pictures
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  • Urban Myths

    Jared, why didn’t you post the pics of Nicole falling asleep at Keith’s concert, or the pics of her showing off her underwear? They are on

  • Anita


  • Anita


  • zoe

    she’s pretty

  • legs

    now i see a little bump.

  • http://deleted ❤ HAPPY

    Can’t wait to see her baby, she is so pretty, love her!!

    PS- Is Keith pregnant, too? XD

  • Can

    They look so happy and in love!
    Can’t wait to see their baby!

  • really

    Yea Jared – why aren’t you giving us the real Kidman pictures? Why don’t you show her bored off her ass at her hubby’s concert with her dress hiked up to her crotch – not sitting like a lady at all! The only time she knows how to act is when she presents herself in the public. You think she’s beautiful and classy – take a look at those concert pictures. She’s nothing but fake ladies and gentlemen. I also know the type of women that wear their entire thong hanging out of their jeans – you see them on the street corner! Why don’t you show picks of Mr. Kidman not looking very happy the last couple of days? It’s all about image, isn’t it?

  • ally

    Thanks, they both look cute!



  • pauline

    I just loooove to see Nicole&Keith together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    ever since nicole got with this guy she started to look like a complete tool.

  • sistahc

    HAHAHAH Famous! That’s true and I like Nicole (and love Keith). At one point I thought she was the Jackie O of our time. Never thought I’d see the day that Nic was out n about in *gasp* trainers.

  • notbusy

    They look so happy together. Love how they always hold hands. She seems to be having an easy pregnancy. Good to see she is a supportive wife and traveling with Keith to his concerts, but she’s probably pretty tired from the recent traveling.

  • Sasha


  • notbusy

    i don’t think ball gowns and dressy clothes are necessary when traveling around to concerts. I know Katie robot Holmes wears high heals on the beach, but Nicole is dressed approriate for concerts and traveling.

  • Sasha


  • Bethlehem

    # 1 Urban Myths @ 03/21/2008 at 9:27 am Jared, why didn’t you post the pics of Nicole falling asleep at Keith’s concert, or the pics of her showing off her underwear? They are on

    jjaajjajajajajjaja I really want to see that jajajajjajajaj so funny jajjajajaj

    I love NicKeith anyway

  • JIm


    It’s funny, when you see some good pics of happy and healthy couple Kidman_Urban, jelaus trolls write always something of stupid


  • annnymouse

    I watched an interview with George Clooney years ago where he said Nicole is the kind of person that lives every moment. I have liked her ever since.


    She never has chemistry with any of her men except for TOM CRUISE. She had zero with Lenny Kravitz and now she has zero chemistry with her hubby too.

  • Bethlehem

    JIm @ 03/21/2008 at 11:38 am
    I adore Nicole Mary Kidman Urban!!!! she´s very cute and funny
    I love Keith too, don´t get me wrong with my other comment

  • notbusy

    spynet really is obsessed with Nicole Kidman. Guess she’s bringing in a lot of Hits to their trashy website. They really love to stalk her. Obviously spynet posts links here so they can get some Hits. Guess they really need all the help they can get.

  • Bethlehem

    Don´t get me wrong, I love Nicole!!! I just think that is funny

  • http://- Cath

    They are adorable!

  • madison

    They are not adorable. I never once saw Keith smile in any of these pictures. From the time they left the “baby doctors” to boarding the plane. It’s good to see Keith being allowed to fly on the private jet for once.

  • Ha!

    To really – you’re getting pathetic. Seriously? Judging a pregnant woman for yawning at concert? Even if she weren’t 5 months or whatever pregnant (therefore, justifiably tired), how does getting bored at a concert that she’s probably seen dozens of times make her any less of a lady? Your comments are getting old.

  • Lilyanne

    Nothing will keep a pregnant woman awake when she is tired. Trust me I have been down that road a few times and I wasn’t 40. It’s nice to see her looking casual. They both look a little uncomfortable and stiff, though. It must be horrible to be followed everywhere and have every moment captured in pics. No one is “on” 24hrs a day. The high price of fame as they say.

  • Lilyanne

    Never noticed this before but in picture #3 it looks like her legs are so much longer than his. I think she is only 1/2 inch taller but my what long legs you have my dear! They are cute together.

  • Masr

    A gente, tbm não é assim! Não é porque simplesmente consideram ela sempre perfeita e maravilhosa que ela tem que estar sempre assim! Pô gente ela normal como todo mundo, deixe ela sair desleixada, desarrumada, do jeito que ela quiser. Eu sei cada um ai tem a sua propria opinião e eu so estou dando a minha :) , mais que nem falaram que ele nunca sai sorrindo, eu acho que isso não tem nada haver. E a questão de ela estar quase dormindo no show dele, aushuash que é engraçado a cara dela e tals é, e se ela queria ir embora ou qualquer coisa haver, o problema é dos dois né? :) deixe que eles resolvam uahsuahs. Beijos

  • daisy

    Flynet is loving feeding into the haters. I have seen other pictures they have taken that they have held off of their own site just to feed the haters & make Nicole look bad.

    Maybe Jared doesn’t want to buy any of their pictures & give their site any more money??? I certainly wouldn’t if I ran a site. They seem to hate her but yet will follow her around to try & make money off of her. Looks like they learned absolutely zero.

    People yawn, it is a natural thing our body does. No one here can tell me they have never yawned & people do yawn after other people. She is pregnant, she has a right to look tired!

  • Kobe

    The look so cute together. Very loving couple. And for the ones that said that Jared doesn’t post the bad ones well it seemed that flynet didn’t post the good ones either. There are more pics that are good that they decided to leave out from the concert. The bashers are trying to get as many hits as possible. Good for Jared. He shows them for who they are.

  • Michell

    I don’t think the pictures taken on flynetonline are during the concert, they were probably after will everything was getting wrapped up. I’ve seen pics of her at his concert and she doesn’t look like that. She gets into the music.

  • notbusy

    I Agree. These photos don’t look like they were during the concert. They were probably taken before Keith came on stage. Yeah, flynet is still stalking Nicole, taking her pictures and making money off of her and at the same time bad mouthing her on their site and trying to make her look bad. There are some sick people running that website. I don’t know how they sleep at night.

  • really

    Now you people know the exact time these pictures were taken – were you there? Did you take the pictures? Yea, there are some pretty stupid excuses made up for her! What’s your excuse for her dress being hiked up and looking like she is sitting on the toilet? Oh, that’s it – that’s when these pics were taken – not during the concert, but when Kidman was taking a dump!

  • ki

    They look so happy together!!!

  • daisy

    really, no one said they know when these pictures were taken. They are guessing just like you are. I have read on one photog site that also took pictures of her that early she did look quite tired but during the show she was smiling & watching the whole time.

    Everyone, famous or not can look like crap at times & Nicole can sit however she likes with her dress any way she likes, she was backstage, she was not out in the audience. She sits like a lot of women sit when not in public. She was not showing anything. She is pregnant & to stalk a pregnant woman to make money off of her while constantly bad mouthing her is what is incredibly poor taste.

    If the Flynet photog was beaten up as badly as he/the site claims then why has Flynet compomised legal evidence by putting all of the video & pictures up on the site? The police would never allow that & most certainly not a judge.

  • really

    Oh puhleeze – she’s pregnant – get over it! That is really an old excuse. Did you see Jessica Alba leaving a nail salon the other day? She was by herself and there were 20+ photographers waiting for her when she came outside to go to her car – the car that SHE drove – no driver to get her out of there. No bodyguard to punch the photographers in the face. Just Jessica, and she held her own very well – with grace and class.

    Interesting how Kidman can sit straight up in her chair so alert when she is sitting amongst the fans, and then look what she turns into when she is backstage and thinks no one is looking. Sort of a Dr Jekyll & Ms. Hyde – wouldn’t you say?

  • happy

    Lovely pics – thanks JJ. And it looks like Nicole is showing the bottome of a camisole not her g-string .. not that it matters either way to me … and I am sure Keith likes his view either way :-)

  • Ha!

    really – get a life. Why are you asking people make excuses for pictures taken of someone displaying completely normal behavior? You are the only one finding anything wrong with the pictures you’re talking about. Go grasp for straws somewhere else.

  • Ginger

    She always looks like a GRANDMA! She looks so pretty when she glammed up but when she is out and about it’s another story. She looks way older than Keith.

  • daisy

    Jessica Alba & Nicole Kidman are like comparing apples & oranges. I didn’t see the nail salon pictures of Jessica Alba. She has done a short lived TV show & a few movies none that I could even name. She is not married in Hollywood but having a baby, perhaps the paparazzi think that is some kind of big draw to take pictures of? Her partner/boyfriend is not well known. His daddy, (Michael Warren) is more well known then he is. They could walk down the street & most people wouldn’t even know who they are, certainly most people over 30. Not the same way for Nicole & Keith. Who cares that Jessica was at a nail salon, I wouldn’t buy pictures of that.

    Nicole was at Keith’s concert in Anaheim but guess what, all the news outlets missed out on getting any kind of pictures whatsoever, there was only a few fan pictures & I would bet if this had been an indoor show & not a festival there would have been none of her backstage here either. Most people didn’t even know she was there. Those pictures were certainly not taken at close range.

    And it certainly seems as if Nicole & Keith would like to be left alone. Unfortunately places like Flynet won’t leave her alone no matter how much they claim to hate her.

    Also Jessica lives in Los Angeles, Nicole & Keith do not.

    Nicole can yawn & she can fall asleep if she wants to at Keith’s shows, the only person she would have to apologize to if she felt bad abotu it is Keith! I don’t judge people for acting like a human being with faults & the need to get some rest. And from some of the pictures I have sen Nicole was indeed wide awake for Keith’s show.

  • daisy

    One other thing, just because she closed her eyes does that automatically make her asleep? At the ARIA awarrds in October when Keith played with John Bulter she closed her eyes & bobbed her head to the music. Did that make her asleep? NO!

    As I said, if she had any need to feel guilty about falling asleep (if she was) the only person she has to apologize to about it is her husband.

  • Michell

    #34 I was just going to say it was probably before, during rehearsal, when they really don’t get into playing .

    Just the fact that she’s there wanting to be with her husband no matter how tired she is is a good thing.

  • really

    Here’s the difference between Jessica and Nicole:

    Jessica – Hot
    Nicole – Cold

    At the ARIAs, her eyes weren’t closed – she was looking down – instead of at her hubby!

  • tom c

    I see no baby bump at all.

  • katiee

    Oh for Gods sake. Its so tiring having to explain things to idiots like you REALLY.

    ONE: A picture is not an accurate account of ANYTHING. its a snapshot of what someone does in a split second… so she yawned? The next second she probably could have been smiling or whatever. You will never know because none of us were there!

    TWO: Oh so Nicole isnt even allowed to be tired? Is that what you are saying??…. she probably is exhausted from being pregnant and travelling to go and watch her husband perform… she is a great wife.

    THREE: Who cares how she sits!? I sit like that all the time when im by myself.. or with friends. She was backstage probably alone.. and didnt know she was being stalked by a photographer.

    and FINALLY .. i have said it once and i will say it again.. people like you REALLY, make me laugh.. because you are obviously freakishly obsessed with Nicole.. its so funny! your a complete stalker! =)

    Nic/keith are the best!

  • daisy

    No, really, she had her eyes closed listening to the music. Have you see the video of the performance? If you missed it, it is fabulous.

    Jessica Alba is a pretty lady but her boyfriend is hotter to me!! But that is also your impression of Nicole, I don’t find her to be a “cold” person at all. She has always come across as a very loving person to me, the same with her husband. Jessica Alba seems to be a nice person, I have nothing against her.

    Nicole doesn’t have to look at her hubby all the time to enjoy his music. Heck, she can call him up if he is on tour any time she wants or simply ask him to sing or play the guitar or piano or ganjo or drums any time she wants him to. She can be doing an interview in the kitchen as he plays the piano or be getting ready for a night out as he also gets ready. She can watch him sing with Sting on New Years Eve. she can enjoy watching him entertain their guests during a Christmas party or him put on an outstanding 3 hour concert for the cast & crew in Bowen, Australia.

  • cricket

    I guess toting around that fake gut is wearing her out..Who knew dragging around a little foam belly could be so hard.Just think about the poor surrogate who is actually having a baby. Kidman’s a pathetic joke . Poor Keith never looks happy when he’s with her.Not that I blame him. That hag would make anyone miserable.

  • daisy

    Cricket, Give me a break! Is that all you can ever come up with? Have you personally looked up her shirt because her husband has. If you think Keith would go along with a story like this while a surrogate carries a baby then you have zero respect for a man you claim to “worship.”

    And for your information there is nothing wrong with women having a surrogate carry their child if they can’t themselves. Have you ever heard of Joan Lundon, Nancy Grace or Marissa Janet Winokur, who has to have a surrogate carry her baby now because she had cancer? If Nicole & Keith had to have a surrogate as well there would be no shame in it. Do some research before you think it is something to be ashamed of. I highly doubt either Nicole or Keith would be ashamed of it, it is a child. But no matter what some people try to believe Nicole herself is carrying Keith’s baby.