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Vanessa Hudgens is Home Sweet Home

Vanessa Hudgens is Home Sweet Home

See Vanessa fly. See Vanessa land!

Vanessa Hudgens drops into LAX airport in Los Angeles on Friday after arriving from New York City.

The triple threat actress, 19, was her usual patient self and signed multiple autographs on her way out of the airport.

10+ pictures of Vanessa Hudgens enjoying home sweet home…

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vanessa hudgens lands lax 01
vanessa hudgens lands lax 02
vanessa hudgens lands lax 03
vanessa hudgens lands lax 04
vanessa hudgens lands lax 05
vanessa hudgens lands lax 06
vanessa hudgens lands lax 07
vanessa hudgens lands lax 08
vanessa hudgens lands lax 09
vanessa hudgens lands lax 10

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  • kk

    Ok this has nothing to do with this but does anyone know where I could buy the sweater vanessa is wearing? heres the link


  • mernam


  • hsmrocks

    she looks absolutely stunning! love vanessa and zanessa glad to see her kuipo ring. =)

  • Katie

    omg..her boots are AMAZING!
    i love her style!

  • marisol

    sencilla mnte bella

  • lola

    oh my god, Jared, i love your sight, but seriously how old are you? 15? 16? How many freaking Vanessa posts must we bombarded with? There are other people besides prepubescents who visit your site you know!

  • bbvfan

    gorgeous as usual ! =]

    im glad that shes home. yay, maybe soon
    well start to see more zanessa.

  • http://deleted V-loyalist

    Cool JJ! and wow so many authograph seekers!

  • Kim

    kk #51

    That hoodie is a Victoria Secret Hoodie by their “Pink” brand. I’m not sure if you can still find it, they brought it out this last fall and sold out of that color pretty quickly. But, good luck.

  • Stephanie

    good. she deserves some rest. haha.

  • Troy’s narf

    Hi kim, how are you?

  • http://deleted V-loyalist

    I hope the carzies wont drop by here again.. they are pain in the…

  • BabiiVFanforeva

    yay!!! nessas bak
    Vanessa Rockss!!!!
    love her so much
    wished i lived in LA then I’d so want to go meet her
    shes so gorgeous

  • Kim

    Hey Troy’s Narf,

    (You know your gonna have to email on that one ;) But I’m great, Did you have to work long hours today?

  • yets

    thank God for safety arrival.
    God Bless V.

  • Karen

    I do think the little thing looks exhausted—and she should if you think of all the hours she has spent on an jet withint the past few days and the long hours of work. Hopefully she will be able to chill out over they weekend and sleep a lot.

    I don’t think I could have put in the hours she has this week and then face all those pictures being pushed into my face with ANYTHING but annoyance.

  • Troy’s narf

    Hey Kim, I worked until 6:30 today. I had a total of 13 hours overtime for the week.

  • kk

    Thanks so much kim!

  • http://deleted V-loyalist

    She looks marvelous.. though a little tired but always comes up nice to her fans seeking authographs.. Go V!

  • kgg

    Vanessa looks good, as usual, but still looks like she could use some rest. It’s wonderful that she takes the time to sign the autographs.

    FYI, these are not the same pics as posted earlier today. Those were leaving the JFK airport in New York and these are arriving at LAX in Los Angeles.

    I’ll bet she’s glad she can sleep in her own bed tonight. Love ya, V!

  • Kim

    Goodness those are long days! Seems like you and our V have been putting in too many hours. Remember what I told you about taking time for yourself. Hopefully V will be sure to take time for herself as well.

  • Kim

    My last post was meant for you Narf.

    Your welcome kk

  • http://deleted V-loyalist

    Hey Troy’s narf and Karen! Miss you all here!

  • 007

    Soo cute.

  • Troy’s narf

    We miss you too V-loyalist.

  • babyG

    hahaha…Vanessa is LA!!! lookin great. as always.


    she looks pretty love her

    ppl often think me and my twin sister are related to her. They come up to us at school and there like “omg your realated to vanessa hudgens i saw you in a magazine” and we are like “no” and there like “whatever your lieing” Its funny they also say we look like her.

  • lusia

    i am lusia what are u up to

  • shaky

    ugghh -pukes shes gross

    im fudging sick of her, jared why dont you post
    real people like, dakota fanning, tom cruise, denzel washington, will smith

    YO THESE SUCK A and s and another s

  • Magie

    So essentially these are the same as the ones we viewed earlier? I mean I get posting she arrived or what not, but couldn’t the posts have been combined? There is nothing new to say other than she still has some pretty sweet boots and looks a bit tired.

    and did anyone ever think that the reason all those people were there for her was they probably saw the photos from earlier and ran out to LAX to see if they could catch her? Not that I don’t love JJ but that is a bit creepy that people would take the info and run out to hunt down someone. I feel kinda bad for her being bombared like that.. you would think people, especially ones that call them her fans, would respect her enough to let her land and get home to rest before she leaves again to shoot another movie….sad world we live in…

  • Kim


    JustJared has plenty of other celeb posts that you can access. If you don’t like Vanessa……why are you here???

  • ava

    Wow, two posts in the same day…nice. Seriously if she leaves one airport we obviously know she’ll be landing at another. Is it really necessary to get pics of her at both? I doubt she’s changed that much during a four hour plane ride.

  • Karen


    You know, your really seem like a person that all of Vanessa fans would just love to get to know. It’s obvious you have a scintillating personality. And I bet you are an interesting conversationalist also as you certainly have shown a vast vocabulary which shows how intelligent you really are.

    Do you understand scarcasm?

  • marie

    ICA with Magie and Ava,

    Why did there need to be a second post on her, just for arriving at the airport. Adding the pics onto the JFK post would have made a lot of sense. Oh, of course, because the more comments, the better, and a second post ensures more comments. (feels bad now for leaving a comment)

    Magie, that’s a good point about the weirdos that went out to track her down after most likely seeing the initial post. JJ contributing to stalking?

  • Kim

    I’m with you Magie, I find that really creepy. I just wish she traveled with a body guard or something. I really worry about her, that’s just the mom coming out in me.

  • http://deleted V-loyalist


    Oh c’mom.. stop pulling my leg! why would you bother to click this thread if you think she s u c k… Get real!

  • Lynn

    So Jared, seriously how many naked Vanessa pictures are you getting out of all this? They better be quality for all the boring crap you’ve been posting about her… I mean really one leaving and arriving, a bit much man. But then again it might require her to actually do something for you to post more…

    Her new movie sounds good-ish but will she ruin it with what she calls acting? I sure hope not, but anywhos here is to hoping you can find other, talented, actors and actress to post on…

  • Glenn

    Lynn, I agree with you. I’ve always wondered why JJ posts so much on her. Definitely must be getting something out ot it.

    Hmm, on the disney payroll? I hear Mickey is like the godfather, better watch your back if you cross him ;)

  • Karen


    Why don’t you go find one of those talented actors or actressess—because Jared posts pics of many—and post on them. OR do you just like to go on the threads of celebrities you dislike so you can be obnoxious and rude? I bet you have little or no backbone in the real world and are mousy and shy you have to come on a fansite and bash someone so you don’t feel so insignificant.

  • Steph

    Shut the hell up Karen. You’re and old f uckin loser that needs to get a life and stop obsessing over teenagers like Vagina Hudgens.

  • Steph

    I’m sorry, V AGINA HUDGENS.

  • just the facts

    The reason for the number of posts is popularity. Vanessa garners a greater number of hits than most on this site. The more hits the more exposure for the site and more $ for JJ. He has to make it somewhere since a lot of the posts that are here deliver very few comments for the payments made for the photos.
    Rather than add to that number since it’s obviously of concern to you, why not just ignore the post when you see it has to do with her.

  • Jimmy

    I do have to say, Triple Threat? That made me shake my head a few times.

    I guess that term is being used loosely these days. Well, if it’s for Vanessa, I guess “loose” is appropriate

  • arianna

    she is so pretty.. she rocks so much

  • rudy

    OMG Jimmy-#93

    Your comment made me laugh SO HARD!!! LOLLLLLL!

  • troy

    #90 No uh uh you don’t get to post under the name of an long time poster and launch a foul mouthed iliterate attack against someone else whose also a long time poster no way no how. Only someone with no imagination, and has no life does that.

  • troy

    #93 *Yawn* The incident you’re referring to happened nearly seven months and the ugly implaction you’re making is baseless. The fact that you think is anyway witty shows just how ignorant you are on this topic. I have to say I’m kind of embarrassed for you.

  • yets

    #90 & #91 we dont need you here go away and be happy with yourself.
    Bad person w/ a bad mouth.

  • Karen

    Hi Troy,

    The problem with some people is they have no originality. They have to impersonate people who do have that quality. All I can say to the fake-Steph is, I may be old, but I’m not stupid.

  • troy

    #99 Hi Karen,

    Speaking of no orginality do you get the feeling that once again we’re graced by the presence of a single individual who thinks they’re so witty and clever they post the same tired driviel under different names. I guess its true that classics never die. *rolls eyes*