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Vanessa Hudgens is Home Sweet Home

Vanessa Hudgens is Home Sweet Home

See Vanessa fly. See Vanessa land!

Vanessa Hudgens drops into LAX airport in Los Angeles on Friday after arriving from New York City.

The triple threat actress, 19, was her usual patient self and signed multiple autographs on her way out of the airport.

10+ pictures of Vanessa Hudgens enjoying home sweet home…

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vanessa hudgens lands lax 02
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  • kat

    wtf are all these autograph seekers!? freakin old men!!

  • leslye

    zac and ness!!!! breakup?? guys!!see a meter and said that!!
    check out!! zac be with mandy?? OMG!! :( (the people said that this is the meter of zac)

    and mandys meter!!
    I dont know guys!!!

  • babyG

    BECAUSE –there is so many people LOVE HER!!! put that on your dumb mind?! we love her, so JJ post threads on OUR Vanessa!!! get it?!

  • jo

    JJ i love vanessa, but could you stop posting every single pic the paparazzi take. it’s just adds to chaos in her day, i know you’re trying to give what her fans want but she needs some privacy. she’s overexposed on this site

  • babyG

    Leslye — NOT TRUE!

  • melli

    shes so pretty

  • Karen

    Yes, Troy, you can always tell when school is out and the boredom sets in.

    Actually, I remember a few years back I was doing some care for a family who had 2 teenage daughters with a lot of issues. When they had time off from school they would get on the phone with a friend of two and also on the computer and go to different websites and do some really stupid stuff. They would stage fights with each other and post craziness, etc. Actually, I had almost forgotten that but it just came back to me tonight how they would do this—you must understand that when you are old like me it takes a while to remember things—so I guess that is something a lot of youngsters of 13 and 14 do. And here I just thought these two were kind of strange.

  • jordan


  • fann.

    wow, i’m guessing that she was eager to get back home to see her family and friends and yet she actualy signed multiple autographs, how sweet. she’s so gourgeous.

  • jenifer

    she’s soooooooooo gourgeous!!! she has a really beautiful skin and I like her hair
    she’s my idol , she’s nice , talented , pretty and how sweet is she ? she signed multiple autographs !! :D

    I love you vanessa
    Bisous de France :D

  • bee

    damn that’s a ‘few’ autograph seekers..

    pretty sure that most if not all them were paps trying to get her John Hancock so they could sell the glossies on eBay or something..

    thanks Jared.


    i wonder where the bangs is??

  • sam

    Yayyy, she’s back!

  • Tate

    Can she get any more gorgeous? Even without makeup she still looks amazing! Glad she is back home and cant wait for her CD to come out

  • delicious

    She’s really pretty without make up , I love her Miu Miu bag and her boots!!!
    they’re shooting hsm3 next week :D

  • zanessa_1

    love her. Im glad shes back in la bt wen will she have a reuniun wiv zac. i cnt wait 4 her 3 projects 2 cum out spcialli hsm3. Luv her outfit GO VANESSA AND ZANESSA AND ZAC

  • madz

    she look so nice i bet she talking to zac on her iphone
    + i feel so sorry for vanessa she just landed and she had to sign all those autographs and put up with annoying paps but atleast she ganna get some rest in her home !!!!

    + hsm3 is going to start filming in april and zacs coming home so hopefully more ZANESSA NEWS!!!!! YEY!!!!!!!

  • shre

    VANeSSa Is My IDoL l :D

  • nathalia brasil

    nossa ela é linda gosto dela
    estes fãs de los angeles tem muita sorte de ter a oportunidade de vela de perto e ter um autografo seu,nos daqui basta torcer de longe

    esperamos com seu novo album ela possa vir ao brasil

  • Cholotate Babe

    Leslye: calm down girl ! It’s not true XD …
    By the way, I just want to ask a question concerning JustJared website. Here it is: I’M NOT ABLE TO SEE THE PICTURES ON THIS SITE !! Does anybody konw WHY ?? I use mozilla firefox as Internet (just in case it could help u ^^)

  • shre

    Vanessa tu est magnifique , je suis fan de de toi depuis aps mal de temps deja , jai tout tes albums , tes dvd , je t’adore tu as du talent tu es vraiment gentille , du moins tu en a l’air :D

  • léa

    Vanessa tu est magnifique , je suis fan de de toi depuis aps mal de temps deja , jai tout tes albums , tes dvd , je t’adore tu as du talent tu es vraiment gentille , du moins tu en a l’air :D J’éspère vraiment que tu viendras un jour en France car tu a sbeaucoup d efans

    Gros bisous d ela part de tous tes fans Français ! ( je sais que tu ne lis pas nos commentaires et que tu ne viens pas sur se site ,mais je tente le coup on sait jamais ^^)

    Je suis impatiente de voir high school musical 3 , “Will” et ton nouvel album :D bisousssssssssssss

  • zanessa forever

    Vanessa is the best!

    So gorgeous!

    i love her so much

    zanessa forever



  • katie

    love those boots. she’s so pretty. hope she gets a time off, she’s been working non-stop

  • ester

    She’s really busy , next week she’s gonna shoot hsm3

  • Trelai

    Shes BAAAACK!


    Now just waiting fo Zac!

  • nett

    Lovely Girl!

  • Boji

    Karen, I got to agree with you abt this play fighting on the threads. It seems to be a favourite of the teens/tweens and can be so annoying. Ah well, guess we have to tolerate them until their bedtime.

  • j

    again stop with the break up rumors. If they have broken up again I say I would think that there would be some kind of statement. What about the ring she has been wearing again? They are both working on different projects. I am sure zac will turn up soon. be positive. She does look tired but at least we see a smile on her face.

  • rokstur


  • Boji

    Fake Steph, you do give away your age by the usage of foul language which is very unbecoming of a young lady .

    There are many Stephs in this world but there can be only one Steph, our Angel, legal eagle Steph.

  • Laura


    And she certainly is a triple threat. No-one can deny she’s got a good voice after her performance at Christmas in Washington, Chucky – the choreographer of HSM3 said she was the most naturally talented at picking up the dance moves and she would not have gained a role in a film with people like Lisa Kudrow and David Bowie, playing a completely different role than in HSM if she wasn’t a good actress.

  • Boji

    Patience folks, HSM 3 rehearsals is just around the corner so we’re sure to see our fav couple and the rest of the gang soon enough.

  • Boji

    Besides,HSM3 I do hope she’s got more work coming. Some of these celebrities are working non stop back to back ,one movie after another plus appearances, photo shoots,and advertisements. It’s no wonder their bank account must be overflowing. I needn’t mention who these are.

  • liz!

    she looks very pretty!
    she is so nice that she takes time to sign all those autographs!
    i really wanna meet her someday!!

  • Boji

    rokstur, I would rephrase that and refer to Zac’s smile as Handsome to pair off his massive biceps as you call it.



  • Cindy

    Glad to see Vanessa home . Hopefully she will get some rest and be able to spend Easter weekend with her family. Maybe she can see Ashley between recording sessions for her album, before she heads off to Utah. I ‘m hoping for her sake , she is finished now with filming Will.

  • Boji

    I’m sure she’ll be with her family for the easter weekend.

  • Cheyanne

    all we need now is for Zac to get back home and then after these
    long long long LONG 4 weeks we will be getting back to our normal
    rotine of coming on JJ and seeing news about Zanessa (god i cant wait till i get on and the first post is Zanessa together again) anyone knows when Zac is gonna be back in LA ??

  • annaspain

    she is gorgeous!!!and really lovely!!!!the people love her!!!…obviously!!!from spain….we love you..te queremos!!!

  • Boji

    Cheyanne, sorry haven’t a clue, but he should be wrapping up soon. I heard he still has some scenes left to do in NY. Perhaps you’ll get your answer later in the day.

  • Steph

    Boji, you are so sweet for clearing me out of the awful remark that the other Steph made against Karen and Vanessa :) You are such a sweetheart!!!! I nub ya!

    Glad to see Vanessa home, then hopefully a reunion w/Zac… and we will all celebrate!! Maybe even throw a party?!?!?

  • kelly

    so gorgeous! i ♥ her!

  • suzy

    She looks good. can’t wait to hear her new single.

  • vahnumba1fan

    i feel SOO bad for her, she must be EXHAUSTED! man, i didn’t know it took that long to get from NY to LA! i think it takes longer than going from NY to Europe, lol!!

  • go sox

    G’morning!! Hi, Steph, Boji! Looks like it got a little ugly here a while ago! Why do kids act like that?? And they think it’s funny. *shakes head*

    Ok, what is up with those people literally IN HER FACE???? That just makes me mad!! FIrst of all, they’re bigger than she is, so they tower over her, and put those papers ( one was holding papers about DuPont, gimme a break) inches from her face! That is just wrong. So as bad as the punk foul-mouth teens were earlier, these adults should be ashamed of themselves!!! They know better!

  • zanessaforever21

    Yay! Im soo glad she is home! Now maybe V and Zac can go on more dates once they are both finished with everything! LUV HER! <3

  • ermee