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Emma Heming & Bruce Willis: It's True Love

Emma Heming & Bruce Willis: It's True Love

Bruce Willis and model girlfriend Emma Heming go shopping hand-in-hand at The Grove in Los Angeles on Thursday.

The 53-year-old Die Hard star took his Victoria’s Secret angel and his youngest daughter Tallulah , 14, to the Johnny Rockets burger joint for lunch before shopping at The Grove.

On Friday, Bruce and Willis picked up coffee at Starbucks and walked along Robertson Boulevard to go to Stella McCartney boutique.

20+ pictures inside of Emma Heming & Bruce Willis heating up Los Angeles…

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Photos: Mullen/, WENN
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47 Responses to “Emma Heming & Bruce Willis: It's True Love”

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  1. 26
    katie n Says:

    His youngest daughter is a very pretty girl. She will definitely grow into a stunning woman.

  2. 27
    He-who-shall-not-be-named Says:

    He’s competeing with his ex wife Demi. He wants to show her he could get fresh meat too!

  3. 28
    McLovin Says:

    “bruce and demi are a perfect example of two good looking people who should of NEVER had kids (together).”

    Why? Because they didn’t turn out top be good looking enough for you to gawk at?


  4. 29
    anthony Says:

    She’s not a VS Angel at all, just walked in the show one a few years back..hasn’t even worked for them recently…anyway she looks like his daughters friend hanging out with the family ha

  5. 30
    Rae Says:

    Tallulah is definitely the prettiest of their daughters. Bruce still looks good.

  6. 31
    remember da truth Says:

    if yousayso — that was my question!! Who is Bruce and Willis?

    Don’t know why getting coffee is considered being a media ***** and not getting an education…… Jeez, guess we could say that someone who sits on a blog and makes ridiculous comments about other people should be studying…..

  7. 32
    Scottie Says:

    For almost all of its history, shallow Hollywood has focused much of its attention on it’s fading older men like a Bruce Willis or a George Clooney attracting and pursuing impossibly hot, young women. This has only proved that with enough power and money, it doesn’t matter how old or creepy these men become they can bag lots of hot ingénues (because there will always be an endless supply) looking for a leg up. It may be disgusting and wildly inappropriate but it makes these silly men feel young again and just like so many of Hollywood’s mollycoddled older fading stars/men. . . they just can’t face the fact they are now just old. Willis is a perfect example

  8. 33
    liz Says:

    She’s 27 not 23!

  9. 34
    Temerius Says:

    27 not 23. . . .now that make all the difference


  10. 35
    jughed Says:

    Geez, I thought this was another Vanessa Hudgens post!

  11. 36
    what Says:

    i thought that was vanessa hudgens at first haaaaaa!

  12. 37
    SHERRY Says:

    Her age is stated as 29, not 23..It does seem like Bruce is looking for a younger version of Demi..looks like he found her. I don’t know if it will last though.

  13. 38
    james taddy Says:

    who cares if shes not a VS model! Shes done the show a couple of times but VS isn’t the only client out there people. She’s had covers of Glamour and Elle. That speaks volumes. She’s a top model doing a lot more than just VS.

  14. 39
    todd Says:

    It looks like he is trying to prove something, he is a pervert and if I was his daughter I would be so embarressed to be seen with him and his little girlfriend. These men that think they need younger chicks are the ones that are messed up and not to be trusted around children. They should be listed as sex offenders. He looks STUPID… I cant imagine being her age and hanging out with an old man.. like kissing her dad.. very strange!!

  15. 40
    Anya Says:

    She’s not 23, she’s 30 which doesn’t make the age gap much smaller but even if she was 23/regardless of what age she is, she’s a consenting adult! I don’t see him forcing her to be with him. Why are some people so damn nasty?!?

  16. 41
    Laura Says:

    Who are all these people who think it’s okay to critique this man’s children’s appearance “Rumor needs a haircut/Tallulah’s the prettiest” etc. Don’t you think maybe some of this stuff gets back to them? I’ll never understand why our society defines women solely on looks anyway, but besides that it’s just plain nasty and hurtful and wrong..a good example is Jon and Kate plus 8..I’m a fan of that show and I’ve noticed people on the web saying they like ‘all but one’ of Kate’s kids, sometimes even mentioning which do you think that kid must feel when she reads or hears about people not liking her on the’s just plain wrong folks, knock it off!!

  17. 42
    Norman Says:

    Bravo Bruce !

  18. 43
    Sophie Says:

    Emma Heming isn’t 23 – she’s 30 (born in 1978) – some folk don’t seem to be able to do numbers!
    Whatever the difference in age, I wish the gorgeous Bruce all the happiness in the world with her.

  19. 44
    diape Says:

    best wishes to the happy couple.
    It makes a lot of sense for old white men to marry young women because older men and older women arent sexually compatible due to prime. But he’s not in his prime and neither is she.. so it works out great.

  20. 45
    siffo Says:

    I wish society would make up its mind. When an older woman dates someone young its “cougar with the boy toy” but when a man does its “perv with the digger”.

    That is so stupid and make me embarrassed to be white. Cause only us whites can invent a hypocrisy that stupid.
    If society is going to be that freaken stupid then I’m just going to tell you the truth about life: … hahahahahahh the age of consent is 16-18.

    SIXTEEN…. to 18 depending on where you live.

    There’s your reality for the day. I know you wanted to pretend the age of consent is 30.

  21. 46
    yuck Says:


  22. 47
    yuck Says:


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