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Vanessa Hudgens: We are Family

Vanessa Hudgens: We are Family

Peek-a-boo. We see you!

Vanessa Hudgens is seen out and about yet again this weekend and gets in some family time at their favorite Paty’s restaurant in North Hollywood on Saturday.

V was with her mom Gina and her sister Stella, 12. Will Stella be the next Hudgens hottie to make it big?

More pictures of Vanessa Hudgens hangin’ with the fam after the jump…

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vanessa hudgens family 01
vanessa hudgens family 02
vanessa hudgens family 03
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vanessa hudgens family 05
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  • Nina

    Love Stella.
    She’s so cute.

  • zanessa 4eVERRR!

    aww shes so pretty!
    i love her!


    :):):):):):t THANKS JJ

  • hayley

    wooo :)

  • http://JUSTJARED zanessa fan

    wow pretty as always.when are we gonna see you with zac?

  • Tessa

    yay! vanessa! =]

  • narf

    Aww, what a great looking family.

    So nice to see them out together.

  • S

    Wow… a ton of Vanessa pictures this week. Thanks for the updates, Jared.

  • Laura


    Stella’s face is really maturing.

  • Becky

    We are seeing V a lot this weekend! :D

  • brittany

    love her..-
    so muvh…
    we want zanessa


    Prettiest Celebrity :D

  • ASH

    love her


  • camila

    second? 3d? luv her!!!!! 4th? ahhhh??? shes GORGEOUS

  • emmaz

    aw she looks stunning
    good to see her home

  • camila

    second? 3d? luv her!!!!! 4th? ahhhh??? shes GORGEOUS…

  • camila


  • marisol

    I love her she is gorgeous when ZAC come back

  • Malia

    Since she is spending time with her family and relaxing, can we assume that she has finished work on her album and that Will has wrapped?

    Or will she be heading back to Austin for another week of work on Will?

    Hope she’s finished so she can relax a bit before heading off to Utah.


    Hi Just Jared :) , love the web! , Everyday I check it out the news of celebrities here ;) , Love V!

  • Demie

    wow how can stella and vanessa’s mom even be in the same family as her… vanessa’s like 1000 times prettier!!!

  • Jennifer W

    i am so glad that vanessa is back and she looks pretty as always and so does stella.

  • genevieve

    did she wear the same shirt again today? eh doesnt matter i guess, she looks gorgeous! hmm maybe shes talking to a certain blue eyed boy on the phone ;) she has a slight smile when shes talking. im glad shes spending some time with the fam

  • http://justjarred kriselle

    :) yay!! i love them!
    stella is a cool name :)

    love itt.


  • u

    It’s not really out again, she was probably with them and then went with aly or other way around. Clearly this is all the same day. Her sister is cute but I rather she didn’t try to get in the business.

  • Tracy

    @ #22 Well, Vanessa is mixed anyways. LoL

    Aw we didn’t see her out with her fam for quite some time.

  • Jessica

    What? Is everyone just following Vanessa because she is back? That must be a pain, more flashing cameras on her.

  • Magie

    I am highly jealous of how freaking nice the weather out there looks, and then V is wearing a god damn scarf! Like honestly, coming from someone who honestly needed a scarf for its actuall purpose today, I have this urge to slap young celebutants (sp?) who wear them for ”fashion” or ”style”. A scarf is meant to keep you warm in cold weather, not to look all chic when the weather is actually beautiful!!

    Another question, if all these young people say they hate being chased down by the paps why on earth would you go to places like Paty’s where they frequent? I mean it is just kinda asking for it….

  • genevieve

    JJ was this also the same day her and Aly spent time together? or did her and Aly also spend time today? because she is wearing the same outfit in the picture as the last set of pictures

  • Kristen

    Whats up with all the Vanessa stuff this weekend! Theres been alot of news on her =)

  • vahnumba1fan

    aw, stella’s so pretty! i think vanessa may be a little prettier on the face though. i know she’s only 12, but i’m just assuming. anyways, i love baby v!

  • genevieve

    magie are you also jealous of V? kinda seems like it, honestly i have my opinions as well as you as some celebs but i dont go bashing them about it. she is gorgeous and is an extremely talented triple threat of young hollywood. and its not like she can stay cooped up in her house, she has been dealing with the papz for a good amount of time to know that she just has to face the facts, they wont leave her alone. she obviously doesnt like it, there have been several times, almost all the time where she has shown that. if she liked the attention she would go out partying and getting drunk like britney spears. but shes not even close to doing that, shes having wholesome good fun with her mom and sister. if you ask me thats not trying to get attention from the papz

  • Diama


  • Stephanie

    i hope shes talking to zac. hehe.

  • narf

    Magie, it has been stated before that Vanessa might be wearing the scarf to protect her voice, not just for fashion.

    But we will be sure to have her run her wardrobe by you in the future so she doesn’t offend. *rolls eys*

    As for the paps thing, why should Vanessa, or any celebrity have to give up going to their favorite places just to get a little normalcy in their lives?

    If celebrites gave up doing things they love, they would have no lives outside their work, and that is not fair to them.

    Celebrites should not have to rearrange their lives for privacy, the paparazzi should get some decency and ethics.

  • genevieve

    well said narf.

  • sweet kisses

    Vanessa’s fugly parents sure make beautiful kids. You can just tell Stella is also going to grow up to be gorgeous like Vanessa.

  • narf

    Thanks Genevieve, well said yourself.

  • andre

    thanks, JJ!
    i love V.. and all your posts about her..

  • http://vanashbrenique sam

    I love vanessa!! she is soo pretty!! I really hope she reunites with zac soon nd they get to be together again!! <333

  • rubyred

    Nice to see her out with family. She is looking great.

  • yeaah


  • Stephanie

    goodness Narf. you are so right!!! *applause*



  • narf

    Thanks Stephanie, I hope she is talking to zac too.

  • rkwybchbaby

    Is she the only person in LA? Good god, you would have thought she was second coming or something. yes, she’s pretty, young, yada, yada, yada but she is just another young actress, whose notoriety outshines her talent. There are so many other young actresses around who might benefit from this free publicity.
    I would say her family might get sick of all the paprazzi following her, but I think they enjoy sharing the spotlight. Remember, there’ s a little sister in the wings.
    I’m waiting for her to do something spectacular to warrant all this attention. Shopping, eating and talking on the phone don’t fall into that category.

  • daisy

    V is amazing i mean her little sis seems okay but if she gets in the spot light i doubt shell be as famous as V…thanx jj..

  • suzy

    Stella is very cute. Vanessa is looking good.

  • diana

    it’s so nice to see vanessa out with her family!!
    she has such an amazing style!!!