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America Votes For Hillary Clinton

America Votes For Hillary Clinton

America Ferrera, aka Ugly Betty, attends a seminar called Breaking Barriers: Women in Politics in support of Hillary Clinton at Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania on Saturday.

The Ugly Betty star, 23, was seen travelling in New York with boyfriend Ryan Piers Williams on Friday.

America will be providing the voice for the character Astrid in the movie version of Cressida Cowell’s children’s book, How to Train Your Dragon. Gerard Butler will be voicing the character of Stoick the Vast.

20+ pictures of America Ferrera supporting Hillary Clinton

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Photos: Hugh Dillon/WENN
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  • hill

    yay! go hillary! OBAMA IS RACIST

  • Stanley

    America is for Clinton, but most of the popular vote is for Obama. Hillary needs a prayer if she is going to win!

  • bella

    i love her on ugly betty and she has her opinion but the next president of the united states will be Barack Obama. I don’t like hilary, she is fake. besides i wonder if feminists even like hilary considering the fact she let bill embarras her with monica lewinksy and we all know she wasn’t the only one. how can any self respecting woman stay with that kind of man.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    bad move america, bad move!

    hill, you’re a fcuking racist! and i hope you hang for it!


  • hill

    um ok? how is hillary a racist? obama attended a racist church for 20 years. How is hillary racist? thats what i thought.

  • kidi

    Sorry, this American mama is voting for OBAMA!

  • eddie jones

    yeah I guess mexicans are the new america, i dunno is she mexican? She looks mexican.

  • Juan

    why would anyone vote for RACIST obama? yuck

  • kent

    HILLARY 08
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    HILLARY 08

  • Cece

    Not surprising considering she’s mexican. They don’t know any better.

  • shani

    Obama is a piece of trash

  • Onevoice

    ~latinos for hillary~

  • larry


  • jEN

    You people have terrible taste; i would never vote for a black supremacist.

  • cassie

    actually, hillary will be in the lead on the popular vote after pennsylvania. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT LOSER

  • pete

    If you are american, you would not be voting for obama kidi, considering how obama does not even do the pledge of allegiance. HES NOT AMERICAN!!

  • Cece

    Latinos are for Hillary. But looking at the Hillary supporters here who might as well be sit ins for the KKK, it’s not surprising. Very sad detail of what some portions in AmeriKKKa are like when you think they represent Hillary Clinton types. Scary.

  • Beth

    we are going to die if Hillary or Obama becomes president

  • shoegal421

    bella, it’s interesting that you say america can make her own choice but then reprimand senator clinton for deciding to stay in her marriage. regardless of what anyone says, what happens in a relationship should stay within the confines of those people who are in it. maybe you would have reacted differently, but you can’t fault a woman who weighed her options and chose what she felt best for her family.

  • tia

    Dan your an idiot

  • mary

    like her show but don’t agree with her pick for president.

    OBAMA 08!

  • katie n

    Neither Obama nor Hillary is a racist. No evidence at all.

    Infact, Clinton era had been very good for blacks and other people of color. Hillary is a very strong woman who is smart, fearless and experienced. More importantly she knows the value of forgivance and keeping your marraige for your child.

    Both candidates are very good but I think it is time America votes for a woman.

  • pete

    [? famous?] you are a retard, stfu and go to africa, where your comments will be appreciated

  • Halli

    If I were American, I’d vote for OBAMA!!!

    The person(s) calling Barack Obama racist is the same stupid troll that doesn’t know what she is talking about considering this loser is basing there assumptions on Obama (who is black and white, and raised by his white mother) on two sound bites that were taken out of context.

    If Americans want to regain the respect of the world community and finally change your busted country, you need OBAMA.

  • no_more_political_posts

    Come on you guy’s stop with all this political bashing. Hillary is NOT a racist NOR is Obama. i would not mind eather as long as its not bush.
    BUT anyways JARED i would try to stay away from the politcs cause things tend to get heated up in here.

  • lisa

    America is not busted. It has problems just like any other country.

  • wanj

    OBAMA is a class act!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • C

    whoa, that’s my alma mater.
    weird that she was there; it’s kind of in the middle of nowhere.

  • omar


  • Michele

    Obama is a racist, and he doesn’t care at all about hispanics. Check out on about how he screwed over many hispanics at the University of Chicago Hospital, a supposedly not-for-profit. His wife benefited, and earned a $200,000 salary raise from them, where she sits on the board of directors.

    Vote Hillary!

  • sleeping giant

    You guys are disgusting. Look at the racist remarks in here… Haha so much for America moving forward and progressing. And whats with the Latino bashing? grow up guys…

    Jeez no wonder America as in the USA is in such crap… No universal healthcare, education in the dumps, people losing their jobs, dollar plunging down, economy shaky. The founding fathers must be rolling in their graves….


    i think America Ferrera is insane for voting for Hilary-EW! Barack HUSANE Obama is NO BETTER!

  • jade

    BETH @ 03/23/2008 at 4:37 pm


  • dsbnh

    I am absolutely stunned at all the misinformation in this comments section. Obama is a black-supremacist? Obama does not do the pledge of Alliance? Why are you people so willfully ignorant of the facts? Because you are incredibly stubborn? None of that is true and regardless of who you support you should not be spreading lies.

  • OBAMA 2008

    OBAMA ’08
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  • shell

    Idk why so many people are for hilary or obama, both are jokes for presidents obama hasn’t even been a senator for very long and hilary is no way able to run this country, if you want troops home McCain is the guy that will not only bring them home but get the job done in Iraq, Obama talks a big game but he doesn’t have anything to back it.

  • Oh SNap!



  • yeah

    all WOMEN should be for HILLARY if they want to see a female on the supreme court!! vote Hillary for a TRULY healthy, whole nation and world!

    so proud of America and other young actors/famous women like Natalie Portman–smart women, both endorsing Hillary!

  • jared disable posting

    Hey Jared
    I suggest you PLEASE disable the posting for this ‘article’ because it’s promoting racism. I’m a black girl and I actually appreciate both candidates but all these posting surprisingly makes me sad. You guys need to grow up… if you seriously say this things you need to educate yourself on the other ethinicities that make up this country. This county will FOREVER remain rainbow-esque. And jared I love you BUT I think your headline is also instigating this.

    all just my opinion :_(

  • just me

    YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OBAMA ’08!! Go Barack!

  • juan


  • Paulie

    YES SHE WILL! GOMAMA!!!! Hillary ’08!!!!

    (although Obama is still 100x better than Insane McCain!)

  • katie n

    Anybody’s better than another republican in power. Bush took this country to the dumps for 8 years and we need to get out of that mud hole.

  • Shomail

    You want to be on TV…to show a talent You want to be on TV to show the world your band…You want to be on TV to show off your funny videos…you want to be on TV to show your talent…you want to be on TV to win prizes…you want to be on TV to meet a mate…you want to be on TV to win a car…you want to b eon TV to sell your car… want to be on TV to get more fans…you want to be on TV to show your friends…You want to be on TV because you are unique..You want to be on TV to change the world…You want to be on TV to win money…..You want to be on TV because you have something to confess. You want to be on TV because you are the best..You want to be on TV because you can…ONLY ON UPLOADED.TV

  • obama girl

    check out my bebo video on youtube everyone type in,

    ” ive got a crush on obama”

    and my video will pop up cause its true…


    OBAMA 08!!

  • melatonin blues

    Bad move ugly, bad move.

  • soso

    so you dont want to forget anything to Obama but you’re ready to forgive all the Clinton’s lies and those of GWBush to invade Irak?…you’re full of surprises you americans…by the way what his pastor said is what the majority of the world thinks

  • Sweetshit

    NO NO NO!

  • Mary

    GO OBAMA!!!

  • cocobuttr72

    yeah said:
    all WOMEN should be for HILLARY if they want to see a female on the supreme court…

    ————————————————————————————— Just goes to show you how misinformed people are in this world. Its sad when people in this generation garner their news from 60 second sound bites, youtube and blogs!

    -Yeah, I’ll be sure to tell Sarah Day and Ruth Bader you wiped their contributions from the history books clean with one key stroke!