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Enrique Iglesias is Chillin' Like a Villian

Enrique Iglesias is Chillin' Like a Villian

Enrique Iglesias takes a breather as he leaves the NRJ radio in Paris, France on Friday.

Enrique and long-time girlfriend/ex-tennis player Anna Kournikova spent the past weekend in Miami where they had a romantic meal at AltaMar, sharing a golden crab. The pair is often seen there on a weekly basis.

Anyone miss Enrique‘s facial mole? Can you believe it’s been over 5 years since he had it removed? Ahh….just seems like yesterday…

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38 Responses to “Enrique Iglesias is Chillin' Like a Villian”

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  1. 26
    latian Says:

    a clown?lol

  2. 27
    wall Says:

    He’s a good performer/entertainer. Average singer live. Saw him in concert and he is a very goodlooking in person.

  3. 28
    Tina Says:

    I saw Enriques last concert in LA last December and it was the best concert I have seen in the last five years. He is a great artist!!!! You haters are just parrots who have no life and just go from site to site to see where they can get a reaction to their babblings.

    I loved Enrique voice before I even knew what he looked like!!! I have met him in person twice and he is not only great to his fans, he is real and doesn’t care what you think of him or Anna!!!! You just hate him because you can’t be rich, gorgeous and have all the ladies like he could if he wanted them. Go try to do something constuctive for a change!!!

  4. 29
    Linda Says:

    Well said, Tina.
    I also loved his songs and voice for years before I had even seen his picture. It’s true, he is absolutely gorgeous but even if he wasn’t, he would have still sold millions of CDs because of his talent! People don’t buy CDs because they like the picture. They buy them because they like the music!
    For those who don’t like his music, fine, you’re entitled to your opinion. But really, get a life. I probably don’t like the same music you do but you won’t see me posting on websites to bash what I don’t like.
    Enrique has it all . . .fame, fortune, talent , success, good looks. With that background you might expect him to be snobby and egotistical. He’s not. He’s friendly, humble, genuine, kind and treats his fans like each one is special. I know that because I’ve been lucky enough to meet him 3 times. I can certainly understand why people who have a tendency to be jealous don’t like him. There’s so much to be jealous of!
    I’ve NEVER read anything bad about him like you read about most celebrities. I am sure if there was something bad, the press would love to report it.

  5. 30
    Diana Says:

    For you Imformation Enrique is HUGE in the USA in the Latin Market He is the most successful artists in Billboard history. That “If Your not Big in the USA your are noting” is the typical arrogant attitude is one of the reason America is looked down upon in the rest of the world. You just show your total ignorance of the music industry.

  6. 31
    ?? Says:

    Enrique has made it in the US, he’s had 2 #1′s in his career and he holds the record for the most #1′s on Latin Billboard .18 to be exact. No other artist in history has done that. That is in the US alone! And as for “he’s sold 40 million albums because he’s pretty” do you know how ridculous that sounds?! You can’t see someone’s face on the radio! And isabella who made that comment, well that says more about you than it does Enrique. If you would buy an album because you think someone is “pretty” then you’re just pathetic! I became a fan of Enrique before i knew what he looked like. I’ve seen him in concert 3 times and he is the most charasmatic and energetic performer i have ever seen. It takes a lot to win me over as i’m very picky as to who i will go and see in concert but i tell you it was the best few nights of my life. I had a blast and i can’t wait to see him again in the future. I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting him and like the others above me have said, he is kind, down to earth, funny and just the most amazing guy i have ever met. No one could blame him if he was big headed like some so called celebrities, given his background but he’s far from it. He’s so normal, it’s kind of disapointing but equally pleasing at the same time. I understand that his music might not be everyone’s cup of tea but there’s no need to hate on him. Yes he is gorgeous, even better looking in the flesh if you can believe that and he does smell amazing but he’s also a very talented singer/songwriter. Most people are just too ignorant to recognise that.

  7. 32
    Enrique is beta then you hater Says:

    you people who say **** about enrique, i bet you are not even known around your neighbourhood
    so just zip it and stop saying he’s got nothing to show, he’s a clown, no talent and so on.
    he is blessed and talented
    makes living from somethings he loves and enjoys
    and attracts huge audiences who love his work
    He has the most beautiful and meaningful songs in history
    so jus shut up and look at yourself filfy crap.

    EnRiQuE is the best and is wonderful at what he does
    inpiraing to listen to and watch perform.


  8. 33
    farheen Says:

    haz anybody seen ei concert wher he singz hero n kissssesss a *GAY*????????????????

  9. 34
    Yes Says:

    # 1 mia @ 03/23/2008 at 8:38 am

    come on ppl
    the first commen has to b about boring
    dont u have something else to do

    i kno y u siad boring
    its cos u cant have everything he has, can u?

    its best u grow up

  10. 35
    PRADEE Says:

    To whom ever it may concern.
    I know there are Enrique haters out there. If you hate him keep it to yourself and stop passing rude comments.
    I find Enrique charming( & most others). He has a great voice and most of his albums and singles are always a hit. He is so handsome.
    Forget the negatives and find a life.

  11. 36
    zhy Says:

    because French people got the worst-taste for music..

  12. 37
    zhy Says:

    hey isabela *****!!! you honestly believe that tossing stupid remarks ´bout enrique makes you a smart-ass?i bet your an ugly ****** who just feels bitter because never in your life will enrique bother to take even just a glimpse on your ugly face..& where did you get the idea that if an artist can´t make it in America,he/she is nothing?how pathetic!that only proves how arrogant,assuming & self-absorbed some americans are!..the rest of the world won´t care whether americans love enrique or not..because he´s way too talented & amazing to be patronize by stupid morons like you!..just go on & keep supporting your ******,talentless singers!..most american singers right now are just pieces of crap who can´t sing for real…so, is that something you can brag about?

  13. 38
    Louisa Leal Says:

    Thank you Enrique for sending your favorite pictures to us fans

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