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Gossip Girl Goes Gay

Gossip Girl Goes Gay


The studs of Gossip Girl make an appearance at The Paley Center for Media’s 25th Annual William S Paley Television Festival in Hollywood on Saturday. Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick and Penn Badgley all made appearances.

It was reported yesterday by TV Guide that “a male character on Gossip Girl will be revealed to be of the gay persuasion when the show returns on April 21.”

In the book series, Dan Humphrey (Badgley) played for both teams, so he’s a likely candidate. But my money’s on Eric van der Woodsen (Connor Paolo), Serena’s little brother.

WHO DO YOU THINK goes gay on Gossip Girl??

10+ pictures inside of possible Gossip Girl characters going gay…

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  • angelagrace

    second..hottt!! <3

  • pebble

    In the books Dan Humphrey isn’t gay! It’s Chuck Bass that’s the gay one!

    So that would be Ed Westwick,
    I can’t wait for GG to return

  • mo

    It’s chuck

  • kfed

    first at what? being a knob!!!!

  • nobody

    The gay “persuasion”? WTF tv guide.

  • ingrid

    They’ve got such a pure skin. (but I think this is the lights)

  • caitlynn

    definetly not chace crawford <3 he’s too hawt to bee gayy (:

  • Kimberly

    Well, if the show will follow the books… It’s Chuck.

  • taylor

    first of all chuck bass and dan bot turn gay
    but then dan is both but in the end is with vanessa
    so its etheir chuck his gay self ? or dan both?

  • taylor

    first of all chuck bass and dan bot turn gay
    but then dan is both but in the end is with vanessa
    so its etheir chuck his gay self ? or dan both?

  • ace tomato

    Who’s NOT gay? Let’s go with a shorter list . . .

  • Natasha

    Well Dan was bi, Chuck was bi…so I don’t know! I hope neither of them they’re to hot to waist on other guys *giggles*

  • ariana

    chuck… in the books which btw are wayy better than the show chuck is thought to be gay

    i think its for sure chuck

  • t

    Penn is so fricken hot!

  • taylor

    in the book dan goes through a period of time where he is “under the gay persuasion” but doesnt stay gay.
    and thats what they may be saying.
    chuck more experiments with being gay towards the end of the series.

  • LIlo

    Chuck’s gay? Woah I guess that means no Chuck/Blair reunion in the next season. I haven’t read the books but I thought it would be Serena’s brother too

    anywayz thanks for posting! :)

  • mmmmmmnever

    chucks gay
    says so in the books

  • CJ

    I highly doubt it’s Chuck, it will anger all the Chuck/Blair fans. Bi, maybe. Gay, no. And it doesn’t matter whether you’ve read the books, the show isn’t really following them.

    I think it might be Eric too, I don’t think it’ll be the main three guys.

  • Turtle

    Chace has the most gorgeous eyes! Love the look on Penn’s face… so sassy! I can’t believe it isn’t back until a month from now! Sooo long!

  • Bbw

    no! chuck’s gay?!?
    i thought it would be eric van der woodsen
    eds sooo hott!

  • baby


    *its in the book*

  • Halli

    Lol ace tomato! I agree.

    Penn looks like Beavis here. hehhehheeehhehe

  • lanne

    oh my god are you sure that you ready the books??
    because in the books chuck it´s gay not dan!!

  • andy

    I wish Rufus would go gay.

  • Lisa

    Dan can’t be gay he’s perfect with serena!!!
    I didn’t expect the TV show to be like the book about that..Chuck can’t be gay.. he likes girls so much xD

  • michelle

    CHUCK def

  • Emilie

    The show is not following the book.
    So I don’t think it’s gonna be Chuck.
    It’s gonna be Eric!

    And Ed is so hot!!!

  • LIlo

    Me too Andy

  • Katie

    i think is will be Serena’s little brother…

  • pebbles

    in the book it’s not dan, it’s chuck!!

  • Paula

    It’s CHUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

  • little miss naughty

    I hope it’s Chace(Nate). He’s far too beautiful to be straight. But I guess it is gonna be Eric, which is really boring.

  • vitoria

    i also think it’s gonna be eric

  • eddie jones

    I think the real question is, who cares?

  • shannon

    go read the book it’ll clarify everthing for u at the rate that the creator is going he should read the books bc thier is a reason as to why they were bestsellers im sorry i lkie the show but i don not like ppl messing up books

  • t

    I guessed little brother too.

  • jessica

    It’s Chuck. He is gay in the books.

  • xxxxx

    i thought it was confirmed that it’s eric?

    there’s no point in talking about books at this point it’s pretty clear that they’re not following them and still doing pretty great.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    wassup w/ all the gay talk… who cares who’s gay? lol the powers that be will not make any of the 3 lead men gay – NOT HAPPENING.

    they’ll make some unimportant character gay. the little brother would be a PERFECT little fruit-cup.

  • Rae

    I so want Chuck to be bi. I’m guessing it’s Erik, but I hope it’s Chuck.

  • megan michele

    dude, i can’t believe they’re gonna make chuck gay.
    i’ve read the books, so i knew chuck in the books was gay,
    but i was hoping they wouldnt do it to chuck in the tv show.
    this depresses me.
    i wanted him and blair to get back together. =/

  • OMG


  • Andrea

    Is Dan!


    well i read the book and it chuck bass was the gay, not dan. its totally not nate(chace), it might be eric though. huh, i cant wait for gossip girl!! best tv series EVER!

  • Alina

    its CHUCK.

  • jordana

    I Think its Chuck Bass, if not him then…..Eric Van Der Woodsen.
    I always thought Chuck would come out though

  • Olivia

    ewww. that is so gross. I love gossip girl, and that is a big turn off. All the guys are goregous, so I hate for anyone to turn gay.

  • RC

    Little brother. The lead characters have all shown clear interest in women, no? And with a younger character, it’s easier for the show to be all “aww, he’s gay, isn’t that cute.” Nice and non-threatening.


  • rosella

    Dude, do you people read? In the Gossip Girl novels it’s seems like it’s always been up for question whether or not Chuck Bass was gay. Sure, he molested girls or attempted to, but he wore a monogram ring, a monogram ascot/scarf and there always seemed to be more clues that he might be. I’ll bet your ass!