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Miley Cyrus' Big Give

Miley Cyrus' Big Give

Just 3 bucks Miley?

Miley Cyrus has girls’ day out with her mom Tish Cyrus at the Cheesecake Factory in Pasadena, Calif. on Friday.

Before driving away, Miley, 15, gives what looks like 2 or 3 bucks to a needy fellow.

Earlier in the week, Miley was immortalized in wax at Madame Tussaud’s in New York.

15+ pictures of Miley Cyrus‘ big give…

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miley cyrus big give 01
miley cyrus big give 02
miley cyrus big give 03
miley cyrus big give 04
miley cyrus big give 05
miley cyrus big give 06
miley cyrus big give 07
miley cyrus big give 08
miley cyrus big give 09
miley cyrus big give 10
miley cyrus big give 11
miley cyrus big give 12
miley cyrus big give 13
miley cyrus big give 14
miley cyrus big give 15
miley cyrus big give 16
miley cyrus big give 17

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  • daniel512

    WOah 1st

  • kelsi

    first?!@?!?!? why is everyone getting bangs..first vanessa miley?!!?

  • legs

    nice of her to do that.

  • daniel512

    cheese cake sounds good right about now.
    yumm haha

    miley is pretty cool i guesssss

  • daniel512

    i prefer chicks without bangs but theres chicks that can pull it off. miley… ehh too young and she looks alright

  • Jonas Fan

    What kind of bangs are those?
    They look horrible on her…but she always looks horrible
    so it doesnt really make a difference.She looks like a hillbilly with that plaid shirt. Who dresses her?
    Oh wait she probably dresses herself…thats why it looks so bad


    And i’ve eaten at the Cheesecake Factory in Pasadena….
    I prefer the one next to the Beverly Center….its bigger :)

    More Jonas less

  • joss

    ughh the only thing i like about her here is her shoes and her bag, other than that she looks horrible!

  • gracie

    finally some miley! miley is so sweet and i like what shes wearing

  • kim

    ahahahhahahahhaha….i notice that some of the pic has luke benward

  • jAMMIE


    U’re the best with Mandy

  • cudahy

    crazy!!!!she was in my hood

  • _Isabela
  • _Isabela


  • KIKI

    Shes lookin really bad these days

  • sireena

    yeyyyy! i love miley soo soo soooooo much, she is my role model
    nice to see her do that
    keep on doing the good thing MILEYYYYYYY

  • Cammi

    how cute is the little heart that is on her moms right hand… looove miley!


    HEY ALL!
    i like them so much
    she is my role model. keep on doing the good thing miley
    we love youuuuu

  • KIKI

    They probably only give money away when people are around
    ha no no

    BUT like with kim kardashian when she gave a poor man money i think it was bcuz paparazzi were around….. she loves being noticed

  • stephanie p

    HEEY kid in the back with a white tee and jeans with chain…


  • mae

    she looks gorgeous of course!

    but she also looks kinda freaked out about the mob of people surrounding her

    i would be scared to ://


  • Laura

    haha yeah that’s the kid from MInute Men

  • eddie jones

    well I guess miley is a liberal in the making. It’s unfortunate, but this is what you get as a result of having your life handed to you by your parents. shame shame shame, maybe that needy fellow can go buy some more tattoos

  • http://justjared tasia

    thanks jared:D

  • LOLA

    She gave the person only 3 bucks?! That’s really sad……

    Vanessa Hudgens gave a homeless man $20….now that was good.

    Another reason not to like Miley.

  • Terumi

    #24 did you ever think that maybe miley only had 2 or 3 dollars on her….im sure if she had a little more she would have givin it to that person….but atleast she gave that person that much because most ppl dont give them any… good job miley!

  • tay

    the people who comment here on just jared are so darn funny!


    that is hilarious.

    i think miley’s bangs are cute!
    but i think her hair looks best with the bangs when it’s straight. =]

    she’s so cute.
    how come she only gave that dude 3 bucks?
    here in america, you can’t buy a bottle of WATER for more than 3 bucks….
    doesn’t she make 3 mill a year?

  • tay

    Terumi, yeah you are right.

    excuse what i just posted.

  • Studmuffincrazy4_LIFE


  • Jenna

    Well I think Miley looks pretty with her bangs but she keeps changing her look…and I thought Vanessa got bangs for her new movie…IDK..anyways…Jeez Miley dont be cheap!! =P…J/K!

  • Samantha

    Miley Had Her Bangs Before Vanessa Hudgens.
    I’m Starting To Like The Bangs. They look Cute. I didn’t Like Them The Otherday when she had her hair tied back.

  • Samantha

    I Must Addmit. She Could Have Given him A Bit More Than 3 Dollars. With Her Sucess

  • 007

    That’s nice but 2 or 3 bucks? Are you kidding me? She makes millions and she can’t even afford giving away at least 10 or 20 bucks to a needy fellow?

  • Samantha

    Yeah Totally.

  • bolishopin


  • Erica

    First of all, that guy doesn’t even look homeless at all. There are a bunch of kids in that Pasadena area hanging around, asking for money. I frequent there a lot. It’s kind of annoying since they don’t even look homeless. I say $2 or $3 is generous for that guy.

    And just because you don’t have photograph-proof of her donating to others doesn’t mean she’s cheap.

  • Aly

    lol at all of you *judging* her, she does have an allowance, you know. And also, you don’t just give some strange(as in not homeless)-looking man $100.

    I wish the paps would stop harrassing her. I would do fine without pictures of her every day (even though I love her lol)

  • Jenna

    Please! NO MORE MILEY! Miley this Miley that! What happened to Ashley and Vanessa?

  • fann.

    ok, i must admit. Even though i am a huge fan, i think she looked so much prettier some months ago. but.. it’s her choice how she looks not ours. She looks ok-ish though(:
    sorry to be mean Miley….
    i think it’s cute how she goes places with her mom, and look they’re even holding hands. =D
    But, it looks like she never eats in. but shes still super super skinny.

  • fann.

    If that guy was homeless he wouldn’t have on a football shirt.
    So Miley just gave away money to a perfectly healthy person, maybe she realised he wasn’t homeless and thats why she gave away so few. =D



  • zanessa_iz_for_life

    well to be honest its better than nothing

  • Morgan

    i just saw a video of miley and her mom at the cheesecake factory (where these pics were taken) and it was utter chaos. some dude said a smart comment to miley and her mom yelled back at him. then miley was like “you need to chill out!” it was wonderful! love you miley! the video was on ONTD.

  • WELL!

    well vanessa hudgens gave $10 she is so much better then Miley only giving $3/$2? well i don’t like her she has all the money in the world and all she desides to give is that? god i hate her. & she looks horrible.

  • k

    not to be rude but she copies Vanessa Hudgens with her hairstyle

  • xZAcefronizsohotx

    Whoa i swear, that’s the same dude who V helped

  • sino!!!

    oh god!!! she really like vanessa, bec. she copy what vanessa did!

  • huge fan of miley and ashley t

    hey it’s really cool pix i liked it because miley looked so cute nd sweet and she knows how to wear !!! and her clothes was sooo nice and i liked her skirt !! thnx bey xoxoxoxoxo huge faaaaaaaan !!!!

  • huge fan of miley and ashley t

    hey it’s really cool pix i liked it because miley looked so cute nd sweet and she knows how to wear !!! and her clothes was sooo nice and i liked her skirt !! thnx bey xoxoxoxoxo huge faaaaaaaan !!!! even her new hair cut is soo nice :D

  • Jess

    I love you miley (:

  • http://vanashbrenique sam

    I love miley!! that was nice of her to give money to a person in need. Although it wasn’t a lot I think that it was nice of her to take time out of her day to give money to someone in need.
    can’t wait for the release of the Hannah Montana Movie!!! :D