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Miley Cyrus' Big Give

Miley Cyrus' Big Give

Just 3 bucks Miley?

Miley Cyrus has girls’ day out with her mom Tish Cyrus at the Cheesecake Factory in Pasadena, Calif. on Friday.

Before driving away, Miley, 15, gives what looks like 2 or 3 bucks to a needy fellow.

Earlier in the week, Miley was immortalized in wax at Madame Tussaud’s in New York.

15+ pictures of Miley Cyrus‘ big give…

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152 Responses to “Miley Cyrus' Big Give”

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  1. 76
    zanessa 4eVERRR! Says:

    shes so pretty but i dont really like the bangs.

  2. 77
    Amy Says:

    2 or 3 bucks buys a sandwhich and not any decent amount of liquor. It was smart.

  3. 78
    wutdafruit Says:

    First off, Hey#74, if my rants were pointless you wouldn’t be wasting your time telling me so. I did say after all “correct me if I’m wrong” because I myself didn’t know if she gave anything big to charity organizations. How much did her $1 per ticket add up to may I ask?

    And no, just because many WASTE money on their appearance doesn’t automatically make it alright. There are still a good number of girls who don’t follow that crowd of vanity. I don’t believe in “go with the flow”, or follow the crowd; you should be who you are and constantly changing your hair color (coloring your eyebrows an intense shade along with it), and tanning yourself because your not happy with how you look. Never mind if she was a no body, but unfortunately she’s not and happens to be little girls’ icons. With so many little girls looking up to her, it’s important she gives off the right messages. And so far she gives off vibes of a vain, insecure 15 year-old acting older than her age. Look above for my supporting evidence.

    How much do you want to bet that as she gets older she will do something BritneySpears/LindseyLohan would do? Whether it is drugs, partying to till the wee hours of the morning, going to rehab for whatever reason, breast implants, shaving your head bald, whatever it may be, Miley Cyrus will do something along those lines. Watch, only time will tell and let’s just hope this little popstar will prove me and many others wrong. So far she only proves me right with every day.

  4. 79
    nessie Says:


  5. 80
    me Says:

    #69 are you serious? just because miley changes the color of her hair doesnt mean shes a bad role model…she likes to change her look so what i know tons of ppl who change there hair color a lot because they can…its not like shes shaving her head all she did was get a hair cut and dying her hair big whoop!….and most little girls dont know what tanning lotion is so i doubt that thats a problem and even if they did what does it matter…miley wants to look tan i think everyone does now days and i dont think miley posted those so called “naughty pics” online(they arent even bad!) miley is a happy person i can tell by the things she does and no obviously i dont know for sure but i think chances are that im right because im a miley fan and your just a miley hater and haters have to try and make everything she does look like shes done something wrong i swear you cant just focus on the positive you miley haters always focus on the negitive and thats a horible way to live your life….i just hope that you haters are nice in real life than you are online…because if not than this world is a lot worse than i though and not because you hate miley because i understand that many ppl dont but that you have the need to put ppl down and try to make them feel horible…….well anyways miley looks great and i hope JJ continues to post many things about miley

  6. 81
    m hmm Says:

    Amen to #80-

    Miley is a human being and will constantly be making mistakes like ANY other 15 year old would. The difference is, she’s growing up in the public eye. This far she has not done anything terribly bad which wouldmake me think shell be the next “lindsay lohan” What? Not such great hair? and a few bad wardrobe choices? BIG WHOOP.

  7. 82
    yup Says:

    Anyone trying to rain on miley’s parade is wasting thier time. This girl seems extremely happy as well as incredibly successful. Nothing you say will change that, so save it.

    Check that out. She’s definitely just your average teeanger. She’s a sweetheat. Atleast she axtually RESPONDS back to the paps. Most celebrities wouldnt and have a nasty attitude about it.

  8. 83
    15200 Says:

    lmao she only had a few buck on her haha okay. The girl is rich, while most of it might be credit cards and all she would still carry around more than a few dollars. Vanessa currently doesn’t have bangs she just did that one day, for the film or because she felt like it. Also what the hell is miley doing with her hair, the bangs are actually the only part of it that doesn’t look ratty. Too bad, she did have nice hair at one point.

  9. 84
    Krizia Says:

    The guy in the back is Luke Benward! From Minutemen!
    Im guessing he was chillin with Braison, they are friends

  10. 85
    sam Says:

    I saw the paparazzi video from this and it was her MOM that PASSED HER the 3 dollars.Stop jjudging this girl when you dont know the whole story.

  11. 86
    wutdafruit Says:


    “Hate” is a strong word, and not something I would use to describe my feelings towards Miley Cyrus. First off I don’t know her personally so to “hate” her would be wrong of me; therefore all my opinions about her are from what I observe.

    Another thing, I have nothing against someone who dyes their hair. However who in their right mind changes the color almost every other week? That’s just not normal. Yes many people color their hair (and again I have nothing against people who get haircuts – I was merely referring to Miley’s bangs), but they dye it once and usually wait for it to grow out, or till it fades to get a new one. I also have friends who enjoy coloring their hair, but not to the extant of changing it constantly. They could if they wanted to, it’s easy nowadays when you can do it yourself, but they don’t. Because once again, it’s NOT NORMAL. Someone who feels the need to change their appearance every waking moment is truly having a self-image crisis. If you’re not happy with how you look, even after you’ve gone through alterations, shows that you are very insecure no matter how much you fix yourself.

    Now on with the role model issue – Miley Cyrus has girls as young as 5 year-olds looking up to her. It doesn’t matter if they don’t know what tanning lotion is, they’re not stupid to not notice her skin looks different and abnormal. Little kids are easily influenced and as they get older (or even at their age) they will imitate. Isn’t it an issue with how this generation of young kids wanting to act older than their age; 7th grade boys walking around with their trousers below their butts so they can show off their boxers, 7th grade girls with extreme mini skits and padded bras to make their bust appear bigger. Overall, these behaviors are to attract the opposite sex (even at a young aga) or to feel “sexy”. These are the kind of habits picked up by influential people, such as Hollywood and the media, such as Miley Cyrus. Taking pictures of yourself in bikinis and posting them online for the world to see it not what a good role model for 5+ year olds should do. She discreetly tells young girl to show off their cleavage and mid drifts, to color your hair as often as you can (thus creating vanity + self image issues), talk to your parents disrespectfully (it is noticeable in her radio interviews the way she talks to/about her parents – she acts like a spoiled brat). It’s enough that a lot of teens have low self esteem; they don’t need a so-called “role model” to encourage it even more and tell them to change themselves unnaturally.

    If you have anything else to say, message me via youtube.

  12. 87
    wutdafruit Says:

    Sam#85, if it was really Miley’s mom who gave the money to the needy fellow, then Miley shouldn’t be getting any credit whatsoever. People here should be saying “Go Miley’s Mom” or “Miley’s mom is so cheap”.

    Why didn’t Miley add money of her own? After all, wouldn’t she have more money than her mom with all the money she makes on her own? Like I said, Miley does not impress.

  13. 88
    Erica Says:

    “Miley Had Her Bangs Before Vanessa Hudgens.”

    Vanessa doesn’t even have bangs. They were clip-ons (I am thinking). Still fooled you guys.

  14. 89
    Erica Says:

    Look at his hair. It’s dyed and cut and everything. He’s not homeless! He’s a kid who doesn’t have a job, doesn’t have anything else to do so he just sits around and beg for money. I frequent this Cheesecake Factory area all the time. Those kids are everywhere.

    Besides, who even carries cash nowadays? I’d be lucky to even have 2 dollars in my wallet. And if I do, the next bill will probably be a 20 and I’m not giving my 20 to a kid who doesn’t even look homeless. You guys are seriously living in the 90s or something. Heard of plastic?

  15. 90
    Nina Says:

    You people are saying “he’s not even homeless”, maybe he’s not. But now-a-days people do run things for charity. Maybe she was donating to some kind of cause. Because where I live, people hold signs — not if their homeless — but for people to donate to some kind of event/charity/cause.

    And so what if Miley was being cheap? She probably didn’t have that much on her. Not every big star carries their whole paycheck on them. I mean seriously people.

    And I don’t necessarily think you guys should judge her based on how she looks. You guys make it seem like she should look the same her whole life through. Newsflash, everyone [celebrity or not] changes their style up a bit. No doubt she should do it less often, but its not a crime people.

  16. 91
    taylor Says:

    i feel kind of bad for her, she just wants to go out and eat with her mom, but people constantly just crowd her and she cant ever just be alone out in public.
    but then again, i would be crowding her too if i one of those fans.
    shes a sweet girl, and i think shes gorgeous.

  17. 92
    Caro Says:

    i love herr (L

  18. 93
    pete Says:

    Yeah, I agree with Taylor above me.

    Atleast she handles it well :)

  19. 94
    Eviie Says:

    Jonas Fan you ******* ******! Let me guess you like the one on Beverly cause it’s bigger right? Is that so you can supply your fat ass with some food. And your just jealous cause Miley was rumored to date Nick? Awwww! That is soooooo cute. I want you to know that i will pay for your reality check just so you can realize that you and Nick will never be… you are one girl in billions. The chance with you and him are pretty much impossible. Get over it, you stupid Jonas buttcrack licker.

    Anyways, Mileys a great girl! She’s so sweet to give money to random strangers, take pictures & autographs for fans, talk to the paparazzi’s when in reality she should be a ***** to them. She looks adorable!

    Happy Easter everybody!

  20. 95
    haha Says:

    To the person posting those longgggg freakin complaints about Miley get a life. Your ragging on her for changing her hair color?! LMAO. I didnt think that would ever cause such controversy. Your picking on her for such ridiculius things. and how old are you 35? She’s a teenage girl for god sakes!!! Atleast shes not into the horrible things teens are into these days.

  21. 96
    kk Says:

    Yah that is the guy from minute men! yah he was hanging out with braison, you can see it in the youtube video.

  22. 97
    martin Says:

    she’s just TRYING to be like VANESSA HUDGENS.

    Vanessa gave away money first – $20 if i recall..
    Miley – $3?!


    Stop trying to act older than you are sweetheart.
    & loose the bangs & you’re “wanna-be-boho” look


  23. 98
    martin Says:

    You think vanessa is the first person to give money to a homeless person!??! LMAO. GET A LIFE.

  24. 99
    kelli Says:

    her bangs are so awkward
    they’re not supposed to be split in the middle like that
    she looks retarded
    she can’t pull any hairstyle off

    how many times has so, like, dyed or cut her hair?
    i’m surprised it hasn’t fallen off yet….

  25. 100
    angeline Says:

    She’s adorable.

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