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John Mayer Clears Up Rumors About Clearing Up Rumors

John Mayer Clears Up Rumors About Clearing Up Rumors

Earlier this morning, musician John Mayer used his official website to address a little tidbit from the New York Post.

The Post wrote, “We Hear…..that John Mayer is so self-obsessed, he Googles himself every morning, and has been known to respond to online rumors just to clear the air.”

Mayer jokingly responded, “This is, quite simply, untrue.”

Ha ha!!

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  • ali

    hahaha that’s pretty damn funny. i like his humour

  • abby

    I love this. So funny LOL

  • Orange Clockwork

    He’s not cute or funny.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    he’s hilarious. i love when people don’t get his jokes, shows how smart he is – or how dumb some people are.

  • Rebel

    hahaha you gotta love him!

  • Jay

    It’s funny how people think they know what he is talking about but they really don’t. They are to scared to say “What the he11 is this dumb jerk talking about” so they just pretend to get it. He is having a big laugh at them too. I agree with Jessica Simpson when she said “she wanted a man instead of a boy” that’s why she dumped him.
    He is 30 he needs to grow up and act like a grown man.

  • Elle

    He s#cks!

  • Ha!

    This is hilarious.

    Jay, the real joke is that we really do get it. Um, you get what this post is about, right?

  • Julie

    It’s funny that everytime you hear about him, it’s either about his girlfriends or his blog. He might be incredibly smart but his music is, quite simply, very dull.

  • Christine

    So he’s clearly admitting it;
    Well, it’s been obvious for some time that he loves the attention of the gossip websites. I actually don’t know any of his songs, only that he dated Jsimpson and a cute brunette and that he likes to talk about it on his blog…

  • Pete

    So sad that he has become such a publicity wh*re. I guess he was really not about the music.

  • Pete

    True his music is dull, droning and stupid. I think it’s because he poorly copies from other artist. I mostly know him for is dating hollywood names.

  • Marry

    Funny how Minka was hinting around the fact that he can’t even change the oil in a car.

  • Alysa

    LOL I like him and I love his music…I don’t really care about what happens with his girlfriends and what trash they have to say about him now…HE IS GREAT!

  • Nate

    i think he is a big jerk

  • Elain

    Alot of the women that have dated him don’t seem to have to many nice things to say about him later.

  • Ha!

    He’s being ironic. He has fun playing with the people who publish this crap.

    I haven’t heard anyone say anything about him after they were done dating. Everything I’ve heard or read has been speculation by gossip magazines.

  • dj

    How do we know Minka was talking about John when she said that?

  • Arab.Aquarius
  • solana

    Hahahahaha. So simple. So funny.

    I love John!!!

  • http://vanashbrenique sam

    I’ve never really been a big fan of john mayer but I don’t think he would google himself and try to clear the press about him.


    He must be googling himself 24/7 to be able to find that article and respond to it almost immediately…

  • Beth

    I use to be a fan but I got very sick of his ego. Now I find him very not funny and annoying.

  • Luísa


  • Mike

    right I also think the big jerk sits around goggling himself all day why else did he responded so fast-Imagine how much time that takes
    no wonder the quality of his music started to suffer.

  • Ha!

    Hmm, he also could have picked up a copy of the New York Post and read Page Six, which many people do. He could also have been alerted to it by a friend or family member. Who cares? Regardless of how or why it happened, his response is hilarious.

  • former mayer fan

    I was a fan of his.

    Not only do I believe he googles himself regularly but also comments where the press/net offers him stupid, no-news-here coverage over one of his stunts (dating famous people, buying something for the press, etc,) to attempt to feed his own image and coverage.

    I used to like him but once it was evident that he was more interested in the media than what he did I lost all respect for him.

  • duckie

    Love him, love him, love him.
    Oh, that is until he starts boning Cameron Diaz again!

  • Talor

    Another ex-fan here for the same reason. The music side is decreasing every year. He spends more time courting the media for attention. He put that stupid borat clown suit on to get more attention for himself but to me it nailed him as a total psycho that needs to be locked up because he is capable of any despicable behavior.

  • dulce mirita

    Do you think that he has nothing better to do that googleling himself?
    He’s a wonderful musician, plays guitar in such a way that makes you feel the music in a way far beyond simple listening…I love every single song of his, his letters, his way of composing.. he must be a jerk, I don’t know but I enjoy his music enourmously…

  • js

    I bet he DOES “google” himself every morning……..

  • http://aol Butter

    OK people you all are out of control. JM is incredibly talented ..espacially with the guitar. Do you people comprehend the time and dedication required to play the guitar and be amazing at it ..probebly not or you would not be talking so much shit. as far as the ladies go. Jm got it. He is so sexxxxy, I personaly witnessed him at SPAC in 2008 , and this is coming from a sister that was all up in the (pit) . You JM are so hot and your music is so sweet . Your true fans truly do not care who or how many chics you banging. the truth of the matter is when the right one finaly comes around you will settle. Isnt that the way it works for all of us, so why would it be different for JM?
    ….and can you people please shake your asses at JM concerts….. dont want to be the only sister that feels the music !!!!

  • Moo

    #5: Not laughing at his jokes doesn’t prove he is smart or others are dumb. It just proves he thinks he is funny and the rest of us don’t.