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Lauren Conrad & Mariah Carey @ The Hills Season 3 Premiere

Lauren Conrad & Mariah Carey @ The Hills Season 3 Premiere

Lauren Conrad and Mariah Carey kick off The Hills 3 Premiere and after-party in New York City on Monday.

Audrina Patridge and Whitney Port also stopped by the festivities to help promote.

Lauren is in Tufi Duek with shoes from BCBG.

WHAT DID YOU THINK of The Hills premiere tonight?

More pictures of Lauren, Audrina, Mariah and the rest of The Hills gang at the premiere and after-party…

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  • mary

    first!! and the wrinkles around lauren’s eyes are really annoying

  • WENN


  • tr

    i know “if you have nothing nice to say”

    but im tired of people talking about the hills

    i pretty much dont care.

    get our own life perhaps?

  • Michelle

    Where are all the haters? Usually there are 4 or 5 of them posting before I get here…

    LOVED the episode.
    LOVE Lauren.
    LOVE Whitney.
    Heidi didn’t actually look too bad….
    I’ll definitely be watching the drama unfold this season!

  • caitt

    loveee itt,
    ampedd on the season.

    but that lyndsey host was soo badd,
    like ask original question
    & things people care about.

  • ilovehimmore

    i loved laurens pea coat after she went galavanting with the boy in france.

    i love watching that show now and knowing where there are because ive been to LA plenty plenty of times :]

  • caitt

    ohh & heidis new lips

    she looked so much better beforee

  • ilovehimmore

    and i loved the episode!
    and i love lauren
    and whitney!!
    i love the hills
    still not overrrrr it

  • Alison

    Can’t wait to watch it.

  • the shiznack

    what the hell is wrong with Audrina’s eyes, can’t she look straight into the camera instead of looking up like a doofus

  • Samantha

    Boring. I mean, Ive Seen the show like once, and its just a spin off oth The O.C. Except More Boring and Terrible Actors

  • britt

    i really like lauren im from philippines


    haha i saw it, it was really good i love it!

  • Alexa

    I lovedddd it! Lauren looked amazing, and so did the rest of the girlsss. Can’t wait for next week!



  • Katryna

    I watched the Hills for the first time tonight because a lot of the girls in my dorm watch it and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I don’t really understand all the hype…it’s worse than watching BAD reality TV! None of them can act, the foreshadowing is terrible, and I find it to be really anti-climatic. They all look pretty, but that’s about it. All my friends were all ooing and awwwing the entire time, and I was just like, “wtf?” I don’t get it…I suppose it’s just not my thing.

    However, I LOVED Lauren’s peacoat. Very cute.

  • kay

    yes, we all know it’s scripted. yes, we know it’s bad acting at times. but does that stop people from watch grey’s anatomy or any other television show!? case and point: it is damn entertaining and we LOVE it. enough said.

    THE EPISODE WAS AMAZING. i thought lauren’s french boy was kind of cute and charismatic? no?

  • WENN

    LC look great

  • tr

    bad acting at times?

    at least the actors in grey’s anatomy are official members of SAG. and can in fact act. and have better storylines and cinematography and music than any reality show i can think of.

    watch some real television shows, please

  • ali

    Did anyone cacth it when the Host asked Mariah Carey, “are you fan of the hills?”

    Mariah: “say what?”

    I was rolling on the flooor for five minutes!

  • sam

    the episode was soooooo good
    that matthius guy was soo sweet to lauren. it was cute.
    and im excited for stephen colletti to be coming back! ahhh!
    pretty much best show.

  • Halli

    They all look great! I’m looking forward to next weeks episode.

  • didn’t like it

    i am a fan of the hills but i so didn’t like the episode. i also used to totally love lauren but that is fading. i hate that stupid braid she is sporting lately. she just seems like a nicole richie wannabe. she is trying too hard now & it shows. i also don’t like how she is portrayed in terms of her work. it is like she is always getting in trouble for something & she makes stupid decisions like not going to paris the first time & then when she gets her chance she was told to pick up the debutantes shoes first & she didn’t do that & the store was closed. then she wears her dress to the ball the night before, she ruins it, was lucky enough to get a new dress & then wears it on a stupid scooter. couldn’t they have rented her rented date a motorcycle. those guys from the french band were gross & lame. however, the season looks good.

  • Amy

    love Lauren whatever:-)

  • heidi has regrets

    you know heidi so regrets choosing spencer over lauren. she now has no friends & mtv so excluded her from the event tonight just like they excluded her from the party for the finale. working on her record. that chick wouldn’t miss a photo op & she doesn’t have to do anything for her record, a machine doe it all as the bitch can’t sing. no one looks good with that shit in their lips so why would she do that – yuck. it was like she just got back from the dentist & was numb. i thought her fam was rude to spencer. it isn’t like he beat their daughter or something. let’s see what else… oh ya the fact that she is such a label lover also bugs. she is a poser. you know she is spending all her money & i am sure she doesn’t even make half of what lc makes an episode. she is also probably really jealous that lc bought a house & she is still renting. ha ha heidi, serves you right for choosing a man over your bf. at least you can work at cheatahs now with all your enhancements. i’ve heard recently that if you work overtime at a place like that you can make like 1k an hour. LC so won that fight.

  • christamor

    Fuck the Hills!
    The only thing interesting in this post is what Miss Carey is wearing!
    the leather jacket is soooo hot!!
    do you know from who it is??? !! I NEED TO KNOW PEOPLE!!
    the pink and the golden one please

  • stephen and lauren

    i’m so glad stephen is gonna be on next week’s episode. i LOVE them together.

    and i thought all those french boys were kinda ewww especially the guy with the unibrow. yuck

  • liz

    I love The Hills but I didn’t like this episode. It’s hard to look at Heidi now. Her lips look SO bad. Doesn’t she see herself in pictures and see how bad her lips look? She looks so fake now… She looked so out of place in Colorado. And the french guy was so not cute. He looked like a total perv. They could have at least casted a cuter guy!

  • The OC Fansite


  • xuemin

    LOVE THE NEW EPISODE! loads more exciting stuff coming up too! LOVE IT!

  • lo


    maybe 1 min left of the hills stars’ 15 min

  • xueminn

    why they invite mariah carey?

  • Momo

    OMG LC and Whit looked so pretty on the show last night. They are so naturally gorgeous as oppose to Heidi who looks fake and weid. The clothes were amazing and Paris was so exciting to see it. I LOVE THE HILLS. Lauren needs to cut Brody out of her life, his new girlfriend looks like a man in drag and fake boobs like Heidi. I dont understand why she has to stay friends with him, He just used her for airtime. If I ever see his porn star girlfriend on the hills, I will stop watching the show. Other than that, it is going to be a great season.

  • nidyzylc




  • joy

    I loved the coats LC wore in Paris, can someone ID them for me please.

  • Jo

    I’m in the UK I haven’t seen it yet boohoo…. the girls look fabulous !

  • cain

    It’s so miraculous that Mariah never failed to dress her like a 3rd class porn star…

  • jackie0


  • sharri

    loved the episode!
    the french guy got me sooo annoyed -_-’
    ugh hes so scruffy looking O_o
    i CANNOT wait till Stephen comes!

    oh and i loved laurens coat with the bow in the back
    really cute

  • steph

    Geez, people still watch this crap?

  • lily

    Audrina’s eyes are weird. Kind of reminds me of that british male actor(can’t remember his name now) but he has one eye that looks out compared to the other.

    Everyone talks about Heidid but Lauren, looks like she had some work done.

  • lily

    my next question is why is Mariah associating herself with the hills? I didn’t watch the show but to me Mariah and hills don’t go together.

  • amber

    lily – she was trying to drum up publicity for her new single, “Touch My Body”. It came out for the first time on iTunes yesterday and the target audience for that kind of song is the audience that would watch “The Hills” – she wasn’t there because she watches this stuff, trust. Although, she’s a huge “Mean Girls” fan so she may very well like this show now that I think about it…….

  • Cindy

    i kinda loved it. i thought the matthius guy was kinda creeppyyyy. (= He smokes, doesn’t shave[literally], and just is freaky in general. Honestly, she can choose someone better, no? I don’t like the fact that Lauren is ALWAYS in trouble with Teen’s kinda..annoying and you know it’s coming, GAH. My history teacher even watches it. BAHAHA. I kinda find that funny considering that he’s a guy. Mmm, yeah. But, I’m SOOOO glad that Lauren&Whitney are back in LA…so it’ll be NORMAL. I can’t wait for Heidi and Audrina getting closer than before and…I know something juicy is gonna happen. Espcially with Stephen appearing soon. Kind of a cute guy. ;]

  • ilovehimmore


  • zeola

    This stupid show needs to GOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!